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  1. leonberdi

    Turning off Noise Reduction/Filter improves AF

    I'm not disputing your findings, but that seems odd. I have to imagine that NR would occur after the photo is taken, so why would that affect AF speed?
  2. leonberdi

    More Lensbaby Fun

    I've never really been interested in Tilt Shift... until I saw this post. These are really beautiful images! Thanks for sharing!
  3. leonberdi

    Interview with Olympus Product and Marketing Manager

    Ah, the irony... I guess the solution is to not use tracking for things that move! :wink:
  4. leonberdi

    The Wall

    Great shots! I just finished teaching a unit entirely dedicated to The Wall in my English course.
  5. leonberdi

    [EXPIRED] Selling epl1 plus lenses and warranty

    Please read the Buy and Sell Rules: Rule #7: "Price discussions belong in PM and/or email, not within our Buy and Sell forum threads."
  6. leonberdi

    Curves and Lines in a Fountain in Winter

    I loved these pics! That's some sexy steel!
  7. leonberdi

    Pen + 20/1.7 pouch

    This is what I have and it fits an EPL1 + a 20mm perfectly.
  8. leonberdi

    Abracadabra Moment!

    Great work!
  9. leonberdi

    A beginners low-light exposure question (sorry!)

    I'm in the same boat with my toddler... On top of exposure, focus is a problem indoors. Some recomednations: 1) Try continous shooting mode. There will be lots of throw-aways, but you can get a gem once in awhile 2) diffuse the onboard flash with something, anything, even paper-towel (I use an...
  10. leonberdi

    50 point Grimsby ON, Canada

    Fantastic work!
  11. leonberdi

    Need Advice: 14-42 or 14-45 Lumix Lens

    Not all 14-42 m.zuikos have plastic mounts
  12. leonberdi

    Need opinions on real world experience with the VF-2 & VF-3

    I don't always use it, but my VF-2 has never fallen off.
  13. leonberdi

    Frozen statue

    Great shots. I like the first the best.
  14. leonberdi

    First snow in Seattle

    I feel like pulling one of those Crocodile Dundee lines, and saying "that's not snow ... this is snow!"... and then I would prove to you how I live on Planet Hoth. Alas, I don't have any pics. hand were in pain after being exposed for two minutes to the cold in Montreal last night.
  15. leonberdi

    Apple Aperture?

    I have the entry-level Macbook (not Pro) from 2008 and it runs Aperture just fine along with NIK plug-ins. I originally only had 1GB of Ram, but since buying RAM and upgrading to 4GB it works perfectly fine. I can even run other programs in the background.
  16. leonberdi

    1000 posts

    Congratulations! Your posts are always a pleasure to read.
  17. leonberdi

    Which Photoshop software to use?

    I think, if you are a Mac user, this is the best advice you've received thus far.
  18. leonberdi

    Snapseed for Mac Desktops/Laptops

    Thanks. That's precisely what I was looking for. Your pics look great! Was it faster to work with than Aperture? By a longshot? Overall, do you think it is a worthwhile purchase for someone who already has Aperture?
  19. leonberdi

    Snapseed for Mac Desktops/Laptops

    I believe that it was just released today, and can be purchased for $19 at the Mac App store. I know that the Android/iOS versions already have glowing reviews. So, I wanted to open a forum to hear from others regarding their experience with the desktop version. Do you see yourself using it...
  20. leonberdi

    Which Photoshop software to use?

    I used to use Photoshop but think it's overkill for my needs. I'm more than happy with the usability and simplicity of Aperture. I apologize if your heart is set on Photoshop, but I wanted to chime in that there are other (simpler) alternatives out there.
  21. leonberdi

    Green Future

  22. leonberdi

    New 20mm lens

    I couldn't find a book for the G3, but you should get similar information from this book: ... but, as has been mentioned, the issue has less to do with the body...
  23. leonberdi

    New 20mm lens

    Fair enough... but Phil, what camera do you have? I couldn't find it in this thread.
  24. leonberdi

    Funny Clip

    That was great! Thanks for sharing!
  25. leonberdi

    Kit lens or no kit lens?

    I agree... the kit lens is underrated and under-appreciated. I have the Oly 14-42. Underrated in the sense that it still takes great pics. and under-appreciated in the sense that it offers a lot (from wide to a very short telephoto). I also have a toddler, and I find that I use the kit...
  26. leonberdi

    Why are Kit Lenses so Underrated?

