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    Wifi card options for M43 cameras (mostly olympus)

    Excellent text - two things I'd add regarding the Eye-Fi: - it has an interesting WPS option : geotagging images according to WiFi spots detected in the area. Only works in urban areas of course, and far from perfect, but a good addition nonetheless ; - I have stopped using mine because I get on...
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    Pancake Trinity

    Just my two cents : the "9-18mm, 25mm, and 45mm" has been my trinity for a while now, and I seldom find myself wanting for anything else... perfect IMHO - the 25 is on most of the time, the 9-18 doubles as UWA on the wider side and 35 equivalent on the longer side, with the 45 when I want...
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    jpeg workflow - eye-fi/photosmith/LR

    Interesting - but does the geotagging data stay in the process up until LR ? And why not having the eye-fi card send the photos directly to a Watched Folder, without the Photosmith step ?
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    Gps for omd?

    Have a look at this : Eye-fi works only with Wi-Fi networks, so will not be of much use and precision in many places. I have used the GT600 from Product Information - MobileAction with great success, and it is cheap, but there are many...
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    Experts say don't use filters. Are they correct?

    And a nice example too here : Graduated camera filters blog, outdoor / landscape / architecture photography – Real vs. Digital – Light lemon yellow of the difference between filtered and PP'ed.
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    Nikkor 35mm f2.8 PC (Perspective Control)

    ditto on the above - also check out this thread For the record, shift adapters are about €100, which makes it not very expensive to try that solution and see the results for yourself.
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    EM5 - two little things

    Well... I had taken thousands of shots with my EP1 without even noticing it !
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    EM5 - two little things

    For the sake of it/in case other users might be interested : - just discovered that when you are in image playback, pressing the OK button gives access to a number of options, including the very useful possibility to take audio notes; - also realized that any highlight/shadows adjustments are...
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    Trip to the Turkey and the middle east?

    I haven' seen it mentioned, but once you're in Turkey, you can easily get to a lot of great mediterranean islands, including the Greek ones - and that's more than enough to fill three weeks or even three months. And I'll also chime in on how big Turkey is, and varied too...
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    Help on graphic cards for portable PCs

    Hello - I'm about to pick a new portable PC, which I intend to use mostly connected to a nice IPS external screen. I'd like to know if the graphic card makes much of a difference in image quality ? Especially knowing that I'm not a gamer, and that I'm concerned mainly about the things that...
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    Travel advice - extended hiking in Europe

    Nick, you're about to do a wonderful trip - as far as Brittany is concerned, I guess you'll be packing all sorts of protection against rain - and regarding Milano, you should avoid the city itself (it is going to very hot and stifling that time of the year) and go instead just north, in the...
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    Olympus 14-150mm or keep Pan 45-200mm?

    Oly 14-150 user here - and very satisfied with it. I use mine on travel and family occasions when you can't go with limited focal lengths, and the results are quite sharp. Having the 14 to 150 in a single package makes a great difference over having two zooms for the same purpose... Now, it...
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    More Lensbaby Fun

    +1 - such a painterly use of the bokeh ! Love #1 too, very outlandish.
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    Actually the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, not Wednesdays. Wednesdays and Fridays it stays open until 10PM, which is a great occasion to see the most famous works without too many people, and yes indeed, a great atmosphere.
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    C-mount adapter choice

    Looks like a good tip - also bought a more expensive one (Hawk peng)
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    Spot on on this one ! love the Mona Lisa as well, though.
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    C-mount adapter choice

    I have recently got a good price on a lovely Schneider Xenon 25mm/0.95, but can't seem to find an adapter allowing to focus to infinity - has anybody any recommendations ? The one I intend to try next would be the Kipon... Thanks in advance !
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    Underwater housing for Lumix G and GH Series

    I'm also looking at options - spotted this other one, higher price, higher specs, probably higher quality : ewa-marine D-B (and compatible with my EP1, which is not the case of Olympus models)
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    Lenses for low-light (long)

    One thing though : I feel that the 1/FL rule works less well with native lenses. Somehow, I'm able to achieve longer exposures without visible camera shake when using native lenses - 1/15 with the Oly 45mm for instance. With an adapted lens of the similar FL, I probably would have to stick to...
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    Review Gariz Soft Release Buttons

    Silver one here, I've had it on my EP1 for months without any problems... Takes a little getting used to, but does help with shutter speeds.
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    10 stop filters/welding glass, etc

    Totally agree with that - thank you so much for posting this great link !
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    What is your opion of tilt shift Lensbaby?

    The good thing with the Lensbaby is you can use their composer with the Tilt adapter, so you get access to their other "fun lenses". Other third parties do the same thing for much less money, though... Also not mentioned, but you can find many examples on this forum, is Adriano Lolli's adapter...
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    GPS for tagging photos

    I have a GT600 : Moible Action - Product Page Purely a logger, but works really well, you just need to set it up correctly while at home...
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    Occupy Vancouver!

