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  1. crsnydertx

    Upgrade GF1 to G3 or G5

    I moved from the GF1 up the Gn food chain: G2, then G3 (briefly), and now G5. G5 is a substantial upgrade for the reasons cited by 00r101. However, I also took advantage of one of the great deals before Christmas to land a GX1. Now I find myself grabbing the GX1 for casual shooting...
  2. crsnydertx

    Thank Goodness for the OMD. Warning: rant.

    Every time I get the itch to move up to an OMD, I look at Pictor's remarkable photos on Flickr, many/most taken with his E-PL1. They are incredible - proving once again that a great photographer can create outstanding photos with a camera that's not necessarily the very best in its class.
  3. crsnydertx

    I'm back!

    I agree with your reactions to the G3. I moved from the G2 to the G3 to get the better sensor but gave up too much I liked about the G2. G5 is better, but I believe I still like the G2 best of all. I still have it; may have to take it out for old times' sake.
  4. crsnydertx


    Using the Eye-Fi card to transfer files used to be pretty cumbersome, involving the need for an accessible Wi-Fi connection and a fairly expensive app called ShutterSnitch. No more; there is now a direct mode that, after setup, creates a temporary Wi-Fi network on your iPhone or iPad that...
  5. crsnydertx

    Olympus 15mm Body Cap $49

    Ditto here - but it was on backorder for a long time. Kept getting apology notes from B&H, but I exercised an unusual degree of patience and was finally rewarded with a delivery.
  6. crsnydertx

    Show your cell phone photos

    Wreath on fence + Yellow Rose of Texas; iPhone 4S, DoubleExPro app.
  7. crsnydertx


    There's a camera connection kit available from Apple. It includes an SD card reader. Very simple to use.
  8. crsnydertx


    Ray, that's a good point on the raw-only images. If I'm shooting raw, it's pretty much always raw+jpeg; sounds like it's pretty clear that Snapseed is smart enough to grab the full-size jpeg rather than the miniature thumbnail...?
  9. crsnydertx


    It's my "go to first" photo app on both the iPhone and iPad. For landscapes, I usually try the Drama filter, although you have to be careful not to get heavy-handed with it. Selective adjust can be rewarding as well.
  10. crsnydertx

    Featured Forum Post: 'A Day on the Street with the Body-Cap Lens'

    I mounted the body cap lens on my E-PM1 to create the smallest possible kit. However, it's still not as small as my GRD IV or iPhone 4S, so it's going to take some extra effort to launch it for me. The GRD and iPhone are my constant belt-riding companions. Liamness, good point on turning off...
  11. crsnydertx

    My feelings on OMD Vs. XE-1

    Jay, have you tried zone focus with the XE-1? I had some issues with AF on my X-10 recently and have concluded that in good light I might be better off using manual focus, using the AEL/AFL button to set the initial focus point. Not much help on indoor shots, though.
  12. crsnydertx

    Very Poor Packaging ... Again!

    It seems like a recent trend. I had a good run with B&H for years, but twice in the last year I've received packages much like the one pictured in this thread. The contents survived in both cases, but only because the items themselves were pretty rugged. Certainly the antithesis of...
  13. crsnydertx

    GX1 always under exposed abit.

    Yes, but the noise reduction capabilities of LR4 are pretty darned good. Other noise reduction plug-ins are also available.
  14. crsnydertx

    Panasonic G1 still decent?

    Dynamic black-and-white was much loved. Was available on the LX series as well.
  15. crsnydertx

    Panasonic G1 still decent?

    May refer to the "film modes" found on the G1, GF1, and G2, then dumped from the G3. IIRC, you can "bracket" with multiple film modes...?
  16. crsnydertx

    Recommend a "Pocketable" m43 Camera for Skiing?

    If I were still skiing....which I'm not...I would seriously consider pocketing my E-PM1 with the new 15 mm body cap lens. It's about the size of two iPhone 4's stacked; plenty small for the big pockets of my practical if unfashionable skiwear. There should be plenty of light to drive the f8 lens...
  17. crsnydertx

    iOS Update Issues

    My "old" iPad (first generation) is pretty unstable now, with random crashes seemingly becoming more frequent. I had to discontinue use of the mu43 and SeriousCompacts apps and return to Tapatalk. I believe the problem is mostly with my iPad but I'm resisting replacement - at the moment.
  18. crsnydertx

    The debate is over...Bieber chooses Olympus

    Who is this Bieber person??
  19. crsnydertx

    Grip for Olympus E-PM1?

    If you want a grip that's functional and looks like it was built into the camera, go with the Franiec. If you want something that's functional, inexpensive and looks like an add-on, the Flipbac works fine. I used Franiec grips on three different Canon models and was very satisfied. Lately...
  20. crsnydertx

    New to M4/3: GH2 or GX1

    I guess I misinterpreted your comment about "feel". Feel to me is how the camera fits in my hand, weight, and balance; whether it's "plasticky" is not an important consideration.
  21. crsnydertx

    New to M4/3: GH2 or GX1

    I couldn't stand the G3 grip - or lack thereof. G5 has an excellent grip. Difference is night and day, especially if you intend to use long/heavy lenses.
  22. crsnydertx

    New to M4/3: GH2 or GX1

    If you're going to get into serious video, the GH2 is peerless in the MFT world. It's on the large side, however, which makes it less appealing to me as a grab-and-go camera. I'm currently using the G5 and the GX1. I'm finding myself reaching for the GX1 more frequently, probably because it's...
  23. crsnydertx

    EP-1 Just Sayin...

