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    70-200 opinion piece on dpreview perpetuating the equivalence rubbish

    The point you are missing is that, assuming equivalent sensor technology, a full frame camera at ISO 6400 will have the same noise characteristics as an m4/3rds camera at ISO 1600. So you gain no IQ advantage over the FF shooters, though you do gain a massive weight advantage. The technical...
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    How to match (or get close) to my other kit

    EF50mm ƒ1:8 II - Olympus 25 f/1.8 24-105L F4 - Olympus 12-40 f/2.8 100mm macro - Olympus 60mm f/2.8 macro 135L - Olympus 75mm f/1.8 400mm f5.6 - Panasonic 100-300 f/4-5.6, or better yet, wait for the Olympus 300mm f/4 to be released. MP-E 65mm (with MT-24EX) - Yasuhara Nanoha Macro Lens 5:1...
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    Camera and lenses for Japan sightseeing trip in January 2014

    Forget the camera.... What do I have to do to get a ride in your time machine?
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    ultra-wide non fisheye lenses

    Just FYI... The Samyang 12mm f/2 is not faster than the Samyang 12mm T/2.2.... Because it is the same lens other than minor changes in the internal mechanics. "F" values are calculated using math based on the physical size of the aperture and the focal length. T is calculated by measuring...
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    Metabones releases Canon EF to M4/3rds Speedbooster

    Ooops, did I forget to mention their other new product? Same thing, but without the speedbooster part, so just the electronics part. $400 is really steep for this in my opinion, even $300 is pushing it. The main use I see for it is with...
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    It's a Selfie World

    That is not sad. THIS: is sad.
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    Metabones releases Canon EF to M4/3rds Speedbooster

    Looks like the adapter a lot of us have been waiting for is finally available for order, the Metabones Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster: $599 is a bit steep, but I guess you have to pay for the extra electronics...
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    E-PM2 + pancakes or large-sensor compact (RX100, LX8 etc.)

    I think the RX100 series is pretty much the king of pocketable cameras. I have the original myself and carry it with me almost all the time. I like the imaged from my wifes Fuji X10 a little more most of the time, but it is far less pocketable, otherwise I would be seriously considering the X30...
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    ultra-wide non fisheye lenses

    Widest Rectilinear option I can think of off the top of my head is the 7-14mm from Panasonic. Next Widest, and much faster, is the Rokinon 10mm T3.1 (F/2.8) in Nikon mount with Metabones Speedbooster, which becomes a 7.1mm f/2. There are not really any cheap adapted UWA lens options because...
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    Sigma DP quattro

    They didn't say the color output was poor. They said color accuracy was poor. Those are not quite the same thing. Here is a ~2-year-old quote from the Fred Miranda forums by someone named kwalsh (I am guessing he is our kwalsh) that may shed some more light on this: As you can see, nobody is...
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    We need an M4/3 fast 200mm or longer lens

    Given the current list of quality Oly primes is 12, 17, 25, 45, 75, all f/1.8, I think the next obvious steps would be one of the following: 150 f/2 300 f/4 or 135 f/2 200 f/2.8 300 f/4 Personally I would prefer the second option, but I would be happy with either one.
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    Are m43 lens cheaper or more expensive?

    M4/3rds is cheaper, lighter, and smaller if you are moving from/comparing it to, pro or semi-pro level DSLR equipment. The most classic pro lenses are 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, 24-70 f/2.8, and 70-200 f/2.8. Below is a price comparison (based on equivalent focal length lenses) for the...
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    What I really want / need in a 4/3rd's camera

    You can add the Sema-1 to the E-m5 to get a microphone jack. However, it does block your flash shoe, making the use of certain microphones problematic.
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    GH 4 V1.1 Firmware Not Recognized

    I am running Windows 8.1 and I dragged and dropped the GH4 firmware file and it worked just fine, first time. I also drag and dropped 6 lens firmwares without any issues. I did all these updates over two days on one battery charge while also tooling around with settings, taking test photos...
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    GH 4 V1.1 Firmware Not Recognized

    One thing I read said you may need to take a couple photos on the card between formatting it and copying the bin onto it. Not sure if it will help in this case, but it can't hurt.
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    superfast lens vs speedbooster + fast lens?

