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  1. BruPri

    Showcase Olympus 45mm f/1.8

    Lumix GM1 and the 45, my fave combo!
  2. BruPri

    GM1 to grip or not to grip

    I've got a HOsON grip that came with mine, I like the access you have to the door on the bottom without having to remove it. Only observation is that it can be a bit tight on the finger tips with a large lens attached.
  3. BruPri

    Thinking about GM1 as a "Pocket Camera"

    GM1 is still a really small form factor, I can easily slip the camera with the 24 1.4 (smaller hood) into my jacket pocket, something I could not do with say a 1D mark III or a Fuji X2 say.
  4. BruPri

    Novoflex MiniConnect mounts ???

    Better late than never... I have a Nikon 1 V1 with the FT-1 adaptor and LOVE the MiniConnect! I leave a shoe on the camera, one on my FT-1 and I have both heads (rectangular automatic, and the round manual for my monopod) I have a Fotodiox grip on the camera and any larger shoe would not allow...
  5. BruPri

    Third party batteries

    I ordered the Wasabi charger and two batteries that indicated as a direct replacement for my Sony NEX-3, both of them got a camera error saying: "Battery not compatible, use correct battery" This probably has to do with the Infolithium piece that communicates with the camera....
  6. BruPri

    FD 55 1.2 Is One Big Chunk of Glass

    Yes, it's a fairly "plane" lens, one has to "prop" it up. I'm just winging it here folks.
  7. BruPri

    Showcase Nikon 85mm f/1.8 AF-D Nikkor

    I think the main reason the 85 f1.8 not widely used is the unusual color aberrations. It tends to add add a greenish cast to hair more often than not.
  8. BruPri

    FD 55 1.2 Is One Big Chunk of Glass

    Chunkier even still...
  9. BruPri

    Favourite Adapted Lens?

    My current fav is my Nikkor 55mm 1.2
  10. BruPri

    Not Ansel Adams, but...

    I feel confident saying that ANY picture taking device you give the guy would yield impressive results...
  11. BruPri

    Am I Wrong To Like This Photo ?

    Nice image, using the rule of thirds...IMHO crop so the bird is offset to the right...
  12. BruPri

    Who doesn't use video features?

    Unfortunately if a manufacturer leaves out a popular feature such as video, they lose a comparative advantage in the marketplace. I myself have never used the video, or art settings on any of my cameras. I agree with the comment about the trade-offs...if only one could get better quality...
  13. BruPri

    Thank you, ups!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good idea, you don't want your deliveries bouncing two houses over off the trampoline...
  14. BruPri

    Thank you, ups!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trampoline set up on your side?
  15. BruPri

    Thank you, ups!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you have a local TV station/newspaper that has a consumer advocate guy/gal that can go to bat for you, they love this kind of story, the media would eat this up... a little publicity will stop the finger pointing and get you results.
  16. BruPri

    Thank you, ups!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well this is the last time I use FedEx...MY GF-2 just arrived!
  17. BruPri

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    E-P1 w/Nikkor-S 55mm f1.2
  18. BruPri

    For those interested in Sony NEX...

    I'm in...NEX C3 arrives on Thursday!!
  19. BruPri

    Blown away by the E-P1

    I sold my NEX-5 and am expecting a NEX-C3 next week. In the mean time, I pulled out my E-P1 which I've pretty much retired as it just doesn't hold a candle to the Sony. Well, just bought a Nikkor 55mm 1.2 and adapted that up to the old PEN and I must say, the Olympus still surprises now and again...
  20. BruPri

    A moment please... my EP1 just died

    Have you tried talking to it?:frown:
  21. BruPri

    A moment please... my EP1 just died

    :rolleyes: Tried a different card?
  22. BruPri

    E-P3, 75/300 vs Squirrel

    Well I'll be coming from a NEX5 which isn't much different from the Nikon but do want to get my hands on a 3!
  23. BruPri

    E-P3, 75/300 vs Squirrel

    I'm considering an E-P3 and curious about your comment, nearly silent compared to what? (I have an E-P1, is it much different than that?)
  24. BruPri

    How to get sharper images?

    Could be motion blur, do you use IS and if so, what focal length is it set at?
  25. BruPri

    3rd UPDATE: EP3 vs EP1 Experience Diary

    Apparently Olympus puts things in two categories, stuff you can replace that is priced and available for retail and stuff that requires opening the camera up that they feel they need to do.
  26. BruPri

    3rd UPDATE: EP3 vs EP1 Experience Diary

    Thanks Tom! Just got off the phone with them, they said I can send the camera in and for $168.85, they'd replace the plate. That's about what the camera's worth so I'm not sure what I'll do at this point.
  27. BruPri

    3rd UPDATE: EP3 vs EP1 Experience Diary

    Got it, well...I had noticed a bit of jiggle in the viewfinder and the camera tripod connection was firm. So I realized it was the bottom plate that was flexing, then the fateful day that I thought I'd loosened the tripod head more than I did and pulled up on the lens for a shot, only find the...
  28. BruPri

    3rd UPDATE: EP3 vs EP1 Experience Diary

    You mentioned that the bottom plate is different in composition from the E-P1, I'm curious about this because I had an issue with mine (E-P1) using a, bit larger Nikon lens and adapter that actually bent the rather thin bottom plate on the camera that was mounted on a tripod.
  29. BruPri

    A Short Aperture tutorial

    Don't change a thing, being a native from Seattle, USA, the voice is awesome! The tutorial was perfect, do more!
  30. BruPri

    Strapping up

    Gordy's... Hand strap on the Canon S-90 Neck strap on the E-P1
  31. BruPri

    E-P1 body case issue...

