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  1. Alf

    Off, the weekend

  2. Alf

    Off, the weekend

    Time flies. So we, you, missed the day we were in Florence having lunch in a little place And Saturday morning in Pistoia at the market. And a sunny afternoon in Lucca And Dinner.
  3. Alf

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    This uncospicuous camera strap.
  4. Alf

    While she sleeps..

    Like this?
  5. Alf

    While she sleeps..

    .. after a long night on duty, yours truly got up, shaved, and went into town to have a look and play with the new toys. Meeting new friends first Then just looking north, And into the cathedral, today it’s the day here: And then out, seeing them stroll like they own the...
  6. Alf

    M43 Portraiture by LivingLoud

    Sent you a message. Thank you!
  7. Alf

    Share: High ISO MFT Photography

    Iso 3200 with three completely different lenses.
  8. Alf

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Used gx9 with less than 200 shots, used sigma 60mm art, lovingly suggested by my dearest while watching them in the shop window to replace my failing e-m10 “It does take your lenses, does it? Much cheaper than the xpro2 beside it too.. do you like it?” I obliged and later got a refurbished...
  9. Alf

    M43 Portraiture by LivingLoud

    Wondering if anyone has Maxim’s presets, I lost a backup and can’t find them.
  10. Alf

    Little night out

    So she comes home, and after a little shower we jump in the car and head east into town, like kids,to the show. Caparezza (curlyhair) And there’s more where these came from Caparezza 2018 by alfrjw
  11. Alf

    (CLOSED) MU-43 Monthly Photo Contest for August 2018 - PROMOTION

    Hop on a train, be somewhere now. It’s good.
  12. Alf

    In the rain, homeward.

    So it’s morning, Sister driving, ready when you are.
  13. Alf

    The sword in the stone

    So we briefly head south, following the hills near the woods, and we get there. Booked for a private function, but security is thin for a guy with a smile and a lovely lady who is always on business. Of course we belong, and in we are. EM102036.jpg by alfrjw, su Flickr Nice sky as expected...
  14. Alf

    Where we've been

    Again there, but trainless courtesy of a delay - so it's Florence by car for us! After the mayhem we head straight to Alinari Cafe (named after the photographer brothers, a local institution) for the necessary refreshments and the start of much needed debauchery. Not alone of course And...
  15. Alf

    Home and away

    So we get on the little train, a precious lunch awaits, a short walk away, and more. There we are - a little early, just the time for a short walk I'm not the only one with the camera. Really dangerous shop windows After, we take our time walking southeast and get there - Santa Croce...
  16. Alf

    Siena, once

    Siena #gofigure #beautiful #portadelcielo #anvedi by alfrjw, su Flickr
  17. Alf

    For the cat lovers (aka "Requisite Kitty Picture")

    Meet Tom EM100441.jpg by alfrjw, su Flickr EM100615.jpg by alfrjw, su Flickr
  18. Alf

    Showcase Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5

    Drunk and handheld by alfrjw, su Flickr
  19. Alf

    Gear as an excuse

    Meanwhile. Wake up, it's past midday. Let's have breakfast Over There. So we hop on the little train and there we are, a walk, a little ogling in the Leica boutique window, and then back. #gofigure #lovelylady #portrait #afternoon by alfrjw, su Flickr Ready when you are #portrait #fashion...
  20. Alf

    Gear as an excuse

    Thank you! Let's say I don't listen to the voice saying to go full esoteric and I don't buy a dp0 and become the first to do Street shooting and available darkness photography using it (or the sd quattro, even more esoteric with its 300MB raw files ). Let's say I make the sensible choice of...
  21. Alf

    Gear as an excuse

    Hi there everyone, long time no see. As the forum Elders might imagine, real life issues can be an ostruction to ones picture taking, both in good and bad ways - and I've had both of those - add to it a decent smartphone and most of my pics went that way - with some burts of camera activity...
  22. Alf

    Portraits only Thread -Share yours please

    A little walk, some days ago Then, Tandoori Hi everyone! Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.
  23. Alf

    Done deal

    Once, Twice. E-M10 with 40-150R, iPhone edits
  24. Alf

    So here comes the tiniest one, asking the good old uncle.... would you please shoot my wedding?

    A few more, just iPhone edits from old jpegs. I'll do the actual post processing when I'm back, as I leave on Friday, southbound.
  25. Alf

    Brando and Dad

  26. Alf

    Fore, Aft.