    In terns of picture quality, I love my 14-42. But, it is very slow... so I only use it outdoors in good light. It's great for when I take my daughter to the playground in the summer as a fast lens is not crucial with so much light, and a compact zoom really comes in handy.
  27. leonberdi

    Wesley 24mm f1.4 CCTV lens

    Looks good!
  28. leonberdi


    Great pics. I especially love #2!
  29. leonberdi

    No adapted lenses... What am I missing?

    I have dabbled a bit with manual lenses but have gone away rather disappointed. Maybe it's the manual lenses I have, maybe it's the type of photography... A case in point: over the holidays I used a Canon 50mm/1.8 to shoot a Christmas Eve party. I used a VF-2 for more accurate MF. Later...
  30. leonberdi

    Toronto Zoo

    Congrats! Those are gorgeous pics! I'm surprised you got the wolf and the lion in such great poses... Did you wait long? Or did you throw a steak into the cage? :)
  31. leonberdi

    VGA vs DVI? Adapter for external display

    In Canada it's $25 plus tax and shipping... I ended up getting a 3rd party one (Dynex) for $5. I couldn't resist at that price.
  32. leonberdi

    VGA vs DVI? Adapter for external display

    Thanks everyone for your help. Obviously I should get a mini-DVI to DVI adapter. The Apple one is much, much, more expensive than 3rd party ones. So, does anyone have any bad experiences with 3rd party adapters of this kind?
  33. leonberdi

    VGA vs DVI? Adapter for external display

    What I clearly wrote in my post was that my computer has a mini-DVI output. That is not the same as a DVI output. I apologize if that is confusing. Thanks for the link.
  34. leonberdi

    VGA vs DVI? Adapter for external display

    No, my computer does not have DVI. I've explained everything above.
  35. leonberdi

    VGA vs DVI? Adapter for external display

    I have a Macbook from 2008 that has a mini-DVI output for video. I am on the verge of buying a Dell Ultrasharp monitor that supports Displayport, DVI, VGA and USB connections. It does not have an HDMI input. From what I understand, my Mac will not connect to an external monitor via USB. And I...
  36. leonberdi

    A Year-Long Exposure

    An interesting article that details how someone setup a year-long exposure of Toronto's skyline. The photo itself is quite nice. Toronto News: Year-long exposure of Toronto skyline produces 'dreamy' image -
  37. leonberdi

    Circular Polarizer on Panasonic 20mm f1.7

    Thanks for the info guys. I think I'll be searching for a linear polarizer now
  38. leonberdi

    Happy New Year to everyone ...

    Happy new year everyone... and happy new server!
  39. leonberdi

    Circular Polarizer on Panasonic 20mm f1.7

    Has anyone else used a step-up ring on a Panny 20mm? I'm scared of damaging the camera, so I'd like to get more opinions before I order one. A related question: if the front element of the Panny 20mm moves back and forward, what then is the point of it having threads to attach filters if the...
  40. leonberdi

    That awkward moment between touching and not touching

    My apologies if this didn't come across clearly the forst time, but regardless of my feelings for the merit of the shot itself (and I do think it is beautiful), I am actually more intrigued by the fact that such an odd part of the photograph is in focus, as was originally pointed out before me...
  41. leonberdi

    That awkward moment between touching and not touching

    With all due respect, that's much more than the corners out of focus. I'm also puzzled by the centre only being in focus.
  42. leonberdi

    COMPLETED 14-42 II MSC Black $100

    How much would it be total if paypalled and shipped to Montreal, Canada?
  43. leonberdi

    Help. My EPL1 froze today!

    In case anyone reads this in the future.... the same problem (EPL1 froze with Panny 20 on AFC) occurred yesterday while using the original Olympus battery. :frown:
  44. leonberdi

    Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 and AFC mode

    On mt EPL1, if I choose AFC with the Panny 20mm, then the entire camera freezes up. No buttons are responsive. I have to reset it by popping the battery out, and resinserting it. :frown:
  45. leonberdi

    Anybody else attached to one particular Pen body?

    I am attached to my money, so yes, I am attached to one Pen body - the EPL1.
  46. leonberdi

    COMPLETED Oly 45/1.8 and Panny 20/1.7

    I'll second that! I live in Canada and I avoid buying anything coming from the US that has to be shipped by UPS. USPS is a great and affordable option.
  47. leonberdi

    A Comparison: iPhone 4S vs a pro camera

    This is a great little feature in The Guardian comparing the performance of the iPhone to that of a pro camera. Considering the obvious deficiencies, it stacks up remarkably well! The link is here
  48. leonberdi

    [EXPIRED] Panasonic G3, Olympus 40-150, + Legacy Lenses.

    I'm wondering the same thing. Is it available to Canada?
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