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  1. Howi

    Olympus E-M10 shutter replacement (photos!)

    with drop falls/hard nocks etc appearing to affect the shutter, can be just down to dislodged connectors on main pcb, it does not take much force to cause the ribbon cables to detach. quite simple to rectify.
  2. Howi

    Omd em10 mk i just died...

    em10's not working - has it had a hard knock at all? on the main circuit board there are half a dozen very thin ribbon cable connectors. the ribbon cable is held in contact with the circuit board by a very small plastic clip. this clip can be dislodged from its locking position, there is now...
  3. Howi

    Shooting JPEG

    Not saying you are wrong, but surely you could pp a better B/W image from the raw file?
  4. Howi

    Shooting JPEG

    Just another argument in the raw v jpg scenario. The 'get it right in camera' brigade think they are doing something the raw shooters aren't, or can't get to grips with post processing software so shoot jpg's so they don't have to. It's a free world, it's your choice, I do wonder how many jpg...
  5. Howi

    Image Aspect ratio - which do you use and why?

    Using any other than native uses less pixels, cropping from native will crop the same number of pixels so no difference really whether you crop in camera or post processing, me!, I find it easier to use native and crop as required post processing. Doing it this way any you get all the options...
  6. Howi

    Anyone still using older GF series?

    GF1 with 20mm super combination, still a very capable camera, and surprise surprise, it can still take photos. Most people would not be able to tell the difference with more up to date camera. Emperor's new clothes and all that.
  7. Howi

    [EXPIRED] Want to Buy: Olympus Macon p02 macro adaptor | Location: UK | Ships: N/A

    What type of listing is this? Want to Buy What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Olympus Macon p02 macro adaptor What are your prices? Where are you located? UK Where are you willing to to ship? N/A Description Item wanted - Olympus Mcon P02 macro adaptor, prefer UK only...
  8. Howi

    Who says we have no choice, 12-40 2.8 or 12-60 SWD (4/3) for the extra reach

    I have both the 12-60 and 75-300 43 lenses + the 14mm and 20mm m43 pancakes + kit zoom with G5 and GF1 bodies. The extra length on both ends make the 12-60 the lens to go for most occations. The 20 goes on if I need the 1.7 aperture, the 14 goes on (usually the GF1) if I need something...
  9. Howi

    Frustrated beginning photographer! Any tips or advice appreciated

    Just remember, photography is an art, it takes time to master the ins and outs of aperture, shutter , Iso, dof etc. Just because you have a good camera, does not mean you will take good photos. 95℅ ability, 5℅ equipment is the normal rule and not just for photography. There is also the...
  10. Howi

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 £249

    John lewis also have the g5 at £249 and you get the JL 2 year guarantee - G5 is the best bang for your bucks at the moment. I got mine for the viewfinder, but will still keep the GF1 as a pocketable alternative
  11. Howi

    G5 in-camera playback zoom

    This has been the norm for quite a while, usually up to 8x shows sharpness ok but 16x is where it all goes to pot as the image being assessed is a low res embedded image. I never usually go beyond 8x as that gives me the best indication of sharpness. It is annoying but easily lived with. Never...
  12. Howi

    Any still use the GF-1..Opinions too

    Still use gf1 - ergonomically (for me) hard to beat, access to settings very good. Just got a G5 at a great price ( got the gf1 at a great price too with tuhe 20mm f1.7 so body actually cost me next to nothing). Pictures from later cameras will only be better at extremes, eg high iso. You may...
  13. Howi

    UK Price Rant.

    If we pay these silly prices, is it not our fault that prices are high?
  14. Howi

    gx1 keeps select incorrect focus element

    agree 100%, sometimes MF will focus closer than AF. Use MF if AF is not reliable at the distance you are working at. If you still want AF, use centre focus pount with smallest area, half press to lock focus on the point you want, recompose and shoot. If it won't lock AF, you are closer than...
  15. Howi

    'Does Lens Quality Really Matter As Much As We Think?'

    interesting read and true that a lot of correction can be applied after the picture was taken, also true that picture content CAN sometimes be more important than actual picture quality, but all this is rather simplistic in it's approach. Photographers have always wanted better lenses and...
  16. Howi

    Lumix 14mm and 20mm?

    The 14 and 20 are two very different lenses, I have both and would chose not to be without either. With the 14 fitted (to GF1) I have a very pocketable camera (not so with the 20 fitted. 20 is great for general shooting, but 14 comes in handy more often than you might think.
  17. Howi

    Updated: First Images of the Olympus 15mm f/8 Lens?

    Sorry but I just don't see the point of this lens. The 14mm f2.5 is going to be better optically, has AF, is much faster when you need it in poor light etc etc By setting the 14mm to F8 and focusing on a subject 6ft away (then switch to MF) and it will focus from 2.8ft to infinity.
  18. Howi

    Rotating the manual foucs ring while not attached?

