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  1. Fred49

    Your three-lens lineup of choice right now?

    No such thing for me but i have different setups for different uses : Hiking 1-2 weeks, Em1.1 +12-40 only Biking, outdoor holiday with family , EM1 + 12-40 + 75mm Son playing hockey or basketball Em1 + 12-40 + 40-150F2.8 City holidays : Pen F + 9-18 + 20mm + 45mm + 75mm, 4 lenses but fit with...
  2. Fred49

    Camera in Santiago Benarbeu

    Back from Madrid, they are less controls for Bernabeu access than i am used to. i got no problems with Pen F +12-40+75mm.
  3. Fred49

    Camera in Santiago Benarbeu

    I am going soon for a family holiday to Madrid, and my 11 year old son and i are going to see Real de Madrid vs Leganese. Anyone knows for sure if camera are authorized ? With google translate help i couldnt find anything that forbids it at : Normas de acceso al Bernabéu para socios | Real...
  4. Fred49

    DXO PL version 1.2 released

    Sad, i having been using Dxo + photoshop element for a few years, and i am very happy with this solution. The fact that i am also very happy with my Em1 mk1+ Pen F and that i dont plan to change anytime time soon, should give me some time to consider another solution if it goes badly for DXo.
  5. Fred49

    London trip - 2 lens set up

    I dont have the 35-100, my setup at the moment for city photography when i'll walk all day long, is Pen F +12-40 +9-18 +75mm i a think tank turn style 5. The 40-150 is for me too heavy to carry all day, but when i dont have to, its Em1 mk1+12-40+40-150+9.18 in a domke f801.
  6. Fred49

    Olympus 40-150 f/2.8 Lens Hood Falls Apart

    This is an usual issue with this Hood. First time i sent it back to Olympus and got a new one, second time i gave up and bought a Canon ET-78II Hood as suggested in a dpreview thread .
  7. Fred49

    COMPLETED Kiron 105f2.8 macro FD + m4/3 adapter | Location: EU | Ships: EU

    Sorry i forgot to update, yes it was sold on ebay.
  8. Fred49

    Now you have the 12-40, which primes do you use and why?

    The 20mm has been my only prime for a few years and it was responsible of most of my photos. But when we adopted our son I got so many missed indoor shots of him due to the 20mm AF that I tried the 25mm. The 25 AF was way better. To be complete my son skin color is very dark, I had no such...
  9. Fred49

    Now you have the 12-40, which primes do you use and why?

    In my bag i usualy have em1 +12-40 +75mm, i couldnt get myself to sell the 25mm yet but i sold the 12mm I was thinking about selling the 45mm, but i bought a gm1 for my wife and son to replace their LX3, and the 45 is a great second lens for it
  10. Fred49

    Olympus EM1 case fits camera and 12-40mm

    Could you please weight the CS42SF. I couldn't find this info ? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Mu-43 mobile app
  11. Fred49

    Bag/cover suggestion for international Travel, JUST GH3 and 12-35mm Is a perfect fit for my em1 and 12-40 With em5 and 14-45 I could add a small lens, usually the 25mm
  12. Fred49

    bag for Olympus EM 1 plus 15-150 or 12-40

    Kata light tri 310 is a good fit for em1 + 12-40 with hood on.
  13. Fred49

    Keeper Rate

    Landscape / street photography 5-10% Family, weddings, about 30-50%
  14. Fred49

    A protective case for OMD EM-5: Zing?

    The std slr zing is a perfect fit for my em5 and 14_150 without hood or a prime plus hood. But is too tight for Em1 and 12_40 Sent from my Nexus 7 using Mu-43 mobile app
  15. Fred49

    Oly 12-40mm Lens hood issues

    Like mattphotos, my hood needs pressure on one side only, one for the normal position the other for reversing the hood. thanks for the warning i was testing a the moment capture camera v2 or velcro + blackwidow spider holster ( its lighter than the capture camera ) on my backpack strap for...
  16. Fred49

    Camera bag and socializing.

    I take my EM1 +12-40 +75 about everywhere in a domke F802, wich leaves plenty of room for other things in the bag. If i have photo in mind i add EM5,25/45/60/75-300 14-45 and 14-150 not being used since i bought the 12-40 but I am not decided about wich lens ill keep / sell
  17. Fred49

    What software for a newbie?

    DXO can be tested for 30 days, i did it ... and bought it. I am using it with photoshop element.
  18. Fred49

    light protection for a cpl filter

    The kilo thread made me weight my 62mm cpl filter + box : my list for my next 2 weeks hike ( i should be able to charge batteries every 3 days ) : em1 : 497 12-40: 380 batteries : 3(-1)*50: 150 charger : 120 uk adaptator : 25 polarizer...
  19. Fred49

    Oh I've just come back from Isle of Skye.....

    You have just named my 3 favourites place to hike, countries were you still have a lot of freedom to go wherever you want. Though Scotland is on the bad slope in my opinion, for the last 10 years there has been a large increase in earth roads built in wild place be it for wind farms or shooting...
  20. Fred49

    A protective case for OMD EM-5: Zing?

    I used to have a waterproof cuben fiber case ( from Zpacks ) with an added thin foam + duc tape insert for my EP2 and after that EM5. Now that i have ( in a few days to be exact... crossing my fingers... ) a waterproof camera i am looking for a neoprene case that fits as close as possible an EM1...
  21. Fred49

    Take the 1 kilogram challenge

    my hiking kit has changed from E420+14-42+ UV filter +4 batteries+ charger +microfiber + spinntex bag ( to Ep2+evf +12+25+45+4 batteries + charger + polarizer for the 25 + cuben fiber bag to EM5+14-45+25+3 batteries + charger +polarizer for the 25 +cuben fiber bag i took more photos during those...
  22. Fred49

    Scottish Mountains, Winter

    thanks for the photos ! 6 months to go to my next hike there, i cant wait :p
  23. Fred49

    A protective case for OMD EM-5: Zing?

