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    New 7Artisans 60mm f2.8 Macro

    Not to mention AF and weather sealing on the Oly.
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    Need a simple video editor

    If your projector has a speed setting, try to speed up or slow down the footage so it can be a multiple of your video camera's framerate. If you can do 15fps and record at 30fps, for example, that will match up nicely. If you need a cheap screen, get some white foam board at the...
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    Exposure increments

    I prefer half stops, but it’s easy enough to adjust that remaining 1/6 in post if needed. Not a deal breaker, but yes it would be nice.
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    Olympus 75 or Samyang/Rokinon 85?

    Buy a used 85mm 1.4 in canon or Nikon mount and adapt. They are much more plentiful and cheaper used and easier to sell later as they adapt to anything.
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    Macbook Advice (for my wife)

    Yes, as I said in post#9 above, I got a 2019 air around Black Friday. It’s a Christmas gift so we haven’t used it yet.
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    If you had this choice, what would it be?

    Do you really need to sell the 40-150 to have the funds? I mean you'll probably only net $50 for it and it's nice to have a telephoto. The 12-40 is definitely better than those 3 standard range lenses, but it's also quite a bit larger and heavier. So it really depends how much you need...
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    Lack of Support

    The only one with really high level support (at least in USA) is canon.
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    47Mp anyone?

    It's "only" 41MP in 4:3 mode and 35MP in 17:9
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    Olympus registered a new camera today....

    What would they put in an E-M10 IV as an upgrade that would appeal to low end consumers? It already ticks all the boxes at the low end. Honestly, I think a premium compact makes sense in this market and Olympus is the only one that isn't offering any at this time. And Olympus has a lot of...
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    28-35mm purchase question

    I can't imagine any of these are going to be even remotely in the same ballpark in terms of sharpness and contrast as your 12-60mm at 28mm unless you stop it down to f8. Since you are going for f2.8-3.5 lenses, there is no aperture advantage. I don't think you are going to get enough...
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    Shootout GAS attack: Oly EM1mkii vs Sony A7iii

    I' I think that's his point.
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    Filter stucked on the lens

    A tip I got from an old pro is to just use skin oil. Wipe your finger on your nose/forehead, and shine the filter threads with it and it's just enough to help prevent it from sticking. Sounds gross, but it's very light oil that won't run and you always have it with you!
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    It's time to update the F 1.8 Primes...

    The cheap f1.8 primes are an incentive to buy into the system.
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    It's time to update the F 1.8 Primes...

    I like that they are cheap and fabulous. Leave them alone!
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    28-35mm purchase question

    Because it sounded like it was budget related. I guess I'll run any further replies by you first to see if you approve.
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    28-35mm purchase question

    Since you are not that concerned with aperture, get a used Sigma 30mm f2.8. Great optics, native mount and AF. If you are patient, you can get one well under your budget, as they are not too popular in m4/3 mount...
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    TCON-14 (D-1.45x) review

    Not sure why this popped up again from a few years ago. For anyone looking, the Olympus A-200 is massively superior and only a tiny bit bigger. Similar price range if you are patient.
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    TCON-14 (D-1.45x) review

    I don't think there could possibly be a TC option that would end up smaller overall than a GX85 and 12-60.
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    TCON-14 (D-1.45x) review

    Probably break it. Not sure the LX100 zoom motor could handle the weight and leverage.
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    Nikon Z50 mirrorless APS-C camera and two lenses (16-55mm and 50-250mm) to be announced soon

    I would think if that is what you are after, you probably want the Canon G1X III. It is considerably smaller and includes roughly the same "kit lens" bolted on.
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    Surfing, nice swell Today.

    Top notch set! Well done.
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    Humble bundle = Corel PSP 2020, Painter 2019, Pinnacle Studio, PhotoMirage + Brushes

    Humble bundle is a charity site where you donate to charity and get nifty software bundles. Right now if you pay at least $25, you can get Corel Paint Shop Pro Ultimate 2020 (includes Aftershot 3), Painter 2019, Pinnacle Studio (Video Editor), PhotoMirage + Brushes...
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    Samy's In-store: G9 $797.00 GH5 $997.00

    Oh man, that is so much camera for 800 bones! I have faith in you. You can handle a G9 just fine, man. :hiding:
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    Image stabilization with manual lenses

    It will work fine if you put in 24mm. You wouldn’t have significant issues unless you were way off, like if you put in 50mm instead.
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    New Olympus Lens Roadmap

    That 100-400 is an f6.3 and in the non-Pro section. It would have to be cheaper (and hopefully smaller) vs the Leica 100-400. Other than that we get "unnamed pro telephoto in the 40-150-ish range". Is it a lighter compact lens to go with the 12-45? or a 40-150mm f2.8 mark II? Sure seems...
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    Macbook Advice (for my wife)

