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    Best Bargain you ever caught

    Got a Oly 40-150/2.8 for $750- on eBay just after Christmas. It was in very good condition.
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    Need a simple video editor

    Top 8 free video editors just posted by Explaining Computers. He explains the options fairly well.
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    The need to move forward with M43

    Cheapest option with the biggest bang for the buck, get a tripod. One of the cheaper carbon fibre ones will be fine.
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    For Canadian Buyers

    Peak Design Everyday Sling’s V1 are being cleared out everywhere, but Vistek has the 10L for $144- cdn, that’s cheaper than B&H.
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    G85 For Astro? & Lens Recommendations

    Laowa 7.5 f2.0 is my lens of choice for astro. I find the 12/2 not wide enough.
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    Old Vivitar or other inexpensive lenses any good?

    For m43, I find older full frame glass a bit too low contrast. Using a focal reducer like a lens turbo (a Metabones would be way too expensive), would help but it does add bulk.
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    Advice on a GX80

    Agreed, the 42.5 on a GX body is a compact portrait sniper. No one around you will realize how much tele you have and the subject isolation is quite good. With the easy flip up LCD, you can shoot the GX like a TLR. Good for left or right eyed shooters.
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    PL 100-400 info please?

    A 40, 50 or 60mm plate would work just fine. Anything longer is overkill. I also like mine to be tool-less, not requiring a hex key to attach or detach. There are also plates that let you also attach a strap so that you can have a QR plate and a strap attached at the same time.
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    Any good reading resources on Tripods?

    As the OP is in Illinois, I would suggest staying away from non-carbon fiber legs. Carrying an all metal tripod in freezing temps will guarantee leaving it at home the next time you go out. M43 doesn’t really need a heavy tripod for landscape work. Pretty well anything in the medium range on...
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    What prime(s) to add? 7.5, 15, 25, 56, 75... etc

    I have all of the lenses you listed except the 56/1.4. Overlap is not an issue as my wife and I share lenses. On my GX7 and GX85 the Laowa 7.5, 15/1.7, 25/1.7 and 42.5/1.7 all fit nicely, well balanced, great AF except for the 7.5 which is MF. And I believe the three 1.7’s use the same filters...
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    Debating on trading GM5 and GX8 for a GX85, and adding a G9

    For what you already have and like, why the G9 and 100-400? The two are almost the size of your entire kit combined.
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    Super zoom vs. 2 lens kit.

    The Laowa 7.5/2 is sharp and tiny. It’s manual focus, but at 7.5mm, you can leave it focused on infinity 99% of the time. I haven’t touched my 9-18 since I got the Laowa.
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    Upgrade path; where to start and where to end?

    The Fuji works fine in color too, In fact Fuji colours are very nice indeed.
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    Upgrade path; where to start and where to end?

    B&W, preference for 35mm field of view, street photography with some subject isolation. That pretty well sums up the Fuji X100 series. Dials for almost everything and vintage styling are also pluses.
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    I want advice on video on an Apple.

    If you’re shooting on an iPhone, then I would suggest just using an iPad Pro and LumaFusion. I’ve done projects on my iPad mini5 which has a fairly new processor and 3 gigs of ram. 4 streams of 4K from my iPhone 7 plus was not a problem. One project contained almost 100 clips. LumaFusion can...
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    PL 100-400 info please?

    In the last two years I’ve been using my Panny 100-400, I have not used the tripod foot or extended hood. My strap is attached to the collar itself, and I just use the builtin hood. Attaching a QR plate to the collar also works fine.
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    Tips for new lens on Panasonic GX85

    For a compact body like the GX85, the Panasonic 35-100/4-5.6 is very small and complements the 12-32. The 14-140 is large and doesn’t feel balanced on a GX style body. The Panny 25/1.7, 15/1.7 or Oly 17/1.7 would be good choices for shooting in lower light conditions such as parties/events. I...
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    LX100 with a telephoto front adapter lens?

    I’ve managed to lock my LX100 up a few times when it couldn’t properly retract or extend the lens in normal use, so the don’t think the extra weight on the lens will help.
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    GH3 EVF

    I’ve had my GH3 for a few years, and the EVF doesn’t bother me at all. For video, the rear screen is used much more anyhow. Main disadvantage of the GH3 for me is lack of 4K.
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    Some thoughts on my future equipment choices.....

    I don’t care much for latest and greatest unless it gets the job done. The G9 and 100-400 fits the bill. I’ve owned and played with cameras, computers from a dozen different platforms. My oldest camera is over 100 years old, a cheap Kodak folder but a fun piece to have.
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    Some thoughts on my future equipment choices.....

    The G9 + 100-400 is my go to for birding, and I have a very full M43 kit but my old 5Dm2 isn’t going away and my future FF will be Sony. I already have the A7S, and will likely get the A7iii. I don’t feel any anguish at all, they’re just tools. I’ve always been a multi-platform type, whether...
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    Winter Photography goals

    Finding them or just getting to a location for them is the goal. Getting a photographable owl is not easy.
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    Winter Photography goals

    Winter birds, owls, waterfowl. Semi-frozen waterfalls.
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    What's in your prime lens kit ???

    Panny 14, 15, 20, both 25’s, 42.5/1.7, Oly 60mm macro, Samyang 12/2, 7.5 Fisheye, 7artisan 25/1.8, 8mm/4 from I forget who, but my favorite right now is the Laowa 7.5/2. Lot’s of overlap, but it’s for two shooters. The 100-400 might as well be a 400mm prime tho.
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    Should I upgrade my Panasonic 100-300i?

    Perhaps you have an amazing copy. I have the 100-300, and at 300, it’s just ok. Both our 100-400’s (we have two of them) are better than ok. That combined with the extra reach, much better AF, very good OIS makes it a big upgrade for me. Our Canon 400/5.6L is still the sharpest lens in the...
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    Should I upgrade my Panasonic 100-300i?