    So here I am, right off the tiny train, going to last after the Q which I barely managed not to buy. One hour more.
  27. Alf

    Twice, Synchronized.

    Forum people, meet Frida and Leo. We are very busy together. E-M10 with olympus 45mm f/1,8
  28. Alf

    E-M10. Beginner lens.

    The 14-42 standard (ie non-pancake) is cheap to get and start taking pictures without worrying about your lens choices: so you'll have the time to learn the camera and to see what you like to shoot. The 40-150r is also very good for its price, and both lenses focus quite fast on the e-m10 in...
  29. Alf

    Need some assistance setting up my new E-M10

    This article is about the e-m5, but I found it very useful as a checklist when setting up my e-m 10
  30. Alf

    Afternoon makes it worth

    So there I lie, nursing a little headache and playing with the Gujarat folder and my huge processing backlog. You might imagine where we were yesterday, for a little walk together, and ice cream. Yours truly., contemplating. Right after the fact. Today, just staying home and creating...
  31. Alf

    Just as it seems

    Nerrrrrvous, and it shows - so thanks to a little sun I jumped on the train, direction East for a stroll. I often end up below it, so a look up is a duty EM102496.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr I am not alone, you know. Plenty of people doing the same. EM102503.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr...
  32. Alf


  33. Alf

    So here comes the tiniest one, asking the good old uncle.... would you please shoot my wedding?

    Hmm, no church so not being allowed to use flash is a non-issue, but I didn't think of a wider perspective apart from a few pics with the 7.5 Samyang. The only other lens I have wider than the 20mm is the 14-42 olympus kit lens, and it's quite a slow lens while fast focusing on the e-m10...
  34. Alf

    So here comes the tiniest one, asking the good old uncle.... would you please shoot my wedding?

    Alas, funds dictate otherwise. My gear plan is 20 f/1,7 on the e-m10, 45 f/1,8 on the e-pl3, both at f/2,8 when posed. Maybe the 7.5 fisheye on the e-pl1 borrowed for a few days. And a flash to learn in the next ten months and use if it looks ok. And my dearest as formal expert (marrying...
  35. Alf

    So here comes the tiniest one, asking the good old uncle.... would you please shoot my wedding?

    Thanks everyone. This discussion is the kind of input I was looking for - food for thought and ideas aplenty. More please :)
  36. Alf

    So here comes the tiniest one, asking the good old uncle.... would you please shoot my wedding?

    So here comes the tiniest one, asking the dear old uncle.... would you please shoot my wedding? Just like your vacation pics.... we like it that way Of course the dear old uncle is just ten years older, but that's enough. I'll rely on the social smarts of my dearest for picture list...
  37. Alf

    After, before the train: Florence while you wait (image heavy, E-M10 )

    So I drop my dearest at her office, where she is going to unleash her toothache on the unsuspecting criminal elements of the citizenship who decide to misbehave on Saurday afternoon, and after a short while I'm on the tiny train - eastbound Florence. Florence, before. by alfrjw, on Flickr While...
  38. Alf

    Afternoon, evening

    So we get off the minibus, five minutes away from the main road, and he was there for us - waiting to carry us on his cart. In The Kuchh by alfrjw, on Flickr Later on, invited to see and hear, while not understanding I sit. Untitled by alfrjw, on Flickr And after a while I notice I am...
  39. Alf

    Street in Gujarat

    Hi everyone, it's been a while. It's that time of the year when the monsoon ends, ad we go figure. This time we are in Gujarat,with a minibusload of friends, and a few bottles of water. Mos of my pics will spend next year under process, but I played with the e-m10 wifi and upped some to...
  40. Alf

    Showcase Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5

    EPL34783.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr
  41. Alf

    Day One

    The second, actually, more than half consumed the wrong way. But before, there was this EM100016.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr Much later, a walk in the park - meet these EM100059.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr Finally tried to see if I could make it work EM100085.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr...
  42. Alf

    GAS, again

    In the end.. .. i ended up with the silver one (which handles completely different from the black one, of course). EM100012.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr EM100013.jpg by alfrjw, on Flickr E-M10 with the lovely old Lumix 20mm f/1,7
  43. Alf

    GAS, again

    Everybody knows that feeling, when everything can be cured by the sudden acquisition of that sweet, sweet new hardware.... Here we are: I'm still shooting with my Mesozoic black E-PL3, mostly with the 20/1,7 mkI and sometimes with the 45oly,7.5samyang, and 1442 oly trimurti. Once a year I...
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