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    Exif Problems again

    Your approach was nothing short of well off the mark one would expect from a forum member. Contributing towards the running cost in order to see your EXIF information doesn't elevate your above the normal high standards of gentleman behaviour in public.
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    Exif Problems again

    Maybe a word of apology to @Amin Sabet would be in order now that you have established that it's not the forum?
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    Bags and more bags

    For urban and open air events shooting I prefer to use one of my bags that can hang over my chest. That way I can keep an eye on my gear in a heavy crowd. I have been using an unbranded one that I found on the internet for some time now, which has all the right bits in the right places to make...
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    in-camera focus stacking and lens question ...

    You can use the Olympus 60mm.
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    Post Processing Challenge #524 - CLOSED, WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Is it me, or is everyone else ignoring the blades of grass in the hole just in front of the tree at the front? Used Light EQ in ACDSEE Develop to adjust the ten available shade levels. Then used Photolab2 to remove the chromatic aberration that could see in the DNG file.
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    Tips for Using Japanese Language Only Bodies

    You see problems, I see solutions. Imagine if Champollion had not bothered to translate the Rosetta stone by learning to recognise symbols. He didn't use cue cards. After a glass or two of Saki you'll be half way there.
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    Tips for Using Japanese Language Only Bodies

    You don't need to learn the entire language, just the info on the screen. One way to do that is to look for one of those apps on Google that can read a text string from another language using the camera,and do a translation of it. I saw someone using an app like that to read a menu in a...
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    Tips for Using Japanese Language Only Bodies

    From all the years of reading about this issue on forums I understand that the Japanese language version can't be changed to another language. Some owners have resorted to learning to read Japanese in order to get round the problem.
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    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Scrolling down eBay last night looking for a Pana12-32mm I noticed a GX80 with the 12-32mm zoom on offer for £100. It's even in good condition. Not that I need a GX80, because I already have one. But at £100 for camera plus lens it's no way I could turn that down. It's already in the post even...
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    Recommendations for a new photo editing computer (+ info on system performance)

    With all this talk about the power of the PC required, my recommendation would be to get a 2nd monitor as well. Especially if you are using Photolab. The ability to have the picture on one monitor, and the menus etc on the other screen speeds up the work flow tremendously.
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    Who is use high res mode?

    When it comes to firmware and updates, there are quite a few things to consider. The first problem is whether there is any space left in the EEPROM to add extra lines of programming code. The next problem is whether the hardware has the actual ability to be controlled via a piece of software...
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    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Yes I know, I already have the P12-60 f3.5/5.6, and that I could have got a dekitted PL12-60 f2.8/4.0 for far less on eBay, but I tend to go for new if a lens is going to cost me more than £300. So I bit the bullet and got me the following brand new. I decided to by the PL12-60 after having...
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    Advice on a GX80

    You gave up the G90 because it was too big and heavy, and now want to get the G9 instead? :rolleyes:
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    Recommendations for a new photo editing computer (+ info on system performance)

    Whilst many have advised on the number of cores of the processor, for graphic work the type of graphics card required would be of far more interest to me. A lot of the modern day graphics packages make use of the GPU in the graphics card to process images at far greater speed. Check if the...
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    Is wifi transfer to Windows 10 PC possible with Lumix cameras?

    Have a look in the GX800 advanced instruction manual if it is mentioned. It is possible with the likes of the G80 etc. So I wouldn't be surprised if it also worked with the GX800.
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    Show your bird videos

    That's a bit drastic, isn't it?
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    E-M5III Initial test of Hi-Res mode

    Funnily enough I have recently started to experiment with a 1sec shutter delay on my G90. I have noticed a higher success rate with slow shutter speed when using a delay.
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    Olympus 12-45/4 Pro lens details

    The problem is that the kit lens spot is swamped with choices.
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    Olympus 12-45/4 Pro lens details

    My take on this lens is that it's a jack of some trade, but a master of none. It has no redeeming feature that makes it stand out as an obvious purchasing choice. Assigning it with the Pro label looks more like an attempt to give it credibility as a serious option. But I fear that it could end...
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    External self powered microphone with GH4- is it safe to connect?

    Without a ground, you would have no transfer of signal :). So don't worry about the ground. It's the common denominator between microphone and camera that allows the whole thing to operate in the first place.
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    External self powered microphone with GH4- is it safe to connect?

    Check how many contact points there are on the microphone plugs. It should be three. That's Left, Right, and Ground. If that is the case then you have nothing to worry about. If it has four contact points instead, then it can get complicated, because the fourth contact is normally for the power...
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    The Coronavirus, and should we be worried ordering stuff direct from China?
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    The Coronavirus, and should we be worried ordering stuff direct from China?

    According to the latest news images coming out of China, people are starting to drop dead in the street.
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    The Coronavirus, and should we be worried ordering stuff direct from China?

    Well Homer did predict that Trump would be president, so.....
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    The Coronavirus, and should we be worried ordering stuff direct from China?

