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  1. demiro

    Any former hunters on here?

    I am not a hunter, and no one in my family has hunted since the Great Depression, when I'm told rabbit was about the only meat on the menu. Having said that, I live in an area where hunting is the norm. And I know plenty of people on both sides of the hobby that Brownie describes. More "good"...
  2. demiro

    Any former hunters on here?

    It absolutely is, imo.
  3. demiro

    Any former hunters on here?

    I truly hope you are correct. I read some of this when I lived in Michigan, many moons ago, and have heard the same thing from hunters who claimed to know first hand, and who are very much against those practices. There is a deep irony with hunting/hunters. As you say, many hunters are amazing...
  4. demiro

    Any former hunters on here?

    You guys also have those cool hunting lodges up north where you can pay big bucks to kill “exotic” animals that are not native to the state. I recall reading that animals are tethered, or possibly drugged, as to make it really sporting.
  5. demiro

    Any former hunters on here?

    Oh no. You found a comment somewhat rude. I’m thankful someone has the balls to say what they think around here. Kudos @Keeth101
  6. demiro

    The need to move forward with M43

    Nice pics, but please tell us more about them when they are presented to show what a lens can do. If you shot raw and processed them the results may be much more about your skills after the fact than the gear.
  7. demiro

    The need to move forward with M43

    @Peadingle I think your images are mostly fine, though I would echo the points raised by WT21. Do you shoot raw exclusively? If so, let your camera process a few for you and compare. The lack of crispness being discussed reminds me a bit of raw images that were not proficiently processed...
  8. demiro

    The Olympus M. Zuiko 17mm f/1.8 vs Panasonic 25mm f/1.7

    I think the negatives about the 17/1.8 are greatly overstated. I've owned multiple copies. No complaints. I don't test by shooting brick walls then zooming 100% though. Just take pics and see how they look. For me, the difference between 12 and 17 is vast. Less-so between 17 and 25. But...
  9. demiro

    To sell a camera on OfferUp...

    Not sure if all retailers are the same, but I think mpb requires you to send in item, they evaluate, then pay within 4-5 days or something. So maybe a week to get cash? If you post on here or FM, at the price mpb offers, I think you'd have money in your PayPal account in <24 hours. My...
  10. demiro

    To sell a camera on OfferUp...

    the bar is low for you :)
  11. demiro

    To sell a camera on OfferUp...

    If you sell on here or FM you can price aggressively, screen and get a buyer who is not a flake, and still do way better than selling to a retailer.
  12. demiro

    I just received my E-M5 Mk III and...

    I tend to not have issues with "plasticky" feel, but the one camera that felt flimsy to me was the GX85. If the E-M5mk3 is worse that's somewhat alarming.
  13. demiro

    To sell a camera on OfferUp...

    The only thing worse than those messages is you sharing them with us...
  14. demiro

    Netflix series recommendations

    If you don't like Breaking Bad and Saul I really can't help you. :) But great job on dropping 8# so quickly and good luck moving forward.
  15. demiro

    used Pen-F + 15/1.7 for $850

    Not sure how hot of a deal this is, but would be a sweet combo. Over at FredMiranda from a well-regarded seller whom I have no affiliation with: LINK
  16. demiro

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Released

    Disappointment implies you were expecting more. I honestly don't see how any of us could. Modest incrementalism is king, and when you consider the X you had to know that Oly couldn't do too much with the MK3. I'm a broken record on this, but I really think Oly needs better focus and...
  17. demiro

    Panasonic reviews from a (former) Olympus user standpoint?

    @mike3996 , I can't speak to the high end segment of this format, but beyond that, for me, it all comes down to user interface. And while reading good reviews is helpful, you need to use both cameras to make a choice. I say this because it seems that 10 - 15% of people react very poorly to...
  18. demiro

    EM10II(or III) vs. EM5II vs. nothing

    Yeah. The 3 on it's own is fine, but if you were using a 2 and figured the 3 would be an upgrade you were likely disappointed. It's always about managing expectations.
  19. demiro

    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    While the RX1 has always been more than I care to spend for what it is, if you are a full frame shooter you can get that fixed lens camera for less than a 35/1.4 lens. The RX1 is 35/2, but that's plenty fast for most of us. Anyway, isn't Leica the undisputed king of this category?
  20. demiro

    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    The seeming death of the Pen-F line gives me some hope that Panny will go "high end" to fill that void in the market, and not just offer another muddled version of this line of cameras a la the GX9. Hard not to agree with DHart. Of course the other POV is that the Pen-F proved that it doesn't...
  21. demiro

    Keeper rate?

    It's really tough to answer this because it depends on everything. I'm shooting basketball now and sharing with other parents. If I was just keeping photos for myself, based on my criteria I'd probably be at 1% max. But I'm trying to get at least a few shots of every kid, and most of the...
  22. demiro

    When Things Work Out

    Wow; as always. When did you leave TX? I'll miss your swamp shots; but these might be a fair trade. :)
  23. demiro

    Friends what do you think of this new model.....?

    sometimes I can't tell if people are high, trying to be funny, or just a bit challenged. this thread is one of those times. :)
  24. demiro

    Heavy duty processing trend?

    that makes good sense
  25. demiro

    Heavy duty processing trend?

    I don't really care what the trends are or what other people do to their images. I don't think it influences me one way or the other. I do agree, however, that some of the PPC entries look like someone is just hammering the sliders. And they get plenty of likes. I wonder if they are just...
  26. demiro

    Olympus 45mm 1.2 Pro worth it over the Olympus 45mm 1.8?

