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  1. Saledolce

    Apple Photos - how do I break free?

    The iphoto library mostly contains pics shot with m43 cameras. Large majority of that is RAWs+JPEGs. There is something I shot on iphone, but thats a minority and certainly the are not the most "valuable" pics in there. I exported the library once as export "unmodified" (that is giving me back...
  2. Saledolce

    Olympus 12-45/4 Pro lens details

    because of the 12-100, I suppose
  3. Saledolce

    Olympus 12-45/4 Pro lens details

    Oly, we don't care about price, size, weight. Just blow us away with IQ, and take our money pls.
  4. Saledolce

    Apple Photos - how do I break free?

    So in order to get my edits too, I should export "originals" first to get my raws and the re-export overwriting the jpegs to have my edited jpegs?
  5. Saledolce

    When Things Work Out

  6. Saledolce

    Apple Photos - how do I break free?

    I exported a set of photos (unmodified originals + xmp file) and reimported in a new Photos library on NAS. Metadata are intact. First step for me is to have the current main Library go down to a size allowing me to unselect the "optimize option" and have all the unmodified originals stored on...
  7. Saledolce

    Apple Photos - how do I break free?

    I think this is the test to do. I will export (unmodified originals) and import and see if the dates in the metadata are correctly used. I tried moving the library (keeping it as apple photos) to my nas, and icloud is definitely part of the problem. The library storage is "optimized" so part of...
  8. Saledolce

    Apple Photos - how do I break free?

    I'm trying to export my whole photo library from Apple photos. It seems to be working but it screws the file dates, setting them to the moment when the export is done (=right now). Any tip?
  9. Saledolce

    Trip to Tokyo - m43 shopping suggestions

    Early february I will be in Japan (Tokyo), it's a business trip and I will have very little time for tourism or shopping. But very little does not mean nothing, I'd like to purchase an m43-related japanese souvenir. :) What's the best place to go for this kind of shopping?
  10. Saledolce

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    I just need an em1 mark ii with the joystick.
  11. Saledolce

    E-M5 mk II - why battery life is so bad?

    Sounds like a scenario where you need a dslr...
  12. Saledolce

    Has anyone found reliable third party batteries and charger for E-M1 mk II?

    I had good experiences with Patona as a brand. I had batteries and USB chargers for EM10 mark ii, EM1 markii and Pen-F. If that's available in US (I always purchased the brand from different european Amazon stores, no idea if they rebrand somehow in US) it may be worth a try.
  13. Saledolce

    8-18 in exchange of my 12-40?

    Not sure if the opener solved his dilemma long ago, but looking at his Instagram (very nice, you have a new follower) and reading what he's also planning to add to his kit, I'd suggest to swap the Laowa with the Leica 8-18 and evaluate upgrading the 12-40 into a 12-100, skipping the 40-150.
  14. Saledolce

    Flickr Pro 25% discount pre-announcemnt

    Thanks for sharing, that was an interesting read. I like people who are still able to articulate a thought in more than 280 characters, and brave enough to write it instead of inflicting me a vlog.
  15. Saledolce

    Flickr Pro 25% discount pre-announcemnt

    Thanks speedy, I'll look into it. I hope I can find a solution that doesn't involve Google. I don't trust what they do/will do with my data, and I'm progressively switching off all the Google "free services" that I've used in the past.
  16. Saledolce

    Flickr Pro 25% discount pre-announcemnt

    I renewed for one more year, but removed the autonewal. If I find an alternative way to post stuff to this forum, I'll close my Flickr account. Flickr died long ago.
  17. Saledolce

    Super zoom vs. 2 lens kit.

    I cannot help compare with the Leica 12-60, but from an IQ perspective I find the 12-100 impeccable all the way thru the range. The only complaint I can have is the overall size/weight, which I understand can be above the desired threshold for a lot of "travellers". Anyway, if you are referring...
  18. Saledolce

    Super zoom vs. 2 lens kit.

