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  1. acercanto

    Chilly good morning from Melbourne

    Great shot! I love the trees rising out of the mist. Speaking of mist, is that Ayers Rock/Uluru below the sun, or just a cloud? Acer
  2. acercanto

    Weekly Challenge #5: Silhouettes and sunsets

    Winners! Hey everyone, sorry for the tardy judging! Life got a tad crazy this week. This one was very hard to judge, so close, I'd probably have just as hard a time if I had to re-choose! A bit about why I like sunsets, they change so quickly, and so dramatically, within such a short time...
  3. acercanto

    Weekly Challenge #5: Silhouettes and sunsets

    Man, if the rest of the week is as phenomenal as these entries, I'll have my work cut out for me! Great job, everyone! Keep 'em coming! Acer
  4. acercanto

    Trains & Tripods

    Wow, wish I could go there for one of those! When I was there back in March last year, I really enjoyed that place. Here's the handful of keepers I got. Flickr Search: sacramento railroad museum Apologies about the new stupid Flickr layout. :-/ Acer
  5. acercanto

    Weekly Challenge #5: Silhouettes and sunsets

    I hope this isn't too specific, but I really love seeing sunsets with silhouettes of stuff (people, trees, buildings, anything neat). Bonus for awesome cloud formations! :biggrin: Here's two photos to give ya an idea of what I'm looking for. The first was taken back in my P&S days with a...
  6. sunset sun spire

    sunset sun spire

    Taken with a Kodak Z730.
  7. sunset silhouette

    sunset silhouette

  8. sunset


  9. acercanto

    Weekly Challenge #4: Night

    Woo! Glad you liked it, Phrenic! New challenge up in a few minutes. Acer
  10. acercanto

    Weekly Challenge #4: Night

    Oooh, so many photos to choose from, which is my favorite? I love night photography! Here's my first entry, taken a week or so ago. 15 seconds, 20mm, f1.7 And my second, taken this past winter. 20 seconds, 20mm, f1.7 Acer
  11. P1120772


  12. field at night. long exposure

    field at night. long exposure

  13. acercanto

    New 72 hour blue Ribbon Challenge: Break on Through

    Here is my interpretation of the theme. It took me a while to think of a photographic interpretation of the theme. Thanks, Colin! :-) I love seeing images of plants growing in the tiniest of cracks in stone, knowing that they have the potential to break even the largest of rocks apart. Acer
  14. plant growing in stone

    plant growing in stone

  15. moss on a rock

    moss on a rock

  16. acercanto

    New 72 hour blue Ribbon Challenge: Celestial Bodies

    From the transit of Venus across the Sun last year. Acer
  17. acercanto

    Caught Comet Panstarrs

    Similar to you, I couldn't see it with the naked eye. I thought the night was a bust until I got home and started processing. This is the best of what I got with my 45-200. Acer
  18. comet panstarrs

    comet panstarrs

  19. Chains on a tree

    Chains on a tree

  20. acercanto

    New 72-hour Blue Ribbon Challenge-Heavy Metal

    The ruins of an old belt-driven sawmill in rural West Virginia. And a big chain around a tree at a Renaissance Festival. Acer
  21. old sawmill

    old sawmill

  22. acercanto

    New 72hr Challenge (6-9/3) HIP TO BE SQUARE

    Sorry to be late to the party, I don't usually work in square format, but these kinda lend themselves to it. Acer
  23. P1110632


  24. P1110564


  25. acercanto

    NEW 72-Hour Challenge (18-21 Dec '12): Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    My first image was taken at dusk as I caught a plane to Las Vegas on my way back to VA from CA. The sky looked like it was on fire. GF1 + 20mm@f1.7, 1/500sec., ISO 400 This was taken at the California Railroad Museum. GF1 + 20mm@f1.7, 1/13sec., ISO 100 Acer
  26. P1080454-1


