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    Grand Cayman - February 2020

    Pictures from the plane Taking off from Miami Flying over Houston
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    Grand Cayman - February 2020

    A turtle at the Turtle Farm
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    Grand Cayman - February 2020

    At Vivo restaurant in the Grand Cayman
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    Grand Cayman - February 2020

    Shoreline in the Grand Cayman
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    Grand Cayman - February 2020

    Birds in the Grand Cayman A gull on the pier An Ibis (similar to a Flamingo) A white hooded dove
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    Grand Cayman - February 2020

    Our resort had a pier which you could walk out on to take pics
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    Grand Cayman - February 2020

    Sunrise in the Grand Cayman
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    Grand Cayman - February 2020

    Moonrise in the Grand Cayman
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    Show clouds over your country - one shot

    Grand Cayman sunrise
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    Life's a Beach: show us beaches, beach towns and life at the shore

    More from the Grand Cayman. We were at a cafe located on the water having lunch and the child of a couple dining there was standing at the threshold, marveling at the majesty of the waves.
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    Life's a Beach: show us beaches, beach towns and life at the shore

    From a recent trip to the Grand Cayman
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    Show Sunsets / Sunrises

    Some more sunrises from the Grand Cayman
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    Show Sunsets / Sunrises

    The hotel where we stayed during a recent trip to the Grand Cayman provided excellent sunrises.
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    Caption This! #168

    Feels like I am sh*tting nuts and bolts
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    Caption This! #168

    I have a cast iron stomach
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    Olympus: Refurb PEN-F $699

    If you wanted one, but thought the original price was too high, now is your chance:
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    Super zoom vs. 2 lens kit.

    I have a travel kit that I find to be very useful: Panasonic GM1, P 12-32mm, P 45-175mm, O 9-18mm, and P 20mm pancake. All of this fits in a CozySpeed CamSlinger case around my waist. The 9-18mm is very compact yet gives me ultrawide. The 20mm pancake is tiny and my "available light" lens for...
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    Open Box Panasonic 25mm f1.7 - $123.19 shipped with warranty

    Samy's Camera has an open box P 25mm f1.7 for $123.19 shipped. Samy's is an authorized dealer. I have purchased several open box Panasonic items from Samy's and have been able to get the Panasonic extended warranty (to 3 years)...
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    Thinking about my next camera

    You might consider the Panasonic G9 (which I own). It is bigger than the GX85 (which I used to own) but the ergonomics are superb. It has a mic in and an excellent EVF. Panasonic has dropped the price significantly since it came out so a new one is not much more than the price of the GX8...
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    Olympus Test & Wow

    Olympus likes to make their equipment available for people to try out. I took a "How to use the EM5" class from a local camera shop (Precision Camera in Austin), and in addition to the instructor, there were 2 Olympus reps on hand. We did a walk and shoot around downtown and the reps let us...
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    What to watch out for when buying a lense on ebay ?

    That is because in the early days of eBay, sellers had the upper hand. Sellers would threaten to leave negative feedback for a buyer if the buyer gave negative feedback, even if the buyer encountered issues. In the early days, buyers could easily get ripped off and didn't have much in the way...
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    What to watch out for when buying a lense on ebay ?

    All of the above are good advice. I have purchased several lenses from eBay and not had issues. Look for authorized dealers (e.g., in the USA, OlympusGal, ACDmart, Roberts Camera etc.) that are selling officially refurbished products that include a 90 day Olympus warranty. Also look for...
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    28-35mm purchase question

    You don't mention your budget. The Sigma 30mm f1.4 is highly reviewed and respected and has auto-focus. It is well known that Sigma has actually designed some of the best lenses in the micro four thirds system for Olympus and for Panasonic because Sigma has filed patent applications for...
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    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Ordered the Panasonic 10-25mm f1.7. The reviews have been stellar - reviewers have said it can replace all the primes in that range. Focus Camera via Rakuten offered it with 20% back in points so I got $377 in Rakuten points I can use on something else. I also had $178 in Rakuten points so I...
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    GetOlympus Reconditioned 20% off with coupon "CyberSavings"

    My comment was in response to your comment "I guess the real question is do I grab a cheap E-M10.2 or .3 as a smaller/lighter option for my E-M1.2 or wait and see if eBay does there 15-20% deals again this year. Probably going to check out with the 17mm in either case. " which was likely before...
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    Cyber Monday mostly deal free

    Yes, the deals didn't seem that great this year. I had about $2k worth of car repairs in November so couldn't take advantage of the Olympus refurb sale to pick up a 12-100 f4.
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    Samy's In-store: G9 $797.00 GH5 $997.00

    FYI, the successor to the GX85 is the GX95 and not the G9 because the GX95 adds a 20MP sensor, tiltable viewfinder etc to the GX85. The G9 is much bigger than the GX85/GX95. I did not think I would like the G9 because it is bigger. But I happened to try one out, and the ergonomics are superb...
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    GetOlympus Reconditioned 20% off with coupon "CyberSavings"

    ACD Mart on ebay is offering refurbed EM10.2 with 14-42mm for $289 - these are official Olympus refurbs. See my post from a few days ago.
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    GetOlympus Reconditioned 20% off with coupon "CyberSavings"

    The F has been discontinued. Most refurbs I suspect are from events where Olympus allows people to try out equipment for free. Since the F is no longer in production, they no longer offer it for people to try out. Woot (owned by Amazon) had the best price on a new F many months ago.
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    GetOlympus Reconditioned 20% off with coupon "CyberSavings"
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    Weird Olympus Outlet is Completely Empty!

