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  1. fransglans


    Great job, I'm thinking if the exposure was darker maybe the plastic look would not look so obvious. And maybe some more grain would add to the same thing. But hey, who am I to say anything, they were really nice!
  2. fransglans

    Show your cell phone photos

    I've sold my m4/3 stuff, my phone is so good enough for my documentary family stuff. I traded everything for a fuji body and one fast prime for those portraits shoots. But my phone will do the casual shooting.
  3. fransglans

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    fake pen-f monochrome 2 mode ;)
  4. fransglans

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    Yeah, even though the new x100 seems to be much sharper, very few lenses can match p20. Im using the em5 II but have many times thought about the pen f, but I love shooting raw so I guess I won't use that color mode wheel anyway. Nah, I stick with my camera, until current bodies are dirt...
  5. fransglans

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    agree! And 40mm fov is great, no g.a.s for that new fuji x100 when we got this monster to lens!
  6. fransglans

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    em5II And P20, gothenburg sweden
  7. fransglans

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    lightroom 6 dvd, second hand. Got tricked from the seller, didnt get it. So i submitted to adobe and got up on that CC train... :)
  8. fransglans

    Showcase Panasonic 14mm f/2.5

    Gothenburg, sweden
  9. fransglans

    What prime(s) to add? 7.5, 15, 25, 56, 75... etc

    Go with the new pancake Panasonic 21.5 mm 1.8 with fast autofokus and beautiful bokeh. It's just 399usd! In my wildest dreams :)
  10. fransglans

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    gothenburg, sweden
  11. fransglans

    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    Yeah I'm using snapseed alot, but I would love to have that feeling of getting it almost done in camera, I know it may sound silly
  12. fransglans

    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    I wish for a monochrome setting that beats the chrome from fuji and the mono2 from the pen-f
  13. fransglans

    Any willing to help me these weird colored patches/blotches on the photo please ?

    Vignetting always pass my ok sign, no problem :)
  14. fransglans

    Show: Random picture thread

    winter walk with that pleasant low standing sun, Em5II and P20
  15. fransglans

    Heavy duty processing trend?

    Instagram keeps influencing the masses, for me, I'm leaning more and more into natural style
  16. fransglans

    Olympus 45mm 1.2 Pro worth it over the Olympus 45mm 1.8?

    For me, it's so awesome to mount these small and light lenses, that gives so much quality for its cost and size ratio. Would never buy the big pro lenses when my 45 1.8 keeps doing a great job. Here's one from last summer, edited quickly on the not so correct Android lcd..
  17. fransglans

    My Odd Relationship With M43 (And possibly seeking advice or similar anecdotes).

    Get some distance to the background and get little closer to the subject. And yes PL 25, makes for smooth stuff, or my fav 45 1.8, oly
  18. fransglans

    Showcase Olympus 45mm f/1.8

    Just a quite walk with my family through town
  19. fransglans

    If you had this choice, what would it be?

    Set a fast shutter speed and focus at something close to where the fast action is going to happen and voila. I have three small kids and never feel that I miss their fast movements, but maybe I have learned after sticking with m43 since 2012
  20. fransglans

    Share - Beautiful People

    Christmas photo, window light and a small light above head, black blanket behind. This one was actually with Panasonic 20mm, continued with oly45 later on but thought this p20 turned out great
  21. fransglans

    Thinking about my next camera

    Why not a gh4?
  22. fransglans

    Show your cell phone photos

    Pocofone f1
  23. fransglans

    Concert Photography with EPL-5 & Pana 20mm & Oly 45mm

    Really nice! I'm a long time fan of the p20 and I always enjoy when I see what it can do (with a great photographer behind)
  24. fransglans

    Show your cell phone photos

    Through a window in my local coffeehouse, so delightful to have such a powerful phone nowadays
  25. fransglans

    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    wife: what are you doing? me: um, just trying to make random Ansel Adams photos. wife: ok, thats weird!
  26. fransglans

    Review Pen-F 10 months in

    And I thought that I had my gas under strict control... "mono mode" "fuji x100 like", hmm... :)
  27. fransglans

    Another "which camera" thread! Upgrade for my EPL5.

    Em5 II max shutter is 1/8000 mechanical, that's a great thing that differs it from em10... Using those f1. 8 primes wide open at sunny days is nice I also think em5 II looks better :)
  28. fransglans

    What's in your prime lens kit ???

    P14, P20, O45 Had this setup for years. They get equal much of use, but O45 makes most of my "wow" stuff
  29. fransglans

    Showcase Olympus 45mm f/1.8

    some summerglow with O45
  30. fransglans

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    another one at my wife. that P20 continues to deliver!
  31. fransglans

    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    Out with my olympus 45, that lens never disappoint me
  32. fransglans

    Alert : EM5 Mk3 Release this year - it’s (well nearly) official

    I will read everything about this 5.3 in the year of 2021, when I can afford it. My 5.2 still amaze me every time I pick it up!
  33. fransglans

    Show: Random picture thread

    ISO 5000 by mistake, but still kinda liked it. Oly 45
  34. fransglans


    Found it myself. Thanks anyway
  35. fransglans


    Hi, newbie video question here. I want to record 1080*720 in 24fps How do I set that with my em5 ii? I can select 1920*1080 and motion jpeg 1280*720, but in motion jpeg I can't change fps...? Is there a hidden menu somewhere?
  36. fransglans

    Documenting My Father - Fuji X-Pro2

    My wife works with dementia patients and she explains alot to me. Painful stuff! But really nice storytelling of your great dad. Cheers
  37. fransglans

    Am I catching Primeitise - is it dangerous

    Until you have bought and sold the PL25 like 7,8 times, then you are just fine
  38. fransglans

    Showcase Panasonic 14mm f/2.5

    Keep spamming this thread. I've been filming alot lately, and especially with this lens. this one is a still from the latest video I made. Lovely golden evening light at that metal door, I used my car as a dolly to catch the scene
  39. fransglans

    Showcase Panasonic 14mm f/2.5

    This old gem is my new favorite again. 28mm is so easy to go with all day. These are from my trip with my sister in south Sweden
  40. fransglans

    Daytripping in France with the E-PL7's B&W filter

    Inspiring and great photos, thanks
  41. fransglans

    Best alternative for Lightroom/Photoshop?

    Pluttis, fyi, Photoshop cs2 can br downloaded from adobe for free it has been available for years, if you want a free legit ps version Regarding lightroom I was trying alot of alternatives but didn't found any worth to mention, I stick with the monthly Adobe fee instead, but if I find a second...
  42. fransglans

    Share: GREEN

    Camera set for selfie :)
  43. fransglans

    Portraits only Thread -Share yours please

    Looks very promising, maybe it's time for a hugh save up period to get that new S... It's alot of dough though ..
  44. fransglans

    Portraits only Thread -Share yours please

    What's that kit lens Rav? Looks like a killer one for sure!
  45. fransglans

    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    The grainy filter is Nice sometimes
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