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    Southern Africa Safari Lens Advice

    Thanks all! Many great points that I've been thinking about, and a few that I haven't. Agreed on the UWA. I love having a really wide angle in tight cities. Look forward to the Oly 7-14 f/2.8 Pro. I have been shooting with the 100-300, but mostly for stadium sports. It was initially bought...
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    Southern Africa Safari Lens Advice

    Hi all, Long time no lurk, but I'm hoping you all could weigh in on some lens packing dilemmas I am having. I am going to be on an overland safari trip through South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe in about three weeks. The safari will be a lot of driving, camping, and game drives over...
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    Peak Design or DSPTCH for E-M1

    That's the part that saddens me about the Kickstarter; October delivery. I would actually want/need this by early October to take to Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. I could still probably back it, but would need something in the interim. Their other products all look top notch.
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    Showcase Panasonic 100-300mm f/4-5.6 (mk I)

    I do not have an OMD (yet), but I've generally always thought that the stabilization that is custom designed for a specific lens will always be generally more effective than a generic system that has to handle all kinds of lenses, particularly at such a long focal length. That floating sensor...
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    To China with M43

    Looks awesome, as always. I love how each of the kids seems to have preferred focal lengths. The 12-50 got lots of use from everyone, followed by the P20 (at least by you and your daughter). The O60 barely left you bag at all!
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    Reasonable price to sell my E-P5

    Hold at $749. It's only been a day. As has been discussed, people are a little gun-shy with the impending GX7 and "higher level OM-D" models coming out soon, not to mention whatever new NEX rumours are floating out there (FF NEX? Really?). I picked up a full warranty open box NEX 7 from...
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    2 lens' 2 cameras

    Are you going to be the sole photographer for both bodies? Which body do you prefer to shoot with most, and which lens do you prefer to shoot the most? That would be how my decision would be made if they were both only for my use. The B-roll camera gets the B lens since it isn't shot as much...
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    Showcase Panasonic 7-14mm f/4

    From my third row seat at a Blue Jays vs. A's baseball game at the Dome. P8092722.jpg by everythingsablur, on Flickr For perspective, this shot is from the same seat but using the 100-300 at 300mm. P8092706.jpg by everythingsablur, on Flickr Amazing how much range you can get from two...
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    Showcase Panasonic 100-300mm f/4-5.6 (mk I)

    We have great company seats to the Toronto Blue Jays (third row behind the home team dugout), so figured this would be a good vantage point to see how close the 100-300 can really get. These are at full zoom (300mm, 600mm equivalent) SOOC. Probably could use a little adjusting of levels...
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    Showcase Panasonic 7-14mm f/4

    Or you don't take pictures of people as your subject... ;-) Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
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    Travel Advice: Taking camera(s) through Israeli Customs - Red Channel or Green Channel?

    I actually grew up in New Jersey, so that does actually help for reference. :) Hopefully you have better highways (curse you NJ Turnpike!!!)... At a high level I think your list covers the givens. Some things I know my wife has mentioned specifically are the Western Wall, Yad Vashem, and...
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    Travel Advice: Taking camera(s) through Israeli Customs - Red Channel or Green Channel?

    Logical as that sounds, I've read countless stories of people who did just that only to have Customs confiscate the items anyway (for personal use, not for resale as well). The left hand does not always know what the right hand is doing...
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    Travel Advice: Taking camera(s) through Israeli Customs - Red Channel or Green Channel?

    Perfect! Thanks for your (and everyone else's) help! Any recommendations on must-see/must-do cities and sites? Haven't decided if we will do this trip on our own or with a tour group. Flexibility vs. convenience...
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    Another E-P3 question

    I believe you only need to set the actual focal length when using a manual lens. Any true m43 lens should report its focal length to the body through the electrical contacts. As for what value to set it to, I had always assumed it was the actual FL of the lens, not the equivalent 35mm focal...
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    Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 $569 at BH

    Perfect! I did recall it being $500 for months on end. It's actually more unusual to see it priced higher...
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    Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 $569 at BH

    I'd wait. For quite a while, it was $500 on Amazon as recently as two months ago. I got one through Amazon Warehouse Deals for $469 with full warranty during that time, though it looks like prices have all gone up accordingly. Thankfully it was a good copy (or at least, I haven't noticed any...
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    Travel Advice: Taking camera(s) through Israeli Customs - Red Channel or Green Channel?

