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  1. dwig

    Resizing photos

    You don't resize images in Lr, period. In Lr, you can crop to shape if necessary to achieve a consistant aspect ratio, but having a particular size in Lr is generally pointless. If you need a set of consistantly sized files for use elsewhere, you simply use Lr's Export functions to export a...
  2. dwig

    New Year's Eve Celebration with my Dinosaur Panasonic G1

    My G-1 takes offense at being labled a "dinosaur" :biggrin: Great shots, and as a G-1 user I'm not supprised.
  3. dwig


    Actually, there is no such thing as "a" MacBook Pro 2011. There are both early-2011 and late-2011 model families, each with various processor options, RAM options, and screen sizes. More detail would be helpful. No current version of Lr will run on any of the MacBook Pro 2011 families that are...
  4. dwig

    does anyone make close up adapters that are less than +1 diopter?

    That, and similar situations, is about the only reason for using a close-up lens weaker than +1D. The maximum shooting distance, lens to subject, with any closeup lens, is equal to the focal length of the closeup lens. Most lenses are marked in diopters, where FL = 1/D (e.g. +3 = 1/3m = 333mm...
  5. dwig

    Photoshop coming to iPad

    Personally, I've never ever met any who used a stylus as a total mouse replacement for all functions. Styli are very useful for most drawing type actions. When working in panels and dialogs, a stylus is "functional" at best, a mouse is superior. On small screens, a stylus becomes even less...
  6. dwig

    DOF calculations

    None do, because there is no "reality" involved. DOF is purely a figment of your personal imagination. It involves your very very personal opinion as to what is "sharp" and is massively influenced by how large the image is reproduced relative to the viewing distance.
  7. dwig

    Photoshop coming to iPad

    ... and a mouse. Yes, styli are useful, but they don't replace a mouse.
  8. dwig

    What Causes Chromatic Aberration - Can it be Avoided or Lessened?

    A polarizer will be of no help. Actually, there is nothing that you can do when shooting that will be of any help at all. There are two types of flaws that are called Chromatic Aberation and they are somewhat unreleated. 1. Classic lens-based CA: This is a limitation of lenses. The curved...
  9. dwig

    Getting close to 17mm F/0.95 without paying for Voigtländer

    "Casual occasional use" + modest "budget" aligns with my personal needs/wants. My solution has been extremely successful. I simply use my Photoshop skills to blur the background. This only takes a bit of my time (multiple layers, manual masking, manual retouching, Smart Objects, ...) and since I...
  10. dwig

    What impact does the mount adapter have on the accuracy of focus peaking?

    Actually, there's one more. A poorly designed and/or fabricated adapter can cause flare. This is expecially likely when the lens is designed for a larger format. The "extra" light can spill onto the inner surfaces of the adapter and if those surfaces are not properly baffeled and painted matte...
  11. dwig

    Circular Polarizer and EVF

    Beam-slitters and semi-silvered mirrors appeared in cameras much earlier than the 1980s. They were used for TTL metering back into the mid-1960s (e.g. Canon FT, FTb, F1, ...) and for optical VFs, typically in movie cameras, back into the 1950s.
  12. dwig

    Panasonic accounces rugged Lumix DC-TS7

    Yeah, it was a bit exaggerated. Cell phones vary, but typically have a sensor diagonal between 5.5mm and 6mm. The TS-7's sensor is 7.6mm, so the comparison is like m4/3 to APS-c.
  13. dwig

    Panasonic accounces rugged Lumix DC-TS7

    The TS-7's 1:2/3 sensor is vastly larger than any phone sensor. Lumping the two into the same class is like lumping m4/3 sensors in with those in a Hasselblad.
  14. dwig

    Large Format Lens' focal length and aperture equivalency for MFT

    Quite correct. Focal length and f/stop never change, unless you use a tele-extender or focal-reducer in the adaptation process. FoV, will change with any lens when comparing that lens on different formats, but only then. The f/stop equivalence all to frequently stated refers only to Depth of...
  15. dwig

    Blurry Photos With Off Camera Flash?

    This is the root of the problem. I agree with the other posts that the "blur" is motion blur and not a focus issue. Setting the flash & camera to "fill" causes the camera to set an exposure for the available light to keep the background from being very dark. The flash's additional exposure is...
  16. dwig

    Too many cameras...what would you do?

