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  1. Ned

    Best Flash for GH3 shooting nightlife?

    Sorry I missed my notifications and didn't respond to this earlier. I'm sure you've gotten this all sorted out now, but I'll answer these two small questions just so the knowledge is here for everyone. :) Using the pop-up as a remote commander will not essentially affect the resulting image...
  2. Ned

    Showcase Olympus 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 ZD 4/3

    It gets better and better with newer bodies. :D I don't notice the AF speed much, as I mostly use manual with adapted glass.
  3. Ned

    Showcase Zeiss Sonnar 135mm f/2.8

    Sorry for the super-late reply, but yes the Zeiss (this one is Contax/Yashica mount) is adapted to 4/3 to use with the EC-14 teleconverter. All my SLR glass is adapted to 4/3 rather than m4/3, so that it can be used with both systems as well as the brilliant 4/3 teleconverters and extension...
  4. Ned

    E-M10 Fashion Colors!

    The new texture on the black one is the only one which remotely interests me. :/ The Pentax Q is also featured (alongside the main character's vintage Rollei 35) in a very warm and fuzzy anime series called Tamayura Hitose, in the second season entitled "More Agressive". :)
  5. Ned

    Reasons to Upgrade to Full Frame

    #1 is the best. :) And the number one reason to upgrade to a full frame camera... 1. You can stop posting questions titled "FF vs APS-C vs M4/3 ???"
  6. Ned

    E-PM2 + pancakes or large-sensor compact (RX100, LX8 etc.)

    Well that's because you're expecting it to go in a coat pocket. :) A small kit like you describe is best carried in a small bag. A murse (man purse) doesn't seem the right description as that makes you think more of a satchel-sized bag, but all you need is like a clutch purse for a man... a...
  7. Ned

    Best Flash for GH3 shooting nightlife?

    Nope, the manufacturer has nothing to do with it. It's all about your choice of size and power. :) Just like every manufacturer has their own version of almost every body made, every manufacturer has their own version of every flash, and they really all work near identically. I wouldn't be...
  8. Ned

    Alaska cruise lens suggestions??

    The 9-18mm is a very affordable lens, and a worthy value. I can't imagine you getting any cheaper than that for a decent ultra-wide. If you have a 4/3 mount adapter, you can get the 4/3 version for even cheaper. You don't need fast native autofocus on an ultrawide.
  9. Ned

    The 300mm is now listed (without price) at BH....

    Then I don't really get the point of the comparison, as an f/4 and f/2.8 telephoto lens can often be made in the exact same length. :p
  10. Ned

    The 300mm is now listed (without price) at BH....

    Anything f/8 or slower as a MAXIMUM aperture on any lens is just plain silly in my eyes, lol. xD
  11. Ned

    The 300mm is now listed (without price) at BH....

    Agreed. Add a 2x teleconverter and you have an f/8. Now you're getting into mirror lens territory. A 1.4x on the 300mm/4 would give you a 420mm/5.6. That's still reasonable, though barely.
  12. Ned

    The 300mm is now listed (without price) at BH....

    Reading the last handful of posts, I think it should be pointed out that the notable difference in size when changing the maximum aperture is in the diameter of the lens, not the length. :p
  13. Ned

    The 300mm is now listed (without price) at BH....

    Non-Reflex has an advantage over SLR in the wider angle lenses due to the short register, which negates the need for "retrofocus" (an inverted telephoto design). Thus, wide angle lenses can be made smaller for m4/3. This advantage is lost in telephotos.
  14. Ned

    Best Flash for GH3 shooting nightlife?

    Then yes, you definitely need a good flash rig. :) Yeah, if money is a concern then certainly a generic flash bracket will work. They can range from as little as $20 to as much as $150. That's what I use, as I use a great number of different flash units and also have multiple kits with...
  15. Ned

    The 300mm is now listed (without price) at BH....

    Yup, I agree exactly with where you're going with that. On the other hand, I still want to see a 300mm/2.8... but I agree that it should wait until other gaps are filled. The 300mm/4 is a very reasonable start, and a smart choice in my opinion. Before we see a 300mm/2.8, I would expect to see a...
  16. Ned

    The 300mm is now listed (without price) at BH....

