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    Share: Trees

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    Post Processing Challenge #524 - CLOSED, WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    used accent AI in Luminar flex, then toned down the green's with HSL adjustments, then put the image into Topaz Studio and converted it to vintage BW with edge blur.
  3. betamax

    Post Processing Challenge #523 - CLOSED - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Dxo PL3 with HSL luminance adjustments, a touch of clearview plus and highlight/shadow adjustments.
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    Mushrooms & other Fungi

  5. betamax

    Post Processing Challenge #522 - CLOSED - Winners Announced!

    thank you everyone for your entries! I always appreciate how differently people process the same photo. Change the emphasis here. Change the crop there, process it multiple times etc. I do think the clouds and flat light makes it difficult to PP. Anyway, in the end it comes down to personal...
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    Post Processing Challenge #522 - CLOSED - Winners Announced!

    thanks for your entries everyone! Challenge is now closed! I'll announce the winner when I get back from work.
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    Post Processing Challenge #522 - CLOSED - Winners Announced!

    there's also a shuttle bus from the town below. I did just a short 14km hike, but most of my group just caught the bus! A little over 27 hours to go folks. Too many great entries already, but keep them coming!
  8. betamax

    Post Processing Challenge #522 - CLOSED - Winners Announced!

    Taken six years ago now (wow), using my then new E-PL5. Link to jpeg and raw files is here:!Av3t3-eGT_5xmCeh1b3RvcIPSgJw?e=gyxGvb Contest closes sometime after Wednesday 10pm Sydney time, Wednesday 11am in London and 6am New York. 72-Hour Post-Processing Challenge...
  9. betamax

    Post Processing Challenge #521 -- CLOSED

    Thanks Greg! That was a stunning landscape to work with, and challenging due to the shadows. Lots of great entries too. I had to dig deep into my library to pick something that hopefully is a worthy successor for the next challenge which I'll be posting shortly.
  10. betamax

    Photos not uploading

    I have a telstra phone (Boost) and and optus 4g data plan, and even though I was having no problems downloading on Optus nice and fast), last few pic updates during the week here stalled so I'd switched on my phone's mobile hotspot and they upload fine on the big T.
  11. betamax

    Mushrooms & other Fungi

  12. betamax

    Post Processing Challenge #521 -- CLOSED

    above image with some dehaze and matte filters in Flex, and some more sharpening.
  13. betamax

    Post Processing Challenge #521 -- CLOSED

    Beautiful location. Processed mine in Luminar Flex. Mostly Advanced contrast and HSL adjustments to saturation and brightness. Then onto Denoise AI.
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    Share Birds

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    Share: GREEN

  16. betamax

    Post Processing Challenge #519 (Winners announced)

    2 rounds in Flex using accent AI and colour adjustments, then out to Denoise AI
  17. betamax

    What's your weather?

    Yesterday afternoon. Looking out towards North Nowra.
  18. betamax

    So Sad! :-(

    Ultimately, it's our fault as voters. Coal mining and employment was a big factor at the last elections. People want to believe in politicians, rather than educate themselves. Mind you, this is a global problem 4 to 6 decades in the making. Your typical Sky News/Murdoch Press/Shock Jock...
  19. betamax

    Showcase Tair 11-A 135mm f2.8

    The Tair (off a PK speed booster) and Topaz Denoise. Kookaburra by ßetamax, on Flickr
  20. betamax

    What's your weather?

    3 weeks ago - Suburban Sydney, as National Parks west and North of Sydney burned. Yesterday, here in the Illawarra (120km south of Sydney). ...and yesterday another 50km south again, courtesy of RFNSW:
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    Show carnival shot - just one

    time to revive this thread?
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    Share Birds

    thanks @Avondale87 All I know is that the parents need a LOT of patience with all that screaming! Quiet funny watching them.
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    Share Birds

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    Show: Random picture thread

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    Post Processing Challenge #516

    #2. In PL3 and Denoise AI.
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    Photo Association

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    Share a screenshot of your phone

    Bit of everything on my phone.
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    Show "Cow"

  31. betamax

    The Rural Living Image Thread

    Another smokey, orange tinged day due to fires 40km away.
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    Share: Trees

  33. betamax

    Searching for the "perfect" mini tripod - XILETU XS-20 as a finallist? What's Yours?

    Joby gorilla pod for me. Though you need to be creative when finding a suitable spot to locate it....
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    Photo Association

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    Share your APSC images

  36. betamax

    Super zoom vs. 2 lens kit.

    If I was travelling today, and was taking 2 zooms, I'd go the Pany 12-35mm f2.8 and the 35-100mm f2.8. Probably the ideal trade-off for me between convenience, speed, reach, size, weight.
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    Share Birds

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    Share Birds

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    Post-processing challenge #515 (Winners announced)

    Not everyone likes the results, and the AI can result in artifacts sometimes, but I always try it, and usually like the end results. I got mine during one of the sales events. #2. B&W In Exposure then Topaz AI.
  40. betamax

    Photo Association

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