    It is one of two good strategies. If you have 12 digital cameras then you have a problem. You either need to satisfiy the GAS or suppress it. The other strategy is to: 1: suspend 100% of all online surfing at gear orientated sites, including this one. 2: put 100% of your gear out on a table...
  17. dwig

    Picture upside down on iPad, not on iMac

    My new "flip phone" (LG Exalt), which is actually an Android based phone in flip phone configuration, does the same thing. All pix are saved with the same pixel order regardless of phone orientation and the orientation is set in the metadata tag. Some viewing/editing software groks the metadata...
  18. dwig

    Using a manual lens question

    1. A "spacer block" would fit between the camera and the tripod head. The purpose would be to provide clearance between the lens and the top of the head. It would only be necessary if the bottom of the lens extended below the base of the body and rubbed the tripod. 2. I can't imagine how you...
  19. dwig

    SD card format problem with a G80

    You seem to now be on the right track. You didn't put an "SD" card in the camera. Instead, you put an SD/XC card in the camera, and that is a totally different thing. Currently, there are three completely different primary card configurations in the same package size; SD (2gb max), SD/HC 32gb...
  20. dwig

    Using a manual lens question

    You need a different tripod head or an appropriate spacer block that would allow you the change lenses without removing the camera from the tripod.
  21. dwig

    Any wide-angle lens appropriate for this kind of close-up work?

    ++1 While using a wider lens may seem to be the answer, the fact that you must move closer to the table objects negates any advantage. Also, DOF is controlled by aperture and distance. A different lens of the same FL won't have different DOF. Either add light, improve your post processing to...
  22. dwig

    Aquarium RAW Photos Help - Appear in Lightroom different

    To me, this doesn't look like a white balance issue at all. It looks more like an exposure and/or curves difference. The sides of the fish seems to show much more detail in the large Lr image that the do in the thumbnails. An overall exposure shift would account for this and for the lighter...
  23. dwig

    Focus ring range adaption

    "range markers" ???? As Petrochemist said, if (and that's a massive IF, in all capitals) the adapter is exactly the correct length then the focusing distance marks will be correct. If you paid less than ~$100USD for the adapter then there is rather little chance that this is the case. Some...
  24. dwig

    DNG format question from rookie

    Keep in mind that Photos on the macOS/MacOSX doesn't have its own RAW conversion engine. It uses the engine built into the OS. This works great and is totally transparent to the user until "upgrade" time. In order to add compatibility with new camera models you must upgrade the OS.
  25. dwig

    E3 Camera????

    From what I've read, it was well regarded by those that used them "back in the day". I've not used one myself and therefore can't say how well it fairs by comparison to today's cameras.
  26. dwig

    How to Remove Lens Fungus

    There are several steps: Remove visible fungus Remove fungus spores from inside lens barrel Remove fungus and its spores from any and all cases and/or storage bags. #2 may require stripping all lubricant from the barrel, particularly the grease in the focusing helicoid, and then re-lubing. #1...
  27. dwig

    Effective focal length 20mm Panasonic square format

    The classic definition of "normal" is not a debatable issue. Classically, "normal" was a lens with a focal length equal to the diagonal of the image, plus or minus a modest amount. "Standard" has a different definition. "Standard" refers to the focal length commonly sold with the camera, and...
  28. dwig

    Upgrading Windows laptop

    For video, 8gb minimum and 16gb+ highly recommended. For Ps, I get along just fine at home on Win10 with 8gb but I run Ps "naked" (read: no extra plugins). I don't have issues with 12-16mp RAW files and most normal editing, even with both Ps and Lr running at the same time. When I'm doing...
  29. dwig

    Apple throttling iPhone 6 and 6s? 9to5Mac article link

    IMHO, the throttling is not, in and of itself, the issue. The valid complaint is that Apple did this without clear notice that it was being done and that a battery replacement would avoid the need to throttle. Users should have been told upfront by their phone when throttling was done, that a...
  30. dwig

    Which Software for Newby on a Mac?

    As others have said, start with Photos. DO NOT dabble in more advanced applications until you know what image editing involves. Until you've learned the basic concepts you can't understand the differences between the various apps and fiddling with too many will only inhibit learning. Pick one...
  31. dwig

    Guess the Location!

    Dürnstein Castle, or at least the ruin thereof, where Richard I of England (aka Lion Heart) was held captive for ransom.
  32. dwig

    Help identifying lens mount

    looks like Pentax K mount This page is a decent reference: SLR Lens Mount Identification Guide
  33. dwig

    IBIS in raw?

    Also, there is no application that will display a RAW file as is. All must to a RAW conversion, generally to their own in-memory bitmap format and never to JPEG. What is different about the display of RAW files vs JPEGs is that the RAWs are displayed with on-the-fly default settings whereas...
  34. dwig

    Looking for new wide angle best iq group portrait prime

    Arranging the group in an arc can help with some of the issues but will not fix all. There is a type of radial distortion that occurs when the image plane is flat. This "eggs out" the shapes near the edges and especially the corners. When shooting groups with wider lenses this can be rather...
  35. dwig

    Soft, watercolor, "mushy" low light images from G85?