    Good tip, thanks! I just checked their website and Catalina support is supposed to be here before the end of the year. Since I'm planning this for Christmas, we should be OK. Yeah, I've bought a few refurb iPads there over the years. But right now everyone else has new MacBook Air deals...
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    Macbook Advice (for my wife)

    Well Black Friday deals are in swing and Costco has the base model 2019 Air for $799. I decided no point going used at that discount and I just ordered one. And I’ve delayed it long enough now it can be her Christmas gift, so win-win. Thanks for the input. She has all her images in...
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    Rumors (now denied): Olympus to shut down camera division in less than 8 months

    Cropping in post actually reduces the DOF if you maintain the same output size. Magnification is increased, including the blur. This will move the transition point of "acceptable sharpness" and make your OOF blur circles larger. Cropping in camera generally increases DOF because you...
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    G7 still good?

    G7 is fine, but it doesn't offer any upgrades over what you are currently using in terms of photo quality. G7 is an entry level and your GH3 is a pro model. They are using similar sensor tech. 12-60 f5.6 is only $200 on ebay split from new camera kits. So if you just want the lens, no...
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    Rumors (now denied): Olympus to shut down camera division in less than 8 months

    I don’t know about the rumor but there are some really defensive people in this thread.
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    Why are some slide transparencies red?

    You don't have to correct them all. I'd just blow throw them when you are done and mark the best ones and fix those. With 7000 shots, you may want to trim them down to a curated collection of the best 10% anyway. With literally thousands of images, you end up getting overwhelmed and don't...
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    Sigma fp outsells Sony, Canon and Nikon at two of Japan's major camera stores

    It's really a cinema back. It's meant for the same kind of cinema rigs you see with BlackMagic setups. But the nifty part is that you could also strip it down and use it as GM1-like ultra compact ILC camera. You'd probably have to adapt some rangefinder lenses to get a super slim camera...
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    M4/3 closeup lens

    What lenses do you own now?
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    Rumors (now denied): Olympus to shut down camera division in less than 8 months

    Eventually.... Not that I’m saying I buy the rumor, but if they released it recently, they’ve been working on it for 18 months at least. Samsung released a flagship camera and pro lenses and then bailed..
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    Rumors (now denied): Olympus to shut down camera division in less than 8 months

    You went crazy and dared them to ban you! You can’t act shocked now...
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    Anyone shooting with Samsung phone? (advice needed)

    In general I would not bother with the RAW file. With the current crop of phones you generally end up with LESS data in phone RAW because it won't have the data from multiple shots to work with. In really good light, you may be able to extract more detail from a RAW, but it will be at the...
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    Winter Photography goals

    For the last 4 winters in a row, my goal has been to finally sort through my 15 years of poorly organized digital photos. Maybe 5th time is the charm? 🤣
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    E-pl3 unwanted "diorama" effect

    Glad you got it fixed! I'm sure most of us have had issues with a mystery setting on these cameras at one point. There's only about 20 pages of menu items to change!
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    E-pl3 unwanted "diorama" effect

    As a troubleshooting step, you may want to do a full camera reset to set everything back to zero.
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    Dual IS with classic 12-35?

    It works if you are on the latest lens firmware.
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    Macbook Advice (for my wife)

    I don't care THAT much about the price, I just want to feel like I'm getting what I paid for. If Apple had reasonable SSD prices (or let me swap it) I'd have probably bought a 2019 Air already. But man, $400 to go from 128 to 512GB!! :wtf: Yeah, I was thinking maybe it could. Looking at...
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    Macbook Advice (for my wife)

    I really have never owned a Mac computer, despite 20 years in I.T. as a career. My wife has told me that she wants a Mac. There is some MIDI software she wants to run that the Piano store said runs better on a Mac (I'm suspect, but...). The software requirements just say 4GB of RAM and OSX...
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    Sigma F1.4 line for m43 is $50 off round the web

    ..just as fast as the better MFT lenses. Not as slow as the 20mm f1.7 and it supports Continuous AF.
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    E-M5.3 de-fishing feature

    It's probably the defishing feature specific to the 8mm PRO fisheye. EM-1 II got that feature via firmware with the launch of the 8mm PRO.
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    MacOS RAW processing options?

    Oh no. Is this Apple's "Windows Vista" ?
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    [WTB] 40-150Pro tripod mounting ring needed

    I'd highly recommend just ordering a replacement from Olympus if it's only $15 more than you are offering.
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    MacOS RAW processing options?

    I'd just start with the Photos app built into MacOS and see how far that takes you.
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    Why not use USB-C ??

    making the consumers feel good is completely pointless?
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    E-M5 mk III released at US$1199

    I thought we were comparing to E-M5 II, not the E-M1 II. My only point is that it is definitely got a lot of upgrades vs the E-M5 II.
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