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  1. RevBob

    The Kids Thread

    The party's over . . .
  2. RevBob

    The Kids Thread

  3. RevBob

    Share Dragonfly & Butterfly & Insects

  4. RevBob

    Share your 12mp images

  5. RevBob

    Share: RED

  6. RevBob

    Share Birds

    It's been awhile since I posted photos, I'm out of practice. I fixed the post, thanks.
  7. RevBob

    Share Birds

  8. RevBob

    Spring on the Farm

  9. RevBob

    Spring on the Farm

    A visit to see early spring lambs.
  10. RevBob

    Question for E-P5 owners

    Just curious -How cheap and where did you order it from? Thanks!
  11. RevBob

    Oly 12-40 Pro 'out'..Panny 14-45 'in'..well maybe.

    Let's keep this on topic and friendly folks, OK? Discussing the lenses in question=good. Discussing people=not good. Thanks!
  12. RevBob

    E-P5 (With VF-4) or E-M10?

    I prefer to shoot without flash in low light situations. I use fast primes and place a premium on IBIS so that I can get the shots that I want. When focussing with a screen instead of a viewfinder it's harder to brace the camera when hand holding it. IBIS is a huge plus for older photogs.
  13. RevBob

    E-P5 (With VF-4) or E-M10?

    I could care less about an EVF - I simply do not need one. Ibis, however, is an absolute must have and the 5 axis on the E-P5, along with the control layout, makes it my choice. Since you already have an EVF to use with it the E-P5 is the perfect step up from the E-P3.
  14. RevBob

    Last big snowstorm of the year.

    Thanks! Thank You - It was a perfect day, I waited all winter to get the feel I wanted for the photos. A bit cold here, but a pretty typical winter.
  15. RevBob

    Last big snowstorm of the year.

    Taken near Conneautville, PA. Most of this snow has now melted away, only a few small piles left from what were very large piles a few weeks ago. WinterStorm15-1275 by RevBob posted Mar 28, 2015 at 6:11 PM WinterStorm15-1288 by RevBob posted Mar 28, 2015 at 6:11 PM WinterStorm15-1303 by...
  16. WinterStorm15-1303


  17. WinterStorm15-1300


  18. WinterStorm15-1297


  19. WinterStorm15-1294


  20. WinterStorm15-1292


  21. WinterStorm15-1290


  22. WinterStorm15-1288


  23. WinterStorm15-1275


  24. Winter 2015

    Winter 2015

    The Last big snowstorm in Conneautville, PA this year
  25. RevBob

    TCON-14 (D-1.45x) review

    Interesting TC, definitely looks like it's worth giving it a shot. I may have to pick up one of these. Thanks for posting the test shots. :thumbup::thumbup:
  26. RevBob

    Just for fun .....

    Interesting - nice work.
  27. RevBob

    Show: Winter Storm Photos

    We have two feet on the ground and I got some great shots of the most recent storm, I'll post them as soon as I can get them processed.
  28. RevBob

    The acid test - who's going to upgrade to the E-M5 ii ?

    If I had the cash I would buy an E-P5. I like the control setup and the look. The E-Px series is under rated in my opinion, largely because it lacks an EVF. I don't need or want the viewfinder, so these are perfect for me.
  29. RevBob

    The Drifter

  30. RevBob

    My DIY macro light rig for handheld shooting

    Nice setup, great shot.
  31. RevBob

    LR 6

    It would be nice.
  32. RevBob

    m43 fisheye

    The Rokinon is an amazing little lens, much sharper than I expected.
  33. RevBob


    Great set. I also enjoyed the 360° shots. :2thumbs:
  34. RevBob

    Dot Sights

    Whoa! That's a cool setup - sweet!
  35. RevBob

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome aboard! I love the gator, keep shooting!
  36. RevBob

    New Member in the DC metro area

    Welcome aboard!
  37. RevBob

    Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the architectural information. Thanks!
  38. RevBob

    Coral Pink Sand Dunes

    Great set - looks like the kids, and you, had a great time. Beautiful!
  39. RevBob

    My big WB dilemma.

    I shoot jpeg + raw and on the rare occassion that auto WB doesn't get it right I just correct it in Lightroom. I have the jpeg if I need something quickly and the raw to make my own adjustments.With my E-P3 I hardly ever have WB problems, though.
  40. RevBob

    45mm vs kit

    The O45 mm is a great lens - light, small, sharp and fast.
  41. RevBob

    DSLR to Micro 4/3: Ever look back?

    I sold my Canon 40D and all but one lens. I have never regretted it, never found myself wishing I had it back. I can still do everything with my :43: gear (and more) that I did with the 40D and I now own better, faster lenses. Not going back.
  42. RevBob

    Telephoto choice

    The PL 100-300mm is an awesome lens with IS. May be a bit pricey, but I really love this lens.
  43. RevBob

    the one man sawmill

    Very cool! :cool:
  44. RevBob

    A beautiful day in the neighborhood

    Great shots, my kind of countryside. :cool:
  45. RevBob

    Monastery of Filerimos

    That is absolutely beautiful - I'd love to see more. :2thumbs:
  46. RevBob

    first evening out with Rokinon 12mm 2.0 - Joshua Tree National Park

    Very nice - looks like a great lens. :cool:
  47. RevBob

    Miniaturwunderland Hamburg

    Great shots, must be awesome to see in person. :cool:
  48. RevBob

    Blue hour at the airport

    Ahh, so that's what morning looks like! (I'm not a morning person) Nicely done. :cool:
  49. RevBob

    Long Eared Owl At My Work

    Really cool shots - especially through glass. Nicely done. :thumbup:
  50. RevBob

    Let sleeping ducks lie

    Cool shot - great color and I like the glimpse of he leaves under the water. :cool:
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