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  1. BAKatz

    What on earth is Olympus thinking?

    Switching formats is out of the question for me. Starting from scratch with a Canon or Nikon brick isn't going to save me any money. Due to medical expenses, an upgrade from my EPL 1 will have to wait, barring a great holiday sale ( or the intro of the EPL-12. ).
  2. BAKatz

    Super Moon coming on Monday

    Eh, for what it's worth, here is one. I used a 300mm adapted lens.
  3. BAKatz

    Super Moon coming on Monday

    Weather didn't cooperate on Monday. I did get a few on Tuesday using a couple of lenses, and a 2x multiplier. They are still in the camera and not on my iPad yet. Not sure if I got anything of note.
  4. BAKatz

    Super Moon coming on Monday

    November gets a super moon this Monday. Closest it's been in 69 years. Get your cameras and filters ready.
  5. BAKatz

    For the cat lovers (aka "Requisite Kitty Picture")

    Ignore the background. Focus on the cat, just the cat.
  6. BAKatz

    A double exposure evening

    Just foolin' around tonight and shot this one.
  7. BAKatz


    Here's 3 taken with the Loreo..
  8. BAKatz

    Night shots

    From our balcony.
  9. BAKatz

    Lizards, snakes, toads, frogs, turtles and other reptiles & amphibians

    Copperheads can be very aggressive. So we were told growing up in northern NJ. Never saw one though. Could have been the older kids teasing us. Water moccasins on the other hand......are definitely dangerous.
  10. BAKatz

    Lizards, snakes, toads, frogs, turtles and other reptiles & amphibians

    WWe still aren't sure how that toad got to that spot on the outside faucet. It must have climbed the hose, but why ?
  11. BAKatz


    From the NYBG
  12. BAKatz

    Share Birds

    Taken from our deck at our former home. I ran and grabbed the 150mm lens and got her before she left the property, chicks in tow.
  13. BAKatz

    Show Industrial

  14. BAKatz

    Show your aircraft photos!

    How about a couple of eerily coincidental light trails ? This long exposure was taken September 11 when the WTC memorial lights are shown over Manhattan.
  15. BAKatz

    5500mm telescope ( spotting scope ) for Mu4/3 ?

    Did some research and found out this is called Digiscoping. The above lens gets, mixed reviews. More poor than good. Also found out spotting scopes can be costly.
  16. BAKatz

    5500mm telescope ( spotting scope ) for Mu4/3 ?

    Has anyone seen or have this lens ? About $150 on E-Bay. This was the first time I've seen it.
  17. BAKatz

    Infrared photography - post your own!

    These are from our balcony. Columbia Univ. Stadium is in the lower third of the picture on the top.
  18. BAKatz

    Your philosophy of how much post processing

    I think, if the RAW image you shot of the Lincoln Memorial, ends up, after editing, resembling Mt.'ve done too much editing.
  19. BAKatz

    OMD - EM10 (v1), or EPL7

    I have the EVF that I use with my EPL1. EVF2. If that's not compatible, I'll have to buy one that is, eventually. Thanks for the replies. I do appreciate them. I guess I'll wait and see what happens around the holidays.
  20. BAKatz

    OMD - EM10 (v1), or EPL7

    I think I know the answer here, but which would you go for ? Major upgrade from EPL1. Both are about the same price. The question looks more ridiculous in print than it did in my head, but, whatever. If I can't ask here, where can I ask it ? Thanks for the input.
  21. BAKatz

    Infrared photography - post your own!

    Ummmmm, I don't know what happened there. Sorry.
  22. BAKatz

    Infrared photography - post your own!

    No camera modification. No post editing. Just an EPL 1 set to monotone, and a Polaroid IR720 filter. Focus, then place the filter on, and set your exposure time. Trial and error. Not perfect IR, but not bad. And I didn't have to sacrifice a camera, though one day I just might.
  23. BAKatz

    About the " worst lens ever made ".....

    Evenings you have to shoot a long exposure. Nights, even longer.
  24. BAKatz

    About the " worst lens ever made ".....

    Damn, I forgot about the Pinwide. Yeah I have that one too. My biggest issue with that one is, for a pinhole lens, it's too perfect. There's no, grain. No fuzziness. I bought generic body caps and made my own.
  25. BAKatz

    About the " worst lens ever made ".....

    I keep it in my bag when I travel, but only because A) it doesn't take up any space, and B) I need a body cap anyway. If we are on a ship, it's good for just keeping in my pocket or on my table. It's unobtrusive and no one knows I'm shooting them.
  26. BAKatz

    E-PL8, LX10 info leaked.. [43rumors, FT5]

    But the 7 had improvements over the 5. Better IS, WiFi installed, better screen.... The 8 is, basically the same. Although you do get brunch.
  27. BAKatz

    Macro, the cheap way

    Guilty ! Extension tubes.
  28. BAKatz

    About the " worst lens ever made ".....

