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    COMPLETED wtb : olympus vf-2

    Destination to indonesia robs:) by the way also thanks to netherlands robs for the email
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    COMPLETED wtb : olympus vf-2

    Seeing once a very good bargain here,looking forward for it. Silver with ep9 would be great. If you cant find my ebay id, i could send you the screen shoot
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    Intermezzo cdaf support lens adapted on epl1

    Hi, So this afternoon my first af lens zuiko 14-54mk 2 arrived and do some test with my epl1. Here is what i'm curious about : 1. Is it normal , everytime i try zooming the lens make some 'noise'? 2. Perhaps this sound stupid but i wonder where can i find the aperture on this lens...
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    Micro Four Thirds for rich hipsters?

    I wish ned:) Sent from my GT-I9100 using Epl1-zuiko
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    Is the Olympus MF-2 worth it when . . .

    Yes indeed ned, that is why I always bought lens with an om mount adapter so there might be use if someday I'll back to 4/3dslr (still amaze with the stunning e3) I only had tamron lens which the adapter is directly to my epl mount which is to big Sent from my GT-I9100 using Epl1-zuiko
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    Is the Olympus MF-2 worth it when . . .

    Om lens china afapter om to 4/3 is cool but to the body? There is only mmf2 or 1 if you lucky to found it
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    Is My EPL1 still a good camera? or Should I upgrade

    Interesting topics, i will stick with epl1 little longer
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    E-pl2 + vf 2

    Cant wait for my vf2 on epl1
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    COMPLETED wtb : olympus vf-2

    Ebay id : DECLAN_79 (26 feedback 100%) Payment paypal Prefered from someone on ebay to I'm looking for (prefered) silver vf2 complete with box and manual, included ep-9 will be great. Please send me an additional info to my email Regards Sent from my GT-I9100 using...
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    COMPLETED Olympus E-P2, 14-42II, VF-2

    Would you checked how much the shipping cost to indonesia? Thanks Sent from my GT-I9100 using Epl1-zuiko
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    Samy's Camera Sales -Olympus 40-150 $129 / GF2 w/14 $399 / E-PL1 14-42/40-150 $379

    I'm waiting my 14-54mk2 from sammy through ebay,looking for a good bargain for evf2 or white body epl2,it also fair shipping Sent from my GT-I9100 using Epl1-zuiko
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    [EXPIRED] m43 kit ... EP2, VF2, 14 2.5, 20 1.7

    What color the vf2? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Epl1-zuiko
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    COMPLETED E-PL2+kit lens+VF-2+14mm 2.5

    Pm send regarding the vf2
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    [EXPIRED] Olympus Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 MarkII

    Pm send Sent from my GT-I9100 using Epl1-zuiko
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    COMPLETED Olympus sale: 14-42mm I, FL-14 flash

    Pm send Sent from my GT-I9100 using Epl1-zuiko
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    COMPLETED Olympus E-P2 + m.Zuiko 17/2.8

    Yes it is a holy deal
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    [EXPIRED] Leather Half Case + strap for Pen-EP2

    Will send the email
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    [EXPIRED] Leather Half Case + strap for Pen-EP2

    I had this genuine leather half case for ep (1/2) in black/red and dark brown color if you interesting. Its a sample photo with my epl, its brand new. I can send you an email Thanks Sent from my GT-I9100 using Epl1-zuiko
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    [EXPIRED] 4/3s 14-54mm

    Wish the seller would ship to int'l
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    Vintage style brown leather camera bags?

    the brown leather bag is good, but it is you should need an assistance for those equipment:)
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    What do you guys think of this bag?

    Looks good and fitted lot of equipment, i just got my lowepro compuday 150 with additional padded partition, it can fitted my laptop,epl+3-4 fix lens+external hdd and my future 2nd body dslr in it:)
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    Do you bring your camera everyday?

    Yes now I bring my epl1-zuiko 50/1.8&tamron sp adaptall 90/2.5 with my notebook since Im using lowepro 150 compuday,its good to had every second change to shoot
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    Small Bag/Case for EP-2 with VF-2 mounted, 20mm & 45mm

    i think the lowepro special design for mirrorless camera il series looks awesome
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    Bags and more bags

    Now I can actively do the pictures come back with a Lowepro compuday 150 which also has a laptop slot and now I'm ordering padded partitions for camera and additional lens (Tamron SP adaptall stuck in EP-L1, Tele Zoom 65-200/Zeiss Jena 75-300 and Zuiko OM50/1.8 can lie very well) to stay...
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    Can you have too many lenses?

    Wow, amazing line up of collection
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    Good 40mm Legacy Lens

    Thanks fred,noted for the minolta. Is it common came with m42mount or only minolta mount?
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    Anybody try Kaza leather half cases?

    Or you might wanna consider this awesome -also handmade- case with more reasonable price, using with my PL1 also fitted PL2
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    Showcase Tamron 90mm F/2.5 Macro (adaptall-2 model 52BB)

    @Eno, Is this taken (1st pic) with additional extention/converter? awesome It happened quit some weight, just taken during today lunch without any pod using IS2: shall get use this size of lenses with PL-1
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    Showcase Olympus 50mm f/1.4 OM

    @blowup67 awesome, how you make the looks that bigger? it looks very sharp than my shot:)
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    EPL1 lens adapter

    +1 Ned, i also had an m42-4/3 and Pentax-4/3 to start an experiment with different mount which for all this time i use to stick with the Zuiko....Ned, i wonder the konica 40/ is it?
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    Showcase Olympus 50mm f/1.4 OM

    EP-L1 with Zuiko OM 50/1.4 Taken last month on my fathers birthday :
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    EPL1 lens adapter

    Hi Pete, Well, you might wanna consider to had a "light version" adapter 4/3 to m4/3 and started with Zuiko OM 50mm....or the m42-m43 adapter with tons of varies of prime fix lenses to start I think both still with in your budget:thumbup:
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    Stupid me? Extension Tubes

    anyway, i wonder what different any make between using: -raynox Vs -extention/converter (genuine one) thanks
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    Adapted macro options?

    or you might wanna try Tamron SP Adaptall2 90/2.5 macro, its 1:2 macro and will get 1:1 with additional converter, i think its still reasonable price (compare to Zuiko 80mm)
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    Help a macro newb with extension tubes..

    thanks for the info
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    Is it worth adapting the 14-54 mm on my E-PM1?

    i think it will be great since almost everything happened in range 28-108 fl, i also looking this zd 14-54 for my PL-1 companion
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    Good 40mm Legacy Lens

    how different the 40mm with 45mm? what about minolta md rokkor 45/2?
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