    Hi all, My wife and I are coming up on our 5-year anniversary this year, and our tradition has always been to go away for a vacation on our anniversary (as best we can anyway). This year, she has settled on Israel and perhaps Jordan over my choice of a couple weeks in India and Nepal. In...
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    Help me pick a kit for a RTW Trip!

    Per the OP, he's done an RTW before. Weight is always going to be a concern when you do big trips like this, so two camera bodies and more lenses is always a luxury burdened with a logistical challenge. I think the OP's thought of bringing two bodies, but only carrying one (leaving the...
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    Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 discontinued!!

    Interesting! I've had a great time with the 20 since I got my GF1 years ago. The old gal has started to show her age in my usage (slow AF), and I just got a PL 25 to replace it. Guess it's time to put the 20 up for sale!
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    Help me pick a kit for a RTW Trip!

    The lenses look fine to be honest. I would bring the 9-18 personally. There's just no substitute for wide angle some times, especially since you have noted that you do like WA. It's also just a good, smaller walk around lens than the 14-150 if you know you won't need the reach. And...
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    I found this little rascal rather charming. @ Pike Place Market in Seattle, down by the Ghost Tours shop. E-P3 + PL25. P5192296.jpg by everythingsablur, on Flickr
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    Showcase Panasonic 14-140mm f/4-5.8

    Not much activity in this thread... No more love for this ol' classic superzoom? P8180371-Edit.jpg by everythingsablur, on Flickr
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    Showcase Panasonic 7-14mm f/4

    I'm slowly starting to go through pictures from our hike through the Andes mountains last summer. As I look through my shots from the 7-14, I still really like this lens and kick myself for leaving it behind on my trip to Alaska in favour of my just acquired 12mm (in fact, I traveled with all...
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    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    LLLLLLLLLLLLAMA! Good'ol GF1, 20mm, and a little PP in Nik. _1080191-Edit.jpg by everythingsablur, on Flickr And if anyone sees this in a local super market and is curious, it tastes like cream soda. P8170347.jpg by everythingsablur, on Flickr
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    Showcase Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 DG Summilux

    Just got this lens right before my last vacation, so still haven't really gotten used to the focal length. Still - apart from the chattiness on my E-P3 - I like what it produces so far. Here are a couple from Seattle. First is straightened ever so slightly, but otherwise both are OOC...
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    Has Panasonic fixed its sticky zoom ring on the 100-300?

    I recently picked up a 100-300 as well and haven't noticed any lens creep with it. Lens works pretty well actually, though I haven't had a ton of really good opportunities to use the reach.
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    [FS] Spring Cleaning! Olympus E-P3, Panasonic GF1, 20mm, +more! | Location: US/Canada | Ships: US/Canada

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Spring Cleaning! Olympus E-P3, Panasonic GF1, 20mm, +more! </br>Prices</br> Varies depending on item(s). See description. </br>Location</br> US/Canada </br>Ships to</br> US/Canada </br>Description</br> Time to clean house and make...
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    [FS] Massive System close-out sale

    PM'd regarding the 14.
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    Getty and Panasonic on London 2012 Olympics

    You have to love all of the "equivalency Nazis" in the DPR comment section. So much hate. If it's not full frame, it must be garbage. And that's why I don't bother with DPR forums/comments anymore... Still, I am interested to see what Dean's ultimate results are, what his experience with the...
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    Showcase Panasonic 7-14mm f/4

    And you do a mighty fine job at that, good sir. :2thumbs:
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    Pictures from Mauna Kea, Hawaii

    Oh Big Island... Easily one of my favourite places on the planet. Great shots up on Mauna Kea. Did you stick around for sunset? Gorgeous and a little weird to look DOWN at a setting sun...
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    Olympus PEN EPL2 Safari?

