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  1. noelh

    Looking for a good hiking/camera bag that isn't too big

    Domke F-5XC is my carry everything but tripod bag. ~11 x 11 x5 inches exterior dimension, but packs a load of hardware. Very flexible interior if you are willing to purchase or diy your own dividers. Right now it’s set up to carry a G2 with 100-300mm lens mounted. “Pistol” position. I can...
  2. noelh

    carry solution for back problems?

    Have been using MountainSmith(MS) lumbar packs for multiple uses over the years. Quality, durable products. For photo use the inserts have been diy or recycled or reused parts. The largest MS used has a detachable backpack like strap. Find this pac to be larger than what I need. Handy space...
  3. noelh

    Anyone still using older GF series?

    No built in EVF, but the hot-shoe detachable LV1(?) is an option. Don’t remember what I paid for the LV1. Just remember it being a bit on the pricey side. The good is the adjustable diopter. The bad is the relatively low resolution. Grew up shooting through a viewfinder. Initially and...
  4. noelh

    Recommendations for GX-85 Battery

    Thanks. Will give Wasabi a try if they sell a BLB13PP replacement. Guessing originals are no longer available based on no stock at Panasonic web site, B&H, AMZ.... Need to solder up an adapter for the ESR meter and check out the IR, capacity... of a new Wasabi. No fresh Pany to compare...
  5. noelh

    Recommendations for GX-85 Battery

    Limited to GF-1 & G2. Have tried a couple non-Pany batteries. When new all but one work fine under normal environmental conditions. Temperature extremes exposes the weakness of some. Guessing higher inherent IRs really saps the capacity of lower quality batteries in cold conditions. Relative...
  6. noelh

    Anyone still using older GF series?

    My attachement to the GF-1. Emotional and/or rational. Slow conversion to digital format. Initially not impressed with early gen digital cameras. So back to “analog”. Pro photographer suggested trying out the GF-1. Purchased one and have not been disappointed. Liked so much purchased a 2nd...
  7. noelh

    Panasonic G85 is the fastest AF camera

    Similar thoughts. GF-1 and G2 have been my only mu43 cameras. Functional. Just deal with the limits. Upgraditis does kick in occasionally over the years. Usually when using the GF-1 very low res EVF for more than framing. Thought about the GX7. Usually don’t replace until broken or lost...
  8. noelh

    DMW-BLB13PP replacement battery

    Still shooting with the original GF-1 and “newer” G2. Problem is needing some fresh batteries. Not into aftermarket knockoff replacements. Negative experience with the few used. Poor QC (DOA), lower than rated capacity, rapid loss of capacity..... Panasonic is a major player in the world...
  9. noelh

    Anyone still using older GF series?

    Still shooting with the original GF-1 body purchased years ago. My “newer” body is a G2. Also a few years old. Spare GF1 body purchased very lightly used has been sitting in storage. GF-1 pretty much has the 20mm permanently attached. Time and insult has proven this camera to be very...
  10. Houghton Point Reserve

    Houghton Point Reserve

    80 acre conservation preserve, township park along L. Superior.
  11. noelh

    Apple and Aperture

    Happy to hear Yosemite OS will allow use of Aperture. Hope Yosemite OS Photos is not the iOS 8 Photos. The kick in the butt will be when the next gen mu43 bodies become available and no RAW Aperture support.
  12. noelh

    Apple and Aperture

    Thanks for the link. Will be disappointed if the OS version of Photos is similar to the iOS version. Sure hope Aperture + Nik will function with the Yosemite OS.
  13. noelh

    One year with the GX7

    Eric, thanks for the one year review. Thinking about updating the gear. Bit of a late adopter when it comes to photo gear. Still shooting with the GF-1 and LVF-1, probably the poorest quality of all the mu4/3 evf. Also, use a G2. Wondering relative quality of the GX-7 evf vs. the G2 evf...
  14. noelh

    Apple and Aperture

    Apple fan here, but might be in for a disappointment. Aperture with Nik plug-ins are my image processing software of choice. Rumors are with Yosemite OS, no Aperture. Probably no iPhoto based on the iOS8 upgrade on the iPad. Apple consolidating the photo software into one program ,Photos...
  15. noelh

    New hobby, potential for mu4/3 format.

    Last November picked up a mini quadcopter (Hubsan X4H107L). Starting my 3rd childhood. Things have gone from flying a toy to "hobby" grade 450 size quad. Hope is to eventually develop the skills & knowledge needed to get into FPV(first person view) flying and aerial image capture. People...
  16. noelh

    Any still use the GF-1..Opinions too

    Two GF-1 bodies in the kit. The mu43 camera that introduced me to this format. Backup body has been more or less sitting in storage mode. Original has visited 5 continents. Survived conditions ranging from barely above 0*F to +90*F. Has been exposed to sea mist, sandstorms and snow. Bit...
  17. noelh

    GX7 Field Reports

    Tripod, cable shutter release, mirror lock up, patience and a prayer. Or shoot on the go and get "lucky".
  18. noelh

    GX7 Quality Not Receiving Good Reviews.

