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  1. akhyar

    Bags and more bags

    I believed yours is the previous version of 5MDH. The current version with the smooth flap is a single-buckle design
  2. akhyar

    New Olympus OM-D E-M1 Firmware Released

    Took me less than 10 minutes including the downloading period. The actual firmware update I reckons only about 3-4 minutes (from the camera LCD screen status)
  3. akhyar

    Show us your E-M1

    The Artisan & Artist strap follows me from Fuji X100, NEX7, E-M5 and finally E-M1 Pardon my iPhone photo
  4. akhyar

    E-M1, iPad, FL300R, 12-40, Mixed Lighting

    I agree with you on the Olympus Photo Sharing tool on iOS is a mixed bag. Sometimes it really get on my nerves when I forgot to switch of the wifi and my eye is on the viewfinder already but I can't press the shutter button.
  5. akhyar

    12-40 v 12-35 on the E-M1

    If I also own the 35-100, most probably I would stick with 12-35 rather than selling it just to buy the 12-40.
  6. akhyar

    OM-D E-M1 Shipping Status

    No luck here in Singapore too. I pre-ordered the body and 12-40 from Olympus SG. Called them yesterday and was told that shipment is only expected from 1st week of November onwards
  7. akhyar

    OMD Owners: How do YOU focus?

    I'm old skool, so center focus thrugh the viewfinder, then recompose. If I pass the camera to my wife, she wil use the LCD screen to tap to focus.
  8. akhyar

    Another bag thread: Images of Bags with gear.

    If I want to travel light, I'm using Artisan & Artist DCAM-7200 in black/red trim. Artisan & Artist | OFFICIAL WEBSITE Here are the pics of the bag and the gears Inside My gears: OM-D with RRS grip, mounted with Pan 12-35, Oly 45, FL-600r, Tamrac cases in the 2 front compartments
  9. akhyar

    Neck Strap Length. Where does yours sit?

    I'm not sure what is the optimal height but I adjusted the strap to make sure the bottom of the camera doesn't touch my belt. I'd rather have the camera wobble on my stomach, at least I know there's some cushion on it... lolz!
  10. akhyar

    Help Me Decide On A Neck Strap (or Wrist Strap!) - 4 Options

    I'm also using A&A 103n, but in black. Still confy carrying the OM-D, RRS grip, Pan 12-35 and FL-600r
  11. akhyar

    Show us your E-M5

    Mine with RRS grip, A&A 103 strap, Pan 12-35 and FL-600r
  12. akhyar

    Domke or Crumpler?

    The Crumpler 5MDH is too big to hold all your gear listed and it has no dedicated pocket to store your tablet. I also don't like the separator for the new Crumpler. Still prefer the separator of the old Crumpler, more padding.
  13. akhyar

    Bags and more bags

    Right now I only have 2 bags :tongue: If I want to travel light, the Artisan & Artist DCAM-7200 is my choice Inside the main compartment I can store OM-D with RRS grip mounted with Pan 12-35 and FL-600r with Oly 45 1.8 in the next partition. I can always swap the flash with Pan 45-175 if...
  14. akhyar

    Filters?...Other than UV

    After CPL, I used ND filters a lot. Either get a really good quality Vari ND or get at least 3-stops ND filter. I always bring out the CPL, 3-stops and 10-stops ND filters
  15. akhyar

    Panny 12-35 on OMD, any experience?

    Always with protective filter as this lens is my walkabout lens
  16. akhyar

    Light travel tripod?

    Some suggestions at this discussion
  17. akhyar

    Samyang fisheye and focusing question.

    When I had the equivalent lens with NEX7, I just set it to f8 and starts shooting. Only when the subject is less than 3m, I starts to manually focus the lens
  18. akhyar

    Lightweight travel tripod....

    I'm using Sirui T-025 carbon fiber tripod. Good enough for my travelling as the folded length is only 30cm. When fully extended, agree with the other users that it is a bit short, but no complain with the build quality.
  19. akhyar

    Bags and more bags

    Bought a Domke F-10 after I sold Crumpler 5MDH which I had for more than a year. Inside I can keep the OM-D with Pan 12-35 mounted, and creates 2 partition for Pan 45-175 and Oly 45 1.8 with the small flash. The front compartment is big and I can even throw in the batt charger, blower, filters, etc.
  20. akhyar

    Retro OMD looks save the day!

    My wife supports my decision to switch from Nex7 to OM-D but she insists on me getting the silver body, due to the retro look...
  21. akhyar

    Show us your E-M5

    Only change the strap to Artisan & Artist 103N... Waiting for the right hand-grip as not so happy with some half-leather case that I've tried.
  22. akhyar

    Focus Target on OMD

    Press the "OK" button?
  23. akhyar

    How do you have your OM-D buttons customized?

    The B-Fn buttons only available if u used the battery grip
  24. akhyar

    Advice on OM-D order / 12-50 kit lens

    Hi all. My 1st post here. I was in the same boat as you before, and I decided to get the body only while I saved up for the 12-35. Before I bought the 12-35, I used Oly 45 and Pan 14. Once I got hold of the 12-35, sold the pancake and use the Oly 45 if I need more reach. Never been happy and...