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    G9 Slow startup and image review times ?

    If the turn on time is really one second, that's pretty fast considering what has to take place when the camera is first turned on. The camera does read the card, so I suspect the more files it has, the longer it may take. The SD card is not going to play a huge roll in the turn on process. The...
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    SD card slot failure?

    Cameras have a memory backup capacitor, so removing the battery generally does nothing. The symptoms certainly suggest the card reader has developed an issue
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    Dropped camera, sensor out of place

    Unfortunately, you are probably looking at replacing the entire mount box ass'y. As far as I know, they don't repair that assembly because of the time required and need for extreme alignment accuracy. Been trying to make sense of the image sensor photo you posted. Not so clear - what is that...
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    Charging battery in G9 battery grip

    Correct - the battery in the grip must be removed to be charged.
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    CameraWorld Show

    Had a close friend who experienced the peeling rubber issue. The service center in Texas provided a advanced loaner, and had his unit fixed at no cost. Total turn around time was 9 days. Not a big issue, but its reassuring that it was corrected, so easily.
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    What is your photography focused on?

    Last night I had an interesting discussion with three other photographers. Between the four of us we had two serious camera enthusiasts, one wedding photographer and one sports photographer. Two Canon shooters, one LUMIX and one Olympus. Combined, about 95 years of photo experience, all having...
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    Panasonic G9 High Resolution mode issue

    OK, so you are using one of the "independent" RAW converters. Does Silky Pix or any of the Adobe products do his also?
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    Panasonic G9 High Resolution mode issue

    What ISO were you using?
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    Upgrade from GH4 to GH5, is it worth it?

    Depends on what you shoot, stills or video. Many people don't realize that the G9 & GH5S were offshoots of the GH5. GH5S, optimized for video was created for videographers, while the G9 was optimized for still shooters. Both cameras can shoot both modes. For stills, G9 is clearly my favorite...
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    GH5 metering on high contrast scenes

    Most camera metering is calibrated against an 18% neutral gray card. Any extreme situations will result in some sort of exposure error which is should be expected. Use the histogram and manually expose the scene.
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    PL 50-200 on G9 - is this normal?

    I've used many of their lens, and I've only seen this on very few occasions - mostly when I a had lens shade + filter(s) installed - @ widest apertures. It's not an accurate statement to say all their lens have this - not true.
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    Lumix G9 battery charger LED blinking - won't stop

    Just curious - how do you feel they could have better handled your situation? Requesting that the battery and charger be sent in so they can determine the problem seems like the logical thing to do. If the battery can be charged in the camera, connect a generic USB charger and see if the battery...
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    Dual IBIS with Panasonic G9

    What ever differences in AF focusing speed truly exist (if any), let's all realize that we are talking about a few hundredths of a second, far to short for any accurate human perception. Your camera will react differently to every photo you take, even taking the same shot several times. With no...
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    Many LED lights have a very imbalanced spectral output. Those that are acceptable cost much more. If you shoot in RAW, you have the option to manually adjust any aspect of the photo, from color through sharpness. But the biggest variable is how you color calibrate (or don't calibrate) your...
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    It's really important shot in RAW for a person like me?

    There are many who will disagree, but I think it’s more important to gradually learn digital photography. Many prefer RAW because you have much more adjustment, to correct for inaccurate exposures. While this is true, personally I’d devote more time (in the beginning) to learning how your...
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    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    Not sure which one I like the most? LUMIX G9 / Leica 12-60
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    Is it still worth buying the GH5??

    Given the life span of previous GH models, I would not expect to see the next version for at least another year. And once that's announced, we will have people saying, should I wait for the "7"? Any improvements in sensor technology are going to be very incremental. If GH5 does what you want, go...
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    Servicing a Lumix GM5

    If you have a hot shoe, there are some hidden screws. Watch this video - similar situation should exist. BE CAREFUL releasing the ribbon cables. the locks that hold them inplace can break very easy.
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    G80 focus issues

    So many valid comments expressed above. Perhaps our shooting styles differ, but one key point I avoid is Burst mode. The DOF is so shallow, so any movement adds another big variable into the equation. Any macro work I do is single shot, and generally I use the pinpoint mode, or if my subject...
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    G80 focus issues

    I hear ya... As far as I know (here in the US) new carton boxes are not sealed; none of mine ever were. But, I've never seen any that were taped either. Smaller dealers will often open the carton box to check that all is, as it should be, prior to shipping or when a perspective customer want to...
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    G80, G6 and GM5 sensor comparison

    No disagreement - Certainly there are subtle differences that are visible, but none being wrong or undesirable.
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    How to improve the 1080P video quality on the Gx80?

    1080 looks "soft" because you've been accustomed to using 4K. Realisticly each frame of 1080 is equivalent to a 2MP stillimage. Each frame of a 4K video is an 8MP image, hence "4K". Speed of the card has absolutely nothing to do with sharpness. If the media was too slow, you would be getting...
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    G80 focus issues

    Hey Macro, thanks for posting a link to this discussion, from your other one. So just as BIF and others have commented, DOF is very shallow - something that goes hand-in-hand with macro photography. I honestly don't see any problem, not do I see much room for improvement unless you decide to...
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    G80, G6 and GM5 sensor comparison

    You commented, “The camera shop it came from is currently trying to get Panasonic to help” – so I’m curious, what is the problem? Camera evolution introduces new sensors and new processing technology. Even if only to illustrate such changes, one photo is not presenting any valid data to form any...
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    How to be sure to take at home very good shot?

    So many good suggestions, but for the new comer to digital photography so many suggestions can be overwhelming. My suggestion is to start off in “P” mode. Selectively choose one feature (your choice) and shoot 50-100 photos to learn how this feature effects the photo. Also, realize that every...
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    Body only not available?