    With the recent news about the Corona virus, I am wondering about the direct implications for many of us. I saw news footage of people clad in protective gear going around spraying surfaces with disinfectant. So assuming that the virus can be passed on from a person onto the surface of an item...
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    Equivalence (hypothesis): Could future FF mirrorless F/8 and F/5.6 lenses (ever so slightly press upon) the m43 pro system?

    A high percentage of original posters here also repeat their thread on DPreview. So it wouldn't surprise me one bit if did show up thee as well.
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    Leicaness and The Leica Look

    I am from the opinion that many modern day lenses are not so critically designed, because of the use of lens correction software inside each lens, and in PP programs. But the likes of Leica, and no doubt those uber expensive Nikon and Canon specialized lenses, a lot more effort is put into...
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    Any good reading resources on Tripods?

    The one benefit of shooting m43 is that you can often get away with a good tripod built for DSLR users.
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    Any good reading resources on Tripods?

    The suggestion about the screw on plate is vitally important. I have two tripods for which I lost their plates and have been unable to find a replacement unless I buy the same tripod 2nd on eBay. For travelling and hiking check that the bag you intend to use can carry a trip is strapped on at...
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    Which body for some macro work?

    I tend to use the GX8 if no focus bracketing is required. The bright and sharp flip up EVF and the massive rear screen give me a more pleasant feeling in difficult working environments. The high flash sync speed and HSS speeds up to 1/8000sec also come in handy.
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    G85 & PL 12-60 go to Laos

    Some great shots there.
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    Why is the panasonic 35-100 f2.8 rarely talked about?

    That's less than a 10 seconds distance between bear and you.
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    Advice on a GX80

    I have got accustomed to using the LCD screen instead of the EVF when using my lighter lenses. It's actually more convenient over all, especially in stealth situations.
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    G85 - Exposure Outdoors

    The G90 can do all that is required.
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    Advice on a GX80

    If you shop around the GX80 can be found new for less than £300 body only. That leaves you free to pick a different lens. That aside, the GX80 is a great little camera.
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    Keeper rate?

    I have been known to go out to take pictures, but ended up with zero keepers. The 2018 Eastbourne air show is a case in point. At other times it can be the last shots of the day that end up producing something worth the effort. Bees in flight is perhaps a good example of what I mean. Anyone who...
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    Panasonic G9 possibly caused louder whirring noises in a couple of OIS lenses. help

    There are a couple of ultrasonic motors used inside the camera and lenses that operate the IBIS system, and even the focusing. If you have good hearing above 15khz it is possible to hear the sound of the motors in operation.
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    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    If it was like the size of the GX80 and with the G90/G9 20MP sensor, EVF and OLED display, it would shift. Many if us use the GX80 as a discrete 2nd camera. But its faults like the EVF must have hampered its sales.
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    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    Only a genuine updated GX8 would do. An updated GX80 or GX9 would be a hard sell. The GX8 was about innovation. A deserving upgrade would have to be like a range finder G9 with the extra pin on the hotshoe.
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    GX8 checking in, once again, for my annual "touch bases"

    One of the reasons I bought a G90 recently is because it fills in many of the gaps left by the GX8. But when it comes to the EVF then as a prescription sunglasses wearer I have yet to come across any other m43 camera that can rival it. But the OLED rear display of the G90 is readable with my...
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    Another Silly Idea

    Isn't a square also a rectangle?
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    Debating on trading GM5 and GX8 for a GX85, and adding a G9

    I wouldn't part with my own GX8, but my GX80 does get a lot of use as the stealth option alongside the G90. It fits in my coat pocket when using the pancake lenses. That's something that the GX8 struggled with, which is why I got the GX80. When I do whip it out, I use the rear screen. From a...
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    Insulated/Waterproof Winter Boots

    You need a pair of boots like what anglers wear. I have been using mine for fishing and walking around the park and local lake in the winter taking pictures.
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    Are there aperture numbers you just don't like?

    The f stops that I hate are on zooms, not primes. And in particular the largest f stop that the zoom starts with. Anything above f2.8 tend to be a put off on zoom lenses of 100mm or less. Similarly, up to 200mm I am allergic to anything smaller than f4.5.
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    Super zoom vs. 2 lens kit.

    As someone who lives in London, and try to take pictures both during the day and night of various places, my suggestion would be: 12-40mm f2.8 for the urban and street shots. 17mm f1.8 for night and interior duties. I myself use the PL15mm f1.7, which is close enough to yours, and I get around...
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    I keep thinking I need two new lens, but then....

    After seeing what I can get away with light level wise when using the PL14mm f2.5, I would consider the Oly 12-40mm f2.8.
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    Upgrade path; where to start and where to end?

    A captain always goes down with his ship.
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    Moon shots

    That G9/G90 sensor does have a bit more bite to it compared to the other GX and G series cameras. Moon shots are arguably one of the best way to test sensor resolving power.
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    Moon shots

    It was a reasonably clear night earlier on. So I decided to test my new G90 at 10M and 5M to see how it performs at those settings. I don't shy away from using them on occasions. No noise reduction added, so that I can see how the G90 sensor performs at those reduced pixel rates. First shot is...
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