    The 100-400 is a big upgrade from the 100-300. We like ours a lot. A G9 + 100-400 fits inside a messenger bag, can’t say that about my Tamron 150-600.
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    Latest (Wedding) Gear Conundrum

    24-120 on the D750, primes on the G9, ultrawide on the Oly. Bring the Nikon primes in case you end up in a cave.
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    Over Complicated Photography

    I used to have different film bodies loaded up with different films, b&w, color neg, slide, different speeds etc. Then there’s development, I still have a dozen rolls undeveloped waiting for me to setup the darkroom again. Then there’s the fun of interchangeable focusing screens, motordrives...
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    Looking for a very fast telephoto lens

    Get a Canon or Nikon mount 2.8 tele along with a focal reducer. I’ve used my Sigma 120-300/2.8 with a Viltrox 0.71 reducer for a effective 200/2. Seems to be no shortage of manual 300/2.8’s on EBay. Warning tho, those things are very heavy.
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    Internet Dongles for Travel in Europe

    Used a travel sim from Three UK, this summer, only about cdn $35- for 10-12gigs over 30 days. Bought from Amazon so I had it before the flight. I spent the whole time in Germany, but this card is good across all of the EU. Also did not have to register it, just plug and play.
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    Adding a Sony A7ii with manual lenses to M43 system

    I picked up an A7S for the low light and use it with my MC/MD, Canon FD, LTM and M-mount lens. 12mp is plenty for a lot of this old glass. I can see an A7iii as a possible upgrade later as I also have a lot of EOS glass.
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    Leica M as universal mount for multiple mirrorless systems

    Nope. Speed boosting only works for SLR type lenses.
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    Leica M as universal mount for multiple mirrorless systems

    Coming in a bit late to the discussion, but there’s a lot of LTM (older Leica Thread Mount) lenses out there like the Russian Jupiter, Industar and Helios series. There’s a fair number of 3rd party glass available too, I have a number of LTM lenses from Canon. You can get LTM to m43 and E-mount...
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    Dual IBIS with Panasonic G9

    I’ve been using my G9 and the 100-400 for almost 2 years. I’ve been able to hand hold down to about 1/100s at the 400mm end which is great for shooting birds in the forest as long as they perch for a second. YMMV.
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    What's the best m4/3 deal you've gotten?

    Panny 12-60 brand new for CDN $75-, EBay.
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    So any one planned to buy the G90/95? Or G9 vs G90

    For working, the larger battery of the G9 will make a big difference. Especially coming from a Canon dslr with an all day battery. Even with my G9 I carry at least one spare, and if I’m shooting all day, then 3 or 4. My G7 and G85 require double that for the same workload.
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    Panasonic 100-400 Lens hood question

    I’ve never used the extended hood, only the built one. Works well.
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    Your Ideal m43 Travel Kit? (No more than 3 lenses)

    Most trips, my 100-400 is the most important lens I carry. The 12-60 is a good companion for this, my iPhone is a good substitute too.
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    External audiorecorder

    I use a Sony ICD-UX560 as pocket recorder, extremely small and lasts forever on a charge (builtin lithium battery) and turns on in a second or just keep it on standby. However, it does not mount to the camera. You could just use Velcro if you use the Boya as it has a fuzzy windscreen and shock...
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    G9 + 100-400mm lens: Autofocus Locks on Background

    I also have the same problem with the G9 and 100-400, and my workaround is to just do a quick point at the ground and shoot, and then acquire my target. Something that occasionally works, especially if I can’t shoot the ground (eg snow covered ground is just as bad), is to flick the AF...
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    ND filters for small M4/3 lenses - 46mm filter threads: Cost vs Quality?

    I have a 46mm filter set from Gobe via Amazon , it’s a ND8, ND64 and ND1000. It’s the 16 layer version.
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    Panasonic G9: Kit Lens or Sigma 16/1.4??

    Get the Sigma and get the other 12-60 instead. You’ll probably save some money too.
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    Problems with Sandisk SD cards

    I have at least 20 Sandisk cards both SD and CF and my oldest is probably 10 years old. Zero failures. I’ve had quite a few other types come apart.
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    How many shots are you getting on the battery in the G9?

    I’ve done over 1000 several times with the 100-400 which has OIS and tends to drain the battery. I’ve don’t shot videos more than a few minutes with the G9, but my GH3 with the same battery will shot over 1 hr continuous.
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    Gripe about lenses for video

    Don’t think about mirrorless and dslr video as comparable to video cameras, they’re closer to cinema cameras. Cinema zooms work perfectly well on mirrorless too, with the same price tag.
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    Hybrid duck ???

    Looks like a mix of Muscovy and Mallard.
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    Digital Zoom or Ex. Tele Conv on a G3? What's the Difference?

    I use Ex TC most often in video mode, as you don’t really have the option of cropping in video.
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    Full Frame

    Most mirrorless lenses still have stick to SLR type designs compared to rangefinder type designs. SLRs (film or digital) have the light rays hitting the sensor or film as close to perpendicular as possible which requires more room, hence larger lenses. AF design also optimize for moving as few...
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    G9 for Birding

    My G9 + 100-400 has given me the best shots of Chimney Swifts in flight, but it requires you to prefocus on a closer subject first. I don’t usually bother with bif against busy backgrounds since my Canon 7D never did that great either in that scenario.
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    I have it and the FZ1000. It is close to being the best but a few things hold it back. 1- size, this thing is a lot bigger than the FZ1000, the body portion is the same size as my G9. My Sony A7S is smaller. I could forgive that if it used a bigger battery, but it doesn’t. It’s the same...
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