    Opinions vary so any "optimized" or "best" only applies to the one person who decides the adjustment parameters. Your preference and mine won't likely match and neither is likely to match the camera manufacturer's opinion. Since a very very large percentage of the loud web "reviewers" seem to...
  36. dwig

    Edit photo 3 Version from LR ?

    Of the 3, I'm torn between 1 & 2. A compromise would be my choice. #1 is a bit overcooked in general, though not bad except the HORRID halo around the island's edge. Personally, I abhor they type of "grunge HDR" artifact. #2 seems a bit too flat, both tonally and in terms of...
  37. dwig

    Graduated ND filters?

    I think this is because of one, or a combination, of these factors: The book was written many eons ago (for photography, "eon" now means 5 years), and discusses a world where modern post-process techniques either didn't exist or were beyond the means of the average joe. The author of the book...
  38. dwig

    Beware updating to the new firefox

    I've updated two machines, a big Win10 machine and a full blown iMac/Sierra machine. Both went well with absolutely no loss of settings. I lost one or two antique extensions on the Win10 machine, but I knew it would happen as they have been flagged for awhile.
  39. dwig

    MacBook Pro - 16GB RAM or 256GB SSD?

    Anything less that 256gb SSD and 16gb RAM will have a rather short life as a usable machine once you throw photo editing into the mix. If you stick with macOS Photos as your only "editor" and you don't shoot much and can use an external drive for archive storage, then you can get away less RAM...
  40. dwig

    Lightroom Alternative

    Lr (original and Classic) have two behaviors: When you "Remove" a photo while viewing from the Files section, the mother-may-I dialog offers two options, one to remove the photo from the catalog only and one to remove it from the Catalog while also deleting it from the disk. (OK, there's a 3rd...
  41. dwig

    Minolta SR-mount Lens Info (Rokkor, MD, MC, Celtic, ...)

    Actually, the original Minolta-made SR mount lenses often have auto-diaphram. A few were pre-set, but most were auto diaphram. The early versions, made for the Minolta SR-1 have a longer pin than later samples. These long-pin lenses will not fit any bodies other than the SR-1. While MC lenses...
  42. dwig

    LR questions re Classic CC etc

    I think you're wrong here. One, load and startup/shutdown speed hasn't been the biggest use complaint on any forum or review site I follow. The speed switching between modules and performing operations in Develop have been the biggies and these have been significantly improved in Classic...
  43. dwig

    Diffraction effect with adapted medium format lens? [internal flare]

    Diffraction issues result in lower resolution, not in "hazy" areas. The posted images look like a case of internal reflections. Classically, this is an issue with view cameras and occasionally with other formats when using bellows or tubes for macro. It has raised its ugly head again in this...
  44. dwig

    Lightroom Classic CC OS version compatibility

    Adobe seems to be limiting the upgrades to only the more updated versions of each OS. The allow the Win7sp1, Win8.1, and Win10-1511. Win7 without the sp1 upgrade isn't supported. They skip Win8 and require Win8.1 (which is really Win9, even MS's only support for Win8 is an upgrade to Win8.1) and...
  45. dwig

    Who here considers PS the most important part of your adobe subscription?

    My personal "at home" use is roughly an even balance between Lr & Ps. I rarely work with large files. Most done exceed 13x19@300ppi, so Lr can handle them with no issues. I need Ps, though, for the precision pixel level edits. My professional use, my "day job", is 95% Ps. While I do use Lr...
  46. dwig

    Thrift Shop Finds

    ... and also came with a closeup lens. Be sure to remove it for pix at "normal" distances.
  47. dwig

    SD Card Adapters

    I've used a microSD card in an adapter quite a number of times. The only issue I've encountered is that one of my adapters has a very loose write protect slider and frequently slips into the protect position when inserted into the camera. One of my older full SD cards has developed the same...
  48. dwig

    Question on F stops

    That would be "correct" if, and only if, there is no motion involved. Using a different shutter speed will alter the amount of motion blur, if any, that would be present (i.e. action shot of a bird flying with its wing tips slightly blurred). In such situations, you would want to retain the...
  49. dwig

    What's happened here?

    Lens hoods block light from areas not in the picture. They do absolutely nothing to prevent flare causes by bright areas in the image. In this case, I suspect that the bright sky in the picture is what is reflecting between the front of the lens and the rear of the filter.
  50. dwig

    M42 to µ4/3 adapter pushes lens pin

    Almost all camera manufacturers that used the M42 mount omitted the A/M switch on their lenses when their cameras began having TTL meters. The body's meter switch would close the lens to working aperture and doubled as a DOF preview. Most 3rd party lens manufactures followed suit. Only Asahi...
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