    You'll notice that larger manufacturers like Canon and Nikon always offer both an f/4 and f/2.8 version. Offering both is not the weird thing, what was strange (though understandable, considering the size of Olympus Imaging at the time) was Olympus only offering an f/2.8 option in its DSLR days...
  17. Ned

    The 300mm is now listed (without price) at BH....

    Well so would I but.... a full stop from f/4 to f/2.8 on a 300mm prime is NOT "a mild increase in size and weight". I believe that both options need to exist, and am hoping that is what will happen in the future. The choice to start with an f/4 makes sense.
  18. Ned

    Bees !

    First photo was taken with the Zuiko 70-300mm at 300mm. Second photo was taken with the Zuiko 50-200mm and EC-14 teleconverter at 280mm.
  19. Ned

    Alaska cruise lens suggestions??

    What is your current setup, and what are you lacking in?
  20. Ned

    Best Flash for GH3 shooting nightlife?

    No, you cannot get by with just a fast prime in a nightclub. They are way too dark for that and nobody minds flash in the nightclubs, All the paid photographers use it, whether hired by the bar or an event promoter, and it is the only way they can get usable photographs for marketing and...
  21. Ned

    Best Flash for GH3 shooting nightlife?

    The FL600R is good, but if you're shooting in a dark nightclub you might want to consider the FL50R. It is about twice as powerful, but with about the same recycle (drop the FL50R to 1/2 power, and you're looking at the same power and recycle as the FL600R at 1/1 power). The FL600R does offer...
  22. Ned

    Question for glasses wearers

    I have a strong prescription so they have only offered me expensive high-index plastic since I was still a kid. :p Without that, I would be wearing coke bottles. I have a vague recollection of my real young childhood days wearing glass glasses, and how nice and durable (in particular - scratch...
  23. Ned

    Zeiss Touit lenses discount

    Damn.... Sony E-mount is just a little more shallow than m4/3 mount... :p
  24. Ned

    What is the best one lens for travel photography?

    I wouldn't take just one lens or just one body traveling, but out of your kit I would take the Summilux on the Mini. :)
  25. Ned

    Is u4/3 enough?

    Actually... another thing you need to consider in that debate is that a small body makes your big lenses look even more impressive than they already are. ;)
  26. Ned

    Audio Equipment

    I'm a little confused. Doesn't your Rode do that on its own?
  27. Ned

    Is u4/3 enough?

    To me the E-P5 + 25mm/1.8 image looks much cleaner and crisper, especially when looking at it on a good monitor with clear color definition. The D700 image shows a color cast and is oversaturated in yellow whereas the E-P5 image shows a clear definition between colors in the petals (which allows...
  28. Ned

    Is u4/3 enough?

    Probably not. If you show up with a DSLR, they will probably have a "camera" (not lenses or lighting) "just like that" at home, or at least what looks like that. If you show up with an Olympus digital body that looks like a classic SLR (ie, OM-D) or Rangefinder (ie, Pen), then chances are that...
  29. Ned

    Anyone use Photosynth?

    I thought this was something plants used? :p
  30. Ned

    Olympus 12mm f2 vs 9-18mm question.

    I hear you like IQ. You should get the m.Zuiko 12mm/2. Seriously, you bring up IQ alot in your post and this sounds like an important point. Well, okay... you outright said that you're "mainly interested in IQ". ;) The m.Zuiko 9-18mm is an inexpensive zoom in the budget "standard grade"...
  31. Ned

    20mm, 45mm, then... ?

    No, don't get the 12-50mm. If you have the 20mm/1.7 and the 45mm/1.8, you will only be taking a huge step down with that zoom! You'll be covering a similar range but with a much slower, softer lens. There are fast zooms which get "close enough" to the quality of primes, but this is not one of...
  32. Ned

    Sold my full frame - Now what?

    Why not the Olympus OM-D E-M1 or Panasonic GH4? You said you want it all so why not get the best? Either of these bodies are cheaper than a full-frame DSLR (or at least the ones that would hit my scope of interest). No, there is a much larger gap in the performance level of entry-level and...
  33. Ned

    All your bags?

    I have a few different kits. My smallest (everyday carry) kit fits in this tiny "Aero Sport" bag, and includes a Pen Mini body, 50mm/1.4, 85mm/1.8, EVF, 3.5mm mic jack and stereo mic with windscreen, 4 spare batteries, tabletop tripod, lens pen, spare cards, etc.: My next size up travel kit...
  34. Ned

    E-PM2 focusing issues

    No, none of this sounds normal. The focus assist beam should rarely go on, though that part is not a big deal because you can just turn it right off if it bothers you or you think it might be interfering with your focus speed. Wherever you set the green box though, is where the camera should...
  35. Ned

    What should I do (/keep me in the fold)?

