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    Oly 17 1.8 vs Pan 20 1.7 for Street

    Oh b###er, I mean enormously.
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    Oly 17 1.8 vs Pan 20 1.7 for Street

    The 1.8/17 and the 1.7/20 do complement each other, so I keep them both. The former on the E-P5, its a fast combination with a classic (rangefinder plus 35mm) look as both are silver. Focus is fast enough for moving objects like dogs etc. The latter makes the old E-P3 pocketable. The sluggish...
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    Canon to launch a decent mirrorless camera

    More to choose from is a good thing, dimensions and weight appear to be not too bad. Size: 115.6 x 89.2 x 60.6 mm, Weight: 427g The OMD E-M5II is listed with 123,7 x 85 x 44,5 mm, 469/417 g The OMD E-M1 with 130,4 x 93,5 x 63,1 mm, 497/443 g More Canon EOS M5 Images & Specifications
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    The death of consumer cameras

    Why is it deemed necessary to show everything one does to the (social) world? Is a picture non-existent if I dont publish it on instagram or facebook for everyone to see? Photography is not different from other hobbies in this aspect. Like a runner who has to make public the "vital data" of his...
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    Why we carry gear: A real world comparison smartphone - µ43 and FullFormat

    Now thats all fine with the quality a smartphone delivers. But there is one thing that bothers me, they dont feel right compared to a real camera.
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    Looking to get into M43 on the (very)cheap, considering some older models; any thoughts?

    The fact is, you only have $ 100,- at your dispopsal. That is something which should be emphasized. Much as I would like to recomend a s/h E-M5, which go for a song, its still too expensive. For this money, in my country, you would get a scond hand body up to E-P2 or E-Pl2. For a smidgen more...
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    Olympus B&W shooter Myset settings

    Sometimes, I miss the old days. Focusing aqcurat and fast was a skill, learned the hard way. With Tr-X or HP-5 loaded and experience, you knew the right exposure by looking at your subject. It paid off in beautiful, grainy print with fine tonal ranges after long nights in the darkroom. Today I...
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    Micro 4/3 Holy Trinity

    Myself, I am down to a duality: 1,8/17 or 1,7/20 mm at the one end, 1,8/45 or 2,8/60 at the other
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    Olympus B&W shooter Myset settings

    My B/W settings differ from my preferred colour mode natural only with contrast, its always 2 clicks higher. For example, with high-contrast light like now in summer, its natural -2 and monotone 0. In dull light ist natural 0 and monotone +2. Since I try to change my settings as seldom as...
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    A few with the Oly 17 1.8

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    What is your 'system' lens?

    If you mean "system lens" as in "what lens makes mFT the small, lightweight and affordable system it is in my eyes", then -2,5/14mm -1,7/20mm -1,8/45mm because thats what makes it my system and I voted accordingly. A fourth will be the 1,8/17mm, but that will take till the end of 2013...
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    Body cap lens: Why?

    I would gladly pay § 50,-. Over the pond its double the sum. A copycat, that needs looking after
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    OMD Killer ? GH3? No ..Its EPL5 :)

    The built-in viewfinder makes the difference for me. I like the VF-2 on my E-P3 very much, but its no longer compact with it. So it has to be the OM-D sometime in the future.
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    Olympus 17mm 1:1.8 image samples

    Quote: Originally Posted by 6x6 Dump the 20? never ever! But a niece three-piece-combo, body+17+45, that would be it. I wouldn't either, except that I really can't afford both. The 20 is an awkward length for me, and has slow AF, but boy does it deliver the goods. Me neither. I...
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    Would a native 17mm f/1.4 replace both the 14 and the 20 for you?

