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  1. Hendrik

    EM 1 mk2 wifi problems

    You can use the WiFi capability to display Live View and control the camera on your phone only in straight PSAM modes plus Art, iAuto and Movie, selectable from O.I. Share. You have no access to the camera menus or any of modes of use invoked through them. This is the default mode as the app...
  2. Hendrik

    We lost our good boy tonight

    So sorry to hear. Our dog is approaching 14 and I know the day is not too distant when the decision will need to be made, just as with the last three dogs. I've known the pain, too, but I can't imagine not re-upping with another dog.
  3. Hendrik

    Spot on sensor - Where?

    As far as the image projected by the lens goes, what's up is down, what's right is left. The spot on the viewed image is at 8 o'clock. The image has been rotated 180 degrees for viewing. This means that, as you look at the back of the camera, the spot is being projected at 2 o'clock - 180...
  4. Hendrik

    Post-Processing Challenge #526 - Winners Announced

    First, I have to acknowledge that the task I set may have seemed entirely unfair. Kind'a stupid, even. Divining the “correct” exposure parameters for a flat wall decorated in spray can colors is just about a fool’s errand. Nuances of color balance easily get lost in the general chaos. Where...
  5. Hendrik

    Post-Processing Challenge #526 - Winners Announced

    The challenge is closed. Results to come.
  6. Hendrik

    Post-Processing Challenge #526 - Winners Announced

    36 hours left — plenty of time to throw something, anything, against the wall and see if it sticks.
  7. Hendrik

    Faces in things (pareidolia)

    On a Maine beach
  8. Hendrik

    Post-Processing Challenge #526 - Winners Announced

    Lately, my wife and I have been spending a bit of time visiting our newest (third) grandkid in Washington D.C. This is a far more urban environment than we are used to. Aside from the superb museums that line the National Mall, there is a lot of art to be found elsewhere. We pass this example...
  9. Hendrik

    Post Processing Challenge #525 CLOSED, WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Oooops… That is to say, many thanks, @11GTCS for the license to go wild. I had always wanted to putter around with 5-way symmetry and blend modes. It was a learning experience for me, that's for sure. And thanks to every other entrant for a lively thread. I will just say that it was a lucky...
  10. Hendrik

    Post Processing Challenge #525 CLOSED, WINNER ANNOUNCED

    A sprightly entry, indeed!
  11. Hendrik

    Who is use high res mode?

    So, does it work? It being a dull day, I did a simple experiment to find out. Also to see if I could get both the dog's nose and eyes sharp in the same shot. I used my particularly placid antique bronze bulldog, a Pen-F mounted on a tripod and both the O30 and O60 macro lenses. The distance...
  12. Hendrik

    Post Processing Challenge #525 CLOSED, WINNER ANNOUNCED

    #2 Yet more head scratching.
  13. Hendrik

    Post Processing Challenge #525 CLOSED, WINNER ANNOUNCED

    #1 Adobe Photoshop and a lot of head scratching.
  14. Hendrik

    Post Processing Challenge #525 CLOSED, WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Has anyone else had trouble downloading this file? It seems damaged, now. I have tried several time and, even after a restart and browser relaunch, can only get a file measuring 4608 x 2592 - missing 864 lines off what is now the right-hand side. BTW, @11GTCS, I have an E-M1 and encounter no...
  15. Hendrik

    Who is use high res mode?

    I've been shooting Hi-Res since I bought the E-M5 II in the month it came out. Not a lot, mind you, but the last instance was last week for a sunset landscape. The possible increase of DoF intrigued me enough to spend ten minutes with a DoF calculator (at cambridgeincolour) running scenarios...
  16. Hendrik

    Who is use high res mode?

    The feather detail on the bird's ruff, just under the bill, shows more definition, as well.
  17. Hendrik

    Using a Circular polarizer on an E-M5 III

    Turn off Live View Boost and S-OVF. They will both confound the EVF and mask the effect. Once the viewfinder is WYSIWYG, you will see the changes properly rendered.
  18. Hendrik

    Post Processing Challenge #524 - CLOSED, WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    In Photoshop: Two independent smart objects, sky and everything else, blended with a mask (Select/Color Range...) Brushwork in the foreground smart object to lift the shadows on the near tree (it has the nicest curves). Brushwork on the layer blending mask to tame the veiling flare, top center...
  19. Hendrik

    Recommendations for a new photo editing computer (+ info on system performance)

    Be careful of the GPU. If you have any wish to use apps such as the Topaz AI crowd, they do poorly with underpowered (read 4gb or under) GPUs. I expect others will push processing onto the GPU, as well. You may already have seen this article regarding iMacs and photo processing.
  20. Hendrik

    Share Birds

    Just a plain old Mallard in nondescript light. Fish in a barrel, exposure-wise.
  21. Hendrik

    E-M5 III custom settings is baffling...Help?

    Not ideal, but beats the alternative.
  22. Hendrik

    E-M5 III custom settings is baffling...Help?

    Can you first set the Mode Dial to C and only then recall C2 with the menu? If C2 becomes active, are you then restored to your everyday settings when you rotate the Mode dial back to its previous setting? What settings do you get if you then return the Mode Dial to C?
  23. Hendrik

    Show: Musical Instruments

    Traveling with a lute to a 19th c. inn (which has settled into a state in which the concepts of plumb and level are merely just so many unmet desiderata) that hosts a long-running jazz club. Can you say cognitive dissonance? ;) Updated the photo. Some of the noise reduction bugged me.
  24. Hendrik

    Help needed with PP

    All those hours wrangling jpgs at the start of the millennium might come in useful one day, even in the age of Raw ... who knew? For me, the skin tones were most important and needed to be maintained or enhanced (layer titled orange). Then, taming the purple stage lighting (layer titled...
  25. Hendrik

    Exifs not showing under my photos anymore.

