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  1. OPSSam

    max. weight of adapted lens? (E-PL1)

    Though I can't for the life of me remember where I found this, at about one kilogram you are at the maximum tolerance for the physical mount. Or, if the lens is very heavy, simply support the camera by the lens since the body is not nearly 1kg fully loaded.
  2. OPSSam

    What are the chances that the VF4...

    The only reason you would not be able to use an VF-4 on an older PEN (excluding the E-P1 or course) would be if the VF-4 had some new tech that was so advanced the old hardware of the other PENs can't work with it. I find that unlikely considering Oly's past history. The only major reason for...
  3. OPSSam

    Olympus Issues Service Advisory Regarding OM-D E-M5 Screen Bezel Cracks

    Yep, that facility 'went online' about a month ago too, lots of little shake-ups and changes recently. The only tracking info you can trust is from UPS, anything else you are told is not always accurate, nor does everyone you speak to or communicate with have the same access to tell you the...
  4. OPSSam

    E-M5 extended warranty

    Besides, it would be a really bad thing to deny anyone an extended option since as far as I know this thing was not even available until today. Oly warranties are same basic first year coverage extended two more years. I'm sure there could be better third-party options that cover more...
  5. OPSSam

    E-M5 extended warranty

    is now available. Did not see that anyone else had posted this, so here goes: 2 Year Extended Warranty OM-D Camera Body - Extended Warranties - Accessories | Olympus
  6. OPSSam

    EP3 fails to switch off

    Bottom line with any situation like this, take the lens off and the memory card out. If the camera can't operate normally without either, and if it can't use any memory card whatsoever, then it's off to the repair center. Sorry to hear that, hopefully it will be a warranty sponsored trip.
  7. OPSSam

    IS noise, OMD ?

    There is also a "half way Rls IS on" setting buried in the gears menu. Turn that on, and you will see the stabilizer kick in when the shutter button is half-pressed. Also make sure IS 1 is on and that you are hearing that very quiet fan-like noise.
  8. OPSSam

    Anti-Shock on E-M5

    I'll throw another example into this mix. I shoot a 400mm (that's equivalent 800mm on the PEN or other M43 cameras of course) legacy lens on my E-PL1. I noticed from the live view zoom that after a picture was taken, the image was bouncing up and down just enough to notice. Anti-shock helped...
  9. OPSSam

    PEN E-PL1 or Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V?

    Well, the E-PL1 is more DSLR than point and shoot. And honestly the E-PL1's 2+ year old tech is not going to impress you when compared to the E-PM1, which would be something I might suggest for a P&S user moving up to the 'bigger' high quality cameras. The focus speed and newer lens on the PM1...
  10. OPSSam

    Do Silver Lenses look silly on a black OMD...

    Silver is not red, it doesn't draw as much attention. In my humble opinion most people that see it that are generally uneducated in matters of photography (beyond the camera on their cell phone), at worst mistake it for a old manual lens of some type. And then there is the 50-50 chance they...
  11. OPSSam

    M4/3 Limited to 16MP, Why?

    All I see with higher pixel counts amounts to literally splitting hairs. I'm sure such high count sensors make the pixel peepers happy, but all I see is a much larger raw file size, which bothers me more. I never have to crop images that much, nor print them in large formats. And when I do...
  12. OPSSam

    Members from 2009 and 2010 Reunion. Drop a line!

    Just barely, joined at the end of 2010, though I had browsed the site for months prior to that. Got my E-PL1 in 2010 as a result of this forum. This is by far the most positive group I have ever come across in terms of the way it treats those who do not know as much as the ones that answer...
  13. OPSSam

    Olympus E-PL1 - max shutter speed with flash.

    I'll say this much, I have used radio triggers (don't go cheap, trust me spend at least $40 on a trigger) with studio flashes, that have achieved 1/250th of a second sync with about 1 in 10 showing a little bit of shutter curtain. Of course once you understand how those external flashes work...
  14. OPSSam

    E-PM1 for Sexy/Glamour

    The right tools in the right hands make the difference. Further proof it's not the size that counts :cool: , it's how you use it (and who you have in front of it, nice subject).
  15. OPSSam

    C-Mount Question

    Is it possible it is a CS lens you are using. It has the same mount but a different (shorter by about 5mm according to Wikipedia) normal mounting distance. I have a normal c mount (and a 1940s era one no less) that has no such problems with the Fotodiox mount.
  16. OPSSam

    Battery pack/grip for the EM-5

    Besides the fact I have medium to large hands, the battery grip does one valuable thing. Every one who judges the worth of your camera from the size of it is fooled into thinking it's a 'real' camera because of the slightly more robust appearance. It's sad, but with the battery grip it looks...
  17. OPSSam

