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    Anyone else hoping for another E-M5 firmware update?

    I love the E-M5 and I'm glad to see that Olympus has refined the features and added new features to camera over time via firmware updates. That said, I really wish Olympus would add three additional features to the E-M5 via firmware: 1) Focus peaking for manual focus confirmation (in...
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    Am I the only one who's mad at Olympus for the E-M5's build quality? Can we do something about it?

    I'm perfectly happy with my E-M5, and it's an early model that suffers from the minor cracking in the LCD enclosure. Heck, I was so happy with the E-M5 that I bought a second one last week when I found a great deal (gently used E-M5 plus gently used 12-40mm f/2.8 for $1000! The E-M1 and even...
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    Full Frame Image Thread

    Although I picked up a Sony RX1 because I wanted the smallest full frame camera I could get, I find myself reaching for my OM-D E-M5 more often than my RX1. In any case, here is a fleeting moment that I captured with the RX1 and its lovely Zeiss 35mm f/2 lens:
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    One lens to rule them all

    The comments here are all pretty much spot on. The 12-40mm is the best choice for "one lens to cover almost anything" as long as you don't mind the extra bulk. Meanwhile, a 20mm or 25mm prime will be smaller, offers a faster aperture for low light shooting and shallower DOF, and is a "normal"...
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    Panasonic 25 mm & chromatic aberrations

    I know exactly what you're talking about with the strong purple/magenta (and sometimes green) color fringing with the Panasonic Leica 25mm lens. I love this lens because of the focal length and the f/1.4 aperture, but I often have to remove the color fringing on high contrast backgrounds...
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    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    I felt like taking a few B&W snapshots today. Shot with the OM-D E-M5 and Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4:
  7. J

    Who's getting the 40-150/2.8 and why ?

    Inches can have a dramatic effect on background blur:
  8. J

    Who's getting the 40-150/2.8 and why ?

    LOL! I don't just take landscapes, so shallow DOF is important to me ... but so is keeping my gear as small and compact as possible. That's why I still shoot with m4/3 gear as well as APS-C and a small full-frame camera (Sony RX1). I'm not trying to say m4/3 can't deliver shallow DOF. On the...
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    Who's getting the 40-150/2.8 and why ?

    While I have no doubt the 40-150mm f/2.8 will render great images and is capable of background compression at 150mm or 150mm plus the 1.4x teleconverter, it's important the understand the difference between background compression and shallow DOF. They both are different ways to achieve "subject...
  10. J

    Who's getting the 40-150/2.8 and why ?

    I'll probably get flamed for saying this, but I can't bring myself to buy the 40-150 f/2.8 for a couple of reasons. Keep in mind I used to shoot regularly with the 35-100mm f/2 when I was shooting 4/3 DSLRs and kept it for a while even after I switched to m4/3 cameras. For starters, I don't use...
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    My M43 vs my Sony FF (an observation)

    I shoot with the RX1, multiple OM-D and PEN cameras, and Pentax DSLRs. The RX1 has the best high ISO performance of any cameras I use. The RX1 is my take-everywhere camera because it's quiet and I know the image detail will be there in any ambient light at almost any ISO that I use. In other...
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    Nice opportunity for photographers who are interested in Pinterest.

    My wife works for a company called Ahalogy, and her job is to help content creators (photographers, bloggers, etc.) get significantly more attention and traffic using Pinterest. She asked me to reach out to some of my photographer connections to tell you a little about it. For those of you...
  13. J

    Who is gonna dump OMD for EP5?GAS is around guys ;))

    I'll stick to my current m4/3 bodies and lenses. Olympus could have convinced me to pre-order the E-P5 the second it was officially announced if it had a build-in viewfinder on the upper left side (when viewed from the back) like the NEX-6, NEX-7. X100 and X100s. I'm tired of having to...
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    Any reason to keep O 14-42mm II R when I have the O 12-50mm?

    Paul's answer is spot on. You just have to decide if you value having the lens or the $30-$70 you'll get selling it.
  15. J

    MFT sensor better than Leica FF sensor?

    Weird ... I was on another photography forum where almost the exact same discussion is happening ... complete with DXOmark comparisons between Leicas and another camera. I'll say the same thing that I said there ... you can't be analytical or scientific when talking about Leica. Why buy a...
  16. J

    Coming from 4/3

    Yes, I absolutely LOVED my 35-100mm lens for the 4/3 mount. It was a JOY to use on my E-1, E-330 and E-3. I felt similarly about the 50-200mm SWD. But the size/weight and the AF speed of those 4/3 lens got less and less attractive on my m4/3 cameras as more m4/3 have come out. The Panasonic...
  17. J

    E-PL5 and 17mm f/1.8 or 20mm f/1.7?