    I think you can be more forgiving on corners when dealing with travel kits. Corner to corner impeccable sharpness probably requires large aperture primes, or anyway zooms with far less compromise than what we allow when dealing with "travel kits". You mentioned 12-40+35-100, I can imagine both...
  19. Saledolce

    Super zoom vs. 2 lens kit.

    What is not making you happy with the PL12-60?
  20. Saledolce

    Super zoom vs. 2 lens kit.

    Being able to go out with a prime in a jeans pocket is one of those things that brought me back from the FF dark side. Yesterday I had the Laowa f2 in my pocket, more often is the O17f1.8 or the 25f1.8 but it could easily be the PL15 or the Oly45.....
  21. Saledolce

    Sigma 56mm vs. Olympus 45mm 1.8 for portraiture

    I have the two lenses, and the 75mm as well. Would love to try one day the Oly 1.2 and I dream about the Nocticron twice per week. Definitely start from the O45, awesome lens with the best m43 dna. Small, cheap, excellent IQ, versatile. It's the right first prime in the range, then see where...
  22. Saledolce

    Super zoom vs. 2 lens kit.

    The 12-100 is the game changer. It's probably the best lens for the system in terms of IQ, it covers an unbelievable range, dual IS allows to keep the ISO down in a very reasonable range in most situations. Add one normal prime for low light and the kit is done.
  23. Saledolce

    Shootout GAS attack: Oly EM1mkii vs Sony A7iii

    I read mk3 was an improvement over mark ii, I'll give Sony a couple more marks and then try again. Ergonomics and overall how the camera feels in hands was one of the main reasons for coming back to m43. AF-C was excellent, the 3.0 firmware reduced the gap ( that was embarrassing before) but...
  24. Saledolce

    Shootout GAS attack: Oly EM1mkii vs Sony A7iii

    I had and A7ii for a year, with two primes and the awesome 24-105 f4. That was my experience too. I went back to full m43, because I can live with the limits and enjoy the strengths, but I find hard to deny the difference in IQ and the enormous flexibility of raw files.
  25. Saledolce

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Well done, price was too good to pass. Will you keep the f1.8 lenses?
  26. Saledolce

    BAS - Book acquisition syndrome

    Pre-ordered Within the Frame (David du Chemin). It's probably a new edition, it will ship it in two weeks. Also added to my wishlist "the soul of the camera".
  27. Saledolce

    What photography related item did you SELL this week (and why)?

    With the 12-35 you are pretty well covered in terms of focal lenght, and the lens is excellent also in terms of IQ. You need to analyze what tight spaces means for your photograhy, when I shoot in a tight place I often find myself indoor with less than optimal light ... Sorry, didn't mean to...
  28. Saledolce

    What photography related item did you SELL this week (and why)?

    I picked a 15mm f1.7 few weeks ago, and love it. But I still have the Oly 17 too. I like the FL a lot, so not sure I'll be able to let it go....
  29. Saledolce

    Olympus 75 or Samyang/Rokinon 85?

    The Oly75mm is a fantastic lens, if you can swallow the premium price. The odd focal lenght doesn't make it easy to use, so it's an expensive (but awesome) piece of glass that you will not end using every day. Anyway, I don't see how a MF 85mm could be easier to use on m43, also factoring in...
  30. Saledolce

    What photography related item did you SELL this week (and why)?

    Are you going to replace it?
  31. Saledolce

    What photography related item did you SELL this week (and why)?

    why don’t you also list those items here? We need more european footprint in the marketplace, I’d rather buy/sell from users than from shops or ebay..
  32. Saledolce

    Tips for new lens on Panasonic GX85

    I think P12-60 is the way to go, if budget allows also add a P25mm f1.7 This would give you a very nice walkaround do it all lens, and something to deal with low light. Excellent quality overall, very budget conscious kit. If you think you may miss the size of the 12-32, you can replace the...
  33. Saledolce