  27. P1080215


  28. acercanto

    New 72 hour challenge (Dec. 15-18): Cherish the Child

    Happy kid going home from the fair. Handheld at dusk, GF1 and 45-200@45mm, 1/10 sec, ISO 100. Acer
  29. P1070450


  30. acercanto

    Praying Mantis - 60mm Macro

    Very nice shots! Is that an invisible black backdrop you used in the last 2? That narrow DOF is really hard to manage sometimes. I have a hard enough time with my 20/1.7... Acer
  31. acercanto

    13th Mu-43 Salon Competition - Beautiful Decay

    A lot of really sweet photos so far! Here's mine. Taken with my GF1 + 20mm 1.7. Decided to change my entry. Broken glass by acercanto, on Flickr
  32. acercanto


    Great photos with some super fantastic backdrops! Acer
  33. acercanto

    12th Mu-43 Salon Competition- Architecture

    Good choices! You're right, there were a ton of great photos in this one. Acer
  34. acercanto

    12th Mu-43 Salon Competition- Architecture

    Here's my contribution. The Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. Taken with a GF1 and 20mm, ISO400, f1.7, 1/25sec. Acercanto
  35. P1080114


  36. acercanto

    11th Mu-43 Salon Competition - Wildlife

    Congrats DHart! What an awesome shot. Acer
  37. acercanto

    11th Mu-43 Salon Competition - Wildlife

    It's no lion or anything, but it's wild. Scared a bunny out of the bushes doing yard work the other day. Between the failing light, my dog sniffing, and only having one hand to use, I figure it came out pretty well. GF1 + 20mm @ISO 800, 1/40s. Acercanto
  38. P1100227


  39. acercanto

    The Right Lens for the Job?

    The only lenses that consistently come with me (now that I have some native lenses) are the 20mm and the 45-200. I haven't felt the need for anything in between yet, except for a faster 45-200, but that's a given. It's what I take backpacking, it's what I take to sporting events, gatherings...
  40. acercanto

    Taking pics of Fireworks with E-pm1

    I usually get there before dusk and set the tripod up and autofocus on something about as far away as the fireworks, then switch it to manual. Or you could autofocus on the first few boomers, then turn it to manual. Acer
  41. acercanto

    First experiment with light painting, images attached

    Very cool! I think light painting is a hugely underused effect. It doesn't always have to be glaringly obvious. Here's a shot I took this past spring and used a dim flashlight to illuminate each of our faces a bit. My face is the brightest one. GF1, 20mm, f1.7, ISO 400, 25secs. Acer
  42. subtle light painting

    subtle light painting

    Long exposure with a dim flashlight on our faces for effect.
  43. acercanto

    Strangest camera you'll see today

    I don't have a (bird) dog in this race, but I took a gander at it anyway. All I can say is Stuff it! :-P Acer
  44. acercanto

    Help with Landscape picture taking?

    Without knowing the details, I would say a combination of fog (out of your control), UV (UV filter will cut through that), direct sunlight (a lens hood could help, or sometimes just your hand, carefully out of frame) would cut down on the effect you're getting. Hope that helps, Acer
  45. acercanto

    7th Mu-43 Salon Competition - Capturing a unique moment

    Well, as soon as I heard about it, I knew it would be my submission for this salon. The transit of Venus, not to happen again for over 100 years. And to make it more singular, we had clouds, so good shots of the sun were fleeting at best. This was taken with a GF1 and the 45-200 @200mm, ISO...
  46. Venus transit

    Venus transit

  47. acercanto

    7th Mu-43 Salon Competition - Capturing a unique moment

    Came across this little guy in the park the other day. GF1 & 45-200 @84mm, ISO100, 1/500sec. Acer
  48. skunk


  49. acercanto

    Absolute minimum kit

    My current kit is my barebones kit. It goes with me everywhere. GF1 + 20mm/1.7 + 45-200 I have a few manual lenses, but hardly ever use them, now that I have the Pany 20. Acer
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