    @aukirk You really need to tell us what kind of results you are getting with the 45/1.8 and how you use it to get more valuable answers. If going from 1.8 to 1.2 allows you to capture a bunch of great images you're missing today then the cost/size might be worth it. But if all you're picking...
  27. demiro

    Back to m43?

    ianpiper has this right imo. You have to force yourself to honestly assess what you actually shoot and what you actually need to shoot it. When you do that you can stop obsessing about FF, or whatever the shiny object du jour might be. While that sounds easy and simple I don't think it is. It...
  28. demiro

    Debating on trading GM5 and GX8 for a GX85, and adding a G9

    @Generationfourth I totally agree with you about the GX85 vs the GM5. The GM5 is tiny, but still not pocketable. For me that just makes it an ergonomic miss. The GX85 is bigger, but still a small camera, but the difference was significant for me. Especially if you add the grip to the GX85...
  29. demiro

    omd-em1 worth buying ?

    I think the E-M1 is the current "budget king" of m4/3s. Still a great camera (though to be transparent, I've never owned the mkII) and selling used in the US for $300ish.
  30. demiro

    14-150 mkii vs 12-60

    The Olympus 14-150 II is one of those lenses that never seemed to catch on around here. That is pretty strange, imo, given it's price, range, size and weather resistance. One obvious reason would be image quality, as that does tend to make the other factors less important. I owned the lens...
  31. demiro

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    Maybe like what Sigma does with the DP line and come out with two or three different focal lengths in little retro cameras.
  32. demiro

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    Has to be f/1.8 for me. But I get your point. :)
  33. demiro

    New Olympus Camera Mid February

    I don't have the foggiest idea what would actually make sense. It seems the DSLR boys got some attention with new releases, though I can't say that I've spent any time sorting that out. Hopefully whatever Oly unveils will generate a bit more enthusiasm than most of their recent offerings. I...
  34. demiro

    Upgrade path; where to start and where to end?

    What you wrote is very clear. Not sure why you are getting some of these responses. I think some folks tend not to read longer posts too carefully.
  35. demiro

    Something Positive

    It certainly isn't state of the art AF, but you are correct about keeping action centered (or at least trying). So not bad at all for this use. I've played around with AF options, settling on 3D tracking for now. Not sure that is recommended for basketball. My biggest issue is shooting wide...
  36. demiro

    Something Positive

    I posted a little while back that my level of interest in photography has slowed down quite a bit. Lately, as I've started shooting high school basketball, that has changed. I shot and edited a few games, and posted about 400 pics to share with school and parents of players. Many of the...
  37. demiro

    Upgrade path; where to start and where to end?

    @mikekiwi First off, nice post, describing your priorities and where you're at today. If only everyone would follow that example. If I were you I think I'd keep the G80+14-140+9-18 +60mm macro and try to add a GX85 and 15/1.7. I like two bodies. The GX85 is great for street and gives you a...
  38. demiro

    COMPLETED Free - photo jojo photography book. Ships: US

    User name: demiro Items to sell/buy/trade: Free - photo jojo photography book Prices: -0- Location: US Ships to: US Description: Free to a good home. Book touts itself as providing "insanely great photo projects and DIY ideas". Very minimal signs of use. Smoke and pet free home. Please PM...
  39. demiro

    Concert Photography with EPL-5 & Pana 20mm & Oly 45mm

    Great shots Stefan. Really highlights how important the photographer is in making great images.
  40. demiro

    If you had this choice, what would it be?

    If you want compactness why are you considering the 12-40? Is the 12-50 disappointing you in some way? I think WT21s suggestion made sense, to keep the 12-50 and 40-150 and add a prime. That may be the best compromise.
  41. demiro

    If you had this choice, what would it be?

    @B0baFett I'd go with the three primes with zero hesitation. But if you don't even provide a bit of info about what you like to shoot this thread will not yield meaningful answers.
  42. demiro

    First time taking out my G9 in the rain - how can I be prepared?

    If you're shooting for fun, but worrying about camera in weather is causing stress, then don't bother. Not worth it. You can always pick up a TG series Oly (waterproof) for decent snaps, or even an E-M5 + 12-50 for maybe $300, so if worst case scenario somehow happens your loss is mitigated.
  43. demiro


  44. demiro

    My Dalliance with Sony.

    My version of that is D600 + 85/1.8 for basketball. Cost < $800. I prefer Canon, and I almost bought a 6D, but it doesn't fit my needs quite as well.
  45. demiro

    My Dalliance with Sony.

    Yes. I would/could/should have been very happy with nothing more than the original E-M5 and those two primes. Very special stuff from Olympus in the "good old days" of this format.
  46. demiro

    My Dalliance with Sony.

    For me, liking the idea of a bargain full frame kit to supplement m4/3s but not wanting to shoot MF glass, the A7 was always tempting for low light, but never compared favorably to Canon/Nikon options because of AF (for sports) and choice of lenses. The famed Sony menu system was just a bonus...
  47. demiro

    My Dalliance with Sony.

    @TNcasual I would've thought you'd have done some head-to-head to see if you were getting anything special with the Sony compared to Oly.
  48. demiro

    Another "which camera" thread! Upgrade for my EPL5.

    @davidzvi wondering why you'd recommend the E-M10/3 instead of the 2?
  49. demiro

    Another "which camera" thread! Upgrade for my EPL5.

    E-M5 II has some advanced features, if you need them. Do you do landscapes? If yes it may be a great choice.
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