    Zuiko Digital 70-300mm and CDAF

    Apparently not much luck with your question. I was wondering myself what reputation this lens has, I'd use it on a PDAF body.
  34. Saledolce

    Show "Micro 4/3 Camera P*rn"

    I'm (also) very happy with the pics this combo takes. Olympus Pen-F + PanasonicLeica 15mm f1.7 by saledolce, su Flickr
  35. Saledolce

    DxO PhotoLab 3 is coming

    I upgraded to Photolab 3. I did that just because I wanted to show support for a product I like using, plus the "black friday" offer made the price for Elite upgrade acceptable. But the list of updates is really minimal, from a rational standpoint I should have saved the money and kept using the v2.
  36. Saledolce

    Showcase Laowa 7.5mm f/2

    I initially developed this one with DXO, focusing on correcting the barrell distortion and the heavy vignetting of this lens, but wasn't completely happy with the colors. So I gave my Luminar 3 a chance, and for the first time I was able to pull out something I like from that sw. PB240154b by...
  37. Saledolce

    Showcase Olympus 12-100mm f/4 Pro

    Tower bridge in London. I shot this one handheld with 12-100 on my Em1 mark ii. London - Tower Bridge by saledolce, su Flickr
  38. Saledolce

    Show Pen F Images

    Let's try linking from Flickr this time, it will hopefully be less distracting. Two shots from my first photowalk with Pen F: Quadrilatero is a market and fine food area in the historical city center of Bologna, one of my favourite places to shoot. I enormously enjoyed shooting with the camera...
  39. Saledolce

    Showcase Panasonic Leica 12mm f/1.4 DG Summilux

    It's a lovely piece of glass, but there's so many cheaper ways to cover the FL that everyone (including myself) keeps pushing this purchase...
  40. Saledolce

    Which f1.2 prime?

    I now have an f1.4 option both at 25mm (Pana-Leica) and in the portrait range (Sigma 56mm). If at some point I feel the need for an f1.2 I'll probably upgrade my 17mm first.
  41. Saledolce

    Downsizing the right way?

    I think you have an excellent kit, pro zooms coverage from 7 to 100 and two nimble primes for low light. You could add a 45mm f1.8, that would give you the very popular 17/45 combo with very little added weight and cost.
  42. Saledolce

    Olympus lens roadmap updated 2019-11-27

    I wonder why they didn't stretch it to 60mm
  43. Saledolce

    Lens hood information, please.

    I use hoods most of the time, and I do that for the protection they offer to the lens. What is a decent (but much smaller than the standard one) hood I could pick? I saw some cheap ones, they screw in on the filters thread, are they any useful?
  44. Saledolce

    Lens hood information, please.

    How important is the hood on this lens? I just purchased one, I feel like the hood will be left out of the bag very very often.
  45. Saledolce

    What photography related item did you SELL this week (and why)?

    I sold my beloved EM10.ii (my first m43 camera) with an Olympus ECG-3 grip, a Samyang 7.5mm fisheye and a MC14 teleconverter.
  46. Saledolce

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    I didn't purchase today, but I received them today: PL15 f1.7, PL25 f1.4 and Sigma 56mm f.1.4
  47. Saledolce

    DXO - Laowa 7.5mm

    is there a guide somewhere to relate the parameters in that preset file to the UI stuff I tweaked to build mine?
  48. Saledolce

    MEIKE 50mm F1.7 for M4/3 ----- a modern Helios 44-2 ?

    Paul, are you after swirly bokeh or is there something else that attract you to this meike?
  49. Saledolce

    Show "Micro 4/3 Camera P*rn"

    Because of this photo, I just purchased a silver PL15mm for my Pen F. Sexiest camera porn ever.
  50. Saledolce

    DXO - Laowa 7.5mm

    Is there a way to let DXO know a picture was shot with the Laowa 7.5mm f2? the lens is completely dumb and provides no feedback whatosever to the camera body. Did anyone create a DXO profile for this lens? Edit: This link provides hints towards the solution of the problem...
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