    I've been monitoring getolympus and they have been empty for a few days I think. I am expecting them to do some sort of sale, at this point a Cyber Monday sale perhaps. People will have already spent most of their budgets on other stuff if they don't hurry up and have the same soon. Hoping...
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    Olympus lens roadmap updated 2019-11-27

    I find 14mm (28mm equiv) to be not wide enough so I almost never use the 14-42mm EZ.
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    Olympus lens roadmap updated 2019-11-27

    I think the 12-45 will be similar in size to the Panasonic 12-32mm f3.5-5.6. The slightly longer reach and the constant aperture would make it quite attractive. The 12-32 is very cheap and has excellent IQ. The 100-400mm should cause a price drop in the Panasonic 100-400mm.
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    Rakuten 20% off - gear from Adorama, Focus Camera, BuyDig/Beach Camera etc.

    I found the coupon on the Rakuten home page. "Feast on 20% off across our store use code Thanks20" - that means just products on Rakuten. Adorama, Focus, BuyDig all sell on Rakuten.
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    Rakuten 20% off - gear from Adorama, Focus Camera, BuyDig/Beach Camera etc.

    Correct - savings capped at $60. I have purchased from Rakuten and have gotten some great deals. They often have 15% and sometimes 20% back in points and the points are not capped, and you can use the points towards other stuff.
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    Rakuten 20% off - gear from Adorama, Focus Camera, BuyDig/Beach Camera etc.

    Rakuten is a marketplace, like Amazon, eBay, etc. So retailers like Adorama, Focus, etc. sell products on Rakuten. Go to the Rakuten site. Find a product sold by a retailer through Rakuten. You cannot go to other websites - the coupon is only valid on purchases through Rakuten. Add a product...
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    E-M1ii $999 (gray market)

    Thanks for the reminder. I have used GreenToe before and ended up getting a good deal from Adorama. I wish Olympus would just lower the price on the EM1 Mk II - everyone is expecting for them to announce a Mk III soon.
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    Rakuten 20% off - gear from Adorama, Focus Camera, BuyDig/Beach Camera etc.

    Today only, Rakuten offers 20% off using coupon "Thanks20". There is plenty of Olympus and Panasonic gear from authorized dealers like Adorama, Focus, BuyDig/Beach etc. Be careful and double check the seller as there some unauthorized sellers like 6Ave also sell on Rakuten. Get 20% of the...
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    Olympus EM10 Mark II Silver with 14-42mm Refurb (90 day warranty) $289.99

    Sold by ACDMart (they are an authorized Olympus reseller) on ebay: ACD Mart offers Olympus refurbs at excellent prices - check out their other Olympus refurbs. For many of the...
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    Olympus Black Friday Preview (goes live 11/27 at midnight EST)

    EM5III has just been released while the EM1 Mark II is a 3 year old camera. Olympus also has discounted by $300 the EM5 III bundle with the 14-140mm lens. Given the age of the EM1 II, I would expect to see a Mark III released next year so discounting it now to clear out old stock would seem to...
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    Olympus Black Friday Preview (goes live 11/27 at midnight EST) If you scroll down, it says that authorized dealers will have the same prices, so these prices should be available from BH Photo, Adorama, Samy's, etc. Nothing earth-shattering. I had hope for a better discount on the EM1 Mark II. Considering that...
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    Which f1.2 prime?

    Since you seem to be on a tight budget (you say you can only buy one of the Olympus f1.2 primes), you should seriously consider the Sigma 16mm f1.4 (instead of the Olympus 17mm f1.2) and the Sigma 30mm f1.4 (instead of the Olumpus 25mm f1.2) lenses as you can get both for about the price of one...
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    What are you listening to?

    Simon Phillips (drummer for Toto, Judas Priest, and others) - Protocol boxed set. All 4 of his Protocol CDs have been remastered and sound great, plus there are 2 CDs of demos and bits that didn't make it on the original releases.
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    Panasonic G9 with $150 gift card at Samy's Camera for $997. Includes some free stuff too

    For any consumer electronics, it is best to wait rather than buy a month before Thanksgiving, because of the Black Friday sales.
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    COMPLETED Panasonic-Leica 12-60/2.8-4. Ships: US

    Since Panasonic offers two versions of the 12-60mm lens, I suggest you change the title and the description to note that is the Panasonic Leica ("PanLeica") and not the other 12-60, which is a slower lens.
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    Panasonic G9 with $150 gift card at Samy's Camera for $997. Includes some free stuff too

    For those interested in the G95, Focus Camera via Rakuten has the G95 with 12-60mm and accessories for $1199 and you earn 19,184 points, which is $191.84 that you can use to purchase other stuff from Rakuten. Focus Camera is an authorized brick and mortar dealer. Rakuten also has equipment...
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    Sigma fp outsells Sony, Canon and Nikon at two of Japan's major camera stores

    What a brilliant design! They made it as small as possible, with a modular architecture to custom configure it as needed. There is no reason Olympus or Panasonic couldn't make something similar. The OM1, when it came out, was a game changer. I remember people couldn't believe that a full...
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    Rumors (now denied): Olympus to shut down camera division in less than 8 months

    If people want to find out about rumors, they can visit 43rumors. Why are folks posting links to 43rumors, especially to unconfirmed stuff like this? Is this post for those to lazy to visit 43rumors??
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