    Quite right! It seems to be sticky, too. Thinking there might be a similar drop-down box in Export preferences, I investigated. There is, but the only two choices are None and Copyright and Contact Info
  26. Hendrik

    Exifs not showing under my photos anymore.

    I suspect the problem lies with PSE. The lens data is missing from the file. It should be in a section marked Exif Auxiliary Properties and that section is missing. I know that the two Export function in Photoshop (Export As… and Save For Web (Legacy)) strip most of the Exif info, not only...
  27. Hendrik

    Share 25mm focal length photos in nature

    Many thanks.
  28. Hendrik

    Share 25mm focal length photos in nature

    The 50mm FOV is what a lot of us grew up with so, to us, it might seem a bit meh, been there, done that. As I recall, the main selling point seemed to be that its FOV closely matched that of human vision. But it is useful for: fitting neatly within a polarizing filter's useful envelope...
  29. Hendrik

    Show: Coffee

    The morning brew from a couple of years ago. This was a strobist-inspired exercise. Single flash - from frame left!
  30. Hendrik

    E-M5ii and 14-150ii $699 (USA Best Buy)

    Someone most have called them on it. The image is now labeled "Lens Sold Separately." Edited to add: OK, I see the small print now. It depends on which image comes up.
  31. Hendrik

    Which body for some macro work?

    The remark about in-body focus stacking leaves open the question whether focus bracketing is a desired feature. If it is, then be careful in your choice. Few of the Pens have it (E-PL9 and Pen-F only, I believe). It was not included in the E-M5 I and IIRC only arrived in the E-M5 II as a...
  32. Hendrik

    Showcase Olympus 300mm f/4 PRO

    I experienced quite a bit of variety with the local hawks this weekend. Saturday was gloomy so, I reasoned, there would be no thermals and I'd be more likely to encounter perched birds than otherwise. Since it was gloomy, I used the MC-14 for the extra light and hoped that I would be able to...
  33. Hendrik

    EM5 mk3 Owners..................

    The manual is available for download and, according to p. 163 " AF Focus Adj. Focal location adjustment for phase-difference AF can be fine tuned within a range of ±20 steps.
  34. Hendrik

    looking for suggestions on polarizing filter for Oly 12-40 f/2.8

    I'm happy with the B+W XS-Pro Kaesemann CPol. ~$60 from B&H.
  35. Hendrik

    Post Processing Challenge #522 - CLOSED - Winners Announced!

    For me, the story is that it's high and it's remote. The crop does that for me. Initial exposure tweaks in Adobe Camera Raw, trying to stay conservative and understated. Some brushwork to very modestly promote a few locales, perhaps too subliminal but the hope is that the eye will be drawn to...
  36. Hendrik

    Photos not uploading

    I had this problem this morning on Verizon FIOS. Quitting the browser (Safari on Mac, Os 10.14) and relaunching fixed it for me.
  37. Hendrik

    Olympus Workspace + Camera Updater

    Please let us know... There are no Olympus Workspace/Catalina issues being discussed on the Apple Community forums which suggests your problem may be a very low frequency occurrence. Often I find that a restart cures isolated system quirks.
  38. Hendrik

    Show Sunsets / Sunrises

    Sunset over iced-in pond. Every once in a while the ice would speak.
  39. Hendrik

    Wildlife: show us your walk on the wild side and post your wild animal photos

    Not great, but certainly memorable. First time I've had the chance to shoot a cantering coyote in full profile - mostly I get white-tail deer butts. If I hadn't been able to switch instantly to my BIF settings (C-AF, all targets, Low silent (7 fps), Auto-ISO, Shutter priority, 1/1600 sec...
  40. Hendrik

    Caption This! #168

    Harrumphhh, nutty business, this!
  41. Hendrik

    Caption This! #168

    I read the news today, oh nuts…
  42. Hendrik

    Show and request

    Ornate Show Ornery
  43. Hendrik

    Apple Photos - how do I break free?

    The time of original capture is retained and shown on the line headed Content Created (4th line down in Finder in Mojave). I know for certain that Lightroom ignores the Created and Modified lines and accurately records the original as Date Time Original, Digitized, etc. It should work.
  44. Hendrik

    Post Processing Challenge #521 -- CLOSED

    Striking view, enjoyable to work on, thanks. Discovering the sunbeams made my day Largely accomplished in Adobe Camera Raw. Cropped. Basic exposure tweaks. Adjustment brushes to balance things out. A bit of HSL work on the sky and sunlit trees. Out to Photoshop. Two curves layers: general...
  45. Hendrik

    Portrait facial symmetry website.

    Where does the data go? I wonder…
  46. Hendrik

    Caption This! #167

    Whew!!! Edited to add: Very well deserved. Congrats.
  47. Hendrik

    Any willing to help me these weird colored patches/blotches on the photo please ?

    I just found the raw and opened it in Adobe Camera Raw. I noticed that the file had some headroom before highlight clipping, but some of this must be attributable to ACR's conservative highlight treatment. It appears that the subtle pattern seen on the surface of the underside of the building...
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