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    A Tribute to The Roadster

    Nice video! I guess even in the world of Mu-43, the answer is always Miata.Here's one of mine:
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    Weekly Challenge #9: HDR

    Sounds good to me!
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    Weekly Challenge #9: HDR

    So, I guess that didn't work. Anyone with any other ideas?
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    Weekly Challenge #9: HDR

    I just saw a new post by GFFphoto in the giant panoramas thread. I'm guessing that they don't kniw they won, so I sent them a private message.
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    Weekly Challenge #8: Bulb Exposure

    Multiple Long Exposures: Boston Click image to view on smugmug.
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    Show "Cars"

    Cool shot of the 50 Stude!
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    Weekly Challenge #7: Happy

    Wow! My first honorable mention! Thanks. Congrats to the runner up and winner, great shots! Looking forward to the next contest...
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    Weekly Challenge #7: Happy

    Happy Place (Frankie's Tiki Room, Las Vegas, NV)
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    Weekly Challenge #6: Isolation

    Ooh, me first! Isolation via focus: A yucca tree in bloom (also an isolated event) Isolation via motion: (not to mention the driver is pretty isolated in there)
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    Show "Cars"

    Th NSX and the Viper look aweome. Not sure why they ruined that Toyota. ;)
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    Weekly Challenge #1

    Fast: Slow:
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    NEW 72-hr Blue Ribbon Challenge: Travel

    Congrats sac, great shot! Looking forward to the next contest.
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    NEW 72-hr Blue Ribbon Challenge: Travel

    Taken in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV April 2013 Yucca in Bloom Taken in Paris with a Sony 4mp p+s in 2003 (still one of my favorites) Paris at Night (from Montparnasse)
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    NEW 72-hr Blue Ribbon Challenge: Freeze the moment

    I think this is a good idea, maybe even go less than 72 hours... 24? 48? Let's keep the contests rolling, they're fun!
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    Cheap Pentax 110 50mm available - tiny portrait lens

    I'm only missing the 20-40. How do you like that one? Maybe one day I'll see it at a good price and snatch one up.
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    Live band performance with E-PM1 + SEMA-1

    Well, I would say you did pretty well considering the crowd you were in. The audio is far better than expected for internal mics. I wonder if the internal mics on other panasonic models are as good... It looks like most at least have a 4 step level control.
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    Live band performance with E-PM1 + SEMA-1

    I'm pretty sure I used the Panny 14mm f2.5 set to manual focus. Camera was hand held, and if you can adjust the aperture during video recording, I'm not sure how to do it. Does the GX-1 built in mic really handle loud rock music that well? If so, I might consider picking one up. There have been...
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    Live band performance with E-PM1 + SEMA-1

    Yellow Brick Road, a Las Vegas classic rock cover band was doing a loud show outdoors on Fremont Street. I was within a few feet of the speakers. Click here for the video. I think I may have found the limits of audio recording (sound pressure levels) with the SEMA-1. I used a Church Audio...
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    Motorsport with alittle more PP

    They're all great pics, but I'll be the odd man out, my favorite is the Ford emerging from its own dust cloud.
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    New 72 Hour Challenge (Feb 15-18) STYLE

    Viva Las Vegas Car Show Just one entry for this one... had to get something in under the wire:
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    DxOMark Olympus 75mm Review

    I like #2 better, but I think that has more to do with the background being blurred than the lens quality. The only time I tend to use autofocus is when I'm short on time. It's a nice feature, but I actually enjoy focusing, even with the focus by wire lenses of today.
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    New 72 Hour Challenge (1-23:1-26) 2013: Snow

    Two shot with my Oly 45 Layla want's to come inside... Scenic Overlook in Intervale, NH multishot panorama...
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    Mega Panoramic Composition

    Hugin will also do it in one go, and it's free. It's not quite as reliable or easy to use as Autopano, but it'll save you quite a bit of money. The software that comes with a Gigapan unit works very well, as well, so long as you use the gigapan unit to generate the shots for it.
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    Panasonic 20mm and 14mm in low light

    I have the EPM1 and the panny 20. Autofocus is near useless in low light. Can't get it o lock reliably at all. I also have a VF-2, so I've just gotten into he habit of focusing manually.
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    New 72 Hour Challenge (1-18:1-21) 2013: Previously posted

    From "Your Hometown" 72 hr Boston From "Beautiful Decay" Salon Las Vegas Unplugged
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    what other lenses are there to adapt?

