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  1. tyrphoto

    Show your cell phone photos

    APPLE IPHONE 6S, 4.15MM (29MM EQUIVALENT), F2.2, 1/30, ISO 25
  2. tyrphoto

    My New Addiction - Penmanship

    Another fountain pen user here. For the most part, a fan of Mont Blanc, Waterman and Pelikan. I also use a bunch of Lamy Safari and Vista pens as beaters since they're cheap and practically indestructible.
  3. tyrphoto

    Why RAW?

    It's the same with the music industry having different lossless music formats. WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC and APE. These are all produced by different companies (except AIFF and ALAC) that believe their format has advantages over the other.
  4. tyrphoto

    Have you brought a 2nd body on a once in a lifetime trip?

    I always have a second body, sometimes even a third, even if it means just bringing a compact camera. With today's camera being pretty much all electronic, it's something that can just stop working for no reason, however unlikely.
  5. tyrphoto

    Fujifilm X vs Micro 4/3: pro et contra, and why I'm probably switching back to Micro 4/3

    A few of the more exciting features of the X-Pro2 for me are it's 1/8000s native shutter speed with 1/250s flash sync, 273 AF points (169 PDAF) controllable with the new joystick, overall much faster AF and finally, dual SD card slots. As an X100T owner, it seems like a perfect ILC companion.
  6. tyrphoto

    Fujifilm X vs Micro 4/3: pro et contra, and why I'm probably switching back to Micro 4/3

    Actually, it's not even a question of sensor size for me. m43, Fuji (APS-C) and FF all produce great images and most of us aren't printing large enough to even need more than m43 in terms of resolution. Having come from Canon, the advantages of FF isn't alluring enough for the tradeoffs to go...
  7. tyrphoto

    Fujifilm X vs Micro 4/3: pro et contra, and why I'm probably switching back to Micro 4/3

    From real world experience shooting both my Olympus and Fuji, Fuji is slightly cleaner at ISO 6400 vs Olympus at ISO 3200. I agree web sized images are one thing versus viewing at 100%, which for me, m43 is usable up to ISO 3200 and for my X100T, ISO 6400. The X-Pro2 is said to have at least a...
  8. tyrphoto

    So who's buying the new PEN?

    When I first saw the leaked images, I was hoping it would be an ISO dial with either stiff detents or a pull to rotate function with preferably 3 Auto ISO detents that could've been programmed and assigned from the menus. This IMO would've made the most sense and the camera much more desirable...
  9. tyrphoto

    Fujifilm X vs Micro 4/3: pro et contra, and why I'm probably switching back to Micro 4/3

    BTW, here is an image shot on the X-Pro2 shot at ISO 204,800 (ISO 51,200 pushed 2-stops) (Photo courtesy of: Fuji X Secrets)
  10. tyrphoto

    So who's buying the new PEN?

    That would be a move in the right direction but since the front dial is marked and I believe has detents, I'm not sure how that would even be implemented.
  11. tyrphoto

    Fujifilm X vs Micro 4/3: pro et contra, and why I'm probably switching back to Micro 4/3

    I've been shooting Olympus and Fuji for the past two years now with the following cameras: - OM-D E-M1 - OM-D E-M5 Mk.II - Fuji X100 - Fuji X100T - Fuji X-Pro1 (on loan) Although both systems are excellent and both capable of producing outstanding images, Fuji and not Olympus, is making...
  12. tyrphoto

    So who's buying the new PEN?

    I won't make final judgements until I can actually play with one but so far from what I've seen and read, I'm a little disappointed and underwhelmed although admittedly I had high hopes for this one. It looks great and IMO, it's the best Pen/OMD to date. Based on looks alone, I would buy one...
  13. tyrphoto

    Anyone Interested in Fuji's X70?

    At one point, I was interested in picking up the GR to replace my aging GR3. Now that the X70 has been announced, my interest in the GR has been curbed. At least until I can play with one at my local dealer.
  14. tyrphoto

    Will I have to leave u43?

