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    Pen-F - Reviews & Previews

    I think Olympus designed a great camera with this new PEN but there are a couple of things that bother me. First is the price, bit too high for it's specs even with a few new features. Second they did not put on my beloved "1-2" lever! I love it on my E-P5 and I know the E-M1 and E-M5mk2 have it...
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    E-P5 Loving it! Roberts ebay sale - who else got one?

    I also use many adapted legacy lenses and was one reason I wanted the E-P5. The peaking works very well but since you only have white or black it is limited in low contrast situations. At work we have Panasonic AF100 video cams that have red peaking and red works much better than white. Still it...
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    EP5 and VF4 for $399 at Roberts

    I got one! Silver and black. Delivered yesterday{I opted for USPS Priority over UPS for faster ship}. My only complaints are the grip, too small and oddly shaped and the greater weight over all the other PENs. I would say the grip is hard to use with a long and heavy lens. I wish they had used...
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    what photography related item did you buy this week? I bought a new E-P5 with VF4 for $400! So far I am loving it! I love it so much I started my own thread to say just that. I also updated my Nikon from a D5000 to a D5500{2 weeks...
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    Update on B&H workers

    I can easily see this thread going into "political" which is against forum rules so be careful people. I will second what Halaking said and hope this doesn't cause a rise in prices but I bet it does!
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    E-P5 Loving it! Roberts ebay sale - who else got one? 43 rumors posted the above on Tuesday letting their readers know about a great deal on the E-P5. I had been wanting one since they came out but the price was just too high{IMHO}. $400 for one with a free VF4 viewfinder...
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    Just Preordered an Air A01

    I will probably get one. It does not have an external power supply. The battery is recharged via USB but according to one review can be run off those USB battery charger things. Here is the review BTW - I also don't...
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    Air A01 - game changer or gimmick?

    This is the kind of product that you either love or hate{or at least like or dislike}. I am on the love/like side right now and will probably get one. I can see many uses for it. One way i would use it is as a super discrete candid shooter for events. People will think you are holding something...
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    Kowa Cine Lenses for m43

    First review with samples - in Japanese but you can get a "giggly" translation. The samples look good but not good enough for me to rush out and buy one. In fact the only one with any real advantage over existing lenses...
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    Who would buy the Kowas and why?

    From the get go they were listed as "cine" lenses for video work. Sadly they did not fully make them "cine". The focus ring although geared has finger indents which may not work with some follow focus gears. I think this was so they could sell to still photographers as well. Also a true cine...
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    How's Olympus Reconditioned Lens Quality?

    I have no problems with the reconditioned lenses and bodies I bought from Olympus. I rarely buy new gear! Either I get used or reconditioned, new is just too expensive!
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    Tips for focusing adapted lenses

    Correct! Automatic focus peaking can only be used for native lenses. Focus peaking can be used with adapted lenses either by assigning that function to a button or leaving it on all the time.
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    Show "Minimalistic"

    Inside of a bike tire?
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    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Olympus 25mm f1.8. Been wanting this lens since it came out but hate spending full price. I picked up a nearly new one off ebay for under $300 shipped.
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    Showcase Olympus 25mm f/1.8

    Just got mine - will post some pics soon!
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    Comet Lovejoy

    Lovejoy on A&E! - BBC for those in Britian. I loved that show. But seriously, that looks pretty cool and worth all the work you had to do on it. Much better than the few attempts I have done with astrophotography.
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    American Southwest Trip

    Very nice pics! Thanks.
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    Syncing audio and video questions.

    To sync your video to audio use your hands and clap or get a slate. The camera needs to see your hands clap and the mic needs to pick up the sound. In your software line up the frame where your hands impact and the sound spikes, it's that simple. A slate works the same way but allows you to add...
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    Anybody ever considered moving to Sony?

    No but I am very tempted by Fuji.
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    DIY Barn Door Astro Tracker

    Nice tutorial on a DIY star tracker!
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    Color theory

    Is this color wheel new?
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    Cheap Pistol Grip with Lanc Trigger

    Neat! Thanks for the video review.
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    Lenses Separated from Kits, or Buy New?

    The new 14mm is NOT a metal body! It is the same lens as the old one with a slight cosmetic upgrade just like the 20mm versions. The new 15mm is a metal body{I think} but the 14mm is still plastic.
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    Is this the answer to my UWA dreams?

