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    COMPLETED For Sale: Think Tank Photo Racing Harness, Pro belts, covers. | Location: UK | Ships: UK

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Think Tank Photo Racing Harness, Pro belts, covers. What are your prices? see list below Where are you located? UK Where are you willing to to ship? UK Description All items are Think Tank Photo. Price...
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    LX100 hands on previews at shops in the UK see link for dates and venues

    Thought a few people might be interested in this. LX100 "on tour" at Panasonic stores and a few other camera shops over next few weeks.
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    The new flickr

    I want to see the image title and description in the photostream. Yes this is one of the worst changes. Not just for one's own photostream but when browsing others - the title and description are an important part of it. The new layout is flickr for the low attention span generation that...
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    If Someone Offered To Fly You Anywhere In The World For Free To Take Photos...Where Would You Choose

    Can we say "the moon" ? Or, if bound to planet earth then the Andes. Never been, but would love to.
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    Print sizes compatible with m43?

    I'm quite suprised at that. Where are you based ? Here in the UK we've had 6x4.5, 8x6, 12x9 and so on for a number of years now. This matches most compact camera formats too. Have you tried the mass-market printers or just "pro" suppliers ?
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    Street candids...etiquette?

    You will find people's stance on this divides into two categories: 1) my "right" to violate other people's space and privacy does NOT overide their right to be left alone 2) my "right" to get into other people's faces and space and disregard their privacy DOES override their right to be...
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    My GH3 Just Arrived!!

    Question to hypnomatt or any other GH3 user: how do you find the metering/exposure ? It seemed to underexpose a lot when I tried it.
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    My GH3 Just Arrived!!

    The GH3 feels smaller than it looks - I tried one out recently and it is not much different to the G1/GH2 in the hand. Actually quite comfortable to hold.
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    Thoughts on the panasonic 14mm f2.8?

    I know your decision is made but adding another "great little lens". Along with the 25mm it's a nice light travel/walkaround pair.
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    Does It Bother You That You're Rarely IN The Photographs?

    The opposite - I'm glad I have the camera precisely because I DON'T want to be in the photo !
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    Poll:What factors influence your camera purchase ?

    One not in your list: ergonomics. Handling is the number one thing, and unfortunately for me most cameras fail quite badly on this aspect.
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    Show: Guitar Gear

    Oooh, pretty ! From your username I'm guessing you've got a bit of a collection ?
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    New Rumor: camera dreaming

    I'd like to see: 1"+ sensor, f 1.4, 24-50 zoom, good macro ability, decent handling (ie not some miniature ungrippable thing), flip-up screen, good burst rate etc. IOW, LX7 meets EPL kind of idea
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    Is Ming Thein moaning too much?

    Well it's his blog so he gets to moan about what he likes really. I enjoy his images and reviews and am quite capable of skipping past stuff that is less interesting for me. Not a problem.
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    Tripod theme......

    I have a Manfrotto 190xpro which is fairly solid but the best feature is the horizontal column Very useful.
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    Colour balance on EPL5 screen - how to adjust ?

    Thank you, that is useful. It is one of the problems when shops don't carry OLY stock, and the occasional ones that do never have a demo model or charged battery to hand.
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    Colour balance on EPL5 screen - how to adjust ?

    On my Pana G1 I get a near-enough true to life/scene I'm shooting on the LCD which then translates near-enough onto my computer which then again looks as I expect in print. When I had a GH2, despite whatever tweaking, the LCD image always had a nasty grey-green cast over it, which was not...
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    Colour balance on EPL5 screen - how to adjust ?

    If the colour is off on the LCD it will be unusable for me. I had a GH2 for a while and found it impossible - it had a nasty grey/green hue to it and you could never tell what you'd be ending up with. I don't understand why the manufacturers don't make sure that the LCD is reasonably accurate...
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    Maternal Instinct

    These are superb Mark. Really interesting to see them taking the resin like that.
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    Colour balance on EPL5 screen - how to adjust ?

    I don't have the EPL5 at the moment, and the all reviews about the inaccurate colour on the LCD is the only thing putting me off. Do you find that "what you see is what you get" and can you adjust white balance for a scene by eye ? I can do this very easily on the Pana G1, the colours reproduce...
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    Colour balance on EPL5 screen - how to adjust ?

    Is it possible to change the colour balance on the LCD monitor on the EPL5 ? It is one thing that reviews say quite often - that it does give not a good representation, but without saying whether it adjustable to make it more true to life.
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    Any tips on how to photograph birds?

    An example. This was taken from my car - parked next to a field where I'd spotted a group of birds. I just sat and waited with camera pointing out of the window until they came close enough. This one was maybe 20ft away.The vehicle didn't seem to bother them at all. EXIF details: ISO 400...
  23. mistle thrush

    mistle thrush

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    Any tips on how to photograph birds?

    One thing to bear in mind is that a lot of bird shots you see posted are set-up in some way. That is from a hide of some sort, waiting in a hidden place and using pre-placed perches with a food source nearby. Trying to get a decent picture (of small shy birds in particular) just by wandering...
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    Lens for Landscapes - 1 month trip

    Have a look through this thread. I'd say it makes the case for the 7-14, you get that extra "wow" factor. Would it be an option to buy the 7-14 second hand and then sell again if you didn't want to keep it ? Any...
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    Why do different camera systems offend photographers?