    The 17, when I will have it, will probably replace my 20 in terms of faster AF and similar focal lenght. A 14 and a 25 it can never replace, because its a 17.
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    Olympus 17mm 1:1.8 image samples

    Dump the 20? never ever! But a niece three-piece-combo, body+17+45, that would be it. Exept when going absolutely minimal, the the 20mm is on and done with it.
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    Olympus 17mm 1:1.8 image samples

    IF this lens proves to be up to the 1,8/20, IQ-wise, AND the AF is also significantly faster , then I will get it sometime in 2013. If it will be as crappy, IQ-wise, as my 2,8/17, then I will happily invest the money elsewhere. Wait and see. Right now I have that 2,8/17mm, which combines a...
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    40-150 for not so much money

    Today my new lens arrived! For € 155,- I got a 40-150 plus a Kingston 8gb SD-card. I had to google "Pen Portrait Zoom Kit" to find that offer. Its amazing how one get get decent lenses for not so much money. Had to try it when walking the dog and even in the rather low light of an overcast...
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    Bags and more bags

    I had the same problem with my bags and modified them myself. Now I am able to crawl through the woods and the bag stays put. Quick and easy or with a bit of needlework, it works fine.
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    Vintage style bag for GH2 w/Pancake?

    Look for "Bereitschaftstasche". You may add "Leder" or a camera name. bereitschaftstasche leder | eBay If you have any more questions, just ask.
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    Useful modification to a Billingham Hadley

    You are right in that aspect, but my nylon messenger bags are lacking soul. Cotton and leather is so much better to touch and look at.
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    Useful modification to a Billingham Hadley

    The one area where my Billingham bags are missing is, they dont stay put at the body when moving around. I commute by bike and the bag does not stay at the back, but slides around. When in the woods in more challenging terrain, or even when bending over to take a pic of something on the...
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    You should love thy Panny 20 mm 1.7 :)

    Add the 14/2.5 and you have a trio of very good and affordable lenses. This plus an "obsolete and outdated" Pen makes for great picture-taking on a budget:biggrin: That said, my brother gave me his OM-D plus PL 25 to try and thats a combination made in heaven, sigh!
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    Photokina Predictions and Rumors: Olympus

    I dont expect much coming from Olympus. Until now, with the exeption of the 45/1.8, its Panasonic who keeps mFT alive with lenses in the middle range. The 17/2.8 is both slow and of mediocre optical quality. Quite an achievement and "improving" it would be like coating a cowpad with cheese...
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    Bags and more bags

    Macfish, how about DIY? Get a bag without padding and make your own. A sleeping mat from dense foam (Evazote), as thin as 5mm (1/5 of an inch) can be cut to pieces and glued together. You can even make your own dividers by adding velcro to the inside. With an otherwise suitable bag, I would even...
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    1960s Street photography, London

    I just found this on TOP, awesome pictures: The Online Photographer: John Claridge and William Gedney
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    Bags and more bags

    jff1625 Thats the one I use for my P3 plus 1,7/20. Its perfect. Tamrac 5693 Digital 3 Black: Electronics You can get smaller ones in that range, too
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    Bags for tall chaps?

    Its a good thing doing ones own modifications. A piece of equipment is rarely exactly as one wants it. And stitching is not the most difficult task, it can be learned. As of the cost of Billingham, oh yes they are expensive. But so are lots of other bags, who look plainly ugly IMO. Yesterday my...
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    Bags and more bags

    Yes, it worked out quite nice:smile:
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    Bags and more bags

    Last week I saw one of these at ebay germany. After checking it out at the website of Millican - liking it and deciding it could be altered (see further down) - I placed a bid. Got it for € 1,00 plus postage of € 4,10. Its a good as new, obviously the previous owner didnt get along with it and...
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    Bags for tall chaps?

    Have the strap replaced! 50mm wide webbing, as useed in backpacks etc, can easily been sewn to the bag. You can get this webbing in any good outdoor store by the yard.
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    Bags and more bags

    I recently dug out my ca. 20 year old Billingham bag. Its a bit different from curent ones, s its as low as the Hadley Pro but not so wide. As wide as the Hadley large, but not so high. Not as deep as both. I measured 38x11x26, but thats only approx. The liner is completely different. Some...
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    BLN-1 Olympus Battery

    Oly "forgot" to place orders on the BLN-1 in the chinese factories and now these spend all their time producing clones :)
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    Rekindled my love for Oly 17 mm 2.8

    But imagine, if it had a really good optical quality wide open! After all, wideangles like this with 2.8 do have a reputation of having gotten it right in this particular aspect. Olympus managed to make it worse - wide open - than the kit lens of that time. Thats quite an achievement. That said...
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    Rekindled my love for Oly 17 mm 2.8

