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    LOS ANGELES: wanna shoot for a TV show with Joseph Gordon Levitt?

    I'm going to this tomorrow (Saturday): Capture The Flag: LIVE SHOOT w/ Joseph Gordon-Levitt - YouTube Any fellow mu-43 shooters want to come with me? You can register on your own, or you can come with me as my plus-one. Details: supposed to start in the early afternoon and running 4-5 hours...
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    What is the point of loading video into LR?

    I have actually used LR4 to perform quick edits to video when I don't want to bother importing into a video editor. I learned a trick online somewhere that lets you do Develop adjustments that the software doesn't explicitly allow you to do. You can create a still from the video, then use...
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    Showcase Vivitar 55mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 (Komine)

    <a href="" title="Painted Lady Caterpillar by debit72, on Flickr">"800" height="800" alt="Painted Lady Caterpillar"></a> Painted Lady Caterpillar f/11 ISO400 1/25s
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    Olivia Mazzy born!!! (3/9/13)

    I'm a bit late, but congrats!
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    Something new for AVCHD conversion!

    ClipWrap isn't really new. But I've found it very useful.
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    Los Angeles/SoCal Mu-43 meetup?

    I can't make it, I'm afraid. We'll be writing an offer on a house (which we probably won't get, but gotta try).
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    Huelight Color Profiles for Lightroom and ACR

    Okay, here is where I had to put mine, to be accessible to my Lightroom. YMMV. From the hard disk root: Users/my username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles I'm running Snow Leopard and Lightroom 4.3.
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    Huelight Color Profiles for Lightroom and ACR

    I found that I had to put them in a different folder than the one specified in the install doc. Do a search on your ENTIRE Mac hard drive for "Adobe Standard" and see where that is located. If that doesn't work, I'll try to remember to look where I have them stashed on my computer when I get home.
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    Lighting question: Glass

    What RobWatson said. Get the book. Use a gobo.
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    Los Angeles/SoCal Mu-43 meetup?

    Let's bring the kids! I've got a 5-year old. I was planning to bring him to the Getty, but I can just as easily bring him to LACMA. He was fascinated by the Metropolis II piece. I made a video of it with my GH2 when it opened a while back: Metropolis II at LACMA - YouTube
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    Los Angeles/SoCal Mu-43 meetup?

    Actually, Pasadena might not be a bad choice. There's the Huntington, but there is also the Norton Simon which is currently hosting the Van Gogh self-portrait. The N-S is right near Old Town where there is plenty to eat and lots of ops for street photography. There's also the Pacific Asia...
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    Los Angeles/SoCal Mu-43 meetup?

    Heh, my vote would be the Huntington but I'm just being selfish because it's practically in my backyard.
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    Los Angeles/SoCal Mu-43 meetup?

    I could be at the Getty this Sunday afternoon, but is it really wise with the 405 construction? On the Getty website, they are canceling some of their events this weekend because of it.
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    need video uploading help

    If you are shooting in AVCHD mode then the movies are stored in MTS format in a different directory. \PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM If you are shooting M4V or MOV then they should be in the same folder with the JPEGs.
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    Los Angeles/SoCal Mu-43 meetup?

    Glad to hear these plans are still moving forward. I can't make tomorrow; we're heading to Palm Springs.
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    Quick: which lens for intimate concert

    Thanks for all the suggestions!
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    Quick: which lens for intimate concert

    I'm going to a private dance/concert where some of my friends in a jazz combo will be playing. I'll probably be able to get quite close to the band. At most I want to bring two lenses. It will be quite dark in the venue. I have a GH2. Here are my "fast lens" choices, in order of max aperture...
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    requestiong a photo : can some one take a macro picture of a sensor?

    Scanning electron microscope? Digital camera CCD sensor pixels SEM Science Image | 80200977 | Science Image from PSmicrographs
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    Noobie from LA!

    Welcome, Pasadena here. Lots of Los Angeles and So Cal folks on this board.
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    Featured Forum Post: '7 days in Myanmar'

    Day 1, #2 ZOMG
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    any discounts on 12-35 or 35-100 lenses?

    They're a lot cheaper if you have a friend in Japan who can get them for you. :)
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    Lens recommendation for indoor sports arena with lens length limit

    I agree with this. I brought my GH2 to the Hollywood Bowl once, not even realizing they would have camera restrictions (which they did - no cameras with detachable lenses, period). They forced me to check my camera in with security, so I had nothing during the show. I wouldn't take that risk.
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    75mm f1.8 vs 35-100mm f2.8?

    So I'm thinking, how many people actually take portraits at f/1.8? I mean, it's great if you're going for that particular look of razor-thin DOF, but if I was a paying customer I'm not sure I would be happy if one eye was in focus and the other was not because my head was slightly tilted. And...
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    Got my GH3 - 1st thoughts & comparison pics

    jloden, do you also have a GH2? Curious about side-by-side comparison there.
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    Hello from SoCal

    Hello from a fellow SoCaler. How's the rain treating you? -- Debi (Pasadena)
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    Showcase Panasonic 12-35mm X f/2.8

    Just got this lens. Still exploring it. <a href="" title="Dramatic Red Rose by debit72, on Flickr">"800" height="800" alt="Dramatic Red Rose"></a> f/3.2 1/200s <a href="" title="Sulk by debit72, on...
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    Save the Date [Stop-Motion Video] with EM-5

    :bravo-009: Love love love!!!
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    Direct Capture Software?

