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  1. Sammyboy

    Show: P&S Companion Camera - (1 photo only)

    .... Nikon Coolpix 5200 ....
  2. Sammyboy

    Everything I know about OM Zuikos

    .... look at the above chart, the EOS has a register of 44mm ..... the 4/3 has the register of 38.58mm ..... that tells all ....
  3. Sammyboy

    Everything I know about OM Zuikos

    .... these are the Olympus mounts .... Pen mount (bayonet) ..... adapter is available to mount to m43 FTL mount (M42 screw) ..... adapter is available to mount to m43 OM mount (bayonet) ..... adapter is available to mount to m43 4/3mount (bayonet) ..... adapter is available to mount to m43 m43...
  4. Sammyboy

    Everything I know about OM Zuikos

    ..... the OM mount is a different mount than the 4/3 mount .... the adapter in the link you posted is for OM to EOS ..... NOT 4/3 to EOS ....
  5. Sammyboy

    Everything I know about OM Zuikos

    .... here's a list camera register (camera flange to sensor/film plane) .... if your camera has a smaller register than the lens system you want to attach, then most likely there is an adapter for it ...
  6. Sammyboy

    Please check the status of the lens _ Message

    ..... NEVER, NEVER, NEVER collapse this lens and the 14-42 IIR .... this is a common problem caused by putting the lens in the "park" position .....
  7. Sammyboy

    Anyone Tried the NiSi Close Up Filter ?

    .... I've used my 62mm dia. Marumi APO close up lens on my PRO 40-150 and PRO 300 with excellent results, no vignetting, very sharp. I used step down rings, 62-72 and 62-77 .....
  8. Sammyboy

    Olympus 12-45/4 Pro lens details

    ..... please provide the link where Olympus bends over backwards to tell us it's going to be ultra compact .... I didn't know OLYMPUS made an official announcement ..... perhaps you read this on a rumor site .....
  9. Sammyboy

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    ...... maybe this one ...
  10. Sammyboy

    Friends what do you think of this new model.....?

    ..... anyone here remember DIN (ASA/ISO) ..... you added 3 to the DIN number to double it's sensitivity .....
  11. Sammyboy

    What potential new feature would make you buy the E-M1iii?

    .... exposure and composition via mental telepathy ..... 😀
  12. Sammyboy

    Jan 16th Live Stream w/ Peter Forsgard, Robin Wong, Matti Sulanto, & Rob Trek

    ... good job Rob, many thanks to you, Robin, Matti, Peter and Jimmy. Looking forward to more. Hope you have more planned for the future .....
  13. Sammyboy

    Lack of Support

    .... Panasonic support is non existent .... service is just as bad ....
  14. Sammyboy

    Oly 9-18mm won't manual focus

    ..... never put the collapsible lens in the locked and collapsed position, there's a flexible ribbon with very fine wires embedded. Over a period of actuations, the ribbon cracks and looses electrical connection. This is a common problem with these lenses.
  15. Sammyboy

    Gorgeous is Foxy

    .... awesome set Ronnie, can't wait to see more .... hopefully the guys at Olympus will send you the 150-400 to use for awhile ....
  16. Sammyboy

    Everything I know about OM Zuikos

    .... even though the Auto Shift/Tilt Bellows was not put into production, I able to see and play with one at a photo show in Pittsburgh in the mid '70s. For some unknown reason a 16mm fisheye was mounted on it. I lusted for that bellows, good thing I didn't hold my breath ....😀
  17. Sammyboy

    Everything I know about OM Zuikos

    ..... maybe this will help ......
  18. Sammyboy

    FYI on E-M1ii Separating Grip

    ..... the Olympus Service Center in New Jersey is the best one to use .....
  19. Sammyboy

    Why are some slide transparencies red?

    .... aged GAF slide film is notorious for having a red cast, never had a problem with any of the Kodachrome slides ......
  20. Sammyboy

    3 Legged Things Tripod

    .... I also have a Benbo #1 with 2 center columns that screw together. it's rock solid and sturdy even when using both columns, love that tripod, but a tad heavy to carry around.
  21. Sammyboy

    Showcase Olympus 135mm f/4.5 Macro OM

    ... I like those Nikon PB-4 bellows, very versatile. I have an OM bellows and OM focusing stage that I like a lot, but the nylon bearings on the rails are prone to cracking ...
  22. Sammyboy

