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    Review Olympus OM-D E-M5 Review

    A very good review... I really liked mine very much, its a clever well designed camera. Even the menu system is quite good. That 12-50mm lens is one of the best kit lenses I have ever come across, shame I don't have it any more some miserable _ _ _ _ _ smashed his way into my house stole all my...
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    [EXPIRED] Really Right Stuff L bar for Olympus PEN EP-2

    It was very late for me when I posted this anyway firm it is... Its a bargain!
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    [EXPIRED] Really Right Stuff L bar for Olympus PEN EP-2

    One Really Right Stuff L bar for Olympus PEN EP-2 in very good condition. Not certain if it will fit EP-3 exactly USD 60.00 firm
  4. Really Right Stuff L bar for Olympus PEN EP-2

    Really Right Stuff L bar for Olympus PEN EP-2

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    LR3 Color Space Question

    With one exception that I can think of all the colour printers I have used mosty for larger prints use sRGB. Personally, having worked in reprographics I use LAB and that is one reason why I don't use LR or Aperture I have the former and the latter I sold off. Both are good applications but I...
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    Canon Speedlights used on EP-2/EP-3

    All good Thanks for that Ned. I thought that was the case but having never had the need to use the speedlights with the EP2 I thought it wise to use the collective wisdom of probably one of the best online forums before I do. I aslo have an MR14 ring flash which I have used a lot on my 5D kit...
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    Canon Speedlights used on EP-2/EP-3

    Has any of our esteemed brethren used Canon speedlights on Olympus Pens? Are there any serious trigger or (heaven forbid) damage problems? I'm not too bothered about incompatability with the ETTL system as I am used to using them in manual mode anyway. Just thinking about trying something...
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    question on comparing IQ

    IQ comparisons Hi Fred There are a few not too scientific IQ comparisons here: Nex 5N vs Leica M9 - FM Forums With regards to Aperture again you are right I bought version 2 but found I still had to duck into PS too often so it just slowed me down. I love all the features in both Aperture...
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    question on comparing IQ

    Hi Fred Yes you are right I was thinking of two issues. Just to clarify regarding IQ, I did a print comparison to find out if two cameras with the same sensor would actually produced identical images. I could not make up my mind which one to buy at the time! In very general terms the...
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    question on comparing IQ

    IQ and sensor size... There is no doubt in my mind that the larger the sensor within the same format the higher the noise of all sorts. Often this can be seen more readily on the screen than in a print. Everyone should run off a print every so often! When I last compared prints that were raw...
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    Samy's Camera in LA pushes NEX over M43 & Nikon 1?

    For any one who interested... After reading a few reviews of the NEX7 I was becoming softened up to seriously consider it as a contender. So I started looking at the back issues of Amateur Photographer (UK) for resolution/noise/ISO test comparisons NEX-Olympus-Lumix- and lastly Leica. The M9 is...
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    [EXPIRED] Olympus PEN EP-2 and kit lens

    Olympus PEN EP-2 and kit lens complete with Cokin UV filter fitted since new. All in original box battery cables manuals etc Very good condition except for a few cosmetic scratches next to the USB cover door. Happened while trying to plug in cable in the dark! Electronic Viewfinder not included...
  13. Olympus PEN EP-2 Rear

    Olympus PEN EP-2 Rear

  14. Olympus PEN EP-2

    Olympus PEN EP-2

  15. EP-2FRONT


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    Can a m4/3'rds camera match this?

    Sorry but I'm going to stick my neck out here and I am not trying to be mean and nasty or flame the creator but... I have not read all the comments to see if any one else sees the same as I do but the red (maple?) leaves do not constitute good image quality no matter what camera or type of...
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    When the rains came

    Nice work :smile:Nice work and great timing...
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    Fuji to Produce Micro Four Thirds camera in September?

    I'm pretty certain that Fuji makes their own sensors and electronics only relying on Nikon and others for the carcass. Fuji's S series image quality was very good with better noise / definition characteristics than most at the px level of the time. If they bring the same qualities to the Mu-43...
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    Leica to produce Mu-43 how things change!!

    Just to expand on my original post from a reliable source Leica to launch new compact system in 2012 [update] - British Journal of Photography Don't you just love messrs Kaufmann and Schopf's attitude?
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    Leica to produce Mu-43 how things change!!

    Yes I agree, its all speculation and only time will tell. Leica can't deliver many of its current lenses now so why a new range (?) maybe another made by Panasonic? However having just handled Leica D-Lux a small system camera, a digital CL perhaps, would be logical progression. The upcomming...
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    Leica to produce Mu-43 how things change!!

    About two years I remember a definite 'Nein' from Leica's CEO and now today I read that they have had a change of heart...Leica Will Go to the Micro Four Thirds-Style Party, Too A Leica Mu-43 camera in 15 months!:smile:
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    [EXPIRED] FS: Canon FD Lenses

    All of the lenses below I have had since new and all are in mint condition. There are no scratches on the lenses and having been in most all the time in Western Australia there is certainly no fungus. Western Australia is one of the driest places on the planet. There is no visible oil on the...
  23. Vivitar 200mm f 3.5 with Vivitar 2x converter for Canon FD mount

    Vivitar 200mm f 3.5 with Vivitar 2x converter for Canon FD mount

  24. Vivitar200


  25. Tamrac Velocity 9X

    Tamrac Velocity 9X

  26. Canon FD 135mm f3.5

    Canon FD 135mm f3.5

  27. Canon FD 28mm 2.8

    Canon FD 28mm 2.8

  28. Canon FD50mmf1.8

    Canon FD50mmf1.8

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    Pen Pro 2 to 3 years away... Oh dear!

