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    Why not use USB-C ??

    I thought QC went up after Olympus moved much of their manufacturing to Vietnam. My Pen-F and E-M5mkII were rock solid, both Vietnam made.
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    Why not use USB-C ??

    Olympus isn't the only one. Nikon released their Z50 with a micro USB port, despite having USB type-C in the Z6/Z7. So I'm guessing it is about pinching pennies. Honestly I prefer type-C because every micro USB phone I've owned eventually suffers from port wear making the device useless.
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    Nikon Z50 mirrorless APS-C camera and two lenses (16-55mm and 50-250mm) to be announced soon

    Sucks that Nikon didn't put IBIS into the Z50. With that big Z mount, they potentially could of implemented a really nice 5-axis IBIS system.
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    Random/Selling on craigslist head shaker

    Actually I've had my best M43 sales through CL. Here in LA, most M43 users are video guys who either shoot with Panasonic or Blackmagic Pocket cameras. Most are willing to pay asking price since they need a lens for an upcoming project! :D
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    Mosquitoes - What do you use for them?

    Study shows concentrated coconut oil has the ability to repel mosquitoes. I've also increased consumption of MHT coconut powder (for working out and supplemental reasons) and I've noticed over the summer the mosquitoes haven't been very attracted to my blood, while my wife is still getting...
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    Adding a Sony A7ii with manual lenses to M43 system

    At current used prices, you can't beat the A7II for adapting manual SLR lenses. It comes with IBIS, doesn't suffer from sensor reflections of the 1st gen A7 and it has EFCS which minimizes shutter vibration. Just buy a bunch of NP-FW50 batteries and you'll be set!
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    Leica M as universal mount for multiple mirrorless systems

    My problem with the M-mount is that lenses are optimized for film or the extremely thin sensor stack of M-mount digital cameras which result in soft corners on FF sensor cameras. Even on M43 (which has a thicker sensor stack) the performance isn't optimal.
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    A week in Krabi, Thailand. Do's and don'ts?

    Just following up with our family trip to Bangkok and Krabi! I posted the shots on Talk-E-Mount if anyone is interested! BTW - I ate about 80% Thai street food, drank coconut smoothies daily and came back so lean, someone thought I was a Muay Thai fighter! Diet-wise I can eat Thai food all day...
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    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    Apparently you get a tax break with the Kei cars on top of being fuel efficient and small. Also living in LA, parking is already cramped and it'd be perfect for cruising the city. The newer models aren't much smaller than a regular compact car and I think it's only the engine displacement that...
  10. J

    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    I have to admit, the cars were pretty cool in Japan! Out of all the exotic cars I saw, my favorite vehicle was this tiny Honda S660 mid-rear engine drive K-car. It's basically a glorified go-cart and small enough my kids could probably drive it, but I could imagine how fun it would be driving...
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    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    If anyone is interested, here are some photos from my Tokyo trip, posted on TalkEMount! Link: Flickr Set:
  12. J

    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    I was watching videos last night, and I so want to go. I know my kids would love it. Also it's totally Instagram worthy for some cool shots! :D
  13. J

    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    That's PERFECT! Even though we have UNIQLO here in LA, that'll be the best distraction for them while I get to explore! I'm glad I started this thread, good to know we have some seasoned world travelers! ;)
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    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    My wife and kids already rolled their eyes when I mentioned going to the camera stores in Tokyo! I think I'd get down voted by family committee if I suggested any camera museums! :D
  15. J

    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    Thanks for the suggestion! After looking at the site, I think we'll definitely book tickets!
  16. J

    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    They have a huge Toyota City Showcase complex. I was thinking of bringing the kids there! ABOUT MEGA WEB|MEGA WEB(メガウェブ)
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    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    I've been following quite a few Japanese street photographers on IG, so I have a gist of what's acceptable. Saying that, I'm looking forward to applying some of my LA street grit in Tokyo, but I'll probably adjust my shots to be more environmental as opposed to people focused. Though if I land...
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    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    If anything, we just want absorb Japanese society, culture and food. We originally planned to do our honeymoon there, but you know kids happen when you least expect it! :D I actually have this urge to do some old school PvP on a Street Fighter arcade machine if possible, just to re-live my...
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    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    Will do! This will be a fairly epic trip and I'll be covering quite a bit of ground! My wife and kids have been rolling their eyes at me on those sleepless hours thinking of what camera and lens combination to bring! :D
  20. J

    A week in Krabi, Thailand. Do's and don'ts?

