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  1. akulya

    Layered clouds

    Thanks for this Ian, A lovely composition, and special to me, as this is a view from back home - and it'll be a year before I can get up crickley again.
  2. akulya

    M43 cams appropriate for wedding photography?

    Yep, agreed. You can get lovely shots with the pens, but you have to know and trust your gear, at weddings there are no second chances. If you are the primary wedding photographer, then the onus is entirely on you, and it's stressful and hard work. I recently did a wedding and after talking...
  3. akulya

    M43 cams appropriate for wedding photography?

    All taken with e-p1 and pl45 (except I used the 20 for the cake and groups) I was a second photog, so I had the luxury of no pressure to deliver, but I came away very pleased with the performance of the pl45, I kept the focus limiter on and never really struggled with AF speed (although faster...
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  10. akulya

    Think Tank Photo Retrospective 5 Giveaway at #mu43

    Amin, Thank you for these completely unexpected giveaways. You know we come here anyway right?
  11. akulya

    Win a Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 ASPH lens from #mu43

    I'd quite like to give this lens a try :-)
  12. akulya

    bonus time!

    £210 for the 14mm is about as cheap as I've seen that lens anywhere, so yes, that sounds a good deal. I'd still recommend spending a bit more for the 20/1.7 though. You can buy them new for £280 and I've seen them on the 'bay get snapped up at £250. If I were to only have one prime lens, it...
  13. akulya

    bonus time!

    That's a nice image TC, I wonder how long before some industrious mod makes one with the m4/3 lenses on and stickes it somewhere here :wink: :grin:
  14. akulya

    Win an Olympus PEN E-PL2 from #mu43

    I always fancied trying out an e-pl2. Maybe June the 5th will be my lucky day!
  15. akulya

    bonus time!

    Focal length and angle of view do not share a linear relationship - the 3mm difference from 20 -> 17 is noticable, but close enough to be considered broadly similar, however the 3mm difference from 17 -> 14mm is considerably greater. Buy the 14mm lens if you want a wide angle lens. Buy the...
  16. akulya


    Very nice Alf. Lots of great moods in that set.
  17. akulya

    Native lens not focusing when mounted with extension tubes

    A ghastly image of some swarf-in-shadow raking over the real element of a like-new lens just shot across my mind; awful, just awful.
  18. akulya

    The Western Sky

    Very strong pictures! They are both beautiful, and the second one is so good both in terms of composition and execution that it really deserves to be printed and framed! Well done.
  19. akulya

    Street photography and privacy

    Hi, I find the whole process of street photography quite nerve-wracking. It is by far the hardest genre for me to approach. I would probably never any take street photos with a DSLR, but the smaller bodied m4/3 cameras look suitably "touristy" combined with one of the small autofocus pancake...
  20. akulya

    weird yellow and green band on PL2, EP2

    This is so true :smile:
  21. akulya

    Looking at adding M42 lenses to my collection

    The SMC Taks have a good reputation, single coated i'm not so sure about. Getting an adapter is probably worth it though, I paid £12 for my M42 adapter and it works great. I have two M42 lenses, Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50/2.8 and CZJ Sonnar 135/3.5 The Tessar is a bit mediocre wide open, and...
  22. akulya

    Disassembly/Reassembly of EP-2

    I think taking the top and back off would involve disconnecting electronics. The base and front are just cosmetic, you've got to be careful, but don't really have to "pry" ffiw, I found nothing to be glued.
  23. akulya

    Disassembly/Reassembly of EP-2

    It's pretty easy to get apart. You will need a 00 or 000 Phillips screwdriver Take the lens off and put the body cap on. The base-plate comes off first (be sure to catch everything as the battery door falls apart) The grip side faceplate comes off next, this is also straightforward. This is as...
  24. akulya

    Showcase Wanderlust Pinwide 11mm f/96-128

    I was #67 (I think) but still waiting :-( Any UK photojunkies got thiers yet?
  25. akulya

    Voigtlander 40mm viewfinder unboxing

    Thank you for taking the time to produce those test shots, I think I agree with you - negligible errors at sensible distances. I wonder how different it is from the Olympus VF1 (designed for the 17/2.8) I might have to look out for one of them :-)
  26. akulya

    hyerfocal focusing on GF1

    visit Hyperfocal Distance and Depth of Field Calculator - DOFMaster for a full explanation, but simply put; The hyperfocal distance varies with focal length and aperture. So. - choose a focal length and an aperture, - look up the hyperfocal distance for the particular combination. - focus the...
  27. akulya

    where's the "report" button

    Was that a light jab? :smile:
  28. akulya

    How happy are you with your current equipment?