    Nope! most lenses use 'focus by wire' which means when you turn the focus ring a signal is sent to the camera body wich then sends a signal to the lens focus motor. Some lenses that have ultrasonic motors for focusing such as SWD lenses by Olympus will focus without power. What were you...
  19. Howi

    Aaagghh! Bricked while updating firmware to 1.2

    The Olympus update process has always been fraught with danger, from misleading screen information to relying on the computer/ camera link for the update. I have never had any problems as i have never rushed the process and followed the instructions to the letter, but have always had the...
  20. Howi

    'I Would Love To See Panasonic Update This Camera To µ4/3 Format'

    Me too! I still use mine quite a lot as I just love using it.
  21. Howi

    [EXPIRED] Leica D Summilux 25mm F1.4 (4/3 lens)

    For a start the DG m43 variant is half the price, that has to be for a reason does it not. Compare the reviews and you will see which is better. I'm not putting down the m43 lens, as it's a very good performer, It just isn't as good as the 4/3 version. This applies to all of the m43 lenses...
  22. Howi

    [EXPIRED] Leica D Summilux 25mm F1.4 (4/3 lens)

    I have for sale a Leica D Summilux 25mm f1.4. This is the 4/3 lens from Panasonic and is NOT to be confused with the inferior m43 lens which has the designation Leica DG Summilux 25mm F1.4.HOWEVER it can be used on m43 camera bodies with the 4/3 to m43 adaptor, Panasonic or Olympus. This lens...
  23. Howi

    I am now zoom-free

    Spot on - Going all prime is just a form of snobbishness. It's the shot that counts, not how you get it or with what lens.
  24. Howi

    First impression...the Pana 14mm f 2.5...

    most m43 lenses are now corrected for distortion etc by the camera firmware and/or software such as lightroom than by expensive lens design - uncorrected you WILL see lots of distortion. I have both 20mm and 14mm (on a GF1) while the 14 is no match for the 20, distortion is well controlled by...
  25. Howi

    Experience with PL 14-50 Elmar vs Elmarit?

    Elmar v Elmarit - f3.5 v f2.8, Elmar cheaper than Elmarit. Both very good lenses, both have image stabilisation. When used on OLY m43 bodies the Elmarit is manual focus only + aperture ring will not work. on Pany m43 bodies Elmarit is manual focus only or very very slow af but aperture ring...
  26. Howi

    Focus scale

    It's nice to see that discussion about DOF and sensor size has not descended into outright hostility - it certainly has and does on many other forums :smile: There is a simple way to look at it to understand whats going on. lets take the standard 50mm lens on a 35mm camera (FF on digital)...
  27. Howi

    Help! Fingerprint smudge on E-P2 sensor

    someones bound to have followed that step for step...........:rofl:
  28. Howi

    confused about upgrading.

    Upgrading as soon as a new model comes out is a form of 'oneupmanship' - to be able to say I've got the latest doohicky model that's better than all the previous models, so MY photos are BOUND to be better than yours. It's probably all to do with a lack in the trouser department, but then I...
  29. Howi

    GF1 or EPL2?

    Don't know too much about other Panasonic models ( high end compacts are very highly regarded) but the GF1 has/had something of a cult following, so will command higher second hand prices (usually). To get an idea of the going rate for a GF1, try ebay (don't be fooled though, ebay sale prices...
  30. Howi

    Loving my G3...not the Manual Focus...No Hyperfocal Distance.

    There seems to be some confusion setting in to the post - There is NO camera available that will set hyperfocal distance for you, even on old manual lenses you had to make a gestimate via the lens markings. There are ways and means of doing it with modern cameras and lenses as described in...
  31. Howi

    Optimize Your Images by Learning ETTR

    ETTR does work - but (a big BUT) only in the right circumstanses. It is not a panacea for ALL shots. I tend to use the live histogram to control highlights much more than ETTR, for reasons already stated in this post. It is not the method, but rather, knowing WHEN to use it that counts. ETTR...
  32. Howi

    GF1 making a comeback

    Jacobs Anthonys - GX1 body only @ £459, in my opinion is irrelevant, as, without a lens you can't do anything with it, add a lens and you are nearer £600. While the GX1 is slightly more advanced, the GF1 is still no slouch and can still give many other (newer) cameras a run for their money...
  33. Howi

    GF1 making a comeback

    For those in the UK, the GF1 seems to be making a comeback for Christmas, I spotted it in a local well known high street photo shop. Fitted with the 14-42mm lens for £299. For a short while, the price rocketed to ridiculous levels, then dissapeared as stocks ran out. There may be newer models...
  34. Howi

    Your other hobbies

    Long time hobbies other than 'tography are electronics, ham radio, anything mechanical(especially steam driven) and Archery (recurve first five years, compound last six years) so money available for hobbies gets spread round rather thinly. There have been minor activities in my youth, some that...
  35. Howi

    Loving my G3...not the Manual Focus...No Hyperfocal Distance.