    With mu4/3 the closest you can get is to use an Eye-Fi wireless card. Here's a blog series about it. Introduction to Wireless Workflow with Micro 4/3rds Cameras | Small Camera BIG Picture My husband uses this method (roughly) and finds it quite satisfactory for his needs.
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    Truck Crash

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    IQ & Gear Obsession - Do you actually use the camera?

    I think I can safely say that I've never bought a piece of camera gear without first justifying my need for it. In most cases, I found that I had outgrown the capabilities of my current camera and that the photography techniques that I wanted to explore were simply not possible with my current...
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    72-Hour Challenge: Ephemeral

    Hello again and thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge! I was very pleased to see a variety of interpretations of the theme. And now, without further ado: BLUE RIBBON GOES TO: LeoS (rainbow among the hills) What made this photo stand out to me was the juxtaposition of old and...
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    72-Hour Challenge: Ephemeral

    Wow, I'm really impressed with everyone's interpretations of the theme. Any more takers? Got about 3 hours before I close the contest.
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    Disaster on a sunny day:)

    The problem with shooting in full sun is that the camera tries to compensate for the bright bits .... it tries to pull the entire scene average down to 18% gray. This will make all of the shadow areas quite dark. The fact that you used increased contrast probably exacerbated the issue. Using...
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    72-Hour Challenge: Ephemeral

    I would like to see your interpretation of the theme "Ephemeral." I'm going to buck the rules a little bit and NOT post example images since I don't want to put ideas into anyone's heads. Think carefully and be original ... surprise me. ephemeral |əˈfem(ə)rəl| adjective lasting for a very...
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    72hrs Challenge: Smiles

    So sorry for the delay responding, but I have been having an action-packed family weekend and just got to my computer now (10 pm Sunday). I'm honored! Will get on with announcing the next competition post haste!
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    72hrs Challenge: Smiles

    My son after loosing a tooth: <a href="" title="Just lost a tooth by debit72, on Flickr">"800" height="534" alt="Just lost a tooth"></a> GH2 with 45mm/f.1.4
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    Another wedding thread..

    I think you captured some great moments!
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    How do you break the ice?

    I've not had any experience with this myself, but I've read several responses from "pro" street photogs. Often they have mentioned carrying around business cards and handing them out, showing a portfolio of their work, as well as offering to provide copies of prints.
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    Show clouds over your country - one shot

    <a href="" title="Rainstorm over Arizona Plain by debit72, on Flickr">"1024" height="768" alt="Rainstorm over Arizona Plain"></a> Oly E-PL2 and 7-14mm
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    Got a calibrated monitor? Check this picture.

    I've been a bit unhappy with my Spyder as well. I have two monitors and I can calibrate them one right after the other, and they both look different afterwards. I don't know if it's because one monitor is external LCD and the other is Macbook Pro, or what, but they are definitely different.
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    "Movie" setting vs. shooting video in P/S/A/M

    What camera are you talking about? On the GH2, the Movie mode is the only mode where you can access some of the more advanced moviemaking features of the camera, such as higher bit rates, slo-mo, etc.
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    Stereotypical "Tourist" 'em if you got 'em

    My DH being a VERY BAD EXAMPLE to our 5-year old son at Grand Canyon: <a href="" title="P1190306 by debit72, on Flickr">"800" height="600" alt="P1190306"></a>
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    Speeding up Lightroom

    I found this on a Lightroom blog, about the 4.2 update:
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    Speeding up Lightroom

    Have you installed that 4.2 update? I believe there are some performance fixes in it.
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    Speeding up Lightroom

    Bite the bullet on import and create all your 1:1 previews as you import?
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    Derelict building

    Nice shot. Your idea of a "derelict building" and mine are very different. I would call what you've got there a "picturesque ruin."
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    Convince me to get the Panasonic 12-35mm

    I use the long end of the 14-140mm A LOT. I can't see myself giving it up. I don't NEED to sell any lenses to fund this purchase. I'm just trying to figure out how it would fit in and when I would use it. Wondering what other people use it for. Landscapes? Indoor candids of people?
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    Convince me to get the Panasonic 12-35mm

    Just FYI: I rented the 7-14mm wide-angle for my recent trip to the Grand Canyon, and while it was fun, and very appropriate for that trip, I don't see myself getting that lens or any dedicated wide-angle lens. It's not my style.
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    Convince me to get the Panasonic 12-35mm

    I have a friend coming from Japan in about a month. I could ask him to bring me a 12-35mm. It's running about $925 in US dollars with the current exchange rate. My husband owes me ... he just spent nearly $2000 on HIS hobby, without telling me first ... should I get it? I have a GH2 and an...
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