    I am not surprised with this considering the lens was originally designed for industrial use. Vignetting and CA are not relevant for that use but distortion and resolution are. Overall the image samples look pretty good. I would not mind having this lens but unless I could pick one up for $500...
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    Moon shots

    You got a good one there! I tried it in the spring and got this{picture below}. Yesterday's was not fully visible here, not like the last one so I didn't try again. There are two more this next year. I have not heard where those are suppose to be best to view - anybody know? And with a...
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    My Roxsen Focal Reducer/ "Speedbooster" clone arrived today

    Let them know you want one. I don't understand why they made some rather odd mounts and neglected others like Konica. I had never heard of an Alpa before seeing the Speedbooster for it listed on Metabone's site.
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    Canikon Won't Eat Their Own MILC's will

    We can speculate all we want but almost anything can happen. I personally don't see Nikon doing APS or even FF mirrorless anytime soon based on what their PR people have said recently. That is unless DSLR sales drop drastically, then they will have to do something. Canon already has an APS...
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    It can also mean to melt down fat!
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    My Roxsen Focal Reducer/ "Speedbooster" clone arrived today

    Sorry but that is not how trademarks work! If you file for one and get it it is yours! Now the trademark is for a certain market and also only works in any/all areas you file for trademark. For instance Apple computers was fine until they started to sell music via iTunes then they had to settle...
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    Non-m43 question. GOPRO HERO 4

    You can pull stills from any video if you have software that will do it. Will it look good? that is the question!
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    If you can accept 28mm, there is the Nikon E series 28mm f2.8. It works great on m4/3 and it isn't too large or heavy once adapted. C-mounts can be fun but even 24mm ones can vignette and may have odd bokeh. If you do go c-mount make sure the lens was designed for a 4/3 inch sensor or maybe a 1...
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    Is this the answer to my UWA dreams?

    Here is another option, although not quite as wide but it is more affordable and smaller in size. You would need a good c-mount to m4/3 adapter.
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    A small and light 10mm f4 lens

    The Bolex site claims the lens will cover a m4/3 sensor. Of coarse there is cover and then there is cover with good quality. Most likely there will be some vignetting and probably a fair amount of distortion. In related news the new Bolex video camera is available, sadly it is fairly expensive...
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    Panasonic 14-140 II for video?

    There is an option to tripods - steady-cams! Most pros don't rely on lens or sensor stabilizers for good handheld video, they use a steady-cam of some sort. There are many out there and they work. Some work better than others of coarse and the more expensive the better they are but even a small...
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    Is this the answer to my UWA dreams?

    That price may be extra high because it is early. I am not sure it isn't a scam. However I bet the US price will be around $1000. The c-mount version of this lens is just under $1000 and does not have the nice body and rings. As to what they were thinking - the same thing that all the other lens...
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    Canon and Nikon looking to make "pro" mirrorless?

    Got a source for this number? Not saying you are wrong, just like to see how the mirrorless market is divided.
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    Canon and Nikon looking to make "pro" mirrorless?

    Funny to see two new rumors the very same day but check them out. &...
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    Do third party lens manufacturers lack imagination?

    ???:confused:??? SamYang did not design this as a cine lens and then make a photo version of it. All of{or most} of their lenses are available in cine versions. Common t1.5? t-stops do not have a common max aperture. Even SamYang's cine lenses don't have one -...
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    Glacier National Park

    Just watched a documentary on Glacier Nat Park the other night. I so want to go there! Thanks for sharing your great shots!
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    Do third party lens manufacturers lack imagination?

    The new 50mm is available in a cine version{at t1.5}, however the 50mm f1.4 is a photography lens. You are right about it being a cross platform lens and it was really designed for full frame DSLRs and to a lesser degree APS DSLRs. SamYang just happens to make their lenses available to just...
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    Olympus launches the Micro Four Thirds “Open Platform”

    Anybody who contacted Olympus on this hear back? I have not received as much as an automated reply from them.
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    Olympus launches the Micro Four Thirds “Open Platform”

    I am interested! I replied to the contact link so I can be informed. The page they set up is a teaser at best. If it turns out to just be hype then I will walk away.
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    Trying to find my style...

    I very much like the examples you posted. I myself like dramatic B&W and all of your pics fit it well, the first two and the last one the best. Keep experimenting and eventually you will find your exact fit.
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    This should spell the death of Photoshop

    I kind of like these. I would also much rather see the images get "remade" than lost forever. Granted some of them are a little too cartoonish for my taste but I don't discredit the effort. Also art is in the eye of the beholder{and artist}. To me some guy pissing in a jar is not art but yet...
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    Tips for shooting landscapes when you're not into wide focal lengths?

    Although I enjoy shooting wide I have never been one to fall into the "wide lens for landscape only" mindset. Depending on the subject even a tele lens can be used for landscape. Keep in mind that with a long lens you will get some compression. This can be both frustrating trying to get the true...
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    Olympus Finally Steps-Up their US Marketing

    Great website and a step in the right direction. But to fully reach Americans you really need TV ads. Sad but true!
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    Cheap, Tiny, Sharp, Minimalist, and Bokehlicious Kit Idea!

    I like your thinking. As for mount - Nikon F, but that is because I already have the lenses since I have been a Nikon guy for years and years. For the 50mmf1.8 one could use the Nikon Series E 50mm which is small and light. That lens fitted with a standard adapter is smaller and lighter than...
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    Interesting poll results re: mirrorless cameras

    I think the last one is the telling result! Still so many people, including avid photographers do not know about mirrorless.
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    I'm not all that impressed by the Panasonic I the only one?

    I love my 14mm! For the size and price it is very sharp and well corrected.
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    COMPLETED Olympus 14-150mm lens, Olympus VF2 | Location: USA | Ships: US/Canada

    Last chance! If no interest by Monday afternoon I am going to list on ebay.
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