    EP-3 + video

    You probably recorded in 'Full HD', which means on a Mac you will want to use iMovie. Your original files are on the memory card in the folders: PRIVATE/AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM (the .MTS files). But if you want to edit or tweak them, use iMovie. You can't use iPhoto/Aperture/etc.
  18. OPSSam

    Viewer 2 Won't Load on my Vista 64bit Machine

    Does the error end in a number like 1603 or a runtime error? Msxml.msi 4.0 sp3 , I had that kind of problem once, that cleared it up (after researching and finding the answer). If that's not what you have forget I mentioned it.
  19. OPSSam

    Auto image rotate?

    That coupled with the fact that the E-PL1 has no remote cable release option makes it the red-headed stepchild of the PEN family. Still, it is a decent camera and one of the best sellers of them all. Import, select all, rotate. Works for me. And at least I only have to do it once :cool: ...
  20. OPSSam

    Drink of Choice

    Spaten Optimator When tank needs fuel (and 8.2% alc by volume), accept nothing less. Dark like Coca-Cola, and possibly Guinness's slightly more bitter German relative.
  21. OPSSam

    OMD-Em5 delivery date in mid-April

    What I think is wrong with Amazon is they won't stop taking pre-orders for a limited availability item. These are not iPhones, there is unlikely to be a flood of inventory coming soon. You could be getting in place #3121 with them, and they may have not even put in for that many from Olympus...
  22. OPSSam

    What's your photography education?

    Started with a Fisher Price camera when I was 5, flash cartridges and 110mm film (which somewhat ironically has the same surface area per photo as the m43 sensors). Spent the next 2 decades knowing very little but still taking pictures. All I knew was when the needle on my AE-1 said F-16 I...
  23. OPSSam

    E-PL1 question....

    Other than that, use the A S or M modes, but yep that's it. Twist it on, set aperture, focus, and shoot.
  24. OPSSam

    Canikon lenses are so cheap...

    All I will say is a Nikon D-40 kit 18-55 lens my father had was such a piece of junk the rear focusing element fell into the lens for no apparent reason. Only after trying to force the zoom against the wayward element that was sideways and blocking the viewfinder did I realize what had...
  25. OPSSam

    First Impressions on E-M5

    That's pretty normal. Adobe usually gets RAW decoders distributed after a month or two (and Aperture almost always a month after). Of course if you can stand it, Viewer 2 does handle RAW files if you have it updated. It's characteristically slow, but it works.
  26. OPSSam

    Olympus E-M5 Makes a Humming Noise - Forum Reactions

    That's exactly what I expected, you have to know to listen for it because it is so quiet, and it is easiest to hear if you put your ear right up against the camera (which I always do when I am shooting side-saddle style :rolleyes:). I apologize if my earlier post seemed a bit childish. If...
  27. OPSSam

    Olympus E-M5 Makes a Humming Noise - Forum Reactions

    I say it's the noise of the electromagnetic field generator that keeps the anti-matter from coming into contact with normal matter. Or possibly a flux capacitor, which of course in this case only requires 1.21 Milliwatts to make 9fps shooting possible. When this baby hits 16 million pixels...
  28. OPSSam

    Lemmings, pre-ordering the OM-D E-M5

    Anyone pre-ordering an E-M5 is no worse that those ordering the Nikon D800 mega-pixel monster.
  29. OPSSam

    Should I buy Aperture?

    I got a 3.2 GHZ mid 2010 21.5 inch iMac (i3). Aperture wasn't very snappy a 4GB. I recently upped it to 12GB, and it runs as fast as I would expect it to, with as many Raw files as I throw at it. I average 1 to 2 processed every second during import from my PL1 in Raw, and I do a lot of lift...
  30. OPSSam

    Free MMF-3, MF-2, or FL-300R with E-M5 pre-order

    Can't delete my own thread. Did not find existing post of same subject using search on website until after starting this one
  31. OPSSam

    OM-D/E-M5 random naming rant

    Until there is more than one OM-D model, I think calling it OM-D interchangeably with E-M5 is fine.
  32. OPSSam

    Anyone got the Nikon D800 Yet?

