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  1. Djarum

    E-M5 mk III released at US$1199

    I wish they'd get pdaf into the PEN line or EPL line. I'm still on my EPL5 as their haven't been significant sensor advances in that line. I know it has better video and image stabilization and all that, but all I want is faster AF. I'm glad they got the sensor in the Em line.
  2. Djarum

    Engadget asks if M43 Cameras have a future

    I think they do. They need to move some of the tech in the em1 series down into the Pen camera. The Pen style cameras is what Drew me in. I'd like on sensor PDAF to make it to an epl series camera.
  3. Djarum

    Rumor New major OMD camera announcement in early 2019?

    I think they need to get back to advancing the PEN sized cameras.
  4. Djarum

    Panasonic discontinuing 12-32?

    Ended up using 3M double sided tape/glue. So far so good.
  5. Djarum

    Panasonic discontinuing 12-32?

    Bringing an old thread up, this has happened to my copy. I've had it a few years. Plastic shavis.or glue all over. Anyone successful in fixing it themselves?
  6. Djarum

    m43 ... it's the lenses (for me)

    I guess I should have been more clear. I meant something in the f2.0 or faster area. The 20mp sensor really isn't that much better in noise or dynamic range over the 16mp sensor. It really seems as if the tech has plateaued. The gx9 is a serious contender though.
  7. Djarum

    m43 ... it's the lenses (for me)

    I'm still waiting on a 14mm prime. Specifically a true 28mm focal length. I've got the panny 15mm but it's jpegs are cropped to more like 31.5. I'd also like a real sensor update on the lower to mid line of cameras. If it wasn't for my current lens investment, I'd jump to Sony or Fuji.
  8. Djarum

    IQ of the G9 20mp sensor vs GX85 sensor?

    Kinda where I've been for several years.
  9. Djarum

    The Lumix GX9 in detail - new features and functions

    Maybe the gx85/gx8 will come down in price. I was holding out for the Epl9, but that's not a huge improvement over my epl5. This looks like a good improvement, but I'll have to wait a few years on price. Maybe a gx8 to hold me over.
  10. Djarum

    EPL9 - What are your thoughts

    I'd be more interested in the pen f if it had something of a grip.
  11. Djarum

    EPL9 - What are your thoughts

    I don't need an evf. I purchased the epl series because I didn't want the evf. I wanted a light weight camera and I didn't mind waiting for the features of the premium camras to get to the epl series a few years later. There just isn't enough there for me to put out any money. This really...
  12. Djarum

    EPL9 - What are your thoughts

    Not much of an upgrade from my epl5. No 5 axis Ibis. No improved sensor performance. I don't need 4k video.
  13. Djarum

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)

    Merry Christmas y'all.
  14. Djarum

    Fast wide angle 14mm

    I just find it surprising that there isn't a f1.8 14mm is all. In my everyday shooting, 14mm is my go-to wide. Cropping doesn't fix perspective issues.
  15. Djarum

    Fast wide angle 14mm

    I have the 15 and 20 and. When I got the 15 I really got it because I liked it over the oly 17. I use 12mm on occasion from the kit lens but there can be perspective issues. I find myself at 14mm mostly from the kit lens. I find the wider I go, the more difference each mm in focal length seems...
  16. Djarum

    Fast wide angle 14mm

    So, I've been waiting for a fast 14mm lens for a while. I have the panny 15mm but it's not really wide enough. I'm not really down with the 12mm focal length. I'm really surprised that one hasn't been made.
  17. Djarum

    Think tank 25i

    The largest lens I have is the Olympus 40 - 150 kit. The rest are pretty small. Most bags I saw were just too deep. I usually leave my camera in the bag sideways with the grip up. Maybe one day I'll upgrade my e-pl5 but it's still doing it for me.
  18. Djarum

    Think tank 25i

    Well, I put one on order. I was heavily considering the domke fx5b, but I think the think tank will work out better.
  19. Djarum

    Does anyone hate those Optech quick release for m4/3 as much as I do?