    From personal experience, an "open box" sale will be rejected. I suspect the reason is that "open box" usually means its a returned unit "customer remorse".
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    PL 35mm-100mm f/4.0-5.6 stabilisation problems after Ver. 1.2 lens firmware updating

    Latest version is working fine for me. If the camera is on a tripod, it is customary you disable IS. I believe most of the new lens will do this when motion isn't detected. Just curious, what type of stabilization problem can you have, on a tripod and what camera are you using it on? To answer...
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    GX85 Monochrome vs Olympus?

    Better or worse would be an opinion based on personal preference. Very few of us totally relie on the OOC image. For me, my B&W is converted from color images, so it can be what ever way I want them to be. When you shoot in RAW, it's color anyway, so you still need to convert it to B&W. The best...
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    Body only not available?

    From what I was told and from my personal experience, under the worst anticipated shooting conditions, the camera can safely operate within the designed parameters. When a product is properly designed such operating specs are usually conservatively rated which contribute to the overall...
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    Harajuku Day. Pic Heavy

    Harajuku is a popular shopping neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan that is known as being the hub for Japanese pop culture. The teens often congregate, dressed in costume. I believe that Los Angeles also has a similar area in the Little Tokyo area of LA. It's similar to Comiccon
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    Body only not available?

    CyVan, the recording restrictions exist largely due to G9's inability to properly dissipate the heat generated by the image sensor. From the time I've spent repairing them I've seen several come in with "toasted" sensors. What most people do not realize is that the camera maintains a permanent...
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    Body only not available?

    I know some of the Panasonic marketing people very well. They explained, "So after GH5 came out, you had two groups of people complaining, The still shooters and the videographers. Neither liked the fact they had to pay premium cost for a camera in which they were only interested in one format...
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    Body only not available?

    I think you may not realize that what packages are offered are largely decided by the dealers, especially the larger ones. Dealers know their markets and they only want to stock what they know they can sell. Why wouldn't Panasonic want to sell more cameras? Dealer stock that sits on the shelf...
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    Lumix GX80/85 base ISO

    "Base ISO" is where the sensor is essentially running at unity gain, its native sensitivity. In this case, if the camera offers ISO 100, its usually via extended ISO. It's usually achieved by a gain reduction of ~ -3db. I've measured the noise difference between ISO 200 & 100 using Imatest...
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    G85/80 reset problem

    RESET is a firmware function. I've worked at service centers and never seen this. When you do a reset, it asks you several questions to which you select yes or no. I seriously doubt this is a repair issue. I just tried it on my G9 and the "C" buttons are not reset, nor did I have to reset the...
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    Body only not available?

    Buy it with the lens and sell the lens. The camera will cost you less in the end.
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    Silver vs Black... for GX85: What is the most resistent color?

    I've not had any problem with either color, but I'll share some info for the hard core pixel peepers. If you place both bodies next to each other, outdoors, and measure their internal temperature a silver (or lighter colored) body will be ~ 15 degrees cooler, internally. I've used Imatest to...
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    G80 focus issues

    "Macro", forgive me for not recognizing the lens you are using, but what is the "P30" lens? Every lens has a minimum focusing distance, so I don't think it's accurate to say it can focus to "zero" - especially in auto focus mode. Every lens I have can manually focus closer than it can auto focus...
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    G80 focus issues

    You mention you are using "spot" focus, by chance do you mean "pinpoint" mode? Try using other focus modes. I've run into situations using "spot" or "pinpoint" where its sampling such a small area that lacks detail. Also, compare manual AF to AF. It would also be helpful to post a photo with its...
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    Can't get GH4 video out to Hollyland Mars 300

    This isn't an uncommon issue. There needs to be a "handshake" between the two devices, which in your case isn't occurring.Atamos and the Ninja had the same issue until they updated their firmware. Contact the "Mars" people and see if they offer an update. In general. monitors don't require this...
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    Panasonic TTL remote flash

    Guys - I've noticed a change in the language pertaining to "weather" from both Olympus and Panasonic. "Weather Resistant" is not weather sealed or weather proof. Unless the manufacturer can supply a hefty IPX rating, an IPX 2 ot IPX 3 rating is not applicable to any product using "proof" or...
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    Panny Pro Service

    Not at all. Panasonic offers their 3 year extended warranty at no charge as long as its purchased from one of their dealers.
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    Panny Pro Service

    To elaborate, here's the response Panasonic gave when asked about lens parts and repair ... I used some of their text below to post the previous comments. "Certain lens parts, especially lens mounts, are not available because their replacement involves more than simply replacing the damaged...
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    Panny Pro Service

    If you read the most current info, you’ll see that all the talk about not being able to service the 100-400 was not accurate. The misinformation stems from collateral internal damage caused by dropped or broken lens mounts. When the mount broke and the lens fell, the lens sustained additional...
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    DC-S1 Photos

    While this site is dedicated to MFT, Panasonic's recent announcement of their two new full frame cameras have many people wondering about how they will perform. MFT is very much alive and well. I'm definitely considering one of them but not to replace MFT. Each format has its own place - for me...
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    What I'd like from a Panasonic G95

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10 Quick Review G10 came out already, in 2010!
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    Huge design fault with G9

    How much does a Tesla cost - $125K? And the mirrors are plastic. It would be nice to have all metal, but that adds weight and $$. Definitely not a design issue.
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    Curious...what is the difference between a

    K=Black S=Silver
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    G9: Strange Imaging Phenomenon

    Check the meta data - this looks like the electronic shutter. Were you by chance using "silent mode" - which is using the electronic shutter.
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