    The X100 is a nice camera, but it will never grow. It will eventually become way out-dated and pretty much "disposable" as new camera technologies. come up. In fact, the X100 is already very old, though still viable. The E-M10 is a start to a system which you can expand on and grow as much as...
  36. Ned

    Olympus E-mount OMD full frame camera?

    The first comment I read there was that Olympus would not use the E-mount but would instead make the camera an OM mount. I had to facepalm on that one. For one thing, Olympus would never make a new digital body which only works with manual glass. For another thing, Olympus would never make a...
  37. Ned

    Olympus E-mount OMD full frame camera?

    I like this idea. Olympus cameras are made for photographers. Every time I handle a Sony camera I feel it is made for electronic gadget people, not photographers. Their sensors however lead the market, so this would be the best of both manufacturers in one camera. I would prefer to see Olympus...
  38. Ned

    Hard decision - EPL5 or E-M10

    There's nothing wrong with the 16:9 screen. When shooting stills it just gives you more width to put your camera info without getting in the way of the image. When using focus aids and such, the magnification fills the entire screen. If you're that picky about how much screen is being used, On...
  39. Ned

    Sell it all for Fuji?

    None of the pop-up flashes were actually "made" to be pulled back for bounce. That was just a serendipitous advantage that was found from the old design used by both Panasonic and Olympus cameras. However, that old design was also very fragile... thus it was abandoned for a more conventional...
  40. Ned

    Olympus 2X Digital Zoom

    Yes, Photobucket compresses and degrades all uploads.
  41. Ned

    Hoodman Loupe on a GM1?

    I think it depends on what you're comparing to and what your use is? I don't think it's a replacement for a good EVF in most instances, but ean10775's use for it is ideal - as a replacement for an EVF only when you are using your camera in such a way that you don't have access to an EVF (ie...
  42. Ned

    Help diagnosing what this is on my lens?

    "We don't allow fungus here." "Why not? I'm a fun guy!"
  43. Ned

    Nissin i40 Compact flash "...the right size for m4/3"

    This looks perfect! Very interested. And I always though the i40 was an Interstate. ;)
  44. Ned

    OM-D M1: Is there a reason NOT to choose "low" ISO?

    Yup... your camera only has so fast a shutter speed it can obtain (ie, 1/4000s, 1/8000s, etc., depending on the body... or less if you're syncing with flash, like 1/180s, 1/250s, 1320s, etc.). If you're using a wider aperture for more isolated DOF rather than just obtaining more light, then a...
  45. Ned

    Lens suggestions for E-PL5

    For something that will double as dual-purpose for both low-light and portraits, and also has fast AF, the m.Zuiko 45mm/1.8 really sounds like your best bet.... especially if the 75mm/1.8 is out of your budget (it would be better for headshots but less versatile for both general low-light...
  46. Ned

    please help me narrow my decision

    Sounds like a solid plan, and yes it will meet your requirements. If it were me though, I would swap your #2 with your #3 for order of purchase. If you start off with a nice 25mm/1.4 prime, then you will want that 42.5/1.2 to go with it, and will spend no more on that as you would a zoom lens...
  47. Ned

    New Adapted Lens aquired

    Sweet find! I admit I don't use my OM Zuiko 75-150mm/4 very often, but I do love using it whenever I bring it out! I imagine it should be a similar experience to your FD Canon 70-210/4, though you've got quite a bit more range in yours. :D
  48. Ned

    Ultrawide primes?

    If you want the best, get the 4/3 Zuiko Digital 7-14mm/4 with the MMF-3 mount adapter. ;) Well... if you don't mind the size and weight of course. xD Seriously, I don't see what's wrong with the Lumix 7-14mm/4? It's a fabulous lens and I see no need for another. A prime could be made faster...
  49. Ned

    Not really bonding with my EM1

    This is a very logical assessment. I am a full-time working photographer and came from the DSLR world before m4/3 existed. In that world I would always buy the heaviest pro-grade line of bodies, because there were very notable differences in the quality of the interior parts, such as the bright...
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