    I think it was a D small, i sold it with my EP2 so i cannot check. It was a bit stretchy but not that much, its much easier to push the long panel with lets say a longer lens than to fit something wider in.
  24. Fred49

    20 vs 25

    The 20mm was my first prime, and once i got it i took most of my photos with it. I really loved it and i was using it mostly for landscape and street photos. But we adopted a 4 years old boy, and i had too many missed photos due to AF so i bought the 25mm, i never had that AF problem again with...
  25. Fred49

    A protective case for OMD EM-5: Zing?

    I am interested about a neoprene case too for my EM1+ 12-40 for hiking. When i was hiking with EP2+20mm i have been using for a while an optech neoprene case that just the right amount of protection i wanted and wasnt too heavy.
  26. Fred49

    Is the 20mm 1.7 really THAT slow?

    It was fast enough for everything but my young son. But they are a few failed photos of my son that i deeply regretted . Thats why i bought the 25mm. My son skin being very dark its not easy on the AF too, i had to a lesser extent problems indoor with the 12-35 too. But i have none with the...
  27. Fred49

    COMPLETED Kiron 105f2.8 macro FD + m4/3 adapter | Location: EU | Ships: EU

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Kiron 105f2.8 macro FD + m4/3 adapter </br>Prices</br> 150€ </br>Location</br> EU </br>Ships to</br> EU </br>Description</br> Beautiful condition. Comes with adapter for m4/3. Free shipping in EU. pouch is included. </br>Payment...
  28. Fred49

    COMPLETED olympus silver 12mm F2, JJC Hood, Hoya HMC UV filter | Location: EU | Ships: EU

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> olympus silver 12mm F2, JJC Hood, Hoya HMC UV filter </br>Prices</br> Olympus 12mm F2 with JJC hood and Hoya HMC UV filter : 380€ </br>Location</br> EU </br>Ships to</br> EU </br>Description</br> Lens is near mint state. I have the...
  29. Fred49

    What good walkaround zoom do you use?

    m4/3 zoom so far i have used Olympus 14-42 mk1 on EP2, AF was so slow... Then after the 20mm1.7 i bought the 14-150mm and i was very happy with the AF. The 14-42 was sold with the EP2. On my Em5 i have tried the 4/3 12-60, it is now in a drawer waiting to be used on next camera or sold...
  30. Fred49

    More Scottish Mountains

    Scotland Thanks for the photos ! TGO 2013 is just 2 months away, and i am already longing for next one ( may 2014 ) to hike again coast to coast in Scotland. what is the loch on the last one?
  31. Fred49

    GH3 vs OM-D, Size comparison..... Closer than you might think

    GH3 size The GH3 is about the same size as an E620, what i would like is the EM5 sensor with a 4/3 mount so i can use my 12-60 and with the GH3 controls.... but the day they release an m4/3 equivalent of the 12-60 why not an m4/3 as big as a 4/3 :p as for m4/3 EM5 is my choice for hiking, it...
  32. Fred49

    No new Photoshop CS7- Creative Cloud only

    I am using element and lightroom and i was thinking about trying CS. No way ill do it now.
  33. Fred49

    First M4/3 prime O45 or P25?

    +1 i have been using the 20 a long time ( it was my second m4/3 lens after the mk1 kit ) and i was very happy with it but once i started using lens with good AF like the 12/25/45 etc.. i sold the 20
  34. Fred49

    $10.99 - 3rd Party Hood for the Olympus 60mm f/2.8 Macro (LH-49) from RainbowImaging

    rainbowimaging i tried a few times to buy from this website but couldnt register an adress outside of the USA, did anyone managed to do it. i thought it could be my browser so i tried firefox and IE to no avail. contact form wasnt working either for me
  35. Fred49

    Two-lens System: 17+45 or 12+45?

    17+45 i have owned 12 , i dont use it that much and i considered selling it, but they are times i am happy to have it 14 ( sold ) 20 ( my only prime for a long time but sold mostly because AF wasnt good enough for my son, too many missed photos because of that, i dont have the same problem...
  36. Fred49

    If Someone Offered To Fly You Anywhere In The World For Free To Take Photos...Where Would You Choose

    I dream to get back to Iceland, but im pretty sure ill go there again in a few years. But hiking in Greenland was magic, especially the coast and i wont probably do it again so thats the one i would choose.
  37. Fred49

    Fear of camera theft

    my EM5 was stolen in my home while i was sleeping :eek:
  38. Fred49

    OMD EM-5 book by David Busch

    buying this book was 100% wasted money for me
  39. Fred49

    OM-D Auto-Rotate Problem

    auto rotate are the level gauge working properly ? i encountered the same problem as you with auto rotate , but i had only one of the 2 level gauge working. resetting the whole camera or only the level ( K menu ) didnt help, then it worked again, no idea why the second time the bug...
  40. Fred49

    Olympus 75mm 1.8 or 60mm 2.8 Macro

    I ended buying both, thinking i could resell one. If i was doing it atm i would sell the 60mm. ( I am keeping the 60mm because i find it much easier to use and lighter than my 105mm kiron . But my macro photo skill is pretty close to zero yet.) The AF is way better on the 75mm even using...
  41. Fred49

    Highlands, February

    Scotland Thanks for posting those.
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