    As great as the Panny 20mm is -- I owned one and captured many great moments with it -- I "usually" recommend Olympus primes over Panasonic if you want the fastest AF and quiet AF on an Olympus camera. The only Panasonic prime I have left at the moment is the Pana-Leica 25mm f/1.4 and I really...
  18. J

    Coming from 4/3

    I was a long time 4/3 user before I started acquiring m4/3 gear. I used 4/3 cameras and lenses professionally so I had a wide range of 4/3 gear but it's all history now. Even though Olympus reps have said the company is coming out with another 4/3 camera soon, there just hasn't been enough...
  19. J

    E-P5 to have NO(!) Viewfinder & ~1K.

    Interesting rumor. I've learned not to say that "I won't buy that camera" because I said I had ZERO interest in buying the Olympus OM-D when it came out and I ended up buying one. I also said someone would have to be CRAZY to buy a Pentax K-01 and I bought two. I will say that I've REALLY been...
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    GX1 $300 @ Amazon

    The GX1 is a great camera selling for absurdly low prices. I would buy one myself if it wasn't for the fact that I refuse to buy anymore cameras that don't have in-body sensor-shift image stabilization. I've developed the expectation that I should be able to shoot at 1/2 a second shutter...
  21. J

    New quantum flash gear for MFT(via the Phoblographer)

    Yes, very exciting stuff! As stated, this particular wireless TTL solution for m4/3 won't come cheap. Although these aren't available yet for m4/3, it looks like they will be available soon and -- based on current Quantum pricing -- you're probably going to pay the following: -- $200 for the...
  22. J

    Sling Bag (seems good for m4/3)

    Chrome is a great bag company. I bought one of the Chrome Soyuz weather sealed laptop backpacks a couple years ago and it still holds up great. Chrome Soyuz Laptop Backpack | Chrome Industries Now that you've drawn my attention to them again I'm lusting after the Niko Messenger: Chrome Niko...
  23. J

    Would I regret it?

    Although the Olympus 45mm is a GREAT lens, my personal take is that there's no point in holding onto gear if you're not going to use it. Now, I can be liberal with how I define "use" ... if I only use a lens a few times a year that might be enough for me to keep it. However, I feel like it's...
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    From Nikon DX to micor 4/3

    I use both APS-C cameras and m4/3 gear (and occasionally my little Fujifilm X10 or a full frame DSLR on loan for an assignment). Both Nikon DX gear and m4/3 can be used to create fantastic images and each have strengths and weaknesses. The 16MP Sony APS-C sensor in the D7000 has slightly...
  25. J

    Have OMD and EPL1, get EPM1 to replace EPL1?

    You won't get much of anything for the E-PL1. Like you, I picked up an E-PM1 last year because I wanted something smaller than my other Pen cameras but I got addicted to the AF speed of the larger E-P3 and OM-D. My E-PL1 is basically collecting dust but I haven't been willing to sell it for the...
  26. J

    Olympus 9-18 versus Pansonic 7-14mm

    I had the 9-18mm for a couple of years now and recently sold it because I never touched it after getting the 12mm f/2. Yes, I'm sure there are times I might miss not being able to go wider than 12mm but honestly the 12mm lens is as wide a focal length as I personally need and the f/2 aperture...
  27. J

    Which (if any) of the 4/3 lenses are usable on mu 4/3?

    I sold all my 4/3 gear recently. I found that even with the 4/3 to m4/3 adapters the AF was just too slow for me 50 percent of the time and now there are native m4/3 lenses available for all the focal lengths I care about. A year or more ago I had a reason to hold onto my 4/3 gear, but not...
  28. J

    Need guidance.. From DSLR to m4/3rds.

    Although I still have some Canon DSLR gear I recently sold all my 4/3 DSLR gear in favor of m4/3 (Pen and OM-D). All of the lenses that I used to love for the 4/3 mount now have native m4/3 equivalents and the native m4/3 lenses focus faster than the 4/3 lenses on a m4/3 adapter. I would love...
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    Disabling pre-flashes on GF3

    On "most" cameras there is no way to disable the pre-flash on the built-in flash. Do you have the Wein "PN" or the "PND" peanut slave triggers? The PN will fire as soon as it sees the pre-flash but the "PND" will ignore the pre-flash and fire the off-camera flash only on the exposure flash...
  30. J

    Refurbed Olympus 12mm f/2

    I love the 12mm. It was worth every penny even when I bought it at fully MSRP when it came out. Great for landscapes, street shooting, or photographing your kids up close while they are running around.
  31. J

    Why do different camera systems offend photographers?

    I choose to look at this from the perspective of basic human nature and sociology. "Why do photographers get offended by people choosing/praising something else other than their choice (especially if the other choice was more expensive)? Do we as a photography community will respect other...
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    What are the 'olympus colours' and do you like 'em?

    I know back in the "old days" when the E-1, E-300 and E-330 DSLRs launched there were many Olympians talking about blues and purples from the Kodak sensors in those cameras being better than cameras with sensors from Canon, Sony or Fujifilm. Here's a shot I took a while back with the Olympus...
  33. J

    Who makes the best ~50mm?