    Here for instance : Lightroom 300 Presets (Download) « mikelao photography
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    Showcase Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 DG Summilux

    Ron, these are great photos - I wonder, did you use a lot of sharpening in PP or do they really come out like that ?
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    Experience Buying Used m4/3 Gear

    Hello - I have bought a number of lenses second-hand, including from people here, and never had bad surprises. Plastic barrels do not take so much wear as some metal ones, users around here do take good care of their stuff, and anyway a lens can take quite some damage before it shows on the...
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    [EXPIRED] Olympus Micro Four Thirds Retro Bag Large

    Indeed, they're not available from the Olympus store anymore - my bad - found one on ebay though : Olympus Pen Retro Large E-PL2 E-PL 1 2 E-P2 E-P 1 3 | eBay
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    [EXPIRED] Olympus Micro Four Thirds Retro Bag Large

    Why not order it direct from the Olympus Store ?
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    Olympus 45mm f/1.8 review

    Why not simply go to the official Olympus store ? That's where I got mine - great bag BTW. And nice to see you keep blogging ! ;-)
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    Lensbaby Macro Leaf

    This should help you understand the principles behind tilt photography, and how to orient the lens to get a specific effect : Using Tilt-Shift Lenses to Control Depth of Field Hope it helps !
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    September 2011 Photo Contest sponsored by NIK

    Thanks ! actually a happy accident, but a nice one...
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    September 2011 Photo Contest sponsored by NIK

    An old one of mine...
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    So how well do Pens handle water, really?

    More or less the same here - EP1 and m.Zuiko zooms, rain and lots of sand in the wind : no problem. I also carry the chamois, like Gordon...
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    [EXPIRED] Voigtlander Bessa R2 and Apo Lanthar 90mm

    Those two are not seeing as much use as they should - and it looks like film definitely isn't for me. Anyway, I'm selling a Bessa R2 body in excellent condition - got it second hand but probably has never been used very much. Made a couple of rolls of film myself, no problem. No marks on the...
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    tilt adaptors

    Ha - got mine a few days ago ! Works nicely, but I think the movement could be a bit fluider and at the same time it feels a little loose in the adaptor part. Very pleased with the thingy otherwise.
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    Help! Where can I buy a M43 camera in Bruges?

    Tuyttens have several models : Tuyttens (Brugge) Tuyttens 52-58, Noordzandstraat 8000 Brugge (Bruges) Belgium Bring us great photos ! PS : never been there, just found them when searching Google.
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    Proper Shooting Technique

    Out of the "6 techniques" in the article I find #1 works really well (elbows to the body). The little paradox with m43s is that many of the lenses are too small to be held firmly... with pancakes I often find myself using my left hand to hold the body as well. The other techniques I could think...
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    Lightroom Newbie Seeks Sanity Help

    Exacty same here - but frankly, once you start having thousands of images, being able to organize collections, rate, tag, sort all you want etc is invaluable. Also recently discovered that online services like Flickr and SmugMug let you download tags and comments back to Lightroom, useful for...
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    Lightroom Newbie Seeks Sanity Help

    I went through the Classroom in a Book - a bit boring but really worthwhile in the end, I find the most difficult part with Lightroom is to get used to the workflow it imposes on you - but once you are, it is incredibly efficient...
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    All Rounder Required

    Ditto on that - I remeber there was something similar for Olympus, with different frames for different focal lengths (can't find it right now). Guess if you really want the fisheye you will have to buy the new 14-42 as well...
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    All Rounder Required

    One more vote for the Oly 14-150... 14mm at one end means you get something really wide, and it really has good IQ while being small and light. Maybe you can do a search in Lightroom or the equivalent app you are using to manage your photos and see what focal lengths you use the most - how many...
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    [EXPIRED] Various Olympus Gear: mZD 14-42, ZD 70-300, ZD 35 macro, EX-25, MMF1, ZD 40-150

    Olympus Zuiko 70-300 - 220 € And finally here's the 70-300 (once again in 4/3, not m43, mount). Great copy, has seen little use, no dust, no marks, no fungi, comes with original caps and pouch and even the box and the papers. The disclaimer carefully crafted by a team of the world's elite...
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    [EXPIRED] Various Olympus Gear: mZD 14-42, ZD 70-300, ZD 35 macro, EX-25, MMF1, ZD 40-150

    Olympus Zuiko macro 35mm - 135 € The budget macro prime from Olympus - nice performance, but one too many in my hoard. It's in 4/3 mount, not m43. Copy in excellent condition - no scratches or marks, no dust, no fungus, all motors and rings work perfectly. Comes with both original caps. The...
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    [EXPIRED] Various Olympus Gear: mZD 14-42, ZD 70-300, ZD 35 macro, EX-25, MMF1, ZD 40-150

    Olympus EX-25 extender - 120 € This item doubles the focal length of your lenses - this is a 4/3 mount item NOT a m43. Excellent condition, all electrical contacts in perfect condition, works without any trouble, comes with both original caps and pouch. Here we go again : Shipping from...
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    [EXPIRED] Various Olympus Gear: mZD 14-42, ZD 70-300, ZD 35 macro, EX-25, MMF1, ZD 40-150

    MMF1 Olympus 4/3 to m43 adapter - 100 € This is the adapter that allows you to mount a 4/3 lens onto your beloved Micro 4/3 body - whether it's Olympus or Panasonic. Contrary to other adapters (those not produced by Olympus or Panasonic), it allows electronic communication so you keep the AF...
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