    It depends on the photographer. I am not "offended" by any camera, but then to me a camera is a hobby or interest, and I am interested in other gear too. For some it is all about status and point scoring, to prove that they are a bigger man than everyone else, and those are the ones that get so...
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    What ratio do you use most - 4:3, 3:2, 1:1 or 16:9?

    4:3 always. Looks more "normal" to me. Often crop to square, and most of my prints and photobooks are in these ratios too.
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    Who makes the best ~50mm?

    I have had several legacy lenses and ended up keeping the Minolta 50mm 1.4, Minolta 50mm 1.7 and Fuji 55mm 1.8. These are not necessarily "the best" but they work well for me. It is perhaps worth experimenting, buying and sell secondhand you will not lose out much and then you'll know which...
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    Who's riding their bike in the winter? :)

    Nice scenery. Like the way the white bike coordinates with the snowy scenes.
  30. B Roger Buys a Camera System

    Have you ever tried the Olympus 4/3 lenses ? They do AF with an adapter, just not very quickly. Olympus - ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 300mm 1:2.8 - SLR Cameras Digital - Digital SLR Accessories
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    Lithium battery posting/travelling issues..

    It is spelt out quite clearly on the RM website: CS - HSB046 - Tell me about Prohibited Goods - 3rd DC | Royal Mail Ltd Within the UK Li-ion are completely prohibited for personal customers and restricted for business CS - Business - HSB046 - Tell me about Prohibited Goods - 3rd DC |...
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    Anyone use 75mm + Kenko extension rings

    Yes please, would like to see this.
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    Oly 75 is killing my P100-300

    The robin photo is very good. I use the 100-300 a lot and the long end sharpens up significantly at 6.3/7.1 compared to 5.6. Would be interested to see comparison shots, off a tripod, fixed target and cropped to match of the 75mm vs 300mm
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    Constructionsite (vote)

    Number 2 looks very good.
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    FD lenses on m4/3

    If you want image stabilisation then this needs to be set manually for each lens. You will need to choose the aperture otherwise the camera will meter and operate as normal.
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    crop factor

    This is slightly misleading. The focal length of the lens is an actual physical property - nothing to do with the format. A 45mm lens is marked as such because that is what it is. Yes, this is correct. The crop factor is about the equivalent field of view.
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    Lens Sharpness

    Yes for pictures where the whole point is to show a level of detail that we'd normally not see, then sharpness is crucial. As a more general point, other factors like camera shake, wrong focus and wrong shutter speed are much more common in taking the edge off a "sharp" picture.
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    'Do You Process (And/Or Upload) Your Photos Immediately After A Shoot?'

    I usually download straight away - for backup purposes, then process asap after that, then back up the edits both online and to ext HD asap again after that. Fairly easy now that it's mostly habit.
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    How many of you keep both the PL25/1.4 and P20/1.7?

    I had the 20mm for ages until getting a 14mm that was going cheap, and found was using it much more than the 20. Shortly after got the 25mm which also works well for me so 20mm got sold. Am happily settled now with 14 and 25 combo.
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    Tamron joined the m43 and new lenses from Sigma

    It's a first step, but would really like to see a m43 version of their VC 90mm macro, or maybe the 200-500 mm or something else to fill a few holes in the native line-up.
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    Why did the G3 and GX1 gone down in price so quickly?

    Mass market electronics, big markup at launch, latest and greatest just round the corner ... price drops. In some ways I prefer this to the Oly strategy which seems to be artificially keeping things inflated and hard to get hold of. With Panasonic I can pay my £££ to be an early adopter or...
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    Mid range zooms for landscape. Oh, yeah.

    Nice, like the fog and sunbeams. I use the Panleica 45mm or Panasonic 100-300 for landscape - am a fan of the more compressed look. (7-14 mm uwa for architecture, vehicles, interiors)
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    Hello from Oxford England

    No, I don't fancy that either though I am even more wary of the DIY route. Has worked well for you though, nice image.
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    Hello from Oxford England

    Hi Boon, can I ask where did you get your IR mods done ? The only place I found in the UK would only do canikon (even though m43 is a much easier job).
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    Panasonic LX7 for $289.

    I looked at B&H (have used them before) but the postage is making the deal less attractive. Will probably wait now for UK offers, maybe the New Year
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    Panasonic LX7 for $289.

    Thanks for the info, but just discovered Amazon won't ship this direct to UK. Will have to wait for the price drops over here
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    Panasonic LX7 for $289.

    I'd like to get one of these, but have a query on the video. Ordering into the UK from the US the camera will be the 30/60 fps version (compared to 25/50 for Europe). Does this mean the video will not play back here in England, on our TV equipment, or just that it doesn't meet broadcast...
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    Total soLar eclipse 2012 Cairns

    They look pretty good. Would love to witness one of these in real life.
  49. inov8_bls1


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    COMPLETED Olympus compatible BLS 1 battery inov8 | Location: UK | Ships: Worldwide

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Olympus compatible BLS 1 battery inov8 </br>Prices</br> Two available at £10 each. See description for shipping costs </br>Location</br> UK </br>Ships to</br> Worldwide </br>Description</br> These were bought to use as back-ups for an...
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