    I'm actually in the same boat, although for different reasons. I've been waiting for the X-Pro2 release for quite some time. Now that it's been announced, it will in all likelihood be my next camera. I will however wait and see what the release of the Pen-F brings to the table since it'll be...
  15. tyrphoto

    pen f price competition

    The Pen-F, supposedly being a camera that's $1500 or thereabouts, is inline with the X-Pro2's $1700 price tag. If the Pen-F does get priced at $1500, that would make it Olympus' most expensive body. Would price alone make it the flagship of Olympus? Not sure, but for Olympus to sell that idea...
  16. tyrphoto

    pen f price competition

    The Pen-F's direct competition, IMO, will be the recently announced Fuji X-Pro2 if the pricing on the Pen-F holds up to be around $1500 mark give or take. I have to say, based on everything I've seen or read on the X-Pro2, I'm mightily impressed. We'll have to wait a bit more to see what the...
  17. tyrphoto

    olympus dial issue--really a issue or not?

    I've purchased two Olympus cameras (E-M1 and E-M5 Mk.II) and neither had any problems whatsoever. However, others have had issues, so maybe it's a quality control issue, random bad luck or just the nature of things. It's anyone's guess. The fact that a number of people on an m43 forum...
  18. tyrphoto

    Bags and more bags

    Just received my ONA Prince Street bags. Really love it. Perfect size and looks classy. The only thing I wish is that the two front pockets were just a bit roomier but I can live with it. I ended up using a couple of the horizontal and vertical dividers from my Billingham Hadley Pro since...
  19. tyrphoto

    Surface 3 or Ipad or Android Tablet

    IMO, it all depends on what ecosystem you're in. iOS, Android or Windows. I personally use iPads (iPad 3 and iPad Mini 2) but that's only because I live in a Mac ecosystem. I have a friend who uses a Surface Pro 3 and it's a beautiful machine. If I lived in the Windows world, I'd buy the...
  20. tyrphoto

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    2X ONA Prince Street leather bags. One in Antique Cognac and the other in Dark Truffle. Sounds excessive getting the same bag in two different colors but since ONA doesn't have a distributor here in Korea and seeing as how I couldn't make up my mind with the color, I got a friend to purchase...
  21. tyrphoto

    Aspect Ratio?

    It's all personal preference. Some people prefer using the full 4:3 resolution and cropping (if necessary) in post. Others who grew up with a 3:2 crop, prefer to frame and take images in 3:2 even if it means losing pixels.
  22. tyrphoto

    Any reason to not sell my 12-50mm F3.5?

    The 12-50 makes for a nice but expensive paperweight if you own the 12-40.
  23. tyrphoto

    M1 and 12-40 bag

    ONA Bowery. Perfect bag for an m43 body with two lenses.
  24. tyrphoto

    Has photography gotten any better in the last 50 years?

    Yes and no. On a technical level, photography has improved quite considerably. What can be achieved in today's world with digital cameras and digital editing would have been unfathomable decades ago. Also, whatever one may think about using smartphones as cameras, it allows anyone and everyone...
  25. tyrphoto

    Bags and more bags

    The ONA bags arrived to my friend's house in NY. Now just have to wait for my friend to arrive here in Seoul, first week of January. The anticipation.
  26. tyrphoto

    Bags and more bags

    Oops, my bad. I quoted the canvas weight of 2.6 pounds. Still, a 1.1 pound difference at least for me, is hardly a deterrent for carrying such a nice looking and well thought out bag such as the ONA Prince Street.
  27. tyrphoto

    Bags and more bags

    My camera bags serves me two purposes. A camera bag as well as a general "man purse" for personal effects on a daily basis. Plus, the difference in weight between a Billingham Hadley Pro and ONA Prince Street (both comparable sizes) is only 0.4 pounds or 6.4 ounces (2.6 pounds vs 2.2 pounds)...
  28. tyrphoto

    Bags and more bags

    I just ordered an ONA Prince Street in both Antique Cognac and Dark Truffle. Couldn't decide on color so I ordered both. While I love my Billingham bags (Hadley Pro and Hadley Small), I got a hankering for a leather bag. Pictures to come when I receive it. A friend of mine who is going to...
  29. tyrphoto

    Lending your camera

    Easy, just say no. I usually don't lend out my gear (whether it's camera, computers, audio, guitars, watches, etc...) and at the same time, I don't ask or expect others to lend me stuff either. I don't lend out my underwear so I don't see why I should lend out my gear.
  30. tyrphoto

    Alien Skin Software/Experience?