    Just my opinion. Country of origin is not a reflection of build or functional quality. To state the obvious. Quality is the result of intelligent design, material selection, high level of manufacturing, decent quality control. Time is the ultimate test. The GX7 may be the mu43 body that...
  19. noelh

    Books, Videos, & other learning resources - recommendations

    + Ansel Adam's books Maybe considered by some as dated, but the concepts and principles are not. An interesting challenge would be to limit oneself to just taking 3-4 images per session and see what you capture. Might require a bit more thought and understanding of the process vs. relying on...
  20. noelh

    Show your Old Cameras

    My now old Minolta XG-M 35mm slr and Olympus XA 35mm rangefinder last time used couple years ago still work fine. The Minolta did require one repair shop visit due to operator (ab)use. The collection of digital cameras except for the mu43 gear are all non-functional. Nikon, Canon are totally...
  21. noelh

    Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 discontinued!!

    Or premium price if the new 20mm is a dud. Being a bit cautious I'm hanging onto the old 20mm until you early adopters put some major shutter time on the replacement. New gear needs to be a major step across the board better. Wondering if the sales of the 20mm have reached some critical low...
  22. WabiClassic2


  23. WabiClassic1


  24. noelh

    Show us your rodents :D

    Blackie, the deck master. Alpha squirrel of the deck. Past couple years the blacks have become the dominate variety. Haven't seen a red squirrel for a few years. Grays are fewer in number. Blackie, who is not the blackest of the bunch. Just the toughest rules the deck.
  25. Black_Squirrel_2


  26. blackie


  27. noelh

    Waist Pack: National Geographic, Think Tank?

    Domke F-5XA or XB Both have the option of using as a belt bag. Slot on the backside to run the belt of your choice through. Exterior dimensions: XA: 8" x 4.5" x7.25" XB:10"x4.5" x7.25" I use both the XB & larger XC, but only as a shoulder bag. Canvas & thin flexible padding makes for...
  28. noelh

    mu43 gear, durable.

    It was just one of those days. Normally I bag the lens not mounted on the bodies. But today in haste to switch over to the 100-300mm I placed the 14-45mm after capping on the library table. While viewing through the G2 evf I hear a clunk. Found out that my library desk is not to level. The...
  29. noelh

    Show us your HDR! Random HDR photo Thread.

    Field landscape Light range way beyond the dynamic range of my 1st gen mu43 sensor. Time to "cheat" blending multiple exposures.
  30. Forest Light HDR

    Forest Light HDR

  31. HDR of Field & Sky

    HDR of Field & Sky

  32. Landscapes


  33. Red R. Valley Field

    Red R. Valley Field

  34. Superior Ore Dock

    Superior Ore Dock

  35. noelh

    Share Birds

    Unusual Spring, Unusual mix of birds. Experiencing unusual weather this Spring. +70" of snowfall in April followed by an early May dump of +12". Seasonal birds have arrived. Bit late arrival for most. The Birds know when it's really spring. Still a few winter and migrating birds hanging...
  36. Rose Breasted Grosbeaks

    Rose Breasted Grosbeaks

  37. noelh

    Kickstarter: Fusion Plate

    Feedback. Any user comments regarding this plate would be appreciated. Wondering if it would interferes with door to access the battery/sd. 2.5 x1.5 inches with a leftward bias should allow for accessing most bottom side battery compartments. But...
  38. noelh

    Who really needs a cable release?

    Cable release for slow shutter speeds. Timer vs. cable release works fine for some situations. Tried to live without a cable release. Most times a cable release would have been the better means of capturing the desired image. Too many miss images using the timer.
  39. noelh

    Bags and more bags

    nice Thanks John. The XC is my #1 bag. Your parachord grab handle is a great add on accessory. Cold & wet day up here. Now I have a rainy day project. No parachord in the remnant box. Several yards of 3mm grey Amsteel Blue sitting around. Max load of 2500#, no stretch. Bit overkill:).
  40. noelh

    What type of bicycle do you ride?

    WabiClassic FGSS Raced on and off road for ~20 years. Age, injuries and a cardiac issue means no more racing. Even at the Masters +55 level. After about a decade away from cycling decided to get back on the bike. Major league sticker shock when I started adding up the $s necessary to get the...
  41. Misc.


  42. WabiClassic


  43. noelh

    New Panasonic LF1 - Shape of Things to Come?

    Same feelings. Have been waiting for a GF-1 with updated sensor and high resolution built in EVF. Hope that the GX-2 is that body and full of manual controls vs. mostly touchscreen.
  44. noelh

    Spring Snaps/ Fall Fotos: a daily picture thread

    Last Snow? Awoke this morning to another Lake Effect dump of ~10" of damp snow. Bit of a longer than normal winter this year. For all the snow this season (~15 ft total) not much accumulated. Cycle of warm days melting the snow and colder snowy days. Steady state of ~3ft on the ground...
  45. Last Snowfall?

    Last Snowfall?

  46. noelh

    Are You a Photo Hoarder or Photo Trasher!?!

    If the # of images in the trash folder exceed the # of images in the library folder than I'm a trasher. But considering the backlog of images to process I consider myself a hoarder.
  47. noelh

    Spring Snaps/ Fall Fotos: a daily picture thread

    Ice Out at Fish Creek. Not sure if it's really Spring up here. Another late season snow storm heading this way. But the ice is breaking up at the mouths of the streams & the South Channel is open. G2 + Oly 9-18mm.
  48. Spring! Ice out at Fish Creek

    Spring! Ice out at Fish Creek

  49. noelh

    Show churches

    Oly 9-18mm view of St. Agnes Bayfield Brownstone structure.
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