    The bottom of my camera not only flexes/jiggles when mounted on a tripod with my 105mm Nikkor, one of the assembly screws actually pulled through the metal and the whole piece bent away from the body. I was able to straighten the piece but the camera is now "branded" sigh. Anyone else...
  32. BruPri

    small tripod/gorilla pod suggestions?

    Check out the Jr. it's supposed to be smaller and lighter and therefore perhaps even a better fit for your needs, let us know how you do!
  33. BruPri

    small tripod/gorilla pod suggestions?

    The stock head is great, I just like the convenience of the quick disconnect...the one I have is the Clamper, not the Clamper Jr. which was not available a year ago, it is now. These are solid and mine weighs 1.1lbs. Here are pics with the stock head...
  34. BruPri

    small tripod/gorilla pod suggestions?

    Oh, the only thing I've added is a Trek-Tech MagMount Pro quick disconnect magnetic ball head...
  35. BruPri

    small tripod/gorilla pod suggestions?

    Promaster "The Clamper" I use one of these... Can be a tripod and clamp onto almost anything, very well built and folds fairly flat..:2thumbs: Promaster
  36. BruPri

    E-P1- Focussing

    Here's what I've been using: AF Mode: Still Picture S-AF+MF AF Area [ o ] (single center, this way the AF isn't just grabbing the first thing it sees with the most contrast anywhere in the frame)
  37. BruPri

    Show "Glasses"

    the problem with shooting your own glasses...
  38. BruPri

    NorthWest UK Meetups & Workshops

    I was all excited... Then I saw Northwest...UK Bruce Pritchard Northwest United States
  39. BruPri

    April 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #3

    Maybe this has been mentioned before, but I think there's a C/P oversight: On the first 7 days of May 2010, all members can vote on the results to select their favorite interpretation * LightCrafts may select one or more of these LZN files and feature the result on their own website. *...
  40. BruPri

    One question, is there a step by step instruction anywhere on how to post to ones POD blog? It's...

    One question, is there a step by step instruction anywhere on how to post to ones POD blog? It's mere chance that I was able to post this one. I'll click on "Post to your Blog" and click on the My Photos Insert button below the Smilies and it brings up my Gallery sometimes I'll be able to click...
  41. BruPri

    What are your E-P1 w/ Nikon lens settings?

    Thanks Mr., I mean Brian. You can now see by this writing that I am grateful for your prompt reply, what you can't see is the wisp of smoke that is coming out of my left ear as my brain gradually grinds it's way to enlightenment.
  42. BruPri

    What are your E-P1 w/ Nikon lens settings?

    Dear Streetshooter-Super Moderator and probably grand high keeper of knowledgeable things that must be shared amongst those such as me with far lesser brain aperture settings. (with a title like that now; you'll have to come through for me...) I've done some reading here and I'm starting...
  43. BruPri

    What are your E-P1 w/ Nikon lens settings?

    Yer killin' me. Thanks OzRay!
  44. BruPri

    What are your E-P1 w/ Nikon lens settings?

    Thanks for the tip! I only wish there was a mappable button for that as I really like the level feature and it just gets too whacky jumping around...magnify green box, ok out, display to 51 I'm challenged in the "hold the camera steady" department, so by the time I'm ready to press...
  45. BruPri

    What are your E-P1 w/ Nikon lens settings?

    Appreciate the prompt reply 151, makes sense. for this lens, 50mm, what is the actual focal length I would enter? (seems there would be math involved, in which case I would defer to my 10 year old) It's currently at 35mm...
  46. BruPri

    What are your E-P1 w/ Nikon lens settings?

    Got it, thanks! I've set the IS for 35mm which I think is correct for the 50mm no? I've also saved the second reset slot for re-doing everything when putting this lens on.
  47. BruPri

    What are your E-P1 w/ Nikon lens settings?

    Ouch, I do appreciate the reply! I don't think I'm quite there yet...I guess a class in camera 101 may be in order as I'm not sure how one knows what to set the shutter speed to give the correct exposure, additionally if I want to use the shutter speed for effect. I was told by the camera place...
  48. BruPri

    What are your E-P1 w/ Nikon lens settings?

    I just picked up a Novoflex m4/3 to Nikon adapter and a Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 and wanted to hear from anyone with the same setup, what their E-P1 settings looked like. (i.e. A vs. M, tips, suggestions) I've viewed the E-P1video tutorials posted earlier on in the forum which I found quite helpful...
  49. BruPri

    Greetings from Ballard WA!

    It's great to be here and a question, I've tried the search function, and either my query was vague or too particular, however if someone could kindly push me in the right direction. I just picked up a Novoflex m4/3 to Nikon adapter and a Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 and wanted to hear from anyone with...