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  1. cdmicha

    Best m4/3 choice for SOOC shots?

    I'll start by saying these are so subjective, I'm not sure any two people will have the same answers. But for funsies, here are mine: 1) They are all pretty good SOOC. Newer models offer different options, but I think the older 16mp (and even 12mp when the light is good) bodies do pretty good...
  2. cdmicha

    OM-D EM10 vs Lumix GX85/80:At the same price

    Just wanted to chime in, as I own both cameras. I'll preface this by saying they are both great cameras, and I feel either one would work well for most people. With that out of the way- The GX85(80) is newer, and in my opinion offers a more "overall" experience. The images are great, video...
  3. cdmicha

    Rethinking my mirrorless kit

    If weather sealing is a consideration, keep in mind that cross-brand sealing doesn't necessarily work. All evidence one way or the other that I've seen is circumstantial, I haven't come across a comprehensive review of it (maybe someone else has?) I haven't used the G95 live composite mode...
  4. cdmicha

    Rethinking my mirrorless kit

    That's a lot to think about! Regarding the body, if you like the jpgs SooC on Olympus, the E-M5.2 would be the way to go. I still prefer Olympus jpgs (although the newer panasonic bodies are just fine too, but the look isn't quite the same). It certainly sounds like a great deal with the...
  5. cdmicha

    Sigma 30mm f.1.4 vs Olympus 25mm f1.8 vs Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4

    The Oly 25 pairs quite nicely with the E-M10.2, both in size and in looks. It's a great lens, and that exact combo is our "goto" for everyday photos in our life. I've got the Sigma 30, and I've enjoyed it a lot paired with my G9, but for my taste, it's a little too large for the smaller...
  6. cdmicha

    Review Think Tank Urban Approach 5 Shoulder Bag

    I'd just like to add that I picked this one up to and am really impressed as to what it can hold. Its size is deceiving. For an everyday bag that I need to be able to get things in and out of easily while it's on my person, it easily holds a camera body and 2-3 lenses (This includes larger...
  7. cdmicha

    Think Tank Urban Approach 5 Shoulder Bag - $29

    I bit the bullet on this, and I'm glad I did- it's a near perfect size for a smaller kit bag. I'm completely happy with the purchase, especially at this price. Great review thread here if you're interested.
  8. cdmicha

    COMPLETED For Sale: OMD EM1 + lenses | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS

    This is an amazing kit at that price! If I didn't already have 2/3 of what you're offering, I'd be on it! Seriously, this is a great kit and price.
  9. cdmicha

    Focus shift / drift when stopped down - will re-focus fix it

    It's a perfectly fine lens for the price, and you can work around any focus shifting you find. Its really only noticeable when your aperture is in the 2.8-4 range and you are pretty close to your subject, and that's not a situation I'd imagine most people are in with a lens like this. Once you...
  10. cdmicha

    So any one planned to buy the G90/95? Or G9 vs G90

    According to the internets, the 70D is rated at 100,000 actuations, if you're looking for a reason to upgrade now. Of course ratings don't really tell you anything about how many shots your camera can handle, so take that with a grain of salt. I'd say a better reason to upgrade quickly is if...
  11. cdmicha

    So any one planned to buy the G90/95? Or G9 vs G90

    I switched from a canon setup 4 years ago (70D and 6D) to an all M43 system, and I haven't looked back. I've not used the G95, but as an owner of the G9 since January of last year, I can say that it's been a workhorse for me. Whatever I throw at it, it has handled well. I've printed photos up...
  12. cdmicha

    Today I did away with my biggest frustration with Pany Camera....

    I'm with you 100% on this one. Olympus' RAW previews are MUCH better, and until I realized there was such a large difference, I thought there was something wrong with my new G9 when I first got it. Like you, I shoot Raw + Jpg, and have them go to different cards. Another reason to do this is...
  13. cdmicha

    Mic for Piano?

    What kind of piano is it? I'd go with the paired stereo condenser route in general, and prices on those can range from $60-$thousands. You'd also need a decent recoding device or at least an xlr interface for your camera capable of phantom power... it can get expensive fast.
  14. cdmicha

    Settings for Panasonic G9 on Galapagos trip

    There are so many ways to customize the G9 that it would be hard for anyone else to tell you how to do this. For me, with a dedicated drive mode dial and dedicated focus mode dial, I don't even use custom settings like I used to do with other cameras. You need burst mode? Simple dial switch...
  15. cdmicha

    Amateur looking for best "next thing"

    I used to own the 45 1.8, 60 2.8, and 75 1.8. If you are looking to shoot macro, the 60mm is the way to go for sure. Personally, I wouldn't get it for a portrait lens if you've already got the 45 1.8. It can double as one if you didn't have another option, but the size and IQ of the 45 is...
  16. cdmicha

    Came over to say hi and....