    So what do you consider the worst ? The Holga for Mu4/3 lens ? ok, I admit it, I own that one too. :crying:
  29. BAKatz

    About the " worst lens ever made ".....

    so, a while back I picked up the Oly LensCap. I liked that it added no depth to the camera, and thought it would be good for some street shooting , which I believe it is , but I'd rather use my Trip 35. I also thought I could use it with my telescope. Eh, not really. Sort of, kind of, but...
  30. BAKatz

    E-PL8, LX10 info leaked.. [43rumors, FT5]

    Between a somewhat limited budget, and cervical issues, yeah, kind of. I would love to buy one of the OMDs ( and still may ), but I was hoping for a little more than a brunch. I like the Mu4/3 format, especially the weight of the cameras and lenses. But the costs are outrageous. Even the...
  31. BAKatz


    I have to admit, I usually don't go for anaglyphs, but those are really good. When we get a new computer, I may have to play around with some images. Thanks
  32. BAKatz

    E-PL8, LX10 info leaked.. [43rumors, FT5]

    $549 !!!!!!!!! RU kidding me ? For what ? A so called " free" brunch with purchase !!!!!! No thanks Olympus. I'll wait a bit and see if you offer a two lens deal like the one you advertised with the 6 ( and are STILL advertising, even though you don't have any ) with the 7, or rethink...
  33. BAKatz


    I usually have a lorgnette handy, or a folding viewer. Makes it easier to view images on the I pad. I also make my own mounting cards, for the stereoscope viewer.
  34. BAKatz

    Big glass small camera

    Yes. It's a Vivitar.
  35. BAKatz


    I shoot side by side with my Loreo Lens ( I also just received a Viewmaster camera and cutter, lovin it ! ).
  36. BAKatz

    Big glass small camera

    300mm Minolta MD mount for <$20 on Amazon. OK it makes the EPL1 look even smaller than it is, but so far I like the results.
  37. BAKatz

    Who has an Olympus Air A01? Share Your Experiences!

    I thought about getting it. But then I thought, why ? I don't use my phones camera as much as most people do. I'd rather just carry a camera.
  38. BAKatz

    E-PL8, LX10 info leaked.. [43rumors, FT5]

    I still have my EPL1. I have been keeping costs down by utilizing Minolta lenses and adapter. Just bought a 300mm for <$20. No AF but who cares ? It's still better ( for me ) than switching to Canon or Nikon full size. I think
  39. BAKatz

    The Infrared Image Thread

    Well, I don't have a converted camera. All I have is my EPL-1 and a Polaroid 720IR filter. All the previously posted images are amazing. I hope to do more when I get a new camera.
  40. BAKatz

    accidentally swung into brick wall. worth sending for repair?

    Seems like a good excuse to buy a new camera. Excuse me now while I go take a picture from our balcony. I hope that plate locks into the tripod correctly
  41. BAKatz

    Label those Chargers

    A word of caution regarding Wasabi batteries. I had a pair for a couple of years and loved them. Recently, I noticed they were both swollen in the middle. I didn't know what to make of it, so I tossed them. They wouldn't fit in the camera anyway. I don't know why they swelled, nor what it...
  42. BAKatz

    What will Oly announce on Jan 6th?

    24 mp sensors across the board. Or................ A full frame sensor camera
  43. BAKatz

    I guess I've missed a few things

    ok, I admit, it's been awhile. Short hurt at work, sold our house, moved, haven't been too active with a camera. Just a bit here and there. Did a lot of stereo photography with the Loreo lens & my EPL-1. I know, I know......I need a new camera. I'm looking at my options...
  44. BAKatz

    Moon shots

    I ended up putting my Oly VG 120 on a telescope to get anything decent. They came out pretty good actually.
  45. BAKatz

    Thrift Shop Finds

    I have the similar Stylus Epic, both reg & dx(panoramic) models. The 170 takes great pics. Paid about $5 each on e-bay. Have fun with it.
  46. BAKatz

    Quick Release Strap

    I just ordered the PD yesterday. Bought the pro combo with the leash & cuff. And of course the m4/3 plate. Can't wait to put it on.
  47. BAKatz

    I still treasure my e-pl1

    I love my EPL-1. I even have the first gen lens. It was my first real camera with interchangeable lenses. I like the weight, or lack of, and since suffering a neck injury, I'm glad I didn't buy a brick of a camera. I love that I can buy lenses like Holga ( and accessories), the 15mm Lens in a...
  48. BAKatz

    How good is the built-in 3D mode in these cameras?

    I don't know about the in camera 3D, but here are two options. The Loreo 3D lens for your particular camera. Looks goofy on the camera, but is really good for stereo ( side by side ) images. You'll of course need a viewer. The other is a new lens, a series of lenses actually from Holga. The...
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