    These aren't the best or fastest and you can't change the aperture, but the pentax auto110 lenses would fit the bill. They are very small, the standard lenses are 18mm, 24mm and 50mm, all f2.8, and they are designed for a piece of film roughly the same size as our m43 sensors. The adapters are...
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    New 72 hour challenge (7-10 Jan '13) - Light Trails

    Now that the contest is over (congrats on taking 3rd, btw) I have to share this with you. I took this photo nearly 10 years ago now, with my Sony 4.1 megapixel p/s camera. To this day it is one of my favorite shots. Familiar view? I hope I can some day return to Tour Montparnasse to repeat the...
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    My Brief Vegas Weekend (Image Heavy)

    Thanks. I'm with you, the view from the Cosmopolitan is amazing. I'll take it one step further... While I was there I rented a gigapan device. This stitched panorama shows a full 180 degree view from the northwest corner of the building. You can zoom way in to check stuff out. <iframe...
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    My Brief Vegas Weekend (Image Heavy)

    Here they are, as promised: Taken from Red Rock Canyon, you can see the tops of the NYNY, Monte Carlo and part of City Center rising up from the desert landscape: Red Rock Canyon itself (taken with my old Canon point and shoot) From the Level 107 Lounge in the Stratosphere (iPhone): If...
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    My Brief Vegas Weekend (Image Heavy)

    Thanks for sharing your pics, Mikey. You got some great shots! I fell in love with Las Vegas a number of years ago, and make trips out there 3-4 times a year. In fact, despite the fact that I live 2500 miles away, I started a blog about Las Vegas in October. It's an obsession. There are a lot...
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    New 72 Hour Challenge (3-6 Jan '13): Exotic

    Agreed. Great choices! Yekimrd, if you're still in Vegas with a car I recommend both Red Rock Canyon (17 miles from the strip) and the Neon Museum (about a mile from the Fremont Street Experience, downtown) as great places to shoot (and visit) during the day. PM me for more info if you like, and...
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    NEW (Year) 72-hr blue ribbon challenge:

    Thanks! Great choices. Congratulations to the winners. Sorry if I came off a bit cranky earlier.
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    NEW (Year) 72-hr blue ribbon challenge:

    Really? There are some great photos here already (and I don't mean mine). Why not pick a winner and move on to the next contest?
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    PM-2 vs PM-1

    If you can't lock autofocus on the 20mm, then manual focus is the solution. As long as you have a little time, you should be able to nail focus manually with the magnification assist (easier if you have an EVF). I shoot my autofocus lenses in manual a lot.
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    Anybody travel with adapted lenses?

    I have been traveling with some Pentax auto110 lenses, but I admit I probably don't use them enough to justify carrying them. I just find it hard to resist bringing them, as they are so small and light. The 24mm is great for taking pictures of what you can see in a viewfinder, and the 18mm was...
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    NEW (Year) 72-hr blue ribbon challenge:

    Fireworks (Crop from 4th of July Fireworks 2012 at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. Light Beams (View from the balcony of a Terrace Suite at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV
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    New 72+ Hour Challenge (27-30 Dec '12): Juxtaposition(s)

    Here's my second entry, taken from the Railroad Trail along Lake Mead in Nevada. A pair of bighorn sheep atop a barren rocky ridge, with high tension wires in the foreground and a Southwest Airlines jet in the background. Ancient wildlife juxtaposed with modern human civilization.
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    New 72+ Hour Challenge (27-30 Dec '12): Juxtaposition(s)

    I'll have a go. Here's my first entry. Shiny green hotrod and rusty ratrod (reflection):
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    Dealing with loud sounds

    I (obviously) never inquired with Olympus before trying this setup. I am not sure if the setup I am using could damage the SEMA-1 or the E-PM1, only that it does not appear to have done so in the 5-6 hours of recording that I have done using it. I would be happy to take some measurements from my...
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    Motorsportyear 2012 (alot of images)

    Great photos as usual! If I had to pick a favorite set, I really like the Off Road Dalboa pics.
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    Thom Hogan Body Cap Lens Review

    Mine arrived today and I can confirm, not only will a regular lens cap work with this lens, one is included! No lens hood, though. ;)
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    NEW 72 hour challenge - Shadows/Silhouettes (12/7/12)

    From the Railroad Trail along Lake Mead
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    'M. Zuiko 75mm ƒ1.8 Review'

    Don't worry. Olympus is sure to put out a black "special edition" 75mm for a few hundred extra. ;)
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    New 72 hour challenge: Street Photography (with a little catch)

    Count me in as one that would like to include manual focus. Heck, if it were my challenge I might make it MF only. ;)
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    Pixel Peep This

    If I just spent 5k on a 35mm prime, I'd want to be buried with it too. :)
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    Will OM-D be on sale anywhere on Black Friday?

    I think Insaw elsewhere on this forum that it will be on sale from Olympus.
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    Smuggling GF2 in a concert and photography tips

    If you check out the Live Music Archive on you will see that there are many bands and performers that don't take this stance. I have often openly (audio) recorded concerts, with both permission and the blessing of the performers. For those that are unaware, Grace and the Nocturnals...
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