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  1. Glenn S

    Sunday in Sydney (Image Heavy)

    Nice work, I love Sydney
  2. Glenn S

    Show: Seascapes and Coastal Views

    Kentallen Pier Loch Linnhe
  3. Glenn S

    If not m4/3 then... what?

    For what it's worth, I have just moved on all my m4/3 kit and now have a Sony RX10 III and a Sony RX100 IV. They both fit in a small bag and I have 24mm to 600mm covered. The quality of the 1" sensor is more than adequate for A3 prints and that's all I need. All I miss is an ultra wide angle but...
  4. Glenn S

    Thinking about a change from m4/3 to compact

    I went from Canon dslrs to m4/3 and then bought a Sony RX100 mk1. I found myself using it a lot so I replaced it with an RX 100 IV so that I could have a viewfinder for bright days. I was so pleased with the results that I bought a Panasonic FZ1000 and used it on a recent overseas trip instead...
  5. Glenn S

    Show "Boats"

    Taken last week off Limassol in Cyprus
  6. Glenn S

    Just bought an RX100 IV

    I have an RX100 IV too. Great little camera. I am so pleased with the quality that I've just bought a Panasonic FZ1000, for the 400mm equiv reach. I'm now considering trading all my m4/3 gear for the new Sony RX10 iii when it is available. RX100 Panasonic FZ1000
  7. Glenn S

    Australia: Discover & Explore

    I can do Australia too :dance3: Uluru from the air from the ground Canyon of the Winds, The Olgas The Rocks, Sydney Kuranda Railway Cairns Darling Harbour, Sydney
  8. Glenn S

    Show your aircraft photos!

    Retro colour scheme Chinese GV in Edinburgh
  9. Glenn S

    Wide angle 7-14 Oly or Pana?

    Panny 7-14 at 7mm. Purple blob was evident but with a bit of cloning I managed to remove most of it. This was a quick demo of a pretty extreme case of the purple blob.
  10. Glenn S

    Show "Food Porn"

  11. Glenn S

    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    The ceiling in Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong
  12. Glenn S

    Architecture image thread

    Riverside Museum, Glasgow
  13. Glenn S

    Alternatives to new Oly 300mm f4

    It's very heavy. Focus is really easy, you can turn the ring with your little finger. It's sharp, just not very portable.
  14. Glenn S

    Alternatives to new Oly 300mm f4

    Tokina 300mm f2.8, MF Canon FD fit, adapted to m4/3
  15. Glenn S

    Thailand 3 weeks in April

    I wasn't talking about rain, however heavy. I was talking about having many buckets of water thrown over you. No weather sealing is designed to cope with that.
  16. Glenn S

    Thailand 3 weeks in April

    I would advise you to avoid having your kit with you at Songkran unless you have a rain cover. The Thais don't hold back and will throw buckets of water over anyone on the street. Very refreshing but not good for even weather-sealed kit.
  17. Glenn S

    Your top 5 favourite photos 2015!

    Really good work here, well done everybody. Here's mine: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  18. Glenn S

    Show: Beer!

    Clarke Quay, Singapore
  19. Glenn S

    Capturing Hong Kong in 3 days

    Thank you, I will.:)
  20. Glenn S

    Capturing Hong Kong in 3 days

    You are most welcome. I was in Singapore two weeks ago and was grateful that the haze had died away.
  21. Glenn S

    Capturing Hong Kong in 3 days

    Great work. I love visiting Cheung Chau, such a contrast from Mong Kok.
  22. Glenn S

    Your Top 5 Images November 2015

    Good work everyone, here's mine: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  23. Glenn S

    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    Thanks. It's under the Esplanade Bridge in Singapore
  24. Glenn S

    Marina Bay Singapore Panorama

    Taken through my hotel room window:
  25. Glenn S

    Blood Moon - Portsmouth, UK

    The header says 'taken with my astro gear'
  26. Glenn S

    Your top five images of August 2015

    Nice work everyone. Here's mine: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  27. Glenn S

    Share your giant panoramas!

    P8200293-Pano by Glenn Surtees, on Flickr
  28. Glenn S

    Edinburgh Festival Fringe Faces

    All with EM-1 and Oly 40-150 F4.0 R 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  29. Glenn S

    Show your aircraft photos!

    Easyjet A320 A380 wing from upper deck
  30. Glenn S

    Show clouds over your country - one shot

    Not actually my country but one I visit a lot, Singapore
  31. Glenn S

    Looking for another 135mm adapted lens

    Second shout for Olympus Zuiko 135 f 2.8.. Some samples here:
  32. Glenn S

    Show Photographers

    Thanks Paul! Here's another:
  33. Glenn S

    For the cat lovers (aka "Requisite Kitty Picture")

    This is Jake. As you can see he is nuts.
  34. Glenn S

    Show your aircraft photos!

    A new service by Etihad, from Abu Dhabi to Edinburgh being welcomed in traditional style
  35. Glenn S

    Show "Bus" Photos

    Village Bus, Cyprus
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