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    Software Poll Question: Which Do You Use

    ImageMagick and GIMP. The primary reasons for using them is that they're mature & stable, written in C, and there are native builds for my OS. I seriously doubt there's anything that could surpass them in "usability", at least not until I write my own photo editor. But I've got too many...
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    Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.4 on G2.

    Mm-hmm. Someone put a 1500px limit on the gallery pics. Mine are 1600x1200.. I'm not going to straighten, scale, sharpen, and compress these photos again to shave off 100 pixels. And I'm not sure it's a good idea to embed pics hosted on my home server.
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    Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.4 on G2.

    That's about right. 3-4m works fairly well, but sometimes in a crowded space, I'd struggle to clear two meters.. and this is probably the biggest issue with the lens. A fast 35-40mm would be superb for these places. The other issue caused by the longish focal length is shake, which can make...
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    Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.4 on G2.
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    Site skin change?

    I was just wondering about it. Seems like some of the previously blue(?) bars have turned grey. Or is it just my eyes? I like it.
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    YouR thoughts on an SSD drive for my Macbook Pro

    If you have specific performance problems, you might want to identify the bottleneck and upgrade the machine accordingly. I get slowdowns with the hard drive rattling hard, but this is because of swapping. The right component to upgrade would be the RAM. The next thing that makes me wait is...
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    Anyone use GIMP?

    Gimp assumes linear gamma, which means that (for example) a grid of black and white pixels scale down to a pixel whose components are all 127 (half the maximum of an eight-bit component). Intuitively this seems correct until you realize this doesn't represent the middle grey in an sRGB image...
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    Anyone use GIMP?

    I do most of my edits in gimp. I downscale with imagemagick (to get proper gamma handling); ufraw is sometimes handy for recovering things that doesn't come clean from the jpeg.
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    Am I the only guy happy with my G2

    I have the G2. For shooting, I use the EVF almost exclusively (the superb EVF is the reason I wanted a panasonic in the first place), and I need to be able to control the exposure comfortably with the thumb. The touch screen is not suitable for this. I use the touch screen for navigating...
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    Am I the only guy happy with my G2

    There's nothing inherently wrong with the camera when compared to the G1. But if I had the choice, I wouldn't have paid any extra for the feature I really see zero value in: the touch screen. The kit 14-42 is also a step backwards no matter how you look at it, which is unfortunate given that...
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    E-P1 winter testing

    I used the 50mm Minolta MD Rokkor-X f/1.4, which means manual focus.
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    E-P1 winter testing

    I went out with my panny last night. She was cold. Mind if I share the frost here?
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    Does anyone else feel paranoid or apprehensive?

    I'll probably come across as a selfish jerk, but nevertheless I will step out and bluntly voice my opinions partly in response to the (relevant) thread about pictures of people. I'm sure we all agree that we should respect people, and that being nice is.. well, nice. Indeed it is. But...
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    E-P1 winter testing

    Thanks for joining us. As I've owned a camera for no more than six months, it's great to have a more experienced Finn lead the way. Seeing people post all these gorgeous landscapes of North America, the busy streets of Asia, and the architecture of Centeral Europe, often leaves me wondering if...
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    A small event in the local library

    My first legacy lens (50mm Rokkor-X f/1.4) in action -- for the first time. The round light spots suggest these were all shot wide open. I'm still only at the beginning of the journey into photography, so all constructive criticism is very much appreciated.
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    My son with one of my cameras... cute

    Am I seeing crazy sharpening halos?
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    Autumn in the northern hemisphere - let's share our pics !

    The colour of the autumn hadn't gotten very intense back when I shot this one, so I framed in the greens and reds to make some contrast with the pale yellow. Does it work?
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    Autumn in the northern hemisphere - let's share our pics !

    G2 & kit 14-42, jpeg from camera. I edited out a bright hay from the first picture, otherwise untouched.