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  1. nokiamia

    Nikon and Canon comments on m4/3

    Canon / Nikon definitely lost out 1 unit of sale when I was looking for a DSLR-like quality camera in the compact form-factor, to replace my aging DSLR. Since then, I've became a huge Olympus M4/3 fan. A friend moving up from P/S ditch the idea of carrying bulky DSLR for an EPL2. That's 2 units...
  2. nokiamia

    Just got my Oly EPL-2 and Panny 20mm 1.7!

    I would would recommend setting up the EPL2 with Pana 20. Try it out and see how it goes.
  3. nokiamia

    Just bought a NEX 3, keep my E-P1?

    i'm sure by now you can see the diff of image quality between the 2. i had a NEX5 and EP2 side by side. though the lens made a huge difference (nex5 with 16mm vs ep2 with pana20mm), i kept the EP2 and sold off the NEX5.
  4. nokiamia

    E-PL1 near the harbour (1st time usage)

    lovely shots! love the effect. suits the images very well!
  5. nokiamia

    Wireless Flash Image thread

    great to know that this is possible :-) thanks!!!
  6. nokiamia

    My New Olympus EP-2

    Hey Brian, love the photo. It reminds me why I bought the Pen in the first place. It's a great looking camera. I just wish that the EP2 has a recessed hot shoe like the EP1. It makes a big difference. But the EP2 EVF is so superb, all is forgiven. The Pen is truly a classic.
  7. nokiamia

    Hello from Malaysia

    Welcome to the forum. I'm also from Malaysia (Kulim). This forum is super great for micro 4/3 users. Enjoy yourself here!
  8. nokiamia

    Ni hao from China.

    welcome dave! this is a very wonderful forum.
  9. nokiamia

    Schneider-Kreuznach Robot Xenon 40mm f/1.9 goes to the sea

    this is beautiful! great work!
  10. nokiamia

    Hotel View

    Impressive. I love the green texture and formation. Lovely capture.
  11. nokiamia

    E-P2 Help

    The noises in low ISO are probably due to the Gradation setting (dynamic range) setting. It's probably at 'auto' where the camera will try to blow the darker areas to increase details. Try changing to 'normal' and see the difference. Oh, when you turn on 'face detection', the gradation is...
  12. nokiamia

    Ep2 versus 14x140mm IS

    the tests are saying, if u have a lens with IS, turn it ON. if the lens doesnt have IS, turn the IS in the camera ON. either way you cant go wrong! what a beautiful life!
  13. nokiamia

    Showcase Nikon 50mm/f1.8

    A stray cat... among the first pic I took when I got myself an adapter for this beautiful 50mm f/1.8 pancake lens. This lens has been idling for ages... amazing that it's in superb working condition. The 50mm... mounted on a Nutella.
  14. nokiamia

    Panny 14-140 and the PL1

    dcisive, boyzo ---- what an image!!! super tack sharp!! beautifully composed too!
  15. nokiamia

    7-14, EP-2 ... love it

    Nice website. Loads of beautifully taken pictures!
  16. nokiamia

    Gunkanjima - E-P1 on a deserted Japanese island.

    Awesome website. Love the images. Definitely an ultra wide angle lens. I wonder what camera he used.
  17. nokiamia

    Wedding Party (56k warning)

    Wow, amazing pictures! Really brought the event to life with it.
  18. nokiamia

    Showcase Olympus 40mm f/1.4 Pen FT

    amazing pics, Shinka! the oly 40mm looks really happy on your ep1!
  19. nokiamia

    What I really like about my m4/3

    Robert Watcher, thanks for sharing. I've NEVER used anything higher than ISO1600. But your post has showed me that it's OK to do so. I feel so 'doh!'. Will start experimenting soon! Thanks again!
  20. nokiamia

    E-P2 jpgs - the colours just "pop"

    BBW, exactly the question I'd like to ask BartonFlyer. BartonFlyer.... which setting did you use? Vivid or Normal? Your pics are amazing. You're right, the color just 'pops'!
  21. nokiamia

    First outing with new 7-14

    ron smith, your pics are amazing. i like the effect that ultra wide gives. i have a question tho, is there any way to fit a polarizer filter on the 7-14?
  22. nokiamia

    Mahon Pool

    peterb666, your shots are marvelous! please keep it coming!
  23. nokiamia

    Focus annoyance E-P2 w. adapted 4/3 AF lens

    On S AF + MF, try pressing the shutter half-way, and without letting it go, move the focus ring to MF. Once the focus is bang on, depress the shutter fully. There's another way, which is to set what goes on when the shutter in depressed half-way, but I can't recall it now.
  24. nokiamia

    Is the Electronic Viewfinder worth it?