    The E-P1 and 17/2.8 plus VF-1 is something special. Even now, with E-P3 and 14/2.5 + 45/1.8 at hand, often enough I just grab the E-P1 as the camera to take with me. It was my first Pen, the one I decided to buy after having seen only a pic of the wooden demo (remember that?) and never...
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    Rekindled my love for Oly 17 mm 2.8

    Those 14, 17 and 20mm lenses are so different from each other, they are not really comparable. I use them all at different occasions. Dont think there is not much difference because of "only" 3mm in focal lenght, thats a lot of it. I still use the 17mm on my E-P1, the body I bought it with...
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    My gosh the 45/1.8 is an odd duck

    Over here, a barely used/a couple of month old 14/2.5 sells for about € 180 - 200,-. And the warranty is void, because Panasonic links it to the first owner. A new 45/1.8 sells for € 250,. online and 300,- in the local shop. Also these lenses are not comparable anyway, since one is a wide-angle...
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    My gosh the 45/1.8 is an odd duck

    I like my 90mm - in 135-36 terms - quite a lot. One of my favorite kind of lenses since 1970something. "the less than stellar build quality and cheap materials " makes it affordable, like the 14/2.5 second hand. One of these never leaves the Pen and in case of faults, I bought it at my local...
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    Hotshoe cover for E-P3

    I lost that special piece of plastic in the first hour of use and am now looking for a replacement (the port looks quite vulnerable without it). But I cant find the spare part no. of this in black. Can anybody help me, please?
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    Bags and more bags

    Sorry for the late answer, havent been here for awhile. These neoprene pouches are several years old. Today, the product which comes closest, is what Crumpler calls "C.C." or "Giordano" .
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    Now that I have the camera which lenses?

    Thats so true, only time will tell what YOU need. "20 1.7 vs 25 1.4: -20 is slightly wider, I shoot with a 28 right now which equals 44/45 on FF, so it's right in the middle between 40mm and 50mm. I think I'd prefer it a tad wider -20 has slower AF -25 has that rattlesnake noise -25 can shoot...
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    My first adapted equipment purchase

    But beware. Once you focused manually with splitscreen, microprism and the fantastic OV of the Olympus, trying to do so on any display is a royal pita
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    G3 or OM-D?

    Some food for thought: *OM-D E-M5 vs G3… what’s this about a new sensor? « Tyson Robichaud Photo-blography Edit: "As I live in Brazil and camera purchase is also opportunity-related, my current alternatives are 'buy G3 now, or wait for the next chance to get the E-M5 or even the GH3'?" Of...
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    Help! (GF1 vs E-P2)

    Your advantage is that you can pretty much combine (nearly) everything of your mFT gear. So why dont you: 1. decide which body you prefer. Both are so different from each other that you will soon find out which you prefer. Or not at all. 2.Likewise with he lenses. Any body with the 20mm means a...
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    It'll never slide off me shoulder again.

    Have a look at this. I use one on EVERY bag I own. Doesnt slip, never ever, and is comfortable with distributing the load. TATONKA - Shoulder Pad 50mm | accessory | backpack accessory | webbing | webbings
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    Whats your next lens?

    The wish list goes like this: 60/2.8 macro 12-35/2.8 Maybe affordable, if it turns up: a fast Oly prime around 20-25mm
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    Focusing manually...

    Yep, with the aid of a ring of microprism around this horizontal center-whatyamaycallit. 135-36 with matte screens sucked back then with lenses slower than 2,8, too. Depending on the camera, of course. A Nikkormat was simply hprrible compared to, say, a Nikon FM and an Olympus OM-1 would easily...
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    If you could pick 1 lens for the OMD?

    First camera should be IMO the cheaper one and the E-P3 goes for a song. Its a good camera, still capable of being better than most photographers. With a threesome of primes (14/20/45), I prefer mine to having an OM-D with one kitzoom ("zoom" yeuch!) and nothing else. Edit: ok, an OM-D with a...
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    M4/3 : flat pictures!

    It took me a year to understand my Camera and to learn how to tweak its jpg-engine to get good results according to the situation. And heavy cropping like on your children`s pic is something I do only with not to detailed subjects. Sometimes I really wish for a BIG sensor, but even if...
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