    I'd say that all of the modern m43 cameras are quite capable and produce great results, it probably just comes down to what features you're most interested in having, and which camera design you like the best. In general, Panasonic is known more for hybrid capabilities, providing great video...
  17. cdmicha

    Amateur looking for best "next thing"

    I'm also a huge fan of the 12-40 2.8. Putting it on the E-M1 gives you a fully weather sealed kit- which is great for all sorts of non-ideal weather shooting. With your 40-150, you also might look into the raynox 150 or 250 conversion lenses for macro. Having a dedicated macro lens would...
  18. cdmicha

    1.8 Tb and I'm out of space

    I'm with the others, get more storage. I usually create a new catalog each calendar year, which makes it easy to offload images to other drives if I need. Lightroom is happy to look for images wherever you tell it to, over multiple drives. Even if you move entire directories to a different...
  19. cdmicha

    Upgrading from EM5mk1

    The only video Iv'e taken in gyms of youth sports/activities is the 4K/6K photo mode video on panasonic, with the express purpose of extracting stills (There's no audio). While this has worked for me, I still prefer taking mechanical shots. Video wise, it's either family videos of my kids...
  20. cdmicha

    Family photography?

    Pretty much any current m43 camera will focus and take an image much faster than a phone. Indoors, especially in a single room, bounce flash is super handy. I'll frequently place one up high, set exposure for somewhere around the middle of the room, then just go to town. I'd also recommend...
  21. cdmicha

    Upgrading from EM5mk1

    Based on what you say you want in video (4k, 60p, long record times), it seems the GH5 is the only camera that will fit the bill. I own the G9, and it's brilliant for both stills and video, but that 10 min limit on 4k 60p sounds like a deal breaker to you. If it helps, the G9's 1080p looks...
  22. cdmicha

    On the edge help me out...

    Have you rented/used the camera/lens combo you're thinking of switching to in low light? Sometimes I recall my older dslr gear with rose colored glasses- and it's not until I use them in hand again that I realize things weren't as good as I remembered. Not to say that's the case with you- but...
  23. cdmicha

    My latest foray into FF mirrorless - and why I'm sticking with m43

    I've considered the same move OP mentions many times myself, but it always comes down to lenses. Both size and cost. And the lingering thought through all of it is this- even if I were to spend the money and switch, would I really notice a difference in my photography? Unlikely. Sure, the...
  24. cdmicha

    Olympus 25 vs Panasonic 25 (f1.7)

    I've got both the Oly 25 1.8 and Pana 25 1.7, and they are both good lenses. The Oly is better built and smaller, which I like, but the Pana can focus with dfd on the newer panasonic bodies... So honestly it's a wash. I use both wide open 99% of the time, and while there is a subtle color...
  25. cdmicha

    EM5 to mkii or EM1-2?

    I'm guessing you already have weather sealed Olympus lenses? If so, I'd 100% say the E-M1 II. Weather sealing between brands may or may not work as well as going all Oly or all Pana. Unless price is a factor here, the E-M1 makes more sense.
  26. cdmicha

    Low rated m43 lenses

    I'm with the others regarding DXO- some useful information could be had, but misleading scoring and too many cameras/lenses I care about missing from their reviews give me pause. It can be handy to compare different lenses on the same camera, or different cameras using the same lens, but for me...
  27. cdmicha

    SOLVED: Advice on upgrading

    It might come with some of the same issues as your E-M10, but the E-M1 (version 1) is also fairly easy to come by these days, and a workhorse of a camera.
  28. cdmicha

    SOLVED: Advice on upgrading

    Unfortunately, you've named some things off that you want/like that are pretty brand specific, so it might be best to figure out what's most important. It sure seems like you are leaning toward Panasonic, just know that: 1) The colors (still) aren't the same as Olympus 2) You won't get focal...
  29. cdmicha

    What are your super blood wolf moon shooting tips?

    Just posted my series over on the blood moon pic thread. I had a lot of fun with it. Best part is I was able to shoot from my driveway, so no sitting outside for 2 hours :)
  30. cdmicha

    Super Wolf Blood Moon!

    I had a really fun time doing this... makes me want to get out and give regular old astrophotography a go. As mentioned in another thread, two things I learned are: 1) 150mm isn't nearly long enough for the image I had in my mind and 2) stars & the moon move a lot faster in the night sky than I...
  31. cdmicha

    What are your super blood wolf moon shooting tips?