    No!, most cameras these days set the focus to infinity when the camera is switched off (watch for the lens clicking and whirring). Switch the camera back on in manual mode (and don't touch the focus ring) and there you have it. If you are trying to photograph the moon, remember it is a very...
  36. Howi

    Loving my G3...not the Manual Focus...No Hyperfocal Distance.

    No m43 or 4/3 lenses have HF markings, the 4/3 lenses that have distance scales only show an aproximation, useless for manual setting. Most m43 lenses use Fly by wire focusing not true manual focusing (I think you will find this on most digital camera lenses (some of the more expensive lenses...
  37. Howi

    GF1 battery

    Hi - yes! More than happy with it. Really good value for money.
  38. Howi

    Why no mirrorless 4/3 body?

    That's not going to happen (I could mod your 4/3 body though, I have a pair of pliers and a hacksaw ready and waiting.....) 4/3 lenses are way better than their m43 counterparts anyway so why bother????? I regularly use 4/3 lenses on m43 body even though the 12-60 won't af. the regular m43...
  39. Howi

    Panasonic (GF2) battery drain when camera off.

    agree fully, even left switched on (and going into auto shutdown) for over a week, hardly dented the capacity on both L1 and GF1 (I know! I should be more carefull....) Something definitely wrong - get it back to Panasonic asap.
  40. Howi

    Noob question about LR3.5

    Lens profiling on m43 camera/lens combos is done "In camera" due to the inherent heavy distortion correction needed, the theory being that if you can't see how horrid the ACTUAL distortion is, then you won't worry about it. It is quite common to see lens distortion being handled by the camera...
  41. Howi

    How does multi-point focusing work? Does it increase DOF?

    Well! where do I start..... Processors do NOT make decisions, they follow a given set of conditions determined by the software writer, as an example - if this condition is met then do 'A' else do 'B'. The decision is made by the software writer, processors are not intelligent yet, not by a long...
  42. Howi

    How does multi-point focusing work? Does it increase DOF?

    Sorry shnitz, but your statement that a camera will ALWAYS focus on the nearest thing is just so wrong. Ask anyone who has used the standard sized focus area and found repeatedly, that the background is in focus but the subject (closer) isn't. This is why most of us prefer the smallest focus...
  43. Howi

    Can someone explain EV?

    exposure compensation, is just that, allowing one to compensate for any situation that is outside the norm. The 'norm' is to evaluate a scene as 18% grey for exposure purposes, anything outside this will tend to either over or under expose the scene. Two examples spring to mind, a snow scene...
  44. Howi

    How does multi-point focusing work? Does it increase DOF?

    As cameras become more sofisticated, the less we know about HOW they actually work. This is where the manufacturer could really help by explaining what the various algorithms are. Multi point focus, face detect etc all rely on following a set of rules determined by the software designer. try...
  45. Howi

    How does multi-point focusing work? Does it increase DOF?

    Yup! sorry folks, bad day...... ignore my rantings, hopefully tomorrow will be better :smile:
  46. Howi

    How does multi-point focusing work? Does it increase DOF?

    Point 1 - how can a camera know what you want in focus? Point 2 - Focus points and aperture are NOT related point 3 - Your the photographer, YOU need to decide what you want in focus and use the appropriate aperture to get the desired DOF. point 4 - take control of the camera, don't let it...
  47. Howi

    Panny Leica 14-50/2.8-3.5 4/3

    The 12-60 is a super lens but has some issues on m43, will AF on Oly bodies but is slow, won't AF on older Pany bodies G1 GF1 etc so MF only, but will AF on newer G bodies.
  48. Howi

    Panny Leica 14-50/2.8-3.5 4/3

    The Leica 14-50 F3.5 lens from the L10 is another one to look out for, not quite as good as the F2.8 one (From the L1) but an outstanding lens in it's own right + it will AF on ALL m43 bodies and focusing is quite fast, I use one on my GF1 and it makes for a great combo.
  49. Howi

    Image Filename begins with Underscore?

    images starting with a P are using sRGB colourspace, images starting with a _ are using Adobe RGB colourspace (a wider colour gamut than sRGB) It does tell you in the manual.......
  50. Howi

    [GF2] Tips on shooting on low light/very dark conditions

    F3.5 is no good for low light shooting with ANY camera, that's just a fact of life. You need the 20mm f1.7 or Nokton f0.95 or legacy glass around f1.4 as a minimum. 4/3 sensors are not the best for low light, it can be done and any subsequent noise dealt with by PP software, just be aware that...
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