    I use the op tech fashion strap connected to their sling strap. I fed a sliding hook on and connect a BR tripod adapter to the hook.
  20. Djarum

    Think tank 25i

    I've been thinking about getting this bag. Seems about the size I need. It seems most bags I'm looking at that have the length and width I need are way too tall. Anyone have this bag? Other suggestions?
  21. Djarum

    Pen-F grip issues

    It's why I'm sticking to my epl5 with large grip.
  22. Djarum

    Share your "Eclipse" photos

    Didn't get any photos. We had 97 percent coverage here in North Alabama. I couldn't find filters. I waited too later.
  23. Djarum

    August Eclipse

    We are only a 3 hour drive from totality but work and traffic means not going to happen. I wasn't going to do any photos since I'm so late to the game lol.
  24. Djarum

    Putting the F back into Sydney.

    Lovely images.
  25. Djarum

    What are you listening to?

  26. Djarum

    Show: Waterfalls.

    Laurel Falls, Savage Gulf area in TN Upper Greeter Falls, Savage Gulf Area in TN BoardStreet Falls, Savage Gulf Area in TN
  27. P4013632


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  29. P4013601


  30. P4013557


  31. Djarum

    Show: Lighthouses

    I'm from Jacksonville FL. I've been there a few times.
  32. Djarum

    Show: Lighthouses

    Looks like st. Augustine light house
  33. Djarum

    ISS and Venus

  34. P2153528_s


  35. Djarum

    Your Overall Preferences: Olympus or Panasonic Bodies, Lenses

    Right now I'm shooting with mostly Panasonic lenses. Biggest thing I hate on my epl5 is the uncorrected purple fringing.
  36. Djarum

    DXO Mark just rated the E-M1 II - Impressive results!

    I'm starting to wonder if sensor tech has hit a plateau. There was a significant jump between the old 12mp Panasonic sensor and the Sony 16mp. Even with this sensor, I'm not seeing enough difference between my epl5 and this sensor to get hot and lathered, especially in low ISO dynamic range...
  37. Djarum

    The rest of us with our 'old' cameras

    Still sporting the E-PL5
  38. Djarum

    My favorite Lens 45mm 1.8

    I'm struggling to love my O45. Right now, the panny 15 and 20 are most used on my camera.
  39. Djarum

    Well, back to m43 (again)

    I just can't see spending 600 bucks on a camera with virtually the same sensor as my epl5. Yes, it has tons more features that I'll rarely use. It's why the epl7 is such a disappointment. I guess I'll wait a few years when the eplxx has the 20mp sensor.
  40. Djarum

    New buttons on mobile

    Yeah, I'm having some weird Android keyboard issues as well.
  41. Djarum

    New buttons on mobile

    I'm getting text buttons, not icons. Is that right? Chrome on Android 6.
  42. Djarum

    Show: Waterfalls.

    Nice. It's been s few years since I was there. It was slammed if I recall.
  43. Djarum

    Milky way attempt...

    I was at the beach and using my paint 15mm I pointed the camera at Sagittarius and captured this. Just a single sub at 15 seconds.
  44. P9222679_new


  45. Djarum

    25 f1.4 or 30 f1.4

    I saw your recent portrait with the sigma and it sure renders well. I've got the Oly 45 and I just find it to long for many occasions.
  46. Djarum

    Mu-43 app and Tapatalk removed

    I've been using chrome since the move to xenforo on my phone and tablet. It's probably the best moble browsing experience out there. One thing I'd like to see is continuation of pages while scrolling instead of hitting the next key.
  47. Djarum

    How many generations of updates to you skip now?

    I had the first Oly....ep1. Moved to the epl3 mainly for the larger grip. Then went to the epl5. No new bodies for me until the sensor performance improves dramatically and the epl line gets a larger grip.
  48. Djarum

    Do I need the Olympus Extended Warranty on my refurb body and lenses?

    I've got several refurbished lenses and two refurbed issues, even a few years kater
  49. Djarum

    What Phone camera would you recommend?

    Those are some nice images. I need to look into shooting raw on my s7. I've only had it about 3 months, so I'm still playing with it.
  50. Djarum

    What Phone camera would you recommend?

    Been pretty happy with the galaxy s7 camera. Jpeg engine still needs work though.
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