    Had a fun time trying to take some images of this thing- and I quickly realized two things: 1) 150mm isn't long enough and 2) celestial bodies move a lot faster in the night sky than I thought. Anyway, here's one, I might go through them and put another online tomorrow.
  32. cdmicha

    Olympus vs JJC lens hoods

    I got the JJC hood for my 75mm, and it's worked just fine. Olympus is very proud of their lens hoods, and sadly, many of their lenses don't (ar at least didn't) come with them.
  33. cdmicha

    TTL flash and camera metering question

    When shooting with flash indoors, I'll typically set shutter speed, aperture, AND ISO- then take a few tests to see what power I end up using. Godox has a really handy TCM feature where you can switch over to manual shooting after a TTL reading, so its easy to change the ISO or flash power to...
  34. cdmicha

    Which mirrorless?

    I understand that- it's a great lens.
  35. cdmicha

    Christmas 2018 Picture Thread

    It's not Christmas without a screaming child on Santa's lap. It's amazing how loud someone so small can be, especially in public.
  36. cdmicha

    M zuiko lens question.

    I'll also add that as an owner of weather sealed Olympus lenses and both Olympus and Panasonic bodies, the lenses certainly don't fit as "snug" on the Panasonic bodies. I can definitely feel resistance when mounting weather sealed Olympus lenses on an Olympus body, but they attach with less...
  37. cdmicha

    Which mirrorless?

    One for sale right here, with plenty of room to get lens(es) you might want: For Sale: E-M1 & 5, Oly 75mm, 150mm, Sigma 18-35, adapters | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS I do love the E-M1 mark 1. It's been a workhorse for me over the years. Couple that with a used 12-40 2.8, and you'd still...
  38. cdmicha

    M zuiko lens question.

    Other than pro lenses, the 60 macro, 12-50, and 14-150ii have weather sealing. As mentioned, there are quite a few panasonic lenses that are sealed, but they may or may not provide the same amount of sealing on an Olympus body. Also, the Sigma 16 and 56 are both sealed to an extent...
  39. cdmicha

    Upgrading my camera soon. Im sure this has been done to death.... but....

    I started with the E-M5, then upgraded to the E-M1. Still image quality is fairly similar, video quality is much improved, but what kept me using it for 3 years is its build quality, ergonomics, and features. To this day I have no issues with its performance or image quality, and at the prices...
  40. cdmicha

    Pet portraits - bunnies - the result

    .... And welcome to the "rabbit hole" of off-camera lighting.... It's so much fun! (sorry for the horribly obvious pun)
  41. cdmicha

    LR 5: Finally time to upgrade--but to what???

    Pretty much all of the paid alternatives have 30 day unrestricted trials, so I'd give them each a go. I did just that, and actually found out that as much loathing I have against paying monthly for Adobe, LR + PS is the best for me, at least right now.
  42. cdmicha

    Review Quick Review on Panasonic G9

    It sure sounds like you got a lemon, and I totally understand where you're coming from. Fortunately for me, I've not had these same issues, so my experience with the camera has been much more positive- but some of the points you make I agree 100% with. The 20mp sensor in the camera, as you...
  43. cdmicha

    Good resource for memory card performance

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but with all the recent memory card deals (and likely others to come), you might wonder which is the best/fastest for your specific camera. Just because you might have that fancy new UHS-II slot doesn't mean you can put any old UHS-II card in there...
  44. cdmicha

    COMPLETED FREE Olympus stuff

    I should do this with some old Canon stuff I have left over from my dSLR days... good on you for passing these along.
  45. cdmicha

    G9 Live Composite Mode....possible?

    It's called Light Composition, and it combines images from a 6k/4k burst. It doesn't work the same way, but gives a similar type end result (although not as cool as Oly's that slowly creates an image over time). I've not use it, but according to the advanced manual, here's how it works...
  46. cdmicha

    Which do you personally prefer: More or fewer lenses?

    I want to say I like limitations, but looking at my gear, it's just not the case. I love the flexibility of a large kit. Most of the time, I just take a camera and 2-3 lenses with me places, but sometimes, I load it all up (it's really convenient that I can get 3 bodies, 8 lenses, lighting...
  47. cdmicha

    Question about the Peak Design Leash strap...

    I use it all the time with my GX85- it practically lives on there. It's great for smaller body/lens combinations- I wear it over one should off to the side (sort of like a black rapid), and even carrying it around for hours feels like nothing's there. I own 3 PD products- the Cuff (really...
  48. cdmicha

    Panasonic G9 Amazon warehouse 20% off

    Make sure you test it thoroughly once you receive it- I've not had great luck with Amazon Warehouse deals (mostly items coming DOA). Thankfully the return policy is simple, but I hope you don't have to use it! I love my G9.
  49. cdmicha

    E-M1 II to big compared to E-M10+grip?

    Size wise, when comparing a gripped E-M10 with an ungripped E-M1, they are very similar- however, I find the E-M1 much more comfortable (and functional) to hold. Especially if using anything but pancake or small prime lenses. I think the better question was this one: There's quite a world of...
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