    Totally familiar with protocol regarding the royal family. I was quite interested that the current king's father was also an avid photographer. My other half is Buddhist, and we're used to practicing proper etiquette when visiting temples/monasteries and also respecting spiritual landmarks...
  21. J

    A week in Krabi, Thailand. Do's and don'ts?

    Are you saying once you get to Ko Phi Phi rent a kayak? How were the other islands? I don't plan to do any snorkeling with my kids-in-tow! Also you said Ko Lanta wasn't worth the drive, what were the points of interest that were worth seeing? I'll probably split the trip into beach hopping...
  22. J

    A week in Krabi, Thailand. Do's and don'ts?

    Last time I was in Bangkok, I ate street food with fresh fruit for breakfast, chicken bbq sticks when on the go and I devoured anything and everything that was spicy. Never got sick, plus I drank a bunch of those yogurt smoothies sold at 7-11 which did wonders neutralizing the spicy dishes! This...
  23. J

    A week in Krabi, Thailand. Do's and don'ts?

    Thanks for the info! I'm very familiar with Bangkok, since I spent an epic street shooting trip there back in 2017, but I haven't been to Krabi province yet so I was a bit interested on your thoughts. Bummed to hear about Ao Nang being dark and sandy. Any chance you were able to visit Railay...
  24. J

    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    My kids have had passports since they were born. Both my kids have travelled several times internationally and also they've been drilled in big city Los Angeles survival, so I think they'll be okay. :D I went through all your blog posts, sounds like fun! I'm definitely looking forward to...
  25. J

    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    Good to know about the train cards. I don't plan on using credit much on my trip. Looking forward to just exploring!
  26. J

    A week in Krabi, Thailand. Do's and don'ts?

    I have no plans going near Phuket and Pattaya. Trying to keep this trip as family friendly as possible! ;) Bangkok I'm familiar with, I've just never been to Krabi Province, which is known for Ao Nang and Railay Beach, which usually rates at the best beaches in Thailand.
  27. J

    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    Well we're staying in Akihabara, mainly because the hotel we booked accepted our credit card points! :D I want to see camera shops and do lots of street shooting. My wife wants to eat ramen and sushi. My kids want to see all things Sanrio and robots! :) That's pretty much all we're interested in!
  28. J

    Traveling to Tokyo, Japan - any tips?

    Planning a Tokyo trip soon and staying near Akihabara. Going with the whole family, four total. We briefly considered leaving our kids (5 & 8 yrs. old) with the grandparents, but we figured we'd miss them too much after one day! Anyways, I think it's also an excellent educational lesson for...
  29. J

    A week in Krabi, Thailand. Do's and don'ts?

    Hey Teemu how was your Krabi trip? I'm planning to head that way myself soon. Would love to hear your experiences? BTW - Teemu is also my son's nickname! :D
  30. J

    Sony's New Telephoto Lenses

    Are we doing these comparisons again? I don't think it's worth even debating. Pick the system that vibes best with you! ;) This would be a more appropriate comparison.
  31. J

    San Gabriels- Big Mermaids Canyon, 6/2/19 (a live-fire test of the EM1 mk ii)

    Nice, didn't even know we have nice wilderness here in LA! I need to check this out!
  32. J

    Best Android based tablet for travel and light photo editing?

    Ha, I can't believe this thread got bumped from 2017! Just to update everyone, I gave up on my tablet photo editing journey! The tablet now spends most it's days watching movies and surfing photography websites while in bed! :D Saying that, Apple laptops must not be selling well, because there...
  33. J

    Are we among the graying?

