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  1. thearne3

    Pen-F - Reviews & Previews

    I just saw a review of the EM-5 II with external mics and they didn't sound much different than the internal. The consensus seems to be that for professional audio, an external digital recorder is best - don't even bother with attachment to the camera. Sync with a loud click and you're good to...
  2. thearne3

    Pen-F - Reviews & Previews

    Hi, There is no mic jack on the Pen F. So Olympus has eliminated the jack under the hotshot that could take an accessory mic in recent bodies, but I think added a dedicated mic jack. So is this the only Oly camera that has NO external mic capability at all????! :coco:
  3. thearne3

    Pen-F - Reviews & Previews

    Don't see this link posted - quite thorough review by an experienced Oly user in Austin: The Olympus PEN-F Review
  4. thearne3

    Apple´s Aperture discontinued: where to move??

    Darktable does not. The number of modules is, however, large and growing. Being open source, it will continue to evolve and 'imitate' the commercial products. If you are wed to specific plugins, this is not a good path for you.
  5. thearne3

    Apple´s Aperture discontinued: where to move??

    I am definitely in the same camp with the OP... I've used Aperture since day one and have been generally OK with it to date. My biggest quibbles are: the RAW engine for Olympus files and noise reduction. When Apple opened up Photos to developers this past Fall, I was hoping for a lot more...
  6. thearne3

    New Pens?

    Hard to imagine what the 'three new features' could be based on the rumored specs...mostly just marginal upgrades...bigger sensor, etc. Disappointing that the focus assist light is only that...was hoping for an iPhone-like intelligent flash. Weather sealing is not really addressed...but to not...
  7. thearne3

    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    Vance Gilbert - Singer/Songwriter at Voices Cafe in Westport CT
  8. thearne3

    E-M1 Playback glitches

    Hi all, Relatively new to the E-M1, but have had many prior Olympus mFT bodies. The rear dial zoom in playback is a great feature. However, on my unit the rear dial often doesn't work - either there is a delay in zooming in or no zoom at all. Zooming out seems to work fine. I don't recall...
  9. thearne3

    Olympus Viewer 3

    I too recently gave OV3 another look, but as a Mac user the experience is IMPOSSIBLE. Make any change with a slider, wait 5 seconds, see the effect. This is beyond excruciating. :mad: I DO like the color, clarity and lack of noise compared to Aperture. If there were some way to batch...
  10. thearne3

    Showcase Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO

    Great series! These two shots are also great examples of how this lens resists flare. I have been trying to MAKE it flare (well, not too hard) - it's a challenge....
  11. thearne3

    Oly 12-40 reconditioned back on at Olympus!

    Got mine this morning. Very nice! Doesn't seem to be par focal...though close...
  12. thearne3

    Olympus 40-150 f/2.8 is available for pre-order

    I know the Oly 40-150 extends...does the Pany 35-100? If so, the 'in use' size might be closer to the Oly 40-150 Pro. In any case, it looks like a great addition to the line up for all m43!
  13. thearne3

    Oly 45 vs OM 85 f2 with Metabones Speedbooster (60mm f1.4)

    I don't think the screenshots do the actual photos justice. Here are two on the OM 85 @ f2 or 2.8 (don't remember!)
  14. thearne3

    Metabones Speedbooster question.

    On/off? My OM/m43 has no switch. What is it intended to do?
  15. thearne3

    Oly 45 vs OM 85 f2 with Metabones Speedbooster (60mm f1.4)

    I noticed that the Moonflower on our deck had finally bloomed last night and took the opportunity to do an ad hoc comparison of my Oly 45mm f1.8 with the OM 85 f2 with Metabones. The latter combination yields a 60mm f1.4 equivalent. Set up was simple: fix ISO at 200, stand about 3' away...
  16. thearne3

    Sigma 60mm - Am I hallucinating ?

    A very tempting lens... I am very enamored with the 60mm focal length. I got there with an OM 85mm f2, which combined with the Metabones gives me a 60mm F1.4. Manual focus, of course, but I'm loving it!
  17. thearne3

    Olympus Family Values

    What, no Pen-F? Seriously, thanks for sharing. My first SLR was an OM-1 ca 1977...
  18. thearne3

    Metabones FD to m43 Speedbooster

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I just had to comment... I just received the OM/m43 speed booster and, just as you've shown, the Metabones comes through on all fronts: increased speed, mtf, etc. I'm especially impressed with the increase in micro-contrast. This is clearly shown in your...
  19. thearne3

    Native and Adapted Normal Zooms - a contrarian review

    FYI the Olympus US site lists the 14-35f2 in the reconditioned section at $1839...
  20. thearne3

    Native and Adapted Normal Zooms - a contrarian review

    Definitely a great comparison! I have the E-M1, but only the 40-150 zoom. Was considering the 12-40, but you've got me considering the 12-60 - if I'm gonna have a zoom, why not have the extra reach? Thanks!
  21. thearne3

    COMPLETED Olympus 75mm w/ hood, silver | Location: USA | Ships: Conus

    My example of Outer Mongolia was intended to illustrate geographic remoteness and not a judgement of the country or people. I do apologize. My hope is that Mike will get paid soon OR put the lens back on sale so I can buy it!
  22. thearne3

    COMPLETED Olympus 75mm w/ hood, silver | Location: USA | Ships: Conus

    Checks from Outer Mongolia can take a while to clear - keep the faith! ;-)
  23. thearne3

    Best 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-lens kits for your Micro 4/3?