    I use Alien Skin Exposure 7 as part of my workflow along with Lightroom 6. I love it and looking forward to the upgrade.
  31. tyrphoto

    Is Steve Huff dropping hints about a new E-M1?

    IMO, Olympus will announce the new Pen before an E-M1 Mk.II, so I highly doubt it's the latter that will be announced before year's end. Also, since the new Pen isn't slated to be announced until first quarter of 2016, I really don't think it'll be an Olympus product. Again, IMO, I believe...
  32. tyrphoto

    EM5 II vs EM10 II

    It's the same one as on the E-M1. 4 stops vs 5 stops on the E-M5II. Regardless, very little real world difference.
  33. tyrphoto

    EM5 II vs EM10 II

    The three most important differences for me are: - Maximum mechanical shutter speed (1/8000 vs 1/4000) - EVF magnification (0.74x vs 0.615x) - Weather sealing For me, the E-M5 Mk.II would be a no-brainer if I was trying to choose between the two cameras just based on these three. For others...
  34. tyrphoto

    Do folks want to see Buy & Sell threads in Active Discussions and New Posts?

    No. If I want to buy or sell something, I'll go to that section on my own to peruse.
  35. tyrphoto

    Will Olympus finally have a new PEN with EVF? :)

    My guess is that the E-P(X) will be a premium product to differentiate it against the current E-PL7. With a built-in EVF which in all honesty should be at least the same as the one on the E-M1/E-M5II along with the weather proofing, 5 axis IBIS and 1/18000s mechanical shutter speed that the E-P5...
  36. tyrphoto

    Your Top 5 Images October 2015

    OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 25MM, F4, 1/250, ISO 800 OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 25MM, F1.8, 1/60, ISO 3200 OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 25MM, F3.5, 1/125, ISO 200 OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 25MM, F8, 1/60 , ISO 200 FUJIFILM X100T, 19MM (28MM EQUIVALENT), F8, 1/180, ISO 200
  37. tyrphoto

    New Pens?

    If this is true and the EVF is as good as the ones on the E-M1 and E-M5 Mk.II, I'll be picking one up.
  38. tyrphoto

    New Pens?

    Not really. They'd be different enough to warrant having both in the Olympus lineup. - EVF located to the left versus in the center which allows shooting with both eyes open more easily. - The E-M10 isn't weather sealed. - The E-M10 can't use the FL-LM3 flash which I love carrying around with...
  39. tyrphoto

    Taking visitors on a photowalk around your city

    I'm game for anyone visiting Seoul, Korea.
  40. tyrphoto

    Post Processing Challenge #209

    Color: Monochrome:
  41. tyrphoto

    Sony A7RII

    For me, the A7 series including the latest A7RII and A7SII has always been about great specs on paper that doesn't translate well into real world usage. At least for me. While I get that there are a lot of photographers that use and love the A7 series, it's not a camera I can see buying or...
  42. tyrphoto

    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 25MM, F8, 1/800, ISO 800
  43. tyrphoto

    E-M5 Mark II front wheel feels "spongy"

    The front and rear dials feel very slightly different. The rear dial has more defined clicks. Not a huge difference but it's there.
  44. tyrphoto

    Post Processing Challenge # 208

    Color: Monochrome:
  45. tyrphoto

    Travel kit?

    I took a 3 day trip to an island two weekends ago. Photos from the trip can be seen here: I shot the entire trip using just two focal lengths of 28mm and 50mm and didn't feel the urge to shoot with anything else. These are the two of my favorite focal...
  46. tyrphoto

    Image Quest #10: Opposites

    Not a lot of entries but it looks like @Plumballs is the winner.
  47. tyrphoto

    Post Processing Challenge No. 207

    Really cool effect.
  48. tyrphoto

    Cinematic style shots .

    Thanks! Sorry, I usually put metadata on all my images but forgot to. Anyways, I added the metadata but the camera and lens combo was an E-M1 with the O25/1.8.
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