    I hardly use my E-P1 at all these days as I try to thrash about finding the "right" camera for me (GX1 currently in the lead). However, rather than sell or store the E-P1, I find it to be a very attractive item to display on one of our kitchen counters. There it resides, with 17mm lens...
  24. crsnydertx

    No Super Control Panel in SCN mode on OM-D

    On the E-P3, when in SCN mode I have to toggle the Info button twice to get the SCP to appear. Have you tried that on the OMD?
  25. crsnydertx

    hey ya'll - new here from spring tx

    And yet another Houstonian here - from the other end of I-45 (Clear Lake City). Welcome!
  26. crsnydertx

    Confused about Panny 20 Vs PL25 ? Watch this video :)

    I've not used my 20mm even once since acquiring the 25mm. Holding onto it as a compact option for travel when packing space is tight.
  27. crsnydertx

    E-PL3 Tripod Socket - Screw Size & Thread?

    I believe you could also get a small quick-release ball head for a monopod and screw mount that on a hiking pole. Advantage there would be to get flexibility to level the camera independently from the pole and ability to quickly release camera from pole if you want to grab a shot where the pole...
  28. crsnydertx

    How many batteries for 6 day hike OMD

    Seems like a really good power conservation practice. If you have an adequate supply of SD cards, cutting out the review step makes a lot of sense.
  29. crsnydertx

    Trading GX1 for G3?

    DXO is a mystery to me. Other review sites say IQ at lower ISOs measurably better on G5, roughly equal at high ISOs. I currently have all three, so I guess I could devise a test protocol...but the ergonomics of the G5 are so much improved re the G3 that the roughly equal ISO performance matters...
  30. crsnydertx

    Trading GX1 for G3?

    Reference re "iso performance"?
  31. crsnydertx

    This Forum has changed so much.. I'm BAILING

    +1. You never know what he's going to come up with next!
  32. crsnydertx

    Panny 14 mmF2.5 vs Oly 12mm F2- Few images :)

    Beautiful set, Bhupinder!
  33. crsnydertx

    Panasonic G3 BLANK PHOTOS!

    Have you tried another SD card? Or are the review pictures on the LCD black as well?
  34. crsnydertx

    Half a car

    Lovely little car, but I would be scared to death to drive one on the freeways around the cities in Texas. Too many big SUVs and super-sized pickup trucks moving at speeds in excess of 75 mph. Driving defensively requires having a defensible vehicle here.
  35. crsnydertx

    PL 45mm & Olympus 60mm Comparison

    My PL45 was on pins and needles waiting for your review, Jay. I just heard it breathe a sigh of relief... :-)
  36. crsnydertx

    G5 half case?

    Ah... What does one do with the other half of the case?
  37. crsnydertx

    G5 half case?

    Just out of curiosity, what is the purpose of a "half case"? I don't see how it would improve the ergonomics of a camera like the G5. Or is it for protection of some of the surfaces? Or....??
  38. crsnydertx

    Help with Point and Shoot purchase

    On the smaller (than XZ-1) and cheaper (than Sony RX-100) side, there is the Canon S100. Full set of controls but can be used as a point-and-shoot.
  39. crsnydertx

    Lens flare with m43 lenses

    On the iPad and iPhone, there are apps available to ADD lens flare!
  40. crsnydertx

    Will the price of the PL 45mm f/2.8 fall?

    PL45 has OIS, which it makes it appealing to (us) Panny users. Oly with IBIS + 60mm sounds like a tough-to-beat combo for macro and short-medium tele.
  41. crsnydertx

    First couple of shots with the 60mm f2.8 macro

    Will be interesting to see whether anyone does any comparisons with the Pan Leica 45mm.
  42. crsnydertx

    Oh sh*t, my OM-D Died........

    They must have a reason for denying warranty service.
  43. crsnydertx

    E-PM1: Noise in Sky Photos in JPEG

    Same sensor, different AA filter...?
  44. crsnydertx

    I owe an apology to this forum..:)

    As the father of a daughter in a country where many young women are hypersensitive about their looks and prone to eating disorders, excessive plastic surgery, etc, count me among the "grossly oversensitive". But I certainly accept the apology as there was no malice aforethought.
  45. crsnydertx

    gx1 keeps select incorrect focus element

    I've discovered that problems in the IT world ARE user errors. Except, of course, when :I: encounter the problem. Then, without a doubt, the blame lies elsewhere. ;-)
  46. crsnydertx

    GX1 auto review question

    Nothing beats a searchable PDF!
  47. crsnydertx

    Showcase Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 DG Summilux

    Jannette, he doesn't care for the lens; he ought to just present it to you as a gift! :-)
  48. crsnydertx

    GX1 auto review question

    See page 70 of the advanced manual. When Auto Registration in Face Recognition is set to On, only 3 sec and 5 sec are available choices for Auto Review.
  49. crsnydertx

    Domination Black@ PRKL Club Helsinki,FIN

    I think you captured the mood very well. This is obviously a group that doesn't do Barry Manilow standards...! If you shot in RAW, it might be fun to experiment with white balance adjustments in post-processing. Black-and white renderings would be interesting as well. Good stuff!
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