    Fantastic shots! Are those the original composition, or did you have to crop/reframe in post? How did you find handling was on the 100-300? It just looks so front heavy on the rangefinder style bodies (of which I have two).
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    Free Mu-43 App Updated for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod

    Honestly, the app works pretty well on my Galaxy S2X (T989D, almost identical to the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 but without the bloatware) running unmodified 2.3.5. Loads quickly, makes it quick and easy to read and reply to threads when I'm out and about, and overall works quite well. My only two...
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    Could Canon release a Four Thirds Sensor in their future compact system camera?

    I don't see why Canon would release a micro 4/3 sensor based product as they are already producing a product with a sensor slightly bigger than our's, in addition to their more standard APS-C and FF sensors. They are also not part of the 4/3rds consortium, which is somewhat required license to...
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    7.5mm fisheye or Olympus 9-18mm?

    You mean conversion lenses? Those are only ever just being passable a far as optical quality goes (more glass in front of a lens which isn't of the same quality as that in the lens). Nothing beats a true, native focal length for performance, sharpness, and clarity. For me, I don't consider them...
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    Another singing the praises - Pany 7-14mm lens

    Wow. That was a comprehensive, exhaustive, and impressive set! Love how you use it outside of the traditional thought that something that wide is just for landscapes. It really creates a lot of visual grandeur in the churches, and perspective in the store shots. The cars and RVs look great...
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    New JEALOUS of OM-D E-M5 Owners Thread

    I'm going to paraphrase Armanius from the Owner's thread... WE ARE THE 99%! #occupymu43dotcom
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    New JEALOUS of OM-D E-M5 Owners Thread

    My (not serious) list of reasons I am not getting an E-M5: I feel like a rebel (not the capital R kind...) Waiting for DigitalRev to show me what it looks like in Magenta or Pink My wife might divorce me Who needs weather-sealing when you have plastic bags? Despite naming it the E-M5, we all...
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    New JEALOUS of OM-D E-M5 Owners Thread

    Problem solved!!!
  40. Not quite an E-M5

    Not quite an E-M5

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    New JEALOUS of OM-D E-M5 Owners Thread

    In a similar vain to Amin's thread, I thought it would be funny to have a central thread for the rest of us muggles to lament not purchasing an OM-D E-M5, discuss the reasons we keep telling ourselves we shouldn't buy an E-M5 (because...
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    [EXPIRED] Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 16.1MP Camera Kit 14-42mm (White)

    This was posted on DPR a few weeks ago: Source: G3 Shutter actuations?: Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
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    VF2 tilts too easy! Lock?

    I believe at least one or two users on here have put a little velcro between the two halves of the VF2. I haven't really experienced much accidental pop-up in my VF2, but I tend to pop it up purposefully because I find it more comfortable that way (with my nose not mashed against the screen)...
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    For the cat lovers (aka "Requisite Kitty Picture")

    Looks like Lucy is tired of getting her picture taken. :rofl:
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    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    LOVE the colours here. What mountain is that peaking out in the distance?
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    Embarrassing n00b question - bright red light?

    As slith pointed out, that's the AF illuminator. It activated when you aimed at your blank TV because it could not discern any contrast to identify a focus point (understandable, where would you focus on a big, flat black slab?). It can be a little annoying for people you are taking pictures...
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    FD Mount - should I?

    A lower f-stop (aka wider aperture) will allow more light to come into the camera, which will allow you to use a faster shutter speed given the same ISO relative to your kit lens. Faster shutter speed will be less reliant on Image Stabilization, and less susceptible to your own movement. So...
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    From the defunct Brickworks _1080032.jpg by everythingsablur, on Flickr From inside an on-going church conversion P5030138.jpg by everythingsablur, on Flickr Random Toronto alleyway P5030123.jpg by everythingsablur, on Flickr
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