    My thoughts exactly. There's the cost of the camera, and then the cost of the extra terabytes of hard drive I'd have to buy to satisfy my RAW habits.
  33. OPSSam

    waterproof camera

    My two cents on the subject are these: 1. Seals will fail eventually, and will need replacement, usually every year to be safe. 2. Image quality usually suffers to make these cameras waterproof. If you are in to pixel peeping, you'll be disappointed. In my experience I have only dealt with...
  34. OPSSam

    Olympus E-M5 Sensor is (Allegedly) 'Completely New'

    Well I'm sure Olympus hasn't been researching and developing anything new for the past few years. Just putting cameras together with parts they have lying around. No innovation. They accidentally created Fast AF. And they can in fact design a sensor that is fabricated by a sub-contractor...
  35. OPSSam

    Do You Actually LIKE The OM Pyramid ?

    I like the pyramid, mostly because there 'should be' no more 'Olympus doesn't value their customers that demand a built in viewfinder' talk. They have one now.
  36. OPSSam

    First REAL image of the OM-D

    Hopefully the PDAF/CDAF hybrid sensor fairs better than the one in the Nikon mini camera. Besides being limited to S-AF on legacy lenses, the phase detect function only works well in sufficient light. If this new Olympus camera can deliver as good or better E-5+12-60mm lens high speed focusing...
  37. OPSSam

    Are hot pixels common in Olympus (specifically e-pl3) cameras?

    My E-PL1 has maybe had 1 I could spot and was taken care of by mapping. Compared to my Nikon (D-60, about 16-18 hot pixels consistently at ISO 200!), my PEN has fared well with hot pixels. These pixels are more dead than hot. I'd prefer a gray dot in a black or white background over a purple...
  38. OPSSam

    Olympus OM-D coming on Feb 8th??

    The worst thing to do is build up lofty expectations. Like the 12-60 that never really was, at least not the one we might have hoped for. Someone heard 12 to something and ran with it. I would be happy to see 16 MP, sure. But I'd really like to see a return of the 'Pro features' (control...
  39. OPSSam

    Experiences with Zuiko 50-200 f2.8?

    Canon rules fast and continuous AF. Nikon rules low noise at high IS0. Olympus has some of the sharpest lenses at the most reasonable price. The question I ask people I know that want my advice on cameras is, what are YOU going to do with it. For sports, Canon is a no-brainer, but if you...
  40. OPSSam

    Brand Loyalty does run deep....

    I own Nikon and Olympus cameras. What I don't like about Nikon compared to Olympus in this particular matter is you have to buy the premium camera for the premium features, such as the hot shoe. It may not be a needed feature for every user, but I consider it a requirement for any camera with...
  41. OPSSam

    Radio triggers, what's your choice?

    Thanks for the input. Either way I'll put it through the wringer on day one when I buy one. I believe this cheap trigger is just so poorly constructed it would do this to any camera I have used. Granted it's more subtle on the big bodies, but it should not be there anyway. Hopefully the...
  42. OPSSam

    Radio triggers, what's your choice?

    I need a new radio trigger and I'd like to buy one that doesn't suck. I figured this would be a good place to get opinions since I use a E-PL1 and the last trigger I bought for it was incredibly bad. I, being...
  43. OPSSam

    A moment please... my EP1 just died

    My experience with Oly so far has been good, but I suppose they can't fix a physically malfunctioning camera over the phone. If your shutter is busted, I honestly doubt a 'reset' will help. Personally, if I decide to keep my PL1 more than a year I am extending my warranty, $80 vs $150+ for a...
  44. OPSSam

    Shooting RAW at 3:2

    Usually by nature the live preview is cropped, the RAW carries the aspect info to be applied later, but will not throw out that data because it is RAW. So it shows you the raw with that crop info displayed as a box. Depending on the software you use, those crops will be applied upon download...
  45. OPSSam

    using both 14/2.5 and 20/1.7

    Looks like it's going to retail at about $400.
  46. OPSSam


    Hosta plant flower, E-PL1 and Nikon 55mm prime with adapter: <a href="" title="Hosta Flower by SPS4_28012, on Flickr">"375" height="500" alt="Hosta Flower"></a> Shot at F2.8 if you're curious.
  47. OPSSam

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    E-PL1 with a Nikon (Nikkor) Micro 55mm and Fotodiox adapter. Flowers from a Hosta plant (both were at F2.8). <a href="" title="Hosta Flower by SPS4_28012, on Flickr">"500" height="375" alt="Hosta Flower"></a> <a...
  48. OPSSam

    Weird Buzz on E-PL1 Startup

    I agree. The loudest sound I have is on shutdown with my e-pl1, image stabilizer/dust system shutdown. It could be a problem with the shutter system.
  49. OPSSam

    Please dont be jealous of my super high quality optics (The Holga Thread)

    Looking forward to seeing those razor sharp photos :cool:.
  50. OPSSam

    EPL2 exposure

    Aside from adjusting the LCD, I too trust the histogram above all else. I find it's the best method to judge exposure in the field.
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