    The image size from the evf is quite satisfying. It's about the same as when you peep into a Canon 550 dslr. My take on this topic is, I use the evf when I can't rely much on the LCD, ie on a bright day and using manual lens. On these 2 occasions, the evf is priceless. Other than that, I'd...
  25. nokiamia

    First Pics with mu43 Olympus 9-18

    All I got for Fathers Day was a card. Lucky you!
  26. nokiamia

    New here

    Frenssales, can't wait to see your eventual EP2. I really think it's worth to customize the EP1/2 and EPL1 to individual liking as they are such a gorgeous cameras.
  27. nokiamia

    Ultra-wide panasonic or olympus

    it's frustrating that we don't have much choice in wide angle zoom lenses other than these 2, which are comparatively expensive. and i've not begun talking about ultra wide fixed focus lenses. i hope sigma, tamron or tokina would make one soon. i guess, it must have been either very hard to...
  28. nokiamia

    E-P1 body case issue...

    so sorry to hear that. i can test on my ep2 and see if theres a similar risk. will keep you posted.
  29. nokiamia

    Oly 14-54mm vs 14-42mm is it worth the price?

    hi ET100, thanks so much. your information hits the right spot. i think i will forget about the MK1 and hunt for MKII. i can sleep well tonight. thanks again.
  30. nokiamia

    Oly 14-54mm vs 14-42mm is it worth the price?

    Hi there, I just found a 3yr old used Zuiko 14-54 f/2.8-3.5 Mk1 for USD250. Do you think it's worth a buy for my EP-2?
  31. nokiamia

    silver e-p2

    What a beautiful piece of photography tool.
  32. nokiamia

    First E-p2 photos

    Super sharp!
  33. nokiamia

    New Olympus E-P1 user

    exactly brian. olympus has a great line up of micro 4/3 cameras... but very poor offering of prime lenses. hope they're working on it.
  34. nokiamia

    Do not underestimate the E-PL1 kit lens. You have been warned.

    vietcam, your first pic says it all. amazing.
  35. nokiamia

    G1 800ASA church shot

    herman, just curious, was the OIS turned on?
  36. nokiamia

    New Olympus E-P1 user

    wow, you have an amazing set of photography tool. the full-frame a850 has long been something i'm dreaming of having. welcome to the world of micro 4/3!
  37. nokiamia

    Showcase Nikon 105mm f/2.5

    lovely pics, brian. the sharpness is amazing.
  38. nokiamia

    Showcase Nikon 105mm f/2.5

    Wow, 105mm at f/2. That kicks! Here's the lens we're talking about (specially made for this thread).
  39. nokiamia

    Glad to be here!

  40. nokiamia

    For the cat lovers (aka "Requisite Kitty Picture")

    this thread is therapeutic! keep it going!
  41. nokiamia

    Showcase Nikon 105mm f/2.5

    Olympus EP2 | 105mm | f/2.5 | ISO200 | -1.0EV | Auto WB
  42. nokiamia

    Hello Everyone...This is Satya

    Welcome. I hope you'd enjoy your adventure into the micro4/3 world.
  43. nokiamia

    E-P2 center focus point size

    Yeah, same here. It bugs me that the focus points are a bunch of boxes. I'm getting used to it though. The only consolation is that the box could be magnified with just a twist of the focus ring (with C-AF MF turned on) to fine tune the focus.
  44. nokiamia

    Olympus mZD 14-150mm f4-5.6 Experience Diary

    Great demo. Looks like a very good lens.
  45. nokiamia

    Olympus 17mm Lens

    I have both 17 and 20. When I first got my 20, I was going to sell off the 17. But I realized that the 17 is really sweet. It's quiet, light and the eff focal of 34mm is easier to manage. So, now it rotates. I use the 17 daytime and 20 when it's dark.
  46. nokiamia

    Nikon mount adapter question

    Something I just learnt from Prof Google, it seems that there are only 2 existing camera manufacturer that still sticks to 1 single mounting type: Nikon's f-mount and Pentax's k-mount. So any Nikon lens can fit onto any Nikon camera, or for our case, into any Nikon adapter to m4/3 mount.
  47. nokiamia

    Comments on Adapters

    This is a good thread. I bought myself a Nikon to m4/3 mount from eBay. It's a Japanese brand called Metabones. The store owner is also a forummer here by the name Lasjas. My review on this adapter is simply outstanding. The built quality is top notch. I really have no complaints actually. I...
  48. nokiamia

    Probably going to sell my camera

    I've owned a few Minoltas and when Sony bought over Minolta and produced DSLR, I bought Sony's DSLR too. In May, I wanted a small camera to take along for a vacation. I was actually waiting for NEX. I had only one eye on EP2. But when I saw NEX first pictures, I was quite dissapointed. It was...
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