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  1. hazwing

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    If the improved face detection with tracking works well, would like to see it brought into the em5 mk3. Then I'd get a em5 mk3
  2. hazwing

    Equivalence (hypothesis): Could future FF mirrorless F/8 and F/5.6 lenses (ever so slightly press upon) the m43 pro system?

    I haven't read the whole thread, but just reacting to the thread title. "equivalence terror".... oooo, I'm so scared. Those f5.6/f8 lens give me nightmares Can we tone down the click bait thread titles?
  3. hazwing

    Olympus 12-45/4 Pro lens details

    I was initially quite interested in this lens, but seems the reduction in size is not as much as I thought it would be (for something touted to be "compact"). As an existing owner of an excellent copy of the 12-40 f2.8, it's not worth the cost of swapping the lenses for a slight reduction in...
  4. hazwing

    What potential new feature would make you buy the E-M1iii?

    That typo might be a way for Olympus to work out who is leaking the information. Maybe different people received slightly different drafts with different typos.. Then they could trace it back to the leak
  5. hazwing

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    My bet is that there will be some updated AI algorithms in the EM1 mk 3 - which will be pushed to the em1x via firmware update. This will keep both cameras up to date and becoming more competitive with other brands that have better focus tracking algorithms
  6. hazwing

    Olympus lens roadmap updated 2019-11-27

    I'd be interested in a 12-45 f4 if it is significantly smaller than the 12-40 f2.8 . The f2.8 does feel a bit unwieldy on the smaller bodies, and most of the times I'm using it at f4+ as a general outdoor zoom. If I need a faster lens for low light, most of the time I'll go to my primes...
  7. hazwing

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    Yeah we get it, you like larger bodies. Some of us still prefer smaller bodies. But thank you for trying to convert us and tell us our preferences are wrong
  8. hazwing

    Alert : EM5 Mk3 Release this year - it’s (well nearly) official

    Apparently the em5 mk3 delayed until october now (43rumors). I suspect/hope they are delaying it, because they are trying to make it really good/competitive against other cameras in the similar market.
  9. hazwing

    Harajuku Day. Pic Heavy

    ahh... the 75mm . So close up and sharp that you see the specks of food stuck to the teeth and the wispy female facial hair :)
  10. hazwing

    Panasonic Working on New u43 Sensor With Advanced AF

    Yeah I'll believe it when I see it. Still waiting for the supposed organic sensor, that was mentioned years ago
  11. hazwing

    SIGMA fp - 'world’s smallest' full-frame mirrorless camera

    I like that sigma put out interesting and different cameras. Pity it probably won't appeal to the majority.. But hope it does well enough for them
  12. hazwing

    For Australian Buyers

    I have not had much luck recently selling on facebook buy/sell groups or gumtree. In the end I had to sell on ebay, and suck their 15% commission. I feel the market has slowed down for m43 gear, things seems to be selling more slowly and at slightly lower prices than in the past. I do think...
  13. hazwing

    Panasonic 10-25mm f1.7 Announced

    I'm surprised no-one has posted this yet: Seems like there is a bit of purple flare to the sun stars
  14. hazwing

    Today I did away with my biggest frustration with Pany Camera....

    same, I shoot RAW + large jpg, so I when I can see details better when zooming in and review on the rear screen. I can't figure out a way to import the RAW only (and not jpg), when importing to LR, so I import both and delete the JPG straight away. This is for both olympus and panasonic cameras...
  15. hazwing

    Is Canon ambassador Andy Rouse going to switch to Olympus?

    To the title of the OP "Is Canon ambassador Andy Rouse going to switch to Olympus?" *shrug* Does it matter?
  16. hazwing

    Your Top Five for April

    All from a recent holiday, more can be found on this thread: Tasmanian Holiday
  17. hazwing

    Tasmanian Holiday

    Cataract Gorge near Launceston Some view from the chair lift Some of the wildlife around the area around Cataract Gorge Wallabies Black Swans
  18. hazwing

    Tasmanian Holiday

    Inside the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Stopped at the township of Ross, enroute from Hobart to Launceston. Quaint small olden town, once again starting to see some change in foliage
  19. hazwing

    Tasmanian Holiday

    Some from Bruny Island, a 30min drive away from Hobart to Kettering to catch the ferry to Bruny Island Panoramic taken at the Neck of Bruny Island Facing North Facing South (One of the most 'instagrammable' shots) Bruny Island Lighthouse
  20. hazwing

    Tasmanian Holiday

    Besides a few local weekend trips, this was our first proper holiday together as a family with our 3 year old daughter. We were based in either Hobart and Launceston, rented a car and did day trips from there. Focus was not on photography, but I tried to get some shots where possible. Camera's...
  21. hazwing

    Engadget asks if M43 Cameras have a future

    For those wishing for an android based camera: CP+ 2019: Zeiss interview - 'Let’s do something new' Being ziess and niche, I expect it to be expensive. But if the concept takes off (I sort of doubt it), other manufacturers may take note
  22. hazwing

    PanaLeica 10-25 - $2,500 and released in Q3

    I appreciate your photos that you post, but I find it ironic that you complain about gear talk. You've gotta be one of the most active and opinionated people on these gear threads.
  23. hazwing

    Galapagos Islands with the Panasonic G9--shooting modes?

