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    Are you still using your 14mm f2.5?

    Saw this thread a while ago, and initially let it go. The 14mm 2.5 was my first lens, and it's still the lens I use all the time. Lately, I've been wondering if I should switch to the P-L 15mm, or maybe a 12mm. The 14 was a kit lens, but I'm very partial to the view. I might even consider the...
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    COMPLETED For Sale: Panasonic GX1 circa 2011

    PM sent for 45mm
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    Help with Flickr?

    I found my problem, and it's totally unexpected. I had been trying to copy pictures off of my phone, attached to the computer as a USB storage device. This does not work. When I copy from my computer hard drive, it works. It never occurred to me that this could be a problem, since I copy files...
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    Help with Flickr?

    I have tried Win XP and Win 8.1 and Debian. I have tried Firefox, Chrome, and even Internet Exploder out of sheer desperation, also Tor browser. Recent or current versions of those. My ISP is Xfinity/Comcast.
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    Help with Flickr?

    I am not a frequent/heavy user of either my camera or my photo hosting account. You might even call me a clueless newbie. I have not be able to upload to Flickr in months. I used to be able to use their handy drag-and-drop uploader to get batches of images uploaded. It hasn't worked in quite...
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    Will the price of the E-P3 drop now?

    I very much identify with this. I have no thoughts at all about replacing my EP3. I just wish I could add the 45mm lens, but I'm in the same boat, putting other needed expenses before upgrading my photo kit.
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    Best focal length for a hike in the woods.

    Thanks for posting your results, look good. I've loved the 14mm 2.5 for this purpose. ETA - LOL at my inability to share a pic.
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    OBX 2015 - Wave Riders - EM5 Mk II and 75-300/4.8-6.7 II (image heavy)

    Looks crowded, and fun. Visited there once, loved it. Great pics.
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    Swedish championshipweek

    Your photos always look really great. Thanks.
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    New Markdowns at Olympus Outlet USA

    EP5 deals gone, thankfully. That might have been really hard on my bank account. 20% deal ends tonight, July 20.
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    GX85 Goes On Vacation to Galveston - Updated with more pics!

    I saw the Bishop's Palace once when I was a kid. Beautiful place. Great photos!
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    Dangerous Ferguson

    So, a small minority of "activists" can ruin things for everyone else, and don't trust what I see in the news. Good lessons. And nice pics. Clearly, the media have wronged your hometown.
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    First "real" flash recommendations?

    All this, times two. FL600R tilts, rotates, can be hot-shoe or remote wireless, does wireless TTL, is engineered to go with all the exposure & flash stuff on the Oly cameras. Yes, there are other options, and you could save a few bucks. For my money, the FL600R is a reliable, quality, good...
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    Sigma Foveon Images

    This has probably been hashed out before, but I've always thought Sigma should have a M4/3 Foveon camera. There really is something about Foveon.
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    What gear? Nice action shots.
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    Usable life of current Oly models?

    Durability? As others point out, electronic gadgets will keep working until they stop. I still have an old consumer-grade Fuji S3100 that I bought off Craigslist in 2005, and it works fine, I think it has a whopping 32MB memory card. I don't beat up my EP3, and I expect similar lifespan from...
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    Forgot how much I liked this lens

    You forgot? I like it so much, it's my only lens! :) Someday I'll get the O45... someday...
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    The Sunset Portrait

    This was a great post. I really appreciate the "budget version" alternative. Once people start talking about high-end flash systems, I tend to tune out, but this post was strong on technique. Thanks!
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    Show "Boats"

    I don't want to think about what happens to all that animal poop at sea.
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    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    My first camera purchase in ages - a Gorillapod!
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    Oly AVCHD video help?

    Ooo, I think that worked! I hadn't tried it, because it said it was a player, but it looks like I got a conversion. I guess MP4 is pretty lossy compared to AVCDH - my source file is 62MB, and the converted file is almost 9MB, but it looks like a success. Thanks!
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    Oly AVCHD video help?

    OV3 gives me an error when I try to export, saying it doesn't support AVCHD files, and I need to reinstall OV2 from the CD (which I don't have).
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    Oly AVCHD video help?

    I can't do anything with the MTS files. I would have expected Olympus to provide software to manage the video files, but apparently not. I just want to convert to a more useful format.
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    Oly AVCHD video help?

    What's the trick for getting video off my E-P3 onto a computer? Olympus Viewer 3 says to use the older version, but I can't find OV2, and I bought the camera second hand so it didn't come with a CD. I read another thread that said iMovie imports it, but mine doesn't - maybe my Mac is too old...
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    Dublin, when the light dims

    Amazing photos, beautiful. Thanks for posting them.
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    Game of Volleyball with the 40-150 PRO.

    Very nice. For my two cents worth, I'd say wait just a bit longer on the overhead hits so the ball is closer to the strike by the player. The two players simultaneously going for the bumping perfectly timed. Again, nice shooting.
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    Another darn n00b - Greetings from Syracuse NY

    Hey, I lived in Syracuse once... lot's of snow. Welcome.
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    12 f2 or 15 f1.7

    Dance photography? I done some of that, and wished I had the 45mm 1.8. Otherwise, I use 14mm all the time, and often wished I had the 12mm.
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    camera fails on computer connection

    Thanks for the replies. I have tried all the USB ports. The cable is the one that came with the camera. I copy the files by drag and drop (what else is there? :wink: ) I do wish I could upgrade to a Mac Mini - there's so much software that won't run on the old PowerPC processors. I just don't...
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    camera fails on computer connection

    There is one thing I hate, HATE about my EP3, which I otherwise love. I don't have a USB card reader. I don't have a modern computer (PowerMac G4). The only way I can get images off the camera is direct USB connection between the Mac and the camera. While accessing files on the camera, the...
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    Hello from Cyprus

    You must post shots highlighting your area for the benefit of us who are unable to visit. Welcome! :smile:
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    What I learned from Kodiak Alaska Trip

    Nothing ofter this post. I guess Alaskans vere too rough for him. RIP uscrx. ;)
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    Six months with Sigma DP3M -from a MFT lover :) Heavy images

    That's what I meant. Sorry I was not clear.
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    Six months with Sigma DP3M -from a MFT lover :) Heavy images

    Bhupinder, thanks for posting those. I'd venture to say that what's behind the camera is just as important as what's in it. I don't think I coul do as well with that camera as you. Very nice images. PS - I agree that Sigma should offer a MFT sensor. They would only benefit from broadening their...
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    Film Camera recommendations?

    I have a Minolta kit in the trading post. The X700 takes modern button batteries, not mercury cells, and will do full manual or autoexposure. You'd want a different lens, but there are some great Minolta lenses out there.
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    Wayne Gretzky...The Great Photographer?

    Another thing Gretzky said was that part of getting the shot was not going to where the puck was, but where it was going to. Also perhaps applicable to photography sometimes, I suppose.
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    Any tennis fans out there?

    Awesome! Looks like MF/T has no trouble doing sports.
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    [FT] WTT - Minolta manual kit for Oly MFT kit lens | Location: Wisconsin | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to TradeTrading WTT - Minolta manual kit for Oly MFT kit lens Location Wisconsin Ships to USA Description I have a Minolta X-700, with Tokina 35-200 f3.5-4.5 zoom lens, and Vivitar 283 flash kit, plus Minolta MD1 motor drive. It's an...
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    nature walk in the driftless area

    The driftless area is a part of Wisconsin that was spared the last major glaciation, and has interesting topography and geology. I took my kids for a nature walk at Parfrey's Glen state natural area. It's a remarkable place that is ripe with photo opportunities. I know an artist that comes here...
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