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    Anyone in Houston area have a monitor calibrator?

    Sounds like the start of a rental business.
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    GF1 body for $300.

    You probably did, check the reviews for Samy's Camera. Happy New Year Jim
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    I am now a great uncle

    You got me during the edit.:smile:
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    I am now a great uncle

    Congratulations she is beautiful. I make all my Great Nephews and Nieces call me Great Uncle Jim, make her do the same. You know Great Uncle Tecpatl4.
  5. Various Photos

    Various Photos

    Various Photos
  6. P1010554sm2


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    New to GF1 -workflow question

    LR is now $89.00 for a student. Free ground shipping until the 20th. My son will be ordering a copy.
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    Show "Cars"

    Triumph TR 250 - Google Search Could Be what Billn states.If I remember correctly the PI model was not sold in the US due to emission standards. I currently own a TR6 and a TR3. I have owned a TR4 also. .
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    Aerial Spraying Cotton

    Right after high school I worked in the rice fields of south Louisiana, I would have to flag for the crop dusters. You had a flag on a pole waved it for him to line up on then walk 14 steps and do it again. This was 40 years ago and the planes were Ag Cats, I hope the system has improved.
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    A few from the ranch

    OK, I am Jealous.
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    New water feature ... ?

    Good luck. Let us know what the out come is.
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    New water feature ... ?

    I was going to ask if there was a fire hydrant near by and one showed up. More than likely your boxwoods are safe, the seat in the fire hydrant has failed or the hydrant is partially open and it is letting water past the seat and the water is coming out of the weep hole of the fire hydrant. Has...
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    I like my GF1 because I can use all my legacy lens and the size. I carry the the GF1 and an Ipad to work I have a studio and a lab with me. It is fun to work with but when I really want to not miss a shot I grab my Nikon Gear. The GF1 is like my sports car quick and nimble and easy to park. When...
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    GF1 takes a fall

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    Official GF1 Firmware Wish List Thread

    Agreed, Nikon D90 press trash can 2 times, do not move your finger to another button. Manufactures should do some standardization on some of the simple common functions of Digital cameras.
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    A Very Modern Cat

    Our vet prescribed wet or dry, Freddie would drink a huge amount of water with the dry then would have problems passing his waste. I finally went to half canned and half dry. I grind the dry food up in a coffee grinder and add it to the bowl with canned food and some warm water mixed in, it has...
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    A Very Modern Cat

    Our 13 year old Schnauzer also just had bladder surgery to remove stones. He is also on the expensive diet. He has had a slow recovery and is doing much better than a few weeks ago. It is worth every penny to help out our pup, he has brought so much joy to our family. It is good to see so many...
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    Floods and a smashed up John Deere engine

    I started life as a mechanic working on irrigation engines in the rice fields of Louisiana. I would say that the gungalator shaft bearing seized in the wobblin hole and shear the kinibbling pin.
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    Does anyone else feel paranoid or apprehensive?

    Barrie, thank you asking and posting the reply. I was hoping for more excitement but as with most jobs it becomes routine. Jim
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    How to select adaptable lenses

    I bought adapters to match the lenses I already had. Some Leica, some Nikon, Some Canon, and some who knows what. I could never pass up a cheap camera at a garage sale so had a stack of them in a box. I have never had a camera that I can mount so many lenses on, it is just plain fun.
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    LVF1 on GF1

    WARNING ABOUT LEAVING LVF1 ON ALL THE TIME I do leave mine on all the time but I am now on my second one. I went to my sons high school football game and on the way out it started to rain so I tucked the camera under my arm up close to the arm pit and the LVF1 was pushed right off. I didn't...
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    Gale has passed, surf is up, sun is going down

    Peachtree Point is becoming one of my favorite places, so many moods. I can't get enough of the coastline.
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    Does anyone else feel paranoid or apprehensive?

    I do this also. Living in New Orleans I go to more parades in a year than most people do in a lifetime, at every parade I am asked to take a a picture of a group, person, or dog. This happens the the most when I am carrying my DSLR equipment. I normally hand then my phone and ask that they enter...
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    Does anyone else feel paranoid or apprehensive?

    You are correct. I do apologize for not taking into account the international nature of this site.
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    Does anyone else feel paranoid or apprehensive?

    I would like to hear his views on how the public reacts to the still photographer vs the videographer with the huge camera on a tripod or shoulder. I would venture to guess that the videographer get less hassle because in the public mind it imparts more authority. Then maybe not.
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    Does anyone else feel paranoid or apprehensive?

    Older is better, people pay less attention to us old guys. Clothing which basically is frumpy helps also. Baggy pants, ball cap, old wind breaker, you know the look.
  28. 1944 Kodak Medalist Top View

    1944 Kodak Medalist Top View

  29. 1944 Kodak Medalist Rear

    1944 Kodak Medalist Rear

  30. 1944 Kodak Medalist Left Side

    1944 Kodak Medalist Left Side

  31. 1944 Kodak Medalist With 120 Rada Film Back

    1944 Kodak Medalist With 120 Rada Film Back

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    Start Point Lighthouse, south Devon

    I like number 5, the sea foam and the cloud bank are excellent. I only wish I had that scenery here.
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