    Welcome to the forums! I have not been to galapagos, but I am wondering do you need something longer than the 100mm for wild life down there? Not sure how close you get to the animals but 100mm seems lke it could be a bit short at times. I do not have a G9 either, but it is pretty...
  24. hazwing

    For Australian Buyers

    That's a decent bonus... helps make the price tag more palatable I guess
  25. hazwing

    SHOW: Before and After Shots

    I think it's great that you show your steps and how you achieved your result!
  26. hazwing

    Which of my lenses should I take to Tasmania?

    Not a crazy idea at all. It's tempting to go light and ditch the 12-40/em1 combo. I just don't want to miss out if a good photo opportunity does come up, Tasmania seems like such a scenic spot. The weather sealing of the 12-40/em1 may come in handy, and the 12-40 is such sharp and versatile lens.
  27. hazwing

    Which of my lenses should I take to Tasmania?

    Yet another which lens to take thread... I already have some thoughts on what I plan to take, but it's always fun trying decide with forum hive mind. The purpose of this trip is for a family holiday with a toddler. Probably have limited time for photography, and more just taking snaps as I go...
  28. hazwing

    Somebody Tell Me What I'm Missing With This Photographer's Street Photography

    It's not unusual in Japan (and some other asian countries) to wear a mask if you are sick. Or if you go to crowded places, and want to avoid getting sick.
  29. hazwing

    The marvellous creatures of Lembeh Strait

    beautiful colours and creatures! Thank you for sharing
  30. hazwing

    My Yellowstone

    wow! great set!
  31. hazwing

    Brisbane Story Bridge

    The story bridge is a fairly iconic landmark in Brisbane. Wikipedia for mor info; Story Bridge - Wikipedia Here are some from a photowalk a few weeks back: Iconic shot from Wilsons Lookout Framed amongst the Fig Trees With Pedestrians Long Exposure with Car Trails Some Night Shots...
  32. hazwing

    Discuss - Sigma 56mm f1.4 DC DN

    there is definitely purple fringing in high contrast shots wide open on the PL25 1.4 . I have seen plenty of examples, some visible without even needing to view 100%.
  33. hazwing

    12-40 2.8 pro or primes

    The 12-40 is much heavier and thicker than the Oly 60mm. If you find the 60 getting largish, I probably wouldn't recommend the 12-40. Get a small fast prime. The Panasonic 25mm 1.7 is fairly cheap, but I personally prefer the wider 17mm focal length
  34. hazwing

    Lightroom filters

    No problems. I use their vignette presets a fair bit, but not a lot of the other ones. I have recently been starting to create some of my own presets for tweaking the tone curves and variations of split-toning.
  35. hazwing

    Olympus EVF...bad?

    Doesn't bother me. Other features that I don't lose sleep about, but some reviewers/youtubers go on about: -top LCD -being able to blog with the camera (really what % of camera users are bloggers)
  36. hazwing

    Lightroom filters

    I think on1 have/had some free pre-sets
  37. hazwing

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    Looks like I have taken it personally, when I shouldn't. My apologies... hugges and kisses. I still think the forum would be much more pleasant place if we all toned down our 'aggression', and stopped repeating the same points over and over again. I think this goes for both sides of the fences...
  38. hazwing

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    I'm not always after 'creative' shots. Sometimes all I want is clear, in focus documentary shots. Yes, I appreciate being creative for certain subjects when the time allows, though it's not something that comes naturally to me. Dude... I never said the image quality was not enough for me...
  39. hazwing


    Can you see a 'halo' around the taller building 6th photo? It's also present around some of the other shots, but it's probably easier to notice on this one. I'm not very familiar with the editting programs you use, but I suspect it may be from too much clarity or dehaze?
  40. hazwing


    Nice shots, I like the circular reflection one. That's from the kangaroo point cliffs? I haven't noticed that composition before. It's nice to see there are so many brisbanites representing on these forums. I also have a few recent ones around wilsons lookout/valley/story bridge from a photo...
  41. hazwing

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    sometimes we find what our limits are and what can make our photography easier. For me, having a eratic moving toddler who doesn't always like looking at the camera... having good eye tracking CAF would help a lot. I like shooting shallower DOF which makes the situation even more difficult...
  42. hazwing

    For Sale: Olympus M.Zuiko Premium 17mm F1.8 - Excellent Condition! | Location: AUS | Ships: AUS

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Olympus M.Zuiko Premium 17mm F1.8 - Excellent Condition! What are your prices? $350 AUD Where are you located? AUS Where are you willing to to ship? AUS Description For Sale: Olympus M.Zuiko Premium...
  43. hazwing

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    I can live with no improvements to the sensor or even if it's the same EVF. All I'd like to see is good eye tracking EVF like in the sony cameras. So far based on the em1x, it doesn't look promising.
  44. hazwing

    why do we have the "sad" reply?

    I can’t speak for those people who had given you a sad face in the OP. I can only really speculate. Perhaps it’s an ironic response, perhaps they disagree with you, perhaps its because the term passive aggressive is passive aggressive in itself. Are you getting consistent ‘sad face’ from the...
  45. hazwing

    why do we have the "sad" reply?

    I can't speak for how others use the 'sad face', only myself. I'm busy (kids, work, own business, etc.) and when I do post about something more serious, I usually put quite a bit of thought into my posts and it is actually quite time consuming for me. Even a relatively short post like this...
  46. hazwing

    why do we have the "sad" reply?

    I'm going to fess up and admit to very occasionally using the sad face. As above I might use it to show sympathy if someone has loss or broken something. I do also use it for those time when someone is being argumentative and I strongly disagree with their attitude or sentiment. I could...
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