    A little off the wall, but it's my reality: Oly 45 + Computar 12.5mm f1.8 + Oly 40-150 if in daylight, otherwise OM 135mm f2.8 I have the Panny 14mm, but honestly don't end up using it a lot, not sure why.
  24. thearne3

    Showcase Computar 75mm f/1.4 CCTV

    First I've ever heard of it...have the 12.5mm and have had the 25mm. A quick search on Google and ebay doesn't show anything...tell/show us more!
  25. thearne3

    Show Your Bridges

    Garden bridge...
  26. thearne3

    Share: GREEN

  27. Caring hands

    Caring hands

  28. thearne3

    Aperture Raw too red at high ISO

    Yes, this is the easiest solution - but it's labor intensive and in many cases, you need to brush in the change on the flesh, rather than apply to the whole photo, ie, extra work.
  29. thearne3

    Aperture Raw too red at high ISO

    I am a die-hard Aperture user, but find high ISO RAW processing very frustrating for flesh tones. RAW has a strong red/magenta cast which is totally absent in jpegs - and VERY hard to eliminate. It helps to turn 'Hue Boost' to zero, but even so, the result is unacceptable. I offer a case...
  30. thearne3

    The Faroe Islands - report, Olympus OM-D and pics

    Beautiful...probably a bit harder to get to from NY, thanks for sharing!
  31. thearne3

    attack of the mad staplers

    A nice 'feel good' set, Steven...thanks!
  32. thearne3

    New to using adapted lenses

    Don't forget that the IS in your camera must be set for the FL of the lens as of the benefits of the Oly bodies.
  33. thearne3

    New York mu43 photowalk

    Hi, Steven is correct: DIY. Webbing is from any good outdoor sports store: EMS, REI, etc. I prefer 1/2", but you may want something wider. The swivel clip is stainless from the hardware store. I use a short piece of parachute cord (also from outdoor sports store) to attach to camera lug...
  34. thearne3

    Bike Race

    Great shots! What was your shutter speed on the panning shots?
  35. thearne3

    New York mu43 photowalk

    Great, Lisa! Love the fisheye shots... I have almost the same shot of Gus...but the DOF was so narrow most of his face was out of focus. You got a good one. Oh, and I remember the couple whose feet you shot...the rest of the shot would have been PG-13 - as they walked down the middle of the...
  36. thearne3

    New York mu43 photowalk

    Thanks Steven. Gus - I know you've got more to give! Where are the ladies? It wasn't just us guys! Sent from my iPhone using Mu-43 App
  37. thearne3

    New York mu43 photowalk

    Another Take on NYC... Great set, Steven! I especially like the Brooklyn shots at top. You captured the mood of the day well. It was a bright, sunny mid-day adventure with challenging, high contrast light. Here are some of mine - Subway shots are using Computar 12.5mm (some cropping out the...
  38. thearne3

    NYC Meet-up?

    Two days to go! If you can join us, please leave a reply here and PM your cell # for coordinating on the day, eg, last minute delays, etc. Sent from my iPhone using Mu-43 App
  39. thearne3

    Ring Flash Bracket For Fl300r

    So you're a 'New Member' now Ned? Maybe something magical happens when you exceed 4000 posts?
  40. thearne3

    7th Mu-43 Salon Competition - Capturing a unique moment

    I'll start... Taken back when I had my E-P1 in 2010. I wonder if I'll find another before June 12? :2thumbs:
  41. thearne3

    6th Mu-43 Salon Competition - Life in Monochrome

    Difficult the idea of categories. Congrats to all!
  42. thearne3

    COMPLETED Konica lenses - SOLD

    Both these lenses are great on M4/3...from a great guy!
  43. thearne3

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    Computar 12.5mm f1.8 A very compact lens...getting reacquainted.
  44. thearne3

    NYC Meet-up?

    Darn! Just let us know when you're back and we'll schedule a meet to take advantage of your'walkabout' expertise... Sent from my iPhone using Mu-43 App
  45. thearne3

    NYC Meet-up?

    April would have been great...but most of the month I didn't (yet) have a camera! Then I had one that I was just getting set up... Anyway, with any luck this will be a growing aspect of the community. :2thumbs:
  46. thearne3

    NYC Meet-up?

    Lisa (LisaO) and I have decided to get together for a 'walkabout' in NYC on Saturday, June 16 at 10am. We've never met, except here, so it'll be an adventure for all! Any and all are welcome to join us: just show up under the Arch in Washington Square. We will come up with a suggested route...
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