    Came across this in my morning read feed... March 2011: Interview with Olympus • MegaPixel I personally was seriously hoping this would come about this year. Michael
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    Viewfinder vs LCD

    To quote a few of you wonderful people I'm a VF guy too! Down here in the antipodes it is impossible to shoot without a VF. Its so funny to watch Chinese and Japanese tourists straining to see into their digicams and phones in our bright light. The older they are the funnier it gets a sort of...
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    And now Zeiss and Komamura

    More excitement, it looks like there is going to be a lot of choice 'Pro quality' MFT primes... Zeiss, Schneider join Olympus-Panasonic lens group | Deep Tech - CNET News But still no word on a 'Pro body' Michael
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    Schneider Kreuznach Joins Micro Four Thirds!

    I welcome, make that excited at the prospect of Schneider Kreuznach making MFT lenses. Its at the point now where certain aspects of sensor and in camera image processing has to rise to the quality of the lenses!
  33. Paper wasp's nest

    Paper wasp's nest

    Olympus PEN Ep-2 f11 1/10s ISO125 Canon FD100mm Macro
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    Non-Canon lenses compatable with FD mount

    Hi Joe, There is a lot of good FD glass on ebay Vivitar, Sigma some Tamron, Tokina and Kiron the latter which I have never owned. With Vivitar 'series 1' is the key word ATX with Tokina. Tamron are generally quite good But! be careful about the Adaptall adapters they do fail from time to time...
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    A lens without peer

    NW sunsets I grew up very close to St Annes and its a fact the north west Lancashire and Morecombe Bay get some wonderful sunsets especially in winter between 3.30 and 4pm!!! Nice shot Michael
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    A really good review of the EPL-2

    I found this quie by accident a link via link Kirk Tuck has just writen a really good (glowing even!) review of the EPL2 The Visual Science Lab / Kirk Tuck: Olympus EPL2. Final Installment. Kirk's Definitive Opinion. Michael
  37. Drop camera (phone) HDR

    Drop camera (phone) HDR

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    W/NW - Camera phone photography

    While doing absolutly nothing except surfing the web on a very hot Chistmas day I found TruHDR an in-camera phone HDR app I had to wait a day or so before trying it out under extreme conditions but the above I found Tru-ly amazing from an iPhone 3. It was almost dusk with a hole in the clouds...
  39. iPhone photo Perth's eye!

    iPhone photo Perth's eye!

  40. iPhone photo Storm in our backyard.

    iPhone photo Storm in our backyard.

    Trial image of tru HDR taken at dusk I was 'tru'ly amazed by this output...
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    More native M4/3 lenses coming, wonder when the EP-3 will show up? 43 Rumors | Home

    More native M4/3 lenses coming, wonder when the EP-3 will show up? 43 Rumors | Home
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    Extension tubes?

    Hoya and B+W (Schneiderkreuznach) manufacture very high quality supplementary lenses. I have used both and the latter while expensive allow a little more exposure lattitude meaning they are have marginally better glass than the former in as much as the B+W remain neutral in rendering colour...
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    Using a Fotodiox shift adapter

    I have had a bad experience with a Fotodiox adapter, the machining on mine is just plain sloppy... A Leica R to EOS adapter I have skips its locking pin when one changes the aperture on the lens causing the lens and body to part company!!! I am sure there are other good manufacture's out there...
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    New Olympus products now on site

    In the last twenty odd years lens /glass coating technology has taken huge steps forward as a result accessory or supplementary lenses are practical, lighter and much smaller alternatives to additional full mount equipped lenses. Canon and in the past Leica manufactured them for their systems. I...
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    3 Lenses Only

    The best macro I have used thus far in all respects with an EP-2 is the Canon new FD 50mm with and without the FD25 extension tube. It has better chacteristics than the Leica R 90mm Macro. I think I could probably get by with 4 lenses the FD50 Macro 14-42 and the 20mm 1.7 and a tele probably...
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    300 mm recommendations

    The Vivitar 200mm lens on a Canon FD Mount is a good one and can be had for as little as $ 35.00. plus an adaptor... aeonium arboreum Olympus Pen EP-2 f5.6 1/160s ISO200 Canon FD Vivitar 200mm lens.
  47. aeonium arboreum

    aeonium arboreum

    Olympus Pen EP-2 f5.6 1/160s ISO200 Canon FD Vivitar 200mm lens.
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    Canon FD 50mm 1.8

    Does this 50mm f1.8 have a Breach Lock Mount or is it the 'New FD bayonet mount' the latter has a button that is depressed to demount the lens if it is the former the 1.8 is actually a better lens than the 1.4. with the new FD they are about the same in over all resolution and colour rendering...
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    would it be wise to invest more in the system?

    When Canon introduced the EOS system they lost a huge following of FD system users because only a few lenses in their vast range were able to be adapted to EOS with a very expensive adaptor. The few photographers that I knew moved over to Nikon and the odd one to Hassleblad. I bought into M43 so...
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    Are you looking forward to the Fujifilm FinePix X100

    Say that again out loud... From working experience and from Olympus staffers a couple of Photokina's ago 'there really is no need for anything more than 12MP in a small system camera APS C and smaller!. Even then the image quality slipped and become noisy when compared to the Canon 300d, G5, RD1...
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