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  1. Toddster

    [FS] Panasonic 7-14 f4.0. $410 Ships: US

    Bump to celebrate >2,000 views!
  2. Toddster

    Photo Association

  3. Toddster

    Show: Random picture thread

  4. Toddster

    Photo Association

  5. Toddster

    Show: Random picture thread

  6. Toddster


    Inside of a caboose.
  7. Toddster

    [WTB] Panasonic 7-14mm or Olympus 17mm F1.2. Ships: US

  8. Toddster

    [FS] For Sale: G80/85 Grip, Domke Vests, Crumpler Crumpler 5M$ home| Location: Florida | Ships: USA

    Just checked and all 3 zippers work just fine. I see that you are new here. Please go over to "start a conversation" (our PM system) if you want to discuss where we are in Florida or to purchase. Thanks, Todd
  9. Toddster

    [FS] For Sale: G80/85 Grip, Domke Vests, Crumpler Crumpler 5M$ home| Location: Florida | Ships: USA

    Going for a record bump. Originally posted Dec. 2018, bumped Jan. 2019 and now Feb. 2020!
  10. Toddster

    Olympus 12-45/4 Pro lens details

    I had set my expectations concerning size too high. I can see why the folks shooting with a Oly 2.8 Pro lens might be excited to reduce size and weight while keeping that Pro designation but I was hoping for something smaller. My daily carry lens is the Panasonic 12-60; had this been smaller I...
  11. Toddster

    Olympus lens roadmap updated 2019-11-27

    I feel the same. There was so much talk about size I was really excited. I think I set my expectations too high. I just don't see anything here that would move me away from my P 12-60.
  12. Toddster

    The Rural Living Image Thread

    Time to cross post; the pig thread doesnt get much love.
  13. Toddster

    COMPLETED Wanted cheap kit lens for kids starter camera

    User name: Toddster Items to sell/buy/trade: Cheap kit lens any condition (working) Prices: cheap (<$40) Location: Florida 34465 Ships to: N/A Description: I have a young niece that is showing some interest in photography. She is still too young to trust with valuable equipment though. I...
  14. Toddster

    Showcase Panasonic 12-60mm f/3.5-5.6

    I realize that this was posted some time ago but I am trying to help my sister in law ease out of using the IA setting on her new G85. I pointed her to this forum because she has the 12-60 lens and I wanted her to see what it could do. She chose this picture and said "okay, how do I do...
  15. Toddster

    Any willing to help me these weird colored patches/blotches on the photo please ?

    So I took a look in DxO PL and can't seem to recreate the look you are getting in the OP. I do agree with @relic that the problem has a lot to do with the way your software is handling chromatic NR. I also think it may be applying some micro contrast that works well for the details on the...
  16. Toddster

    [FS] Panasonic 7-14 f4.0. $410 Ships: US

    Thanks for your interest, replied via private conversation.
  17. Toddster

    Any willing to help me these weird colored patches/blotches on the photo please ?

    Hi @MonikaO Any chance you could post the original raw file somewhere? It might be interesting to see how other raw developers handle the processing.
  18. Toddster

    setting up digikam database question

    I use both Digkam and DxO and am not at all tempted to drop Digikam now that DxO has some DAM functionality. My workflow: Import with Digikam Cull with Digikam (first cull) Close Digikam Develop and edit with DxO, export to jpeg Close DxO Further cull, rate and keyword with Digikam Would this...
  19. Toddster

    Show: Random picture thread

    YIKES! That looks WAY to easy to get into.
  20. Toddster

    Photo Association

  21. Toddster

    Silkypix Developer Studio 7

    This offer is for version 7. Version 9 for Panasonic is available for $36.37 until December 25th. This is limited to Panasonic bodies though. Same deal for Fuji: The full version (same...
  22. Toddster

    The Rural Living Image Thread

    I see your tractor and raise you a combine.
  23. Toddster

    Show "Boats"

  24. Toddster

    DAM Recommendations

    When I came off of LR and found myself jumping around trying different raw processors I decided to decouple my DAM and raw processor. I tried several DAM's but found digiKam the most comfortable solution for me. I use DXO PL for my raw development and I know that they have now added a DAM. It...
  25. Toddster

    Save/Restore Camera Settings on GX85

    If you are after a save to SD card as in the video that @Mike Wingate linked I think you are out of luck. I shoot both GX85 and G85 and neither of them have this feature. It's a shame really, it seams like it would be a fairly easy function to add. With the all of the customization you can do on...
  26. Toddster

    [FS] Panasonic 7-14 f4.0. $410 Ships: US

    :eek-31: Well possibly, but I didn't even think that an $1,800 lens and a $400 lens were in the same market. I would do a lot of hand wringing (or even sleepless nights) at $1,800 :) I do suspect the $900 8-18 is having an impact though.
  27. Toddster

    [FS] Panasonic 7-14 f4.0. $410 Ships: US

    Thanks Chris. I guess there is just not a lot of interest in a superwide zoom at the moment.
  28. Toddster

    Photo Association

  29. Toddster

    The Real Street Thread II

    Nope. Great just as it is.
  30. Toddster

    Photo Association

  31. Toddster

    I don’t understand in-camera RAW processing

    And while it has probably been referenced in many films since, the one that comes to mind for me is the irreverent 1974 comedy Blazing Saddles.
  32. Toddster

    DxO PhotoLab 3 is coming

    I'm not sure about better integration. I have the old NIK collection from Google and it seems fully integrated with PL 2 and 3. NIK button works in PL to bring up a dialog to export to the NIK plugins. Does the new DXO version of NIK add something more than that like working in RAW all the way...
  33. Toddster

    DxO PhotoLab Tips & Tricks

    Hi Colin, I'm sure glad you posted. Your email with the profile had gone to spam! The only downside I can find in using the profiles in DXO is that unlike Lightroom the software will not apply the correct profile based on the camera. DXO is happy to apply any stored profile to any camera...
  34. Toddster

    GX85/80 - How do I customize what's shown on the rear display?

    Hopefully someone that shoots both systems will chime in. I only shoot Panasonic so don't have a reference to the Super Control Panel. From what you are describing though I think that the Panasonic Quick Menu may be what you want. The Quick menu ships with a functional set of defaults but it is...
  35. Toddster

    Photo Association

    This was shot in 2014; I have since turned on the level on each of my cameras 😅. I have no idea why I have never been able to shoot a straight horizon ;)o_O;)o_O;)o_O
  36. Toddster

    Photo Association

  37. Toddster

    [FS] Panasonic 7-14 f4.0. $410 Ships: US

    So looking around I know that my price isn't the problem, I'm listed less than recent sales here and far less than the used sites. I guess this lens is just not as popular as it once was. I know some Olympus shooters are leery of the "purple blob" issue. Here is a thread that shows the strengths...
  38. Toddster

    Show and request

    Show: coal
  39. Toddster

    Show: Random picture thread

    It's a strange world we create for our own amusement!
  40. Toddster

    Photo Association

  41. Toddster

    [FS] Panasonic 7-14 f4.0. $410 Ships: US

    Bump - let's put this lens to work.
  42. Toddster

    Anyone shooting with Samsung phone? (advice needed)

    Thanks John. I agree about the unnatural feel of some of the JPG's; plasticky is a good description. What software are you using to process the DNG files? I tried DXO with very bad results (though I didn't spend much time at it).
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