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  1. greyelm


    G3 + 45-200
  2. greyelm

    Panasonic 45-200mm very soft at long end. Possible reason?

    I'm of an age where camera shake gets more obvious with the passage of time. I have found that with OIS and a faster shutter speed the 45-200 is still useable at 200 when handheld. I find it better to not linger but to chose the subject, frame and then quickly shoot. Here is a shot at 200, it...
  3. greyelm

    Olympus gave me a free Pen!

    Does it have OIS?
  4. greyelm

    GM1 vs XQ1 size

    No, the battery is flat. :-)
  5. greyelm

    Share: Fujifilm X-images

  6. greyelm

    Share: Fujifilm X-images

  7. greyelm

    A Retro of Rangefinders

    An alternate collective noun could be a "Patch of Rangefinders"
  8. greyelm

    Oly lenses on Panny bodies? Any downsides?

    According to rumours there will be on board IS in the GX7 - The leaked document says it’s 16Megapixel but I heard it’s 18MP. This makes me think the sensor may be multiaspect. Which means 18 megapixel sensor with 16 megapixels effective resolution (like it was on the GH2!). - It has a...
  9. greyelm

    At The Zoo - Any Zoo with Any Camera

    Nice set of pictures, I must go to our local zoo sometime. The first picture has some poignant symbolism in respect of king of the jungle and spherical objects :smile:
  10. greyelm

    Camper Vans

    How about ambulances?
  11. greyelm

    Help needed by Panasonic MFT user in South Wales UK

    The previous thread below discussed a similar issue. I'm a Lumix user so I can't offer any advice other than to confirm that the Panasonic update process is very easy. Download the Panasonic firmware for your lens and put it on an SD card in case you are able find a local Lumix user to help you...
  12. greyelm


    G3 14mm
  13. greyelm

    Share: GREEN

    G3 14mm
  14. greyelm

    Showcase Panasonic 14mm f/2.5

    My first trip out with my newly acquired 14mm. G3. Wild Roses in the hedgerow.
  15. greyelm

    Photography Related Quotes

    From the movie "Blow Up" 1966 "Jane: What are you doing? Stop it! Stop it! Give me those pictures. You can't photograph people like that. Thomas: Who says I can't? I'm only doing my job. Some people are bullfighters, some people are politicians. I'm a photographer."
  16. greyelm

    Monopod suggestions...

    I enjoy going for country walks with my camera and I use a collapsible walking stick/ monopod with an adjustable head. There are loads on eBay and amazon for 20 dollars or less. The walking stick adjusts just like any other hiking pole and gives the camera that extra bit of stability when...
  17. greyelm

    Mystery Lens

    A quick Google brings up a couple of old forum discussions that suggest that it may be a rebranded Sigma. Needing help with mystery lens -
  18. greyelm

    Show your cell phone photos

  19. greyelm

    Formula Offroad, Norway.

    Great pictures, well captured. Definitely brown trouser moments!
  20. greyelm

    Big muscles

    How about a little ass. :biggrin:
  21. greyelm

    Optimizing Photos in Lightroom

    I've only watched part of the video but have already learned a trick or two. I'll watch the rest this evening and hope to learn a few more. I always say that if you can learn one new thing every day then the day hasn't been wasted
  22. greyelm

    Show: Random picture thread

    I know it's a cliche but I'll post it anyway. G3 + 45-200.
  23. greyelm

    Inspiring pictures by others/well known photographers.

    Sticking with my 1960s theme. Here's one from David Bailey in 1962.
  24. greyelm

    Inspiring pictures by others/well known photographers.

    I love the image style from the 60s. This one by Ed Feingersh epitomises what I like.
  25. greyelm

    Most Expensive Lens Cap ever!

    I've got one for sale, only £40,000 with free delivery- that's a bargain at less than half price. :rolleyes:
  26. greyelm's Post Processing Challenge - #25

    Snapseed treatment
  27. greyelm

    Are You a Photo Hoarder or Photo Trasher!?!

    Apart from pictures of the floor and other obvious misfires or test shots I keep every thing else. Storage is now cheap so when I start to run out of space I buy bigger hard drives. I often wonder what will happen to all these photos when I snuff it, will there be a means of displaying...
  28. greyelm

    Dark Daisy lens

    Take a look at this Create a Similarly Composed Photo in the UK, Risk Copyright Infringement
  29. greyelm

    Share: Trees

    G3 + 20mm
  30. greyelm

    Lightroom 4.3

    If you are shooting RAW + JPG have you tried this In Preferences go to "Set import and file-handling preferences" Enable "Treat JPEG Files Next To Raw Files As Separate Photos" You should now see them as separate images on import.
  31. greyelm

    Black and White Landscapes

    GF1 +45-200 @ 45
  32. greyelm

    How to clean a panasonic camera?

    +1 on the microfibre cloth. Or possibly this
  33. greyelm

    panasonic lens 45-200mm on sale.

    If the price is right grab the 45-200, I think it is a great lens for the money.
  34. greyelm

    Having a bit of a stupid moment here....

    Yes but the depth of field will be greater than an equivalent on a full frame. i.e. on m43 a native 40mm will have the DOF of a 40mm but the field of view of an 80mm when the subject is at the same distance from the camera.
  35. greyelm

    Batch sharpening

    Lightroom lets you define a preset profile that acts on each image as it is imported. I have a preset sharpening that is applied in this way. I shoot raw.
  36. greyelm

    50 Years Ago: The World in 1963 (Photographically Speaking)

    I always think that photographs are like some fine wines, they get better with age. I was 16 when these events were taking place, in many ways not all things have changed over those 50 years. I wonder if in 50 years people will be impressed by the standard of today's images considering the...
  37. greyelm

    Bees !

    G3 + 20mm
  38. greyelm

    Show us your rodents :D

    The local acrobat is out again today. G3 45-200
  39. greyelm

    Please post Timbuk2 pics with m43 gear loaded...

    I can't help with actual photos but if you google "timbuk2 camera bag snoop" there are some images that may give you an idea of what it holds.
  40. greyelm

    New Challenge Proposal

    Another Snapseed for iPad makeover.
  41. greyelm

    New Challenge Proposal

    A quick tinker on Snapseed for iPad
  42. greyelm

    iOS Update Issues

    Just installed on my iPad 3 for the first time, with no apparent problems. One thing I would suggest for those having problems is to uninstall the app, do a reboot and re-install
  43. greyelm

    Everything in focus and quick shutter - how is this done?

    You will need to increase the ISO to force higher speeds. The downside may be more noise but it is worth a try.
  44. greyelm

    Show us your FILM camera pictures Any Topic

    1954 Leica IIf + 1942 Leitz Summitar
  45. greyelm

    Show me your OOC photos

    I think that the raw files would be too big to display on a forum, think of the bandwidth it would use.
  46. greyelm

    Show me your OOC photos

    I look forward to seeing the OOC from various cameras, after all this is what many people use all the time. I think we should recognise that cameras have many user set options for jpgs which will have influenced the result so it would be useful to know what these settings are. I still remain...
  47. greyelm

    Demos and Refurbs: To buy, or not to buy; that's my question.

    I recently bought a Fuji X10 refurbished by Fuji UK. Everything works OK and it has a 12 month warranty. The price was about 2/3 the going rate and in my mind it is a safer bet than buying from Joe Public.
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