    Lumix 20/1.7 - 10 I honestly could not be happier with this lens. PanaLeica 45/2.8 - 9 I can imagine being happier, but not much. E-P1 - 6 It looks amazing, it's the perfect size, and I will never sell it (because it's worth more to me than the cash value)...
  29. akulya

    The Real Street Thread

    I think this is my first post in this thread; may it be the first of many!
  30. akulya

    PL45mm/f2,8 -OR- Sigma50mm/f1,4

    As David said... For a given camera system, your depth of field is related to: Focal Length, Apeture, AND Distance to Subject. The longer your focal length, the less depth of field. The closer your subject, the less depth of field. The larger your apeture, the less depth of field. Here is a...
  31. akulya

    Voigtlander 40mm viewfinder unboxing

    :smile: It looks amazing. But how is it in use? Any parallax errors? Accurate framing?
  32. akulya

    Will the EPL1 or PL2 work for me?

    Hey Bopat welcome to the boards, As you already have a GF1, you will have an idea of what the handling of the pens will be like. The G & GH series bodies are still pretty small, but definitely bigger in the hand. The integral viewfinder and grip of the G/GH are better for longer lenses, if...
  33. akulya

    PL45mm/f2,8 -OR- Sigma50mm/f1,4

    Thanks! I think I've shown that it is possible to take a razor sharp "nose-out-of-focus" portrait with the PL45, provided that your subject is a cat :smile: Back on topic, I can see green/magenta fringing on the out of focus trees in my first shot, so although it is very well controlled...
  34. akulya

    PL45mm/f2,8 -OR- Sigma50mm/f1,4

    This was straight through bare trees and into the sun - pretty much a worst case scenario. Shot at f4. This is a headshot at f2.8 This is a close-focused headshot at f2.8 FYI a handy way of searching a site, is to just use google and type in whatever you're searching for...
  35. akulya

    PL45mm/f2,8 -OR- Sigma50mm/f1,4

    I really like the PL45 for landscapes, it is a beautiful lens. Point-to-point autofocus (on an e-p1) is about as fast as the 20/1.7. Really as long as you use the focus limit switch I find the lens perfectly reasonable in this regard. In all other regards it is superlative. Here is a landscape...
  36. akulya

    Dartmouth Butterwalk, a tudor building photographed from a different viewpoint

    The final picture is my favourite; it looks like the hull (or fo'cas'le) of an old gunboat - and the lone man in the corner sets it off nicely. The second picture is similar, and brighter in mood, but the cars and pedestrians put me off it a little. Very nice set!
  37. akulya

    Thinking of Japan (Pictures Only)

    I would like to start a simple thread without words; but just a collection of photographs symbolising our collective thoughts, hope and support for the peope of Japan during this ongoing disaster.
  38. akulya

    Pany 14-45mm vs 14-42mm?

    Quite a few reviews exist online, take them all with a pinch of salt. But here's a link to dpreview's comparison
  39. akulya

    UPS as Strobe Power

    Is it a Lead / acid UPS or Li Ion? I'd have thought the solid state Li might be suseptible to localised overheating, but the Lead / Acid ones are pretty robust - not much to go wrong.
  40. akulya

    Opinions Please -- is this as good as it gets?

    For low light action stopping; it would give you better results. It would also be bigger & heavier (especially the lens), and produce images indistinguishable from the GH2's in the same good ambient light. Every camera is a compromise somewhere, and the GH2 is an enviable bit of kit as it...
  41. akulya

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    Here are some e-p1 & 20/1.7 landscapes (taken between f4 & f6)
  42. akulya

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    These are brilliant, especially the first one.
  43. akulya

    Do you own a P+S as well?

    I avioded DSLRs completely, Going from an old Practika / Carl Zeiss Jena film SLR which I loved but slowly ignored as film started its decline, to a rubbish digital P&S that was so slow it nearly killed photography for me. Sony saved the day back in '07 with a T20 slim P&S that reassured me...
  44. akulya

    Cotswold Way

    Cheers Bill, Sometimes I don't know what to do with the pictures once they're on the screen, I think you're right - colour works better. I may have overcooked it though. I think I need more eyes.
  45. akulya

    Cotswold Way

    Here are some colour processed ones
  46. akulya

    Cotswold Way

    I decided to take advantage of some beautifully clear springtime weather here in the UK, and go for a yomp over some hills. Taking a minimal amount of camping gear, the e-p1 & 20/1.7, Tea and chocolate, I walked a portion of the Cotswold Way from Cheltenham to Old Sodbury. About 70 miles. I...
  47. akulya

    Fisheye converter on the 17mm

    Hi Simon, I'm pretty sure the 14-42 Mk II kit lens uses a new bayonet fitting for the new macro & fisheye converters, so while those converters "might" work with the 17/2.8 using a homemade adapter, I wouldn't bank on it being a go-to solution. I spent my (pre-) christmas bonus on the...
  48. akulya

    Format 11 anyone?

    So is anyone going to Derby this month for Format 11 International Photography Festival? It starts today, and runs for a month - lots of events. I'd like to check it out but don't quite know which events to look out for, any suggestions?
  49. akulya

    E-PL2 and Bracketing

    No problem Bill, Glad to help.
  50. akulya

    Showcase Panasonic Leica 45mm f/2.8 Macro Elmarit

    I'm just starting to feel how to use this lens, It really helped me just leaving it on the camera and working with it each day, my admiration for the way it renders just keeps growing.
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