    The problem is the perception of photography hasn't changed one bit especially in the west. No offense, but I don't want to shoot birds or landscapes in the back country. I found photography to be extremely vibrant and exciting in other parts of the world and yet living in a place like Los...
  34. J

    For those of you owning the Olympus 9mm f8 Body Cap Lens…

    The 9mm BCL is the default lens I leave on my daughter's old Panasonic GF2 camera. In good light it produces amazing detail! I believe I used the Sam/Rok 7.5 FE profile on this shot to de-fish it: P1020604 by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr
  35. J

    Flickr down 20 hours and counting - May 23rd, 22:00 GMT

    I actually got a discount during Black Friday. Business 101, the customer is always right! I just sent them a stern letter regarding the downtime. It's actually unacceptable especially if working photographers rely on albums for client related work. If you don't speak up, things don't get done!
  36. J

    Flickr down 20 hours and counting - May 23rd, 22:00 GMT

    Well I'm going to complain to customer service, since I did pay for Flickr Pro. They should offer some sort of freebies for this downtime. I do use Flickr as a cloud storage and as a web preview for clients using private web links. Luckily I have my high-res download on another cloud service for...
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    Fuji's 100mp BEAST

    Same one! ;) I think smaller format cameras are better for general shooting, but Fuji is basically going to monopolize larger format cameras with the GFX series. I've actually been eyeballing the GFX 50R, but I don't think I could get myself to pull the trigger since 20-24mp cameras are plenty...
  38. J

    Fuji's 100mp BEAST

    This is a flagship body for Fuji's medium format line, I think it's priced and spec'ed accordingly. Saying that the Fuji GFX 50R is the one that's most attainable price-wise. It's coming in at about $3500-4k USD used/new. Get a dumb adapter and you can get some large format goodness with some...
  39. J

    Olympus to releasse Fixed Lens compact and MFT body this year.

    How about a waterproof M43 camera with 14-42mm lens? That would be great for travel!
  40. J

    Twenty days in Singapore, Cambodia and Bangkok

    Awesome set! Cambodia is next on my bucket list to shoot. Bangkok has really good camera stores with huge selections and very clean used gear.
  41. J

    Really enoying the Olympus 8mm f1.8 Fisheye

    I think you should edit the title, it almost reads like you're really annoying the Olympus 8mm fisheye! ;) Regarding de-fishing, I'd recommend stopping down a bit to maximize sharpness corner-to-corner, that way when you straighten the image, the image will retain as much sharpness as possible...
  42. J

    43rumors declares the Pen-F dead

    Pen-F wins for best looking and best built (screw-less) M43 camera ever! I miss mine now! :( 180213_gear_porn_006 by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr A nice write-up about the Pen-F on Olympus Global: Olympus PEN-F Mirrorless Interchangeable-lens Camera : Olympus Design : OLYMPUS
  43. J

    Panasonic S1. Is strong. Is hairy chested

    I don't get the point of these videos? That's what insurance is for! ;)
  44. J

    I am interested to know if any Olympus owner use DXO Filmpack?

    I'm a big fan of DXO Filmpack! I use it as finishing software for jpeg output. It has the same micro clarity/sharpness sliders as DXO OpticsPro, but without the need to learn the software if you prefer another raw editor. You can smooth skin out, without making it look overly processed, while...
  45. J

    Holi - Festival from Spiritual Place of INDIA

    Great shots! Awesome to see the real thing and not the fake festivals thrown by people who just appropriate the event with no respect for the history behind it.
  46. J

    Reliance on Manufacturer JPEG Styles Too Much Is a Crutch

    I use a variety of cameras systems, sensor formats and lenses. The one strength of raw is that it can bring all those images into my own consistent vision regardless of what camera I used. I can argue that relying solely on jpegs from one camera brand is incredibly narrow and stifling. I can...
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    Share: 1" Sensor Showcase

    I recently picked up a Nikon 1 6.7-13mm VR to pair with my Nikon J5 and I think many M43 users would appreciate this setup. It's similar to something like an Olympus 9-18mm + an E-PL8 or GM5 when combined, but you get the advantages of the BSI sensor + OSPDAF. I find I get a very high hit rate...
  48. J

    Are you still using your 14mm f2.5?

    I've just sold my 12th or so copy of this lens today. I buy them cheap and usually sell them for a small profit so I can buy coffee or a burrito! I always miss it, and then don't use it!
  49. J

    Event Photography - am I expecting too much of myself/my gear?

    Looking forward to your images!
  50. J

    Event Photography - am I expecting too much of myself/my gear?

    I'd set the GX7 to a higher ISO (1600?) with the 14-140mm, I'd use the E-M10 with the 25mm and set the ISO maybe at 800 max. I'd use the GX7 as your posed shot camera and the E-M10 as the candid PJ setup. Don't be afraid of motion blur either, the E-M10 will allow for certain types of stylistic...
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