    The closest thing out there to the Voigtlander is the Minolta 58 f/1.2 + Metabones (and only Metabones) Speedbooster that Maubrey mentioned. The effective FF equivalency between the two for focal length and DOF are: Voigtlander = 85 f/1.9 Minolta = 82 f/1.7 That should give you pretty much...
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    M4/3 need a 400mm or larger prime.

    The Olympus 300 f/2.8 isn't an m4/3rds lens. Olympus seems absolutely dedicated to keeping their m4/3rds lenses as small as humanly possible. IIRC the largest filter thread size on any Olympus lens is 58mm, and the largest for Panasonic is 67mm, and that is only one lens. The rest are all...
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    M4/3 need a 400mm or larger prime.

    Greater crop factor does not actually translate to greater reach (and, btw, it is reach, not magnification, because magnification means something else entirely in photography). Reach does not actually change with sensor size, only focal length actually affects reach. People just think it changes...
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    M4/3 need a 400mm or larger prime.

    A 400 f/4 will have a 100mm front element.... Olympus will probably never do that. Panasonic probably won't ever do it either, but if they do it will likely be a very long time from now. 300 f/4 and 400 f/5.6 are much more realistic with their 75mm and 72mm minimum front element sizes...
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    FL-600r settings on the OM-D E-M5

    I use a 30ft straight cable TTL cord. If using one flash I can put it anywhere I want with this cord. If using two or more flashes it saves me from having to waste one as the master on-camera, and I get much more flexibility in the location of all flashes. And because it is long and straight I...
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5 & Special lenses

    The IS should help, but I am pretty sure you will need to play with the IS focal length setting to find out what setting works best, and I am pretty sure that setting will need to change as your macro level changes.
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    First prime for beginner?

    I just want to point out that true "normal" is 21.5mm and what you could acceptably call "normal" is really only about 19-23mm. A large part of the reason I hate people calling 25mm normal (which it really really isn't, just because the 35mm format farked things up for themselves doesn't mean...
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    Differences between iAUTO and P mode

    P mode meters the scene and sets ISO, Aperture, and Shutterspeed as appropriate, attempting to keep ISO low, Aperture wide, and shutterspeed as fast as possible. iAuto does the same thing, but it also tries to determine what kind of shot you are trying to take and then modify its settings as...
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    Which color for E-PM2

    Silver. it looks great with silver or black lenses, unlike the other colors.
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    Getting into the M43 game cheaply.. sorta.

    I prefer silver bodies because both black and silver lenses look great on a silver body, but only black lenses look good on a black body. However, what you did with your silver body is a great idea, it looks better than either plain silver or plain black.
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    holy crap! I almost had a heart attack!

    5D2 + Sigma 50mm 3 feet onto a cement sidewalk. Lens was 100% fine. Camera need a $300 repair. Fortunately I had my 7d with me or that would have been a day of shooting lost.
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    You think YOU have GAS? Not like this, I bet.

    Get a small business loan, buy this collection, resell the whole thing piecemeal on Ebay over the next couple of years. You could probably at least triple your money. Or if you wanted to speed it up you could separate it into lots and just double your money in less than half the time.
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    Lowest profile 1.4f including adapter?

    Voigtlander lenses for Leica M mount are likely going to be your best bet. You can see here how thin a Leica M to m4/3rds adapter is: Micro 4/3 System : Leica M Lens to Micro 4/3 Adapter (White) You can get a new 35mm or 40mm Voigtlander pancake f/1.4 lens from B&H: Rangefinder Lenses| B&H...
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    Lowest profile 1.4f including adapter?

    This one is only a 1.8, but it is very small, and should still be small even with an adapter: Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Series E
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    Guess I'm moving to a second body. Can't sell an EPL3

    You should put it on Amazon Marketplace. You will easily make more than $190 for it, even after fees and shipping. I sell all my stuff there and everything ultimately sells and it is a very simple no-hassle process.
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    Is there a problem with Depth of Field on Four Thirds Cameras?

    OP wrote a photography book. Dude is being facetious.
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    Panasonic 100-300 on a Mini?

    This should make you feel better about it: Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8
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    Vancouver Photoshoot Opportunity - February 23, 2013

    Darn. It is the BC version. I was hoping for the WA Version. Oh well, thanks anyway.
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    crop factor

    The only time the listed focal length of a lens is typically different from its actual focal length is on fixed lens compacts where they sometimes only put the 35mm equivalences on the lens, not that actual focal length (which you have to check your manual to find), but even that is fairly...
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    The new 17mm 1.8 lens is that bad for the money?