    Well, if you're looking for an analytical way to judge 50mm lenses you can check out the "tested" reviews over at All Products -! If you go by their blur index charts then you'll probably find the Olympus 50mm f/2 Zuiko Digital Macro for the 4/3 mount (and m4/3 via...
  34. J

    Grrr! Did You Know Your OM-D EM-5 is a Point & Shoot?

    Even then there are no guarantees. I've attended several workshops over the last 13 years of my part-time and full-time photography career and always signed up for workshops taught by photographers whose work I admired. On more than one occasion I felt like I had wasted my money. In all...
  35. J

    Share: Trees

    It has been ages since I went out shooting trees. This one is an old shot. You've inspired me to go out and find some more interesting trees ... perhaps when it's not freezing outside.
  36. J

    Olympus OMD -EM6- What to expect and when to expect ?

    I just hope that in addition to whatever image quality improvement Olympus will improve the ergonomics. I absolutely HATED how the OM-D felt in my hands until I added the grip and base plate from Really Right Stuff. I know several other OM-D users swear by the Olympus battery grip for the OM-D...
  37. J

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    E-P3 and Pentax 135mm f/2.5:
  38. J

    Couple of quick questions for GX-1 owners

    Okay, I have several Olympus Pen cameras as well as the OM-D (which I've grown to love). However, the recent low prices on the GX-1 are making me consider the purchase of that camera. I wasn't interested in the GX-1 before because of the lack of image stabilization in the body, but that low...
  39. J

    Will using a DSLR help develop/hone photg skills?

    I attended a workshop late last year where I and a group of photographers spent a day photographing models with various cameras and lighting equipment. Although I was using both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras at the workshop I found that 95 percent of my favorite photos from that day were the ones...
  40. J

    Olympus Announces New Redesigned 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 II for $549.99

    I'm happy to have a new, more affordable telephoto zoom, but I'd be even happier if Olympus made a m4/3 version of the 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 with MSC focus and that beautiful bokeh I get from my 50-200mm on the 4/3 mount.
  41. J

    Olympus ISO accuracy

    I guess that's yet another reason for us to ignore DxOmark ... seems strange to show raw data if it doesn't mean what people would logically expect it to mean based on the way it is presented.
  42. J

    POLL: Print Photos at Home vs Store

    I do both. I have a 13x19 printer in my home office for printing 13x19 inch (and smaller) prints. Anything larger I have done via an online print lab.
  43. J

    'To Sell or Not to Sell...?' That is the Question...

    I have a huge collection of DSLR and m4/3 gear but I only shoot with my DSLRs now out of nostalgia or when I'm shooting for a client who has the attitude that DSLR=professional and small camera=amateur. Most of the time it doesn't matter that I use m4/3 gear because the results are just as...
  44. J

    Olympus ISO accuracy

    Although I'm not a huge fan of DxOmark since it reduces photography down to raw numbers, I recently became concerned when I noticed that DxOmark is reporting that Olympus camera ISOs aren't as accurate as other cameras: This isn't a scientific test, but I have both the Nikon D3100 and...
  45. J

    Olympus 17mm f/1.8 vs. Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 vs. Olympus 17mm f/2.8

    Although we all crave fast glass, I'm happy to see your results seem to confirm my own suspicions ... that there isn't much difference between the 17mm 1.8 and 17mm 2.8 from 2.8 on up. I know plenty of people knock the 17mm 2.8 but I think that has to do with the way the Panasonic 20mm...
  46. J

    New 60mm f/2.8 Lens from Sigma, Plus Revised 19mm and 30mm f/2.8 Lenses

    If I didn't already have faster prime lenses that cover close to these same focal lengths from Olympus and Panasonic then I might consider these Sigma lenses since I'm sure they will be aggressively priced. It's nice to have more lens options even if I personally won't be purchasing these. Now...
  47. J

    That Apple Thingy!

    Another alternative is to use these things: Conntek 30001 Travler Male Plug Adapter U.S. Male Plug To Laptop/Power Adatper IEC C7 Female Connector: Patio, Lawn & Garden I've been using them with my Olympus chargers since back in the 4/3 DSLR days.
  48. J

    How many of you keep both the PL25/1.4 and P20/1.7?

    I had them both for a few months but ultimately decided to sell the 20mm since I liked the 25mm more and I also had the Oly 17mm 2.8 which is smaller and lighter than the 20mm and still usable in low light. I use the 25mm when the size/weight of my gear isn't a major concern and I use the 17mm...
  49. J

    Public asking questions

    I was taking a group portrait at a party last year with my E-P3 when one of the women in the group said, "Wow! It's so nice to see a photographer who still shoots with an old film camera." I thought she was being sarcastic until I realized she honestly thought the E-P3 was an old film camera. I...
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    Please share your Bokeh-licious pics here.

    E-PL1 and 50-200mm 4/3 lens with adapter:
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