    Showcase Olympus 135mm f/4.5 Macro OM

    "Outlines" Pen E-P2 + OM 65-116 auto tube + OM 135/4.5 macro
  23. Sammyboy

    Olympus Camera Updater, 64bit

    .... all intel mac's are 64 bit ....
  24. Sammyboy

    Olympus 20% off Reconditioned- FALLOUTLET

    .... just ordered the LS-P4 digital recorder for $114.47 .... great price for an awesome recorder ...
  25. Sammyboy

    Reconditioned Pro Binoculars

    .... I know what you mean about not wanting to be the guinea pig ..... last year I was thinking about getting the Olympus Pro 8x42, but due to the lack of info on them I bought a pair of Celestron 8x42 Trailseekers that were on sale for just over $150.00 .... weather proof, rubber coated...
  26. Sammyboy

    Reconditioned Pro Binoculars

    .... I would also like to see them discounted ..... the questions I have are: 1. is the body made of plastic or magnesium? 2. are they tripod adaptable? Information and specs from Olympus on many of their products and accessories is absolutely terrible .....
  27. Sammyboy

    Moon shots

  28. Sammyboy

    Let's Hear Your Favorite Cover Versions Of Popular Songs !

    ....Reba , Linda Davis, Martina & Trisha - On My Own.... original by Patti LaBelle
  29. Sammyboy

    Image quality - EM1 MK II / EM1X vs Nikon D500

    ... we definitely have our share of gloomy overcast conditions in the 'Burgh ....
  30. Sammyboy

    External flash not working on EM-10iii

    .... did you go to the camera flash sub menu to make sure the flash is turned on ? ....
  31. Sammyboy

    Adapted or native teleconverter

    .... here's a moon shot I took tonight using the MC14 and the adapted OM Zuiko 500mm mirror lens ...
  32. Sammyboy

    Adapted or native teleconverter

    .... I use the MC14 mounted on the body, OM to m43 adapter mounted to the MC14 and my OM Zuiko 500mm mirror lens mounted to the adapter ..... no modification required ....
  33. Sammyboy

    Pro primes vs XT3 and F2 Prime kit?

    ..... I have two 17mm f/1.8 and they do not click .... install the latest firmware .....
  34. Sammyboy

    Fireworks including tips and hints - Post yours

    .... here's a few hand held using an Olympus M-5 + Olympus 12mm .... ISO 200 ..... f2.2 - f4 ..... 1/3 - 1 second ....
  35. Sammyboy

    Show Your Bridges

    .... another view of the New River Gorge Bridge construction. Fayetteville, West Virginia Mid 70's ....
  36. Sammyboy

    Show Your Bridges

    ... New River Gorge Bridge construction .... US route 19, Fayetteville, West Virginia, Mid 70's ...
  37. Sammyboy

    polarizing filter for omd1 mk2

    .... B+W, Heliopan and Rodenstock are of the highest quality and have brass threads .....
  38. Sammyboy

    Do you have an EDC camera bag?

    ... my EDC bag is the Nut Sac Satchel Pro, it is not centered around photography but items I use on a daily basis .... you will be surprised what this bags holds ... I love it .... Inside back pocket : iPad Mini with stylus, Anker wall charger with cables and the JBL Clip+ bluetooth...
  39. Sammyboy

    Flight 93 Memorial - 9/11 - Fuji X-Pro2

    ........ NEVER FORGET ...... NEVER !!!!!
  40. Sammyboy

    Your Ideal m43 Travel Kit? (No more than 3 lenses)

    ...... when traveling I take my M-5 with the O9-18 and O14-150 .....
  41. Sammyboy

    I have an Oly 14-150 4.0-5.6 lens. Is it a version I or version II?

    .... both versions of the Oly 14-150 are 4.0-5.6 .....
  42. Sammyboy

    Mic for Piano?

    .... go wireless ... RØDE Microphones - Wireless GO
  43. Sammyboy

    Macro Arm Light for EM10II recommendations

    .... this is what I use .... Olympus bracket UBKBP1 .... two FL-300R flashes triggered by the small commander flash
  44. Sammyboy

    show.. Military

    ... your's truly on the radio .... 1969 ....
  45. Sammyboy

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    .....the G10 was introduced in 2010, it was a turd and died the following year ......
  46. Sammyboy

    Trump bumper sticker----Florida

    .... some have their cranium so far up their rectum, all the EX-LAX in the world couldn't dislodge it .....
  47. Sammyboy

    What are you listening to?

  48. Sammyboy

    Panasonic 100-400 tight mount on the EM 1 Mark ii

    .... I've had nothing but problems with Panazonic cameras and lenses ..... never again .....
  49. Sammyboy

    Would you trade in your Oly 12-50 for a Panny 12-32?

    .... the build quality of the 12-32 is very poor, they have a tendency of falling apart .....
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