    I received the 17 f/1.8 recently and I am already a big fan. The FOV is great, AF is very fast, overall rendering is exactly what you want from a 17mm. It is also a very sharp lens. In practice I find it to be almost exactly as sharp as the 20 f/1.7, but for a different reason. The apparently...
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    where is the best place to sell a panasonic kit lens fast?

    If possible I sell my old gear via Amazon. You just find the same item on their site and post it. Takes just a few minutes per item and if you have the lowest price most things sell very fast.
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    Forget APS-C - MFT is the new APS-C :)

    I agree, this is the case in general. But at any given point in time it is not necessarily going to be true thanks to the nature of making these kinds of electronics at a time when sensor technology is advancing so quickly. For instance, Canon's sensor technology is arguably about a year or...
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    EM5 or Canon 7d....

    I had a 7d and was not impressed. My E-M5 outperforms the 7d for everything but sports shooting. The thing is that 7d is a 4-year-old camera in a time when sensor technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds every year. It's sensor size should give it a small IQ advantage over m4/3rds...
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    Jumping on the 4/3 bandwagon

    The main reason you may want the E-M5 over the E-PL5 is the video capabilities. The 5-axis IBIS is nice for stills, but it is insanely good for video. If you have a 2-year-old you will find it invaluable as a video camera, allowing you to take hand-held videos anytime anywhere from almost any...
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    Voigtlander 42.5mm f/0.95 for Micro Four-Thirds!

    I would rather see a 12mm. For me 14mm is too close to 17.5mm and I just really don't see the point. Either way for lenses that wide I would be quite happy with f/1.4 instead of 0.95. From a "classic" lens perspective the lenses wider than 35mm tend to be a bit slower anyway. So I would rather...
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    'Canon Forecast Falls Short of Expectations' - NY Times

    I found this interesting from the Mike Johnston article: "On the other hand, Micro 4/3 really does seem to have it right: the sensor is big enough, but not too big; small enough, but not too small. The cameras are right-sized, the lenses are right-sized. Everything's in balance. Everything...
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    Choice of two fixes for all occasions

    Fixed lens means a lens that is not removable. So for instance both the Sony RX100 and the Sony RX1 have fixed lenses even though one is a zoom lens, while no PEN's have fixed lenses. I think you mean to say "fixed focal length lens", or more simply, "prime lens". That being said.... On a daily...
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    When did you decide to sell your DSLR gear?

    I began selling off my 20k worth of Canon gear the day I ordered my E-M5. Based on reviews and photos found places like this I knew immediately that I was going to be happy and able to commit to m4/3rds.
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    Brand new OM-D, shutter count 433

    Does this work for the E-PM2 a/o does anyone know what the process is for the E-PM2? NM, I figured it out. Should be: 1) When camera is off, hold 'MENU' button and power on. Release button. 2) Press 'MENU' and go to 'LCD brightness'. (Spanner/Wrench Menu and third item down.) 2.5) Press Right...
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    Chihuly exhibit at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (image heavy)

    Nice images. We are kind of spoiled for this stuff here in the Seattle area, but it is awesome to see some pieces I haven't seen before and somebody elses take on photographing them.
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    Making sense of lens markings..

    And my answer told him what a lens can do on his 4/3rds camera. I explained quite clearly that his 1:2 lens would still be 1:2, no matter what he did. I feel I was much more clear about this than you were. The reason I went into equivalency was because he asked about that. Therefore I...
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    What Minolta to use w/extension tubes?

    This is correct. But this I have never heard before and regardless of whether it is correct it is entirely pointless. In macro photography what we primarily care about is magnification at Minimum Focus Distance (MFD), not at infinity. When you add extension tubes who's length is equal to...
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    What Minolta to use w/extension tubes?

    As a general rule you don't want to use more mm worth of extension tubes than the focal length of the lens you are using because doing so tends to move the minimum focus distance of the lens inside the front element, meaning it can't focus at all. However, you don't want to use too long a lens...
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    Native lens wishes...

    A 300 f/2.8 would have to have a front element over 100mm wide. If we ever see a lens that size it will be a very long time from now or come from a third party, because olympus and Panasonic are both focussed on keeping lenses smallish. A 300 f/4 on the other hand would be quite doable with a...
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    Got my zoom lens wet